Do men like it when they are jealous?

Do guys like it when they are jealous?

Love – a multifaceted concept, among their many stands out especially jealousy. Most often this facet is noticed in the stronger sex. Men subconsciously believe that the other half – their personal property, she can not have any relationship with other men, not even to look in their direction. A huge amount of writings, movies, and other content has been created on this topic. But what if we look at this question from the other side, do men like it when a woman is jealous?

What is jealousy

The dictionary gives the following definition of this concept – “excruciating doubts about someone’s fidelity.” This facet of the relationship brings strong emotions, and not only to the one who is distrustful of the other half, but also to the one who is exposed. The emotion is often associated with the fear of losing the other half, mistrust, at the root is usually the lack of confidence in themselves, or in the fidelity of the object of imitation.

In addition, the cause of jealousy can be a sense of rivalry, which in most cases is laid in childhood. This sense of selfishness, the desire to be the only, first in parents, and in the future, and his second half, to be indispensable. Parents should know from the moment their child is born that an overabundance of love, as well as a lack of it, will greatly affect the emotional sphere of the child, destabilizing and distorting it.

Feelings of jealousy are most common in two types of people. The first includes individuals who are unsure of themselves, shy, feeling insecure about their strength and importance, with low self-esteem. The second type – the exact opposite of the first, too self-confident, do not consider their spouse for a separate person, seeing her as his property.

It is important for partners to understand that in their relationship there must be agreement or synergy in terms of connections with the opposite sex. That is, if a girl cannot match feelings of love and jealousy, one or the other may exist for her.

At the same time, if the lover is of a different opinion regarding the issue of jealousy, he will feel indifference on the part of his half. In any case, it is important to play by the same rules, if a girl is jealous of her partner, the man pretends to respond to her and at the same time convinced of his loyalty. Such a game will allow you to maintain a healthy relationship.

To answer the question of whether guys like being jealous, it can be said that feelings are always diverse, but almost always destructive to the relationship. At the root of the problem, as mentioned above, is a sense of insecurity, low self-esteem, based on which the man feels the superiority of the alleged rival.

It seems to him that he is inferior. At the same time, a man often attributes the feelings he experiences at such moments to the other, it is a psychological defense of the body, when the person shifts his faults to the other.

Do guys like it when the girl is jealous?

It should be taken into consideration that the male relation to jealousy in his own direction is different for each person, in addition, it affects the degree of emotional expression. If a wave of jealousy simply sweeps a man away, it certainly will not be accepted calmly.

Everything should be dosed, presented in moderation. The feeling, presented correctly, can become a tool of manipulation and allow a jealous woman to play with her feelings in a filigree manner.

How to be jealous to please a man

Jealousy – it’s not bad, it is not a destructive state. The main thing is to present it correctly, you do not have to feel what you show, spice it up with a touch of humor and it will look like a playful hint, an indication that you care, and you notice and care about the fact. Showing jealousy will add to your feelings of adrenaline.

  • A young man should pay attention to the behavior of his girlfriend, if she often tries to provoke feelings by mentioning other members of the stronger sex, where she saw them, what they gave, this is a direct hint that the man does not pay enough attention to his mate. The girl should take into account that such things can be shown in a much clearer way.
  • You shouldn’t make an example, much less a comparison of your past and future. Men are extremely uncomfortable when girls give them examples of their past partners.
  • Always dose displayed jealousy, in large quantities it becomes unbearable.

When jealousy is undesirable.

So, how to determine when your man likes the manifestation of jealousy on your part, and when he on spirit it can not stand? There are two options.

Guys like it when a girl is jealous if:

  • He likes someone who makes him jealous.
  • Positively affects his sense of ego.
  • Makes the man feel appreciated.
  • It does not damage your relationship.
  • The nature of the jealousy is playful, it will add some fire to the relationship.
  • Your man is of age, this way you let him know that you appreciate him very much and also let him know that he is still very much!

Men don’t like being jealous if:

  • Manifestations of jealousy are constant or very frequent, it is annoying.
  • With manifestations of jealousy comes a sense of dependence on the subject of jealousy, a sense of manipulation.
  • A woman shows her weakness through jealousy, insecurity in herself and her partner, while a man wants a woman who is confident in her strength and in her other half.
  • Men’s reactions to jealousy of their second halves.
  • All men are different in character and personality, and hence the jealousy they react very differently.

If your partner likes, flattered by the jealousy shown to him – it’s a mama’s boy, who are used to getting attention to themselves, he needs confirmation that he is worth it, he is loved.

The psychology of some men is as follows, jealous – must love. In this case, the manifestation of jealousy is also a confirmation of your warm feelings for his companion, but their absence will let him know that you are indifferent. Cheating this type of people does not forgive.

For some guys the feeling of jealousy is unbearable, they are freedom-loving, independent men. For such a word of fidelity, given to the lady of the heart, is the law, and jealousy is perceived as distrust on the part of the girl. In addition, it will be perceived as an attempt to manipulate, to limit freedom. Such a guy will not report to you about his pastime, but you can be sure that he will not cheat on you either.

There is a type of man who as a partner prefers women who are weak, who need protection, and therefore are jealous of rivals, afraid to lose. The absence of jealousy in such a case will mean one of two things to them: either the woman does not love, or she is not weak.

Do girls like male jealousy?

Male jealousy, by analogy with female jealousy, is a factor that adds fire, adrenaline to the relationship. But this feeling should also be dosed. Man’s manifestation of jealousy will mean to the weaker sex that the girl is important to her partner, he cares and cherishes her.

It is important to remember that severe jealousy can lead you to the fact that your relationship will be strained or collapse, do not go overboard. In general, the recommendations for men are the same as for girls.

The consequences of jealousy

Excessive jealousy negatively affects the relationship between a man and a woman. If too active, it will cause a defensive reaction, and possibly aggression, based on logic – if he is jealous, let him do it for a reason. Keep this in mind and don’t allow situations like this to happen.

Remember, by giving full freedom of action to your partner, you bind him more tightly to yourself by creating a relationship based on trust.

Psychologists have told how men relate to female jealousy

As we know, not only men suffer from fits of acute jealousy, but also women. Manifestation of jealousy contributes to a constant sense of dissatisfaction with themselves, lack of confidence in themselves and their actions. Often the weaker sex gives manifestations of jealousy for a cute joke, but over time, this feeling captures you completely and becomes a way of fighting for your man.

Men’s attitudes to female jealousy

Men treat women’s jealousy in different ways. Some are happy with this state of affairs: if jealous, it means she loves, they think. This attitude flatter them. Others are outraged and consider it a sign of mistrust. Some treat the jealousy of their partner with a sense of humor if there is no reason for it, and with fear if there is a reason.

1. If a man enjoys female jealousy

In most cases, these men do not see a woman as a lover but as a caring mother. Jealousy in this case is viewed as a sense of care. Such a companion necessarily controls all the movements of the man, she believes that her chosen one is not able to perform most of the daily work and be sure to get into trouble. Man goes on about, he reports on his actions, possible delays at work and does not understand why you do not find out where he is, in case of his absence at a certain time at home.

If this is the type of man you get, then jealousy is a necessary feeling for him. If you don’t get jealous (and in his opinion, love), he will find another life partner who will take much better care of him.

There is also the type of man who is pathologically jealous himself and demands a display of similar feelings from you. He is perplexed as to why you do not roll up scandals and scenes when he comes home late. In the case of your infidelity, he will never forgive it.

2. A man sees jealousy as a clear sign of weakness

He naively believes that because of his weakness, a woman needs a man’s support, and therefore constantly experiences jealousy as a fear of losing his beloved. If you stop being jealous of such a man, he will have suspicions that you have a new suitor and protector. In order to keep such a guy in the tone, you need to be a little jealous so he feels that you need him.

Jealousy Irritates a Man

Many men have a negative attitude towards manifestations of jealousy, they just can’t stand jealousy and everything associated with it. Basically, they are proud men who are not used to submitting to the weaker sex. This type will never tell you about his friends or how they spent the last night. He fully trusts a woman and demands the same from her. For such men, jealousy – a sign of mistrust, and therefore they completely exclude the possibility of manifestation of feelings.

If his chosen one doubts the sincerity of his feelings and suspects treason, then they do not go their way. Men of this type of freedom is necessary as air, so do not even try to bind him. But it’s not superfluous to let your loved one understand that freedom is given to him only until the first mistake.

4. There are men who are afraid of any manifestations of female jealousy

These types are mostly not confident in themselves and their capabilities. They believe that a woman must love him and should trust him, in spite of all the shortcomings of his character.

It happens that one man coexists all of the above types. Depending on their mood and other related factors, such as wealth at the moment, these men may require a woman to display similar feelings, and may hate the jealous person.

However, everyone knows that jealousy can not achieve reciprocity, respect and full confidence. This requires sincerity and complete trust.

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