Checking your wife for cheating: study with us

Top 5 proven methods how to recognize a woman’s cheating: indirect and obvious signs

Hello readers, today’s article of the blog tells about the signs of feminine cheating and effective methods of its definition. The relationship between a man and a woman is not always evolve the most ideal way. The reasons for discord in the family can be a variety of situations from misunderstanding to miscommunication and brewing personal hostility, which at one time was not eliminated at the most basic level.

Regardless of what exactly has led to irreconcilable enmity between the spouses, the most common consequence of this blind war are regular infidelities of one of the parties in the marriage. Next, let’s talk about how to find out if your wife is cheating. The top 5 proven methods will reveal the secret of female infidelity, veiled under different masks of behavioral lifestyle of an unfaithful spouse.


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Indirect signs of female infidelity

The trips of the once formerly faithful wife to the left side will never go unnoticed by an attentive spouse. It is impossible to say with one hundred percent accuracy that each of these signs speaks of feminine infidelity, but most of them together should alert every self-respecting man:

  • Abrupt change in behavior. If your wife acted like this for 10 years of life together, and yesterday suddenly her behavior was just the opposite, it’s worth taking a closer look at your significant other;
  • If all the family and friends suddenly need your wife’s help on a regular basis, but without your presence, draw appropriate conclusions;
  • Sudden coldness in sex, along with increased activity, untypical of the spouse in the past, should also sow in your spouse’s mind certain doubts;
  • Mood swings, not related to the change of menstrual cycle, as it was before. The second life will make your wife happy or sad either way, and it will inevitably affect the whole family;
  • Changing passwords wherever possible, including social media, email, personal files, photos and, in fact, the phone itself. Secrecy bordering on paranoia should always be suggestive of cheating;
  • Unreasonably long delays from work when there were none before. Usually, such metamorphosis begins after a promotion, when a sharp change of activity does not allow you to quickly get into a familiar pattern. If such a promotion did not happen, think about it, maybe you just cheated.

Few men would want to put up with indecent behavior of his wife. If there is even the slightest suspicion of infidelity, and especially if the ground has long been ripe for this against the background of constant family discord, it is important as soon as possible to dot all the i’s. In a family where there is cheating, not only the couple suffers, but also their children and their immediate environment.

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How to approach an unfaithful wife with a conversation

In principle, to understand that the wife has found herself a love interest on the “Side”, it is not so difficult. It is important to make the right decision afterwards, which should not go against the fundamental principles of male nature.

Remember that any suspicion of infidelity will always remain only suspicion. Relying on circumstantial speculation can easily ruin a happy family life in which there have been temporary difficulties in the relationship that have nothing to do with infidelity. Infidelity has obvious signs, and there aren’t many of them.

Don’t make responsible decisions in a fit of anger. Even if the truth is entirely on your side, there are facts documented by photo and video footage, witness statements and the wife herself, only cold reasoning and prepared in advance speech will help to go to a detailed conversation in which the only true way out of the situation will be found.

And no physical force, because we are not in the Emirates. Even if the woman was so guilty that it is just worth stoning, a man should also think about what exactly his behavior prompted his chosen one to take such a desperate step. Sometimes an in-depth study of the problem not only saves the family, but also strengthens them, in spite of the existing fact of adultery.

Well, do not make yourself a “donkey” scapegoat, which can be bullshitted, and on occasion well milked as an overfed cow from the pasture. Cheating on his wife – it is not something that can be closed, and then we’ll tell you how to recognize in the face of his wife sneaky adulteress.

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Methods of detecting adultery

Of course you can watch her whenever her absence arouses the greatest suspicion, you can stuff the car with surveillance cameras, or you can read the phone “Sweetheart” while she takes a shower. All of these methods are good and likely to succeed. But today catching an unfaithful wife by the hand will help us with more serious methods.

A person’s behavior hides a lot of secrets and secrets, and sometimes it helps to find out their origin in very drastic ways:

  1. Private Detective. Despite the antiquity of this method, originating long before the era of Sherlock Holmes, today private investigation brings very good results, including in the deduction of unfaithful wives;
  2. Phone surveillance. And we are not talking about radio-tracking your spouse’s smartphone. To track your phone and transmit all the information of interest from its screen to you will be a special software, such as “Reptilicus” or “Vkurse”;
  3. The endless change of outfits should lead you to the next effective method. This is especially true for underwear, in which she (wife) for some reason goes to work, to a meeting, corporate party, to her mother, cat, dog, or other distant relatives for various reasons, but without you. Rummage through her underwear and find something she never wore for you. An abundance of such lingerie with a romantic twist will be substantial evidence of her cheating;
  4. A frank conversation “Head-on”. Use this method is worthwhile only if there is incontrovertible evidence of her adultery, but caught red-handed and failed. Start a conversation, for example, with the words “How could you cheat on me? An impure woman will instantly give herself away by her behavior and will most likely confess what she has done;
  5. A close look at her body. In fact, the method is very effective, because in the process of indecent pleasures on the side, the lovers will first try to surprise each other, including non-standard physical caresses, the essence of which will find its reflection just the same on her body.

Try to conduct your investigations as discreetly and unobtrusively as possible, otherwise your own unfounded suspicions can cause real discord in the family, because jealousy destroys families no worse than treason.

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If our methods will help you find out the sad truth, try to make the only right decision before a detailed conversation with your wife. It will help you remove some of the psychological burden, and this is the key to the successful resolution of a difficult issue.

Remember that it is important not only to recognize a woman’s infidelity, but also to understand what was the main reason for his wife to leave the family home in the direction of whether to satisfy their pleasures, or comfort their hard womanly lot, which perhaps was a consequence of your wrong attitude towards his mate.

Love your wives, make them happy every day and protect them from any adversity and resentment that can disturb your family peace, and then you will hardly have to search Yandex for the best ways to identify in your spouse the spirit of infidelity and adultery.

How do you find out about your wife’s cheating?

Do you suspect your wife of cheating? How do you know if your significant other is faithful to you? Go through her underwear? Pay attention to changes in her behavior? Hire a private investigator? Look through the contents of her phone? Man will go to any manipulation in these situations. But what is the most reliable method? Let’s break it all down now.

1 Method. Hire a private detective.

Most likely, this is the very first option that pops into your head when you wonder how to find out if your wife is cheating. An investigator is a proven, reliable, and classic method that has been used for centuries. It gives reliable facts about the infidelity of the beloved, but this method, if you do not lie, is a little expensive for the average person. On this basis, not all suitable method for those who wonder how to find out about his wife’s infidelity.

2 Method. Underwear.

The next method for those who want to know if his wife was cheating is to look through her underwear. However, we want to point out that this is a little strange. The Internet has a lot of posts on how to find out cheating on his wife underwear. Judge for yourself, really unfaithful man is so negligent that he will not change his panties after cheating? How is it even possible to know from underwear? Ridiculous? So are we. So don’t believe everything they say on the Internet, and certainly don’t sniff around and look at your spouse’s underwear in search of revealing the truth.

3 Method. By behavior.

This method involves identifying all the signs of cheating wife in the behavior, but how to know that her behavior and mood changes exactly because of infidelity? Ask directly? It is unlikely you will be given an honest answer with dishonest actions. Trust your gut? What if you wind yourself up and there is nothing hidden in her actions. There are also many articles on the Internet about this method. Believe it or not, of course your business, but is your wife is so cold to you that she can not hide their feelings for another person?

Of course, if the close attention and observation of his wife will reveal signs of cheating wife, but how do you know that she is cheating in case you work, or just fell asleep, went to the bathroom, you phoned. Agree that as much as you would not want to, but you can not be around her around the clock, and in fact treason is unlikely to come at the time of your presence. This method is also like well very doubtful.

4 Method. Through a cell phone

In today’s world, almost all people have their own personal phone, which is always at the “side”. And it is the smartphone will be the most effective tool for men to expose the infidelity of their beloved. After all, most meetings are scheduled by phone, communication at a distance is also carried out directly through the phone. Install Reptilicus software on your wife’s gadget and you’ll get the answer to your question about how to find out your wife’s infidelity with 100% accuracy. After all, you will be able to find out her location, read her correspondence, listen to records of conversations, view photos, as well as listen to the record of the surroundings (what’s going on around the phone).

Personal experience: a man came to our online consultants. It turned out that he found out about his wife’s cheating completely by accident, because his goal was just to check the performance of our spyware in the case. He installed the program on his wife’s phone and on the same day he received the intercepted recording of her conversation with her lover. To say he was shocked is an understatement. 12 years of marriage, two children, no signs of a rift in their relationship, and then suddenly it turns out that not everything is as smooth as we would like it to be. And most importantly, nothing pointed to the existence of a lover, no behavior or anything else did not give it away. That’s the way it is…

How can one know his wife’s adultery without clear evidence? You could say that such a spy program is your personal tracker. After all, only by reading correspondence, listening to conversations, recording the environment, you will understand whether your other half is faithful to you.

Want to catch your wife cheating? You can. Why? We can’t answer this question for you, because everyone has their own reasons. But if it happened that you are reading this article, then something has caused you to distrust your partner. We just want to warn you that the penetration of privacy without the consent of the owner, is against the laws of many countries in the world.

Spyware on your phone

Now let’s break down in more detail how to find out the cheating spouse specifically through her smartphone. Our spyware Reptilicus is multifunctional. You will need to install it on your wife’s phone, and you will receive information such as:

  • Screenshots of the screen (you can set them up, at least every five seconds);
  • Recording conversations on the phone;
  • Remote microphone (external recording environment);
  • Around the clock geolocation (location);
  • Remote camera photography;
  • Interception from correspondence of photos and voice messages (even if deleted after viewing);
  • Viewing of multimedia files stored on the phone;
  • Reading SMS;
  • Reading dialogs in social networks and messengers;
  • Viewing the list of contacts (even those you have deleted or added);
  • Viewing content in phone folders;
  • Keyboard hijacking;
  • Viewing notifications that are filtered;
  • And many other features.

With this information, the question of how to find out from your wife the truth about cheating falls away, because you yourself already know everything perfectly well. All received information from her phone will be stored in your personal account for 1 month. Integrity and security of the collected data is guaranteed. If you need these data for a longer period of storage, just copy them from your personal cabinet somewhere (on a flash drive, in a folder on your PC, into the phone).

It is also possible to send data to e-mail. But in this case, we can not give you a guarantee of privacy. Since e-mail is a service foreign to us, respectively, their privacy policy is different.

How to install spyware on your phone

First, you need to register on the site. After that, the “Personal Cabinet” should open, it will receive all the information collected. Then you should download the Reptilicus spyware for free on your wife’s smartphone. During the test period, which is the first 3 days, the program will function for free.

In order not to have problems with installation, there is a “Manual” on our website, which is quite accessible to the average person. The manual is written in detail and simply enough, and for clarity each step of the action is accompanied by pictures, what and where you should press. After installing the program, it is necessary to perform the actions described at the end of the guide.

If you have any difficulties with the installation, then you can always order the ready-made phone. We will buy it, install the program, pack it and send you. You in your turn, it remains only to present the new phone to your wife.

Now it’s time to break down the frequently asked questions about how to find out if your wife was cheating?

How to find out the truth from your phone calls

Can’t get thoughts of your wife cheating out of your head? How do you know for sure if she is cheating on you? The answer – you just need to listen to all of her phone calls. After all, nothing will get rid of these thoughts, as long as you do not hear everything. Who calls, with whom and about what and when your spouse is talking to you is no longer a secret. Our spy software, Reptilicus, will record all phone conversations for you.

You will be given the “Record Everyone” feature . What does this mean? It means that you will receive in your personal account records of absolutely all phone conversations. In addition, you’ll be sent a call record, that is, all received and unreceived calls, from which and on which number the call was made, how the contact was recorded, and when the call was made.

Also, for your convenience, there is a function “Record all except …”. What does it do? And it allows you to screen out potentially uninteresting for your listening numbers. That is, if you are not interested in what your wife is talking about with her mother, child, or work, then just specify these numbers, and they will not be recorded.

And then there’s a feature like “Record only…” What’s that for? This can be used if, say, you already have a circle of suspects, you want to know what your wife is talking about with specific numbers, and other conversations do not interest you. Then the program will record conversations only from the numbers you want, and ignore the rest.

How to know by correspondence

Now let’s talk about how to find out what and with whom your wife corresponds. To date, we give the opportunity to view correspondence in such popular social networks and messengers as: Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte, KateMobile for VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, Gem4me, Imo.

To do this, you need to root your smartphone and give our program Root rights. Then you have to mark the applications from which you want to receive information. A huge advantage for you will be that we allow you to see even those messages that have been deleted. Our program copies the messages the moment you read them, and sends them to your cabinet, so it doesn’t matter how quickly the hidden messages were deleted, you’ll already know everything about everything anyway.

How to find out online

If you for some reason can not give us Root rights phone, then do not despair, because of this situation we found a way out for you. After all, there is such a great feature as screenshots (pictures of the screen).

Screenshots are snapshots of the phone screen, they allow you to see what’s going on, without rooting the phone. This feature can be set at least every 5 seconds, and for certain applications you are interested in, so that you do not receive pictures from the calculator and the weather forecast.

How to find out via Skype

These days, technology is rubbing itself more and more into our lives. That’s a good thing, of course, because technology makes our lives easier, but as with anything, there are downsides as well. Virtual life beckons so much that virtual cheating has emerged. These cheats should not be taken lightly, if there is no physical intimacy, it does not negate the fact that the moral intimacy is still there. After all, one experiences the same emotions and feelings as in life.

You can find out about your wife’s cheating on Skype also, as described above – from the screenshots of the screen.

And if she cheats at work

Now let’s consider such a question, how to find out about his wife’s cheating at work? After all, even if the wife at work, the statute prohibits the use of personal phones, in any case, the phone is always somewhere near the owner. To do this, we provide an opportunity to record everything that happens in the environment.

Surround recording – allows you to record everything that happens around the phone through the microphone. You can activate this recording in different ways:

Set the environment recording period . For example, if your spouse’s working day starts at 10:00, and you work from 9:00 and do not have access to the phone during working hours, then at your convenience, you specify the time you want to record. We want to note that it does not matter at the time of recording, if the Internet is on or not, everything will be timely recorded and sent to your personal account, and when it is convenient for you, you can go and listen to everything.

You can set up environment recording after phone calls, so you know what’s being commented on after you hang up after you’ve talked. You just need to set the “Environment Recording” function after phone calls and the duration of the recording.

Send remotely from your personal cabinet the command “Start recording audio”. Suppose your beloved suddenly “snapped” and without explaining, went somewhere. Then you just need to go into the office, start recording and then you will hear what is happening in the car while she is driving.

And if you are on a business trip or on vacation

How to find out about cheating loved one on a business trip or during a vacation? Especially frequent questions of loving men. Here can help you a lot of features: a record of the environment, and location, and recording conversations. Geolocation Detection – will allow you to determine whether she is telling the truth about her location. Call recording will allow you to monitor her phone conversations away from home. And the surroundings recording will reveal to you the truth about what’s going on around your spouse after all.

The data collected for you will be stored for 1 month in your personal account and you can share it with your wife if necessary. Cheating wife on business trips, how to find out about it now you know, also from vacation, there will be no secrets for you.

Attention. We provide you:

  1. Free registration.
  2. Free download of the installation guide.
  3. Free download of the installation file.
  4. Free 24 hours to test the program.

Be careful and watch out! If they ask you for money for these actions, it means that you’ve found yourself on a fraud site!

I hope we gave you the answers to the questions about how to find out about your wife’s cheating. Just install Reptilicus spyware on her smartphone (it takes 10 minutes to install), and get all the information collected for you every day that lurks in her phone.

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