Does my boyfriend love me – let’s study in order

Love or not love: stop ripping daisies

Do each of us is able to discern love? Who can see in the eyes of his mate this feeling? And how to read in the eyes of a reserved and strict man strong and most amazing feeling? This question excites the minds of almost all women at least once in a lifetime. Each of us wants to know if a man loves me, appreciates me and is afraid to lose. That is the reason why we are looking for daisies in the field with our eyes and tear off its petals with the words: “He loves, does not love, pressed to his heart …”. And this is understandable, because a woman, in turn, if she is in love, she tries to show it in such a way that only the blind and the deaf cannot understand her feelings.

But with the male half is a little more complicated. Only in childhood, school years you can understand that he likes you. He will start you for no reason to pull pigtails, carry your bag, write your homework. But as adults, men are trying to hide their feelings. And learn to read them to everyone who now and then tormented by doubts.

The reasons for women’s doubts

Probably there is no fairer sex, which at least once in his life did not argue that all men are the same, they need only one thing from women, they are always and lies, etc.

No one will deny that among men, as well as among women, there are types, for whom lying is a middle name. And, quite often, frivolous men turn ladies’ heads for one purpose only – to get into bed, to get pleasure and to wave goodbye. That is, they use the weaker sex to satisfy their lustful desires. Naturally, we are afraid of this and for this reason we want to be sure that the man or lover who is courting us truly feels sincere and pure feelings for us.

Another situation is that you have lived with your husband for many years and he seems to have grown cold. How to understand what his feelings for you, and maybe he started another hitch and he thinks about her all the time? After all, no one will be surprised by the fact that after many years of happy life men do not need to leave the family and to switch to another woman. At the same time cynical types do not hide their happiness, found with his mistress, and quite easily abandon those who for years gave him joy and unconditional love.

A woman tries to find out the truth for a reason, this is how she plans her life and the life of her children on a subconscious level. Depending on how strong and harmonious will be the family, will grow full of personality from the children. She also seeks to guarantee for herself a peaceful future, to be sure that in her old age she will have someone to lean on and share shelter. All of the above, as we have already given everyone to understand, has good reasons. And to help women determine whether or not she loves her chosen one, we propose to follow the advice of experienced psychologists.

All of the following things will certainly help you to solve the problem, and depending on the results, take some actions that will also be presented.

The best ways to find out whether he loves you or not.

Before presenting ways to recognize the truth, think again-do you want to know the truth? Maybe it makes sense to start by taking a closer look and stop deceiving yourself. Perhaps there is every reason that, as a result of the analysis, you will realize that the man has long cooled to you and does not feel love, but rather the opposite feeling or pity. Well, the warning is given, now let’s begin.

Does my boyfriend love me?

Now we’re going to talk about the man’s feelings for you at the beginning of the relationship. The following points will help determine the young girls who ask themselves the question – “love or not”. The answers, female intuition and other tricks will allow you to conclude – to continue the relationship with him or not worth wasting time. In the analysis you should pay attention not only to the words but also to actions, and eye contact.

He does not take his eyes off you. A sure sign that the man is beyond the happiness of communicating with you. He admires all the features that nature has given him. A lover cannot take his eyes away from your lips, eyebrows, eyelashes. Any stroke of the eyelids, a smile, a breath – everything leads to delight and excites a desire to be closer. You are for him – the best that there is in the world. And no Jennifer Lawrence, Svetlana Loboda, Ani Lorak, Angelina Jolie he is not nice, they are not worthy of you and a match. And now, looking up, you meet with his eyes. How much tenderness and happiness in them! All this shows at least a strong passion, but as a rule, the situation indicates love.

He is looking for a meeting. Doesn’t it seem strange that no matter where you go, he is sure to appear before your eyes. You decide to take a walk in the park, and he’s right there – happy, joyful. Invited friends to a party, after at least half an hour he appears on the horizon – happy, with an open smile. Went to the store, and lo and behold, he was just passing by your house and ready with no problem to keep company, to help bring the products to the door. Excuse me, doesn’t he have anything else to do? Apparently, a strong sympathy has already emerged, but it has not yet come to that strong feeling. Once he refuses to spend time with his friends and begin to devote time daily to you – it’s love, do not even doubt.

Every joke has its share of jokes. If a guy is trying to make you laugh time and again, and he does not care if the other party members will laugh at his jokes – there is a signal, a sign of attention. And what’s interesting, you already understand this and know that in his jokes, witticisms necessarily “fly” moments concerning your relationship. Well – very soon all the jokes will be put aside and there will be a confession. If it’s not about love, then at least a strong liking. And that is where a strong feeling begins.

Openness. Men, as a rule, do not like to share intimate things with strangers. Even his friends do not always know what is happening in his house, who his brother, sister, who his parents work, whether they are divorced or not. And if he began to be frank with you, not divulging his secrets to others, be prepared for a serious relationship. Especially if he enjoys telling what he did his little sister or brother, what a moral lecture his mother read before he went for a walk. This is given to know only those close to you, and you, apparently, is the person with whom he would like to get close. And what do you think – for friendship? Do not be ridiculous – friendly relationship between strangers man and woman can not be! You can read about male-female friendship here.

He remembers everything about you. Have you noticed how he amusingly repeats your behavior, the things you have done. Even the intonation of phrases or words spoken by you – and then he remembers to the comma. Moreover, the guy remembers all of your meetings, from the first to the last. At the same time, he easily senses your mood and adjusts to it in the blink of an eye. And if you just hinted that you want something, he immediately rushes to fulfill it. And also, it seems that you did not do anything special, just more work on the curls today. He noticed that, and he also noticed that you had a slightly different shade of lipstick. And how beautiful your new dress looks on you, the light sandals. Agree, an indifferent man is unlikely to be so attentive. Just in love with you, and apparently, seriously and for a long time!

He is interested in everything about you. Sometimes you get tired of his constant questions, but if you are sitting in a “virus” of sympathy, then there will be no irritation. He is interested in your family, childhood, occupation, studies. Ask questions about future plans, intentions, as in his heart he hopes that they will have a place for him. Also, he is very curious about your daily routine, otherwise how could he “set up” another unexpected meeting. And yet, in this way, the man reveals your attitude towards him. After all, if you are frank, it means that you are also not indifferent to his attention. And what does all this say? Of course about the sympathy, which certainly will grow into love!

Special treatment. You couldn’t help but notice that the guy singles you out from the general number of friends and even beautiful girlfriends. If he tells you something important, he only addresses you. When taking orders, he is primarily interested in what you would like to eat, drink. Where we go to rest – and immediately meet your eyes – “Tell me what you want, and I’ll fulfill everything!” It is this phrase that reflects his attentiveness and participation. A little cold in the yard – he disappeared, ran into the house and pulls a blanket, and the first one who finds himself in the embrace of warmth – it’s you. Sometimes you even feel a little uncomfortable for being taken care of more than others. You can’t help it, it’s love, and it’s selfish and doesn’t pay attention to the opinions of others.

He is generous. A man in love with you is willing to give anything, even if it is not easy for him financially. Any trip, the most expensive meal, a drink, jewelry, etc. He will rush to your request, day or night, winter or summer. Man, ready to come to your aid at any minute sincerely loves you and will do everything to make you feel no problems and worries.

He is ready to do anything for you. A sign that a man loves you intensely and sincerely are his actions. How many times have guys tried to prove their love by being willing to jump off a roof, off a cliff, swim across a lake, etc. But as much as it pleases you, don’t be tempted. Just accept his feeling and stop risking it. Go on, know how it ends.

He’s invited you to his house and wants to introduce you to his family. A sure sign that the man in love has far-reaching plans for life with you. Believe me, if he was indifferent, there is no way he would bring you into his house and not introduce you to mom, dad and other family members.

Phrases a man in love says

As everyone knows, women love with their ears. And for our pleasure men are no exception, they try to prove their love by saying certain words that you should remember:

  • I love you;
  • there is no one more beautiful than you;
  • I want you to meet my parents and friends;
  • how much you would like to have children;
  • don’t want to have secrets from you;
  • the thing I’m most afraid of is disappointing you;
  • it’s only been a couple of days, and I already miss you;
  • I’m worried about you, I’m worried;
  • don’t go out naked, eat so you won’t be hungry;
  • What pills you need to buy, I’ll go to the pharmacy and to you in a jiffy.

These and other phrases through which a man is trying to show concern, concern for you and the desire to get close to you indicate only one thing – about the strong feelings towards you.

Also, the lack of love can be determined by moments that never accompany a sincere feeling:

  • Hiding your attitude, your feelings;
  • Will not worry about your health;
  • He does not care why you are in a bad mood;
  • he does not introduce you to friends or relatives;
  • when you’re having a hard time, he withdraws himself;
  • he doesn’t care what you think of him;
  • never shares his plans for the future;
  • will think of anything to avoid meeting you;
  • is not interested in your plans, your life, your interests, etc.

Signs that indicate love

Let’s briefly list the main signs that are also possible to verify the sincerity of men’s feelings for you.

  1. Ready to share with you and the joy and sorrow.
  2. Looks at you with love and greedy, especially in those moments when you do not see it.
  3. You feel bad – it comforts, good – tries to maintain a positive attitude.
  4. Proud of your successes and victories.
  5. In difficult moments is always there.
  6. When sexual intercourse, the first thing he thinks about is that you get pleasure.
  7. Each sex act for him as the first.
  8. Is well aware of your taste in all plans, likes and even the products to which you are allergic.
  9. In everything and always agrees with you.
  10. No matter how negative his mood is, you will never get under his skin.
  11. Will do anything to please your family and girlfriends.

How do you know he doesn’t like you?

Someone will object and say that if a man has grown cold and fallen out of love, then you do not need any special proof. But not all women are able to determine the attitude of a man. What can be understood when the relationship, it seems, is just beginning. And the girl can not recognize whether he likes it or not. Is there a point to make plans for him, or should be resigned to the fact that it only seemed to her. Secondly, there are times when a man does not particularly try to admit it and show it through his actions. The reason for this can be various factors, up to a reluctance to change the familiar environment, but to have a strong love affair on the side. So, what you should pay attention to:

  1. He is not going to change his negative habits and his habitual way of life, in which you simply have no place.
  2. He does not seek to maintain a conversation on the phone and does everything to turn off the device.
  3. Not looking for meetings with you, trying to reduce communication time.
  4. He does not care whether you were offended or not at his action, a phrase.
  5. Categorically does not discuss your prospects for the future.
  6. Is not frank, irritated with your questions about his family, relatives, and friends.
  7. Often lies. Of course, it can be a character trait, relentlessly lie, or he does not care that you catch him in the act of deception.
  8. You have a hard time – and he does not show himself, not seeking to give his shoulder.
  9. Points out your shortcomings. If a man loves, he will never notice that you have bad hair today, or their color does not match the fashion. But if he does not love or has grown cold, then expect reproaches about your appearance and habits. For example, no one is saying that smoking is a good thing. But a loving person will create conditions for the woman to quit the addiction faster, and not loving will call “ashtray”, “cigarette butt”, point out the bad breath, etc.

In order to clarify with a concrete example what “dislike” is, we propose to get acquainted with the situation, which was told by my close friend, whose name is Svetlana.

Sveta and Dmitry met about two years ago, and it is impossible to say that all the listed moments about sincere love were present in their relationship. But there was still the possibility that he was, to put it mildly, not indifferent to her. There were flowers, and care, and confessions. But after about a year and a half, moments began to arise that pointed directly to his coldness.

For us, it all started with a party the boys went to as a couple. A distant relative of mutual friends was present there. Apparently, Dima had already run into her many times, since he knew her by name and immediately started joking with her, whispering, asking her to dance. There were signs of dislike: Dima immediately forgot about Sveta’s existence and did not even think to woo her at the table. He only poured drinks and sprinkled salad on the plate of his new-found acquaintance.

About an hour after the beginning of the celebration, it got sharply colder, and we were resting at the dacha. Dmitry immediately rushed into the house, brought warm blankets (goodness, had enough conscience to bring a few), but ran to cover the new young lady from the cold. Next – even worse. Svetlana got a call from home – her mother’s blood pressure went up. Dima offered to call a cab and, apologizing, asked Sveta’s permission to continue his vacation at his friends’ house. He returned home the second day, saying that he had spent the night at the same friends’ house.

What happened next is unpleasant even to tell. Svetlana tried with all her might to keep her beloved and did not believe to the last that he no longer loved her. He left about two months after the case described in the dacha, and before that he had completely corresponded to the signs of the absence of love that we mentioned above. Svetlana agonized for a long time, we hardly brought her back to life. In the last month she has recovered a little, but the stress she suffered from Dmitri’s betrayal still reverberates.

It would seem to be a trivial, unfortunately, situation. But here’s the thing. Well, Dmitri could not fall out of love in one day. Most likely, he manifested his attitude much earlier, and Svetlana had to decipher them. Coming to her senses, she shared with me little by little, and told me that long before he met the new girl, he already reeked of coldness. Even then he did not care how she would survive the flu and with a quiet mind went to a ski resort with friends. When Svetlana’s elderly mother had to be moved home from the clinic, he flatly refused and was not shy in his expressions. She had to hire a neighbor, pay for gasoline, and remarkably, she hid all this from his closest friends.

As you can see, he didn’t even bother to lie, to make something up. So if she had announced she was leaving, he would have wished, “Good riddance!” He didn’t care at all that his girlfriend would simply be offended. Who was she kidding? Was she lying to herself or to us? So she ended up with an unpleasant finale to a relationship in which the main feeling – love – ceased to reign.

The triangle of doubt.

Another, quite common situation – a love triangle. Because of his polygamy, a man may actually be in love with not one but several women. Of course, this cannot be called a real feeling. In this case, you need to put the issue squarely. Believe me, if you directly, looking into his eyes ask – “Do you love me?”, “Do you have another”, then he must also answer directly “Yes” or “No! As soon as he begins to twist, twist – something is wrong, there should be some doubt about his feelings. Demand that he make a choice, and, you know, how well he settled in! If he really sincerely loves you and is afraid to lose – then break off relations with another and will belong entirely to you.

So we took a short course on “unlocking” the secrets of men, namely, his sincerity towards you. Apply these methods and don’t be timid. Of course, those who are afraid to hear no and to detect lies in the habits of the gentleman, you need to save your nerves and not to follow our recommendations. But look at your life from the outside, try to sneak a peek at the future. Well? Do you like the prospect of your existence next to someone who does not love you, and will never appreciate. That’s how you can waste time and lose the encounter that will change your life for the better. Remember the line from the movie “It’s a good thing you left me. Then I would have missed out on life with the person dear and dear to me. So thank you for doing that then!” Think to yourself…

11 signs of a guy’s love or how to know that he’s truly in love with you and he really needs you

Perhaps there is no woman who, being in a relationship with a man, would not wonder, “Does he really love me?” After all, the worst disappointment for women – to find out that she was deceived in thought about his chosen one, and in fact there were not light feelings, and completely different intentions.

Therefore, I propose you in this article to dispel all myths and consider recommendations on how to find out if a man loves you.

If a guy is in love with a girl, how does he behave?

Human body language works at the level of instincts. When one person sympathizes with another, his gestures and behavior noticeably change. In search of the answer to the question of how to understand if a guy loves you, you can use the “mirror effect”. Its manifestations are related to the desire to please the lady. It is scientifically proven that when a guy loves for real, he unconsciously copies the behavior. Sometimes a man “mirrors” only some manners, in other cases he repeats the movements completely.

In order to understand that a guy loves for real and he needs you, you should study him in company. Sympathetic man assumes an open pose, turns the toes of his shoes in the direction of the lady of the heart. After a successful joke, the lover laughs, looking into the eyes of the object of feelings. He actively supports the conversation, tries to be near and as if accidentally touch the girl.

The guy in love will try to show care

Development of love

A man’s behavior when he truly loves a woman is manifested after sympathy. Sympathy is repelled by the following factors:

  • Attractiveness of appearance.
  • Features of behavior.
  • Manner of communication.

Taken together, this affects the psychological comfort a man feels when he is around a girl. At this stage, psychology states that we don’t know the person we like very well, and still feel drawn to him.

Over time, the sympathy may develop into a stronger feeling, like falling in love, but may still remain at the level of sympathy.

I want to warn you right away that love and falling in love are different. During falling in love we experience a strong emotional experience. Over the course of a longer acquaintance with a person, we get to know more and more of his bad and good sides.

In one case, falling in love will develop into a sincere feeling of love. In another, we will be disappointed in our partner and our communication will come to naught. I believe that at the very beginning of a relationship girls often wonder if their boyfriend loves them. At this point we are at the stage of sympathy, maybe even falling in love.

Tip: Love is a “long-lasting state” that has been reborn from feelings of falling in love.

How do you know if he’s in love?

Showing concern is another trait of a man in love. If he needs you, he tends to give his jacket on a cold night, a ride or walk home, bring fruit in case of illness. There are other noticeable signs.

How to know if a guy loves you:

  1. He tries to spend a large amount of time with you. Man is ready to put off any business, just to go to the movies with your beloved or just for a walk in the park, if he loves for real and he needs you.
  2. He often calls. Calls without reason are common not only to girls but also to guys.
  3. If he does not call, he writes. In how to figure out if a guy loves you, social media can also help. If your phone is constantly beeping for messages, it means he needs you.

A guy in love constantly wants to touch you, put his arm around you, or even just touch you with his sleeve. He craves any contact, his gaze is easy enough to catch.

How to fall in love with yourself?

If after studying all the tips on how to understand that the guy loves you and he needs you, there are no signs of feelings, you can change the strategy. Taking advantage of women’s tricks, to fall in love with yourself is quite real.

What is necessary for this:

  1. Be a girl. Yes, it seems absurd advice, but guys love a truly “girl-girl”. A delicate image, feminine dresses, slim heels and mystery in the eyes – these are the secrets of success. Cigarettes, alcohol and strong language are taboo.
  2. Be interesting. Hobbies make a person special. “Zapoynoe” reading books or impeccable knowledge of the history of the ancient Mayans can set you apart from the rest.
  3. Being yourself. It’s not just about demeanor, but also about appearance. No artificial eyelashes, plastic nails and a cartload of cosmetics.

With a man it is important to act carefully. Let your every thoughtful move will not be visible to the guy. Top flight – make sure that he is sure that he was the first to start this relationship and he needs you.

How to fall in love with a guy by correspondence?

The largest social networks allow access to a personal page. Often a quick glance is enough to understand a lot about a guy’s personality. Having found out his hobbies, musical preferences and social circle, you can begin to act.

There are some seemingly primitive, but effective options:

  1. Find communities that the guy is subscribed to. Wave suit music topics or groups about movies. We write him something from the category of “how similar our tastes” and strike up a conversation. It’s best to really familiarize yourself with the topic beforehand, otherwise it’s going to be awkward.
  2. If he regularly communicates on forums or groups, you can get into a dialogue there and then go to private messages.
  3. Another option is the Scheherazade method. Tell him interesting stories, but always keep the conversation unfinished so that there is a reason to come back to the conversation constantly. The guy will get used to regular contact, and that’s half the battle.

It should be noted that it is not always possible to make a man fall in love with you. The best psychologists, experienced girlfriends and even the advice of your mother are not able to become components for a universal lovemaking recipe. If the efforts go unnoticed, it is better not to waste time and look at the other guys around.

How do you know if he loves you?

Sometimes even a man can not distinguish between love and crush. That is why the advice may be almost identical. Additionally it should be noted some points on the subject of how to know if a guy really loves you:

  1. He introduces the girl to his friends. If, despite the three years of your relationship, you have not seen his childhood friend in the eyes, then it is likely that the guy does not have special feelings.
  2. The guy introduced the beloved to his family. This important and responsible step speaks volumes.
  3. He is always ready to come to the rescue. A pipe burst at home and a real flood? Don’t worry, he’s already rushing to save your cat and TV. Flat tire on a night in February? He hasn’t slept anyway, and the frost is the perfect quenching tool.

How do you know if a guy really loves you?

Many men are far from stupid. They also know how to read women’s forums and tutorials on pickup. How do you know that a guy really loves you and not cheat, looking into his eyes? If he shows his feelings publicly, defiantly kisses you in public, and alone for hours likes videos and photos – things are bad.

Unfulfilled promises and refusal of responsibility serve as a wake-up call. He regularly prefers hanging out in the garage or a sports bar to hanging out with your sweetheart? Honey, it’s time to pick up your feet and dump this liar.

A guy who loves you is attentive, tactful, and caring. However, to distinguish true love from a fleeting feeling or imitation is sometimes possible only after some time. It allows you to check the sincerity of the man’s intentions.

What is it-male love?

All men love differently. Therefore, to evaluate their feelings under one copy will be wrong. However, women, more interested in the purely external manifestations of feelings that may be false. So, how does a loving man behave?

Many ladies take banal signs of attention, such as compliments, flowers, gifts and invitations to visit some institution as a demonstration of love. Is it so? Let’s find out.

Right-handed men have their left nut hanging lower than their right, but left-handed men have it the other way around.

Could he be hiding his feelings?

If a man is afraid that his feelings are not reciprocated or for other reasons hides the true state of affairs, then the task becomes more difficult. Some guys still give some kind of signs, while others are able to be aggressive and avoid the object of adoration.

It’s a paradox, but that’s how many people behave. Remember when boys pull pigtails as kids? It works with fully mature men, too. If a man around you is constantly trying to pick on you, take a closer look. He may be sleeping and seeing you together.

In how to understand that a guy loves you, but hides his feelings, you have to rely on intuition. Often it is the inner voice that will tell the truth about a man better than anyone else.

The myth of the desire and capacity of men

Many women are still exposed to the action of the myth since childhood, according to which the strong half of mankind, because of gender characteristics, not particularly eager to show their true feelings. Girls are instilled confidence in the unmistakable rightness of contradictory signs: not invited to the disco, did not help carry the backpack, pushed at recess, because otherwise simply do not know how to show their feelings.

The opinion of the thick-skinned men, their inability to be sensual, heartfelt, open, is widespread. But in most cases it is wrong. A man who is really in love, be sure to find a way to show his feelings. Perhaps he does not know the words of love, he does not know how to express his thoughts poetically or does not have the ability to win a girl’s heart with beautiful gestures and gifts. In any case, a man who is really in love, will find a way to prove his feelings to his girlfriend.

In addition, by virtue of the nature of the conqueror, he will strive to do this, even if he faces insurmountable obstacles. Therefore, the passivity in the relationship on the part of a man means his unwillingness to pursue a woman, lack of interest in her and doubts about their future together.

Sigmund Freud, the world-famous psychiatrist, creator of the theory of psychoanalysis, in his works put forward the hypothesis that man is able to forget things that do not seem to him a priority. We cross off from our list of tasks the fulfillment of things that are not important and essential to us. Our consciousness, by differentiating events, persons, names into lesser and more important ones, protects the psyche in this way. This is a psychological explanation of the phenomenon when a man is not active in winning a girl. Perhaps he is too busy or has forgotten about her. If this is indeed the case, such a prioritization is not in her favor.

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Maybe she’s just using

A woman’s naivete sometimes gives men a chance to take advantage of a relationship. How do you know if he loves you or is just using you? The easiest way to spot an alphonist. Especially brazen specimens ask for money directly, those who are more cunning, complain about financial difficulties. Generous girls part with their money, and the guy successfully escapes to the next victim. Do not borrow money to a man, regularly pay his purchases and restaurant bills.

Another reason for a self-serving relationship with a girl is intimacy. To get it, guys are willing to sing serenades and hang noodles. If after sex a man has lost interest, if he tells everyone he knows about another victory, then, alas. His feelings are probably a sham. When a guy loves for real, he keeps his mouth shut.

What kind of girls do boys like?

There is an opinion that it is necessary to conform to some standards: to have a thin waist, long legs and hair, lush eyelashes. Allegedly then you can attract the attention of the guy, but if there is no such eyelashes, then go through life as an old maid. This is not true.

Model standards formed by fashion magazines to show clothes, cosmetics, underwear. But they have nothing to do with real life, it’s just a professional indicator, it is necessary to demonstrate the product was pleasant to look at. And boys like different girls, as well as boys are different: tall, low, keen and monogamous.

The main thing to look after yourself

  1. Neat hairstyle, clean hair;
  2. Use deodorant regularly;
  3. It is unacceptable to wear stale clothes. They must be clean and ironed. Try to choose it harmoniously, stick to a certain style, appropriate to the situation. At school formal, on the street comfortable;
  4. Your modesty is not a disadvantage, but an advantage. It prevents you from approaching and asking or telling directly about your feelings, but it stands out among noisy girlfriends.

Be interesting, exciting: visit theaters, museums, play sports. Intelligent people with whom it is interesting to talk, spend time are entitled to external flaws, they are invisible behind their rich inner world.

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