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How do you know if your wife is cheating?

Do you suspect that your wife is cheating on you? But how do you know if this is really the case? Read our article and you will learn what signs can be used to recognize your wife’s cheating.

Family life can bring not only a lot of pleasant moments, but, unfortunately, all kinds of difficulties and life twists and turns, with which you have to fight, put up with or just let go. One of these situations is the infidelity of one of the spouses.

Infidelity is always a heavy psychological blow, especially if the wife is unfaithful. This is due to the fact that for men marriage – is primarily the fidelity of the spouse, after a stamp in the passport it should belong only to him, to be, so to speak, his “property.

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For him, this is very important and is the number one item on the list of marital obligations. Women consciously or subconsciously aware of the polygamous disposition of the opposite sex, although this does not always manifest itself in family life. Therefore, men often equate cheating on his wife with a stab in the back.

To avoid unnecessary suspicions and jealousy scenes, which are also very destructive to the family ties, it is necessary to pay due attention to how to determine whether his beloved’s adultery or even prevent it in the period of infatuation with a strange man.

Abrupt change of interests and tastes

You know your second half, in particular her interests and tastes, so you should not have any difficulty to notice an unexpected change in this regard. For example, your wife has never talked about a particular sport or suddenly became interested in the postage stamps of prewar times. Strange, isn’t it?

A woman watching soccer.

And just as strange was the comment and friendly advice that some manufacturer’s shaving product was much milder than the one you use now. Of course, when asked how she knows this, the wife will answer that a friend advised it based on her husband’s experience. Be attentive to such little things.

Constantly good spirits

If your wife is a real optimist and a giggler in life, then you should not pay attention to such a criterion. But as a rule, if you are visited by the idea that your wife is cheating, then the relationship you have long enough not so warm.

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And then suddenly she has glowing eyes, a good mood throughout the day that doesn’t change even if you start nagging at her and expressing displeasure about something. This is already a reason to think about what gives her such joy and a charge of positive emotions.

The decision to change her image

At first glance, there is nothing surprising about this, because the desire to look good is inherent in many women. But if for three or more years of life together you have never seen such a change, there must be a reason that directed her actions in such a direction.

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The wife changed her hairstyle, started exercising and lost weight by several sizes and, of course, renewed her closet. On the one hand that’s just great, but on the other hand, who knows, maybe it’s not all that good.

Showing love and concern for her husband

Most of the time, when a wife is in love with another man and intends to cheat, she begins to surround her husband with every kind of care, thus subconsciously atoning for her guilt. She will cook a delicious dinner, watch a soccer game with her husband, and, of course, send him and his friends for a beer. Although this kind of generosity has never been seen before.

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Of course the husband is happy that no one is nagging him, that he doesn’t ask to fix the shelf in the kitchen, which has been broken for a month, he takes the children for walks and in general his wife is just perfect. But, unfortunately, such a fairy tale sooner or later ends.

The above signs of cheating on the wife refer rather to the first stage of this process, namely falling in love. The following will be less pleasant changes in the behavior of the spouse, which are indicative of an already actual intimate relationship with another man.

Limited access to personal space

You used to be able to answer her calls, look through her mail and there was nothing criminal about it, but now something has changed. According to her, she has made new friends, with whom she often meet and spend their free time, but for some reason they do not come to your house.

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In the evenings the wife now prefers to spend time in their company. And all such changes she argues that she is an adult and she just needs a free personal space, which will be outside the family too. The husband, of course, does not like it, but what can he do, because he also has friends, so agrees with the situation.


Lately you feel that your wife has distanced herself from you. She no longer tells you how she is doing, the usual conversations about everything and nothing have long had no place in your family, and at the suggestion to go somewhere together or just watch a movie on the couch, she invented various excuses.

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The fact is that when a woman is in love, she does not think about conspiracy in the relationship with her husband, which cannot be said about men. And if everything was not smooth in the family even before the appearance of a lover, then she will not think about it all the more.

Intimate life is also an indicator.

Wife began to push you away sexually, she does not like the way you are trying to flirt with her, and excuses that would not perform marital duty so much that you have already lost count.

Man and woman in bed.

Well, if you sometimes have intimacy, but the initiative never comes from her. Believe me, this is serious and soon her husband will know what the reason for these changes in his wife’s behavior.

To sum up, remember that while you have no solid evidence of treason of his wife, do not take rash decisions, which then you will regret. After all, statistics show that families often break up not through infidelity of the wife, and because of personal problems within the couple, and treason is only a consequence, but not the cause.

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How do I know if my wife is cheating?

A cheating wife is woe in the family. What self-respecting man would tolerate such an attitude? After all, it is so humiliating to love someone who doesn’t deserve it. Such betrayal can rarely be fully accepted and forgiven. To avoid being left with horns, it is important to catch your wife in time.

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Why Wives Start Cheating

A woman’s cheating is more often than not a need for physical gratification, but a search for emotional intimacy, support and warmth that she can’t get from her current partner.

A reason is needed for a woman to cheat. Ladies rarely cheat out of curiosity. As a rule, there is a crack in some area of family life, which does not give the spouse peace.

Faced with treason, many men grasp their heads and do not understand why they have changed the wife because everything seemed to be fine. Is the husband guilty of adultery spouse? Let’s look at the main reasons for treason:

1. The desire for new emotions. Even if the relationship between the spouses are warm, over the years, “eats” romance, and the severity of feelings comes to naught. It is important for a woman to feel wanted and needed, regardless of age, so if she does not receive this attention from her husband, involuntarily in the head begin to occur fantasies of adultery. Some ladies prefer to fight to the last for a relationship, so that they again play with new colors, and others do not think too much and have sex on the side.

2. Dissatisfaction in bed. People do not always agree on the sexual temperament, which is one of the reasons for discord and divorce. One partner may desire sex once a month (although madly in love with the other half), and the other needs intimacy every day. In today’s world, men and women are increasingly switching roles, and it is not the lady who is complaining about the “headache” before intimacy. Coldness and indifference, different sexual constitution, are the ground for female infidelity.

3. female revenge. Infidelity can serve as a punishment of the husband for some wrongdoing, such as infidelity. In this way a woman wants to get revenge on her spouse and hurt him.

4. Outburst of passion. Such a reason is peculiar to windy and amorous women. Give in to infatuation at work or on vacation, the woman may give herself to her lover, regardless of her marriage.

5. The consequences of alcohol intoxication. Most adultery on the part of both men and women occurs after drinking alcohol.

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A wife’s affair on the side involves gifts, flowers, and thrills that are difficult to hide from her husband. Psychotherapists point out that only a few ladies can hide cheating from their spouse without changing behavior. If you notice your spouse in an unusually good mood for her – then perhaps the reason for the glee is the lover.

Excessive secrecy is something that characterizes many cheaters. This can easily be checked by asking her cell phone, for example to call (lie that yours is empty, and recharge lazy or something along these lines). If your wife has nothing to hide, she will easily give you a smartphone, otherwise she will throw a tantrum with cries that this is a personal thing and she is not going to give the gadget.

Also, if before your chosen one was not dependent on the phone, and now the cell phone is an extension of her hand, it’s a reason to think. Carefully observe what makes her hang out on her smartphone. Worse yet, if she’s changed her password.

The male characteristic after an affair is to become a diligent spouse and make amends with gifts or money. It is not uncommon for sex with the wife to become more frequent. Women, on the other hand, can’t do that. The fact is that men do not always become emotionally attached to their mistress. Cheating happens only physically. With women, it’s different. After an affair with her lover, because of the guilt, if she can have sex with her husband, it is very distant, as if he was not with him. Thus, the husband immediately notices an emotional coldness in bed, which leads him to think that she is cheating.

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Analyzing a wife’s predisposition to cheating

To probe the ground and answer the question, “How do you know if your wife is cheating?” ask your spouse about the following things:

  • Has she ever cheated in a past relationship? If so, under what circumstances did she do it and what prompted her to do it. Did she take it lightly?
  • Has she ever been cheated on by her former suitors? How did she take the news and what followed? Did she forgive the guy? How long did she hold a grudge against the betrayer?
  • Did she enter into the relationship without much love (or could she have entered without commitment)?

As you ask these questions, prepare yourself for your nervous system to be shaken. There may be unpleasant answers for you. How do you know if your wife is cheating? Start the conversation from afar. The main thing is not to flirt with your spouse, and spoke to you frankly.

Such questions will help you understand her level of morality and attitude towards adultery in general. It is important to have a dialogue in a relaxed atmosphere, so she did not realize that there is distrust. You can have a romantic evening and drink champagne to make your woman companion as relaxed as possible.

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Signs of unfaithful wife behavior

According to statistics, only 3% of women who have cheated on their husbands, come out with them for a frank dialogue and admit the fact of infidelity.

If you do decide to have a serious and open dialogue, however, here are some tips on how to get your wife out in the open:

1. Talk heart to heart: Tell her that you notice changes in your relationship and are worried about it. This option is appropriate if open dialogues are not new to your marriage, and you are used to talking frankly.

2. Take the plunge: lie that you know about the cheating from close friends. Watch her reaction carefully. Fussiness, nervousness, downcast eyes, stuttering, red cheeks indicate that most likely your spouse is not being honest with you.

3. Questioning her on the forehead: this method can bring her out emotionally. If your wife cried or threw a tantrum, then there is cheating.

If you suspect your wife of cheating, do not rush to fill her with accusations and make her look like a woman who is a whore. Such a step will only alienate her from you.

About the signs of adultery wife can write a whole book. All women are different, so the reaction to the appearance of a lover can be anything. Some ladies withdraw into themselves, blaming the betrayal, and some, on the contrary, flourish with new emotions.

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Many men don’t understand how to catch their wives cheating, because the signs are not always obvious. Here is what should alert you in the first place:

  • She spins for hours in front of the mirror before going out. If, when they go out together, she only brushes her hair, and leaving alone, manicures for hours – it’s a reason to wonder if she has a suitor?
  • Your wife is constantly going out with her “girlfriends. If previously your wife liked to sit with you at home, but now it is increasingly necessary to go with the “girls” in a cafe or someone to visit for “tea”. Especially you should be alarmed that the late-night get-togethers dragged until morning.
  • She began to buy beautiful lingerie, which she puts on when going out alone. If a woman has always loved to pamper herself and at the same time you with lacy panties, then this point is dismissed. But, as a rule, after a long relationship, a woman prefers comfort and puts on beautiful lingerie only for special moments, not for everyday life.
  • Refusing to let you meet her. If you have always met her from work, and now your wife politely lets you know that she will walk herself, it’s a good reason to wonder if her suitor is seeing her off.
  • Indifference. Is she no longer cursing about the broken closet or demanding attention? She probably has someone else. Especially if your conversation resembles that of two strangers. Also, a woman who has a lover is indifferent to what time her husband comes in, who he hangs out with, and where he goes. An emotional connection is very important to a woman and if she is aloof, something is not clear.
  • Secrecy. A man is a prop for a woman. Ideally, every lady wants her husband to handle all her issues. So if the girl closes down and prefers to solve all issues on her own, most likely her lover does it for her.
  • Constant guests at home. If the spouse is left alone with you less and less, she is clearly alienating herself. One of the reasons for this behavior is the presence of a lover.
  • Loss of respect for the husband. If a woman is infatuated with another, the current man only annoys her. Instead of admiration and compliments, her husband will hear a lot of justified and unjustified discontent and reproaches. To her, he will be the worst and most worthless.

The above signs will let you know if your wife is cheating, or if it’s just your guessing and jealousy from nothing. If only 1 or 2 points converge and you value the relationship, you shouldn’t immediately throw accusations of cheating at your partner, you could lose her that way. If it’s not your wife’s fault, such accusations can turn her away and destroy the marriage.

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Phone as proof of adultery

Delaying home and disconnecting the phone. More and more often, she’s been staying late at work and coming home late with her cell phone turned off… Something’s not right. Perhaps during the “malfunction” with the connection, she is lounging in the arms of a lover.

In today’s world, the phone is everyone’s companion. For some people, the gadget is a whole world. The device stores all the phone records and texts. Usually, men’s cunning is not enough to clear the smartphone from treacherous correspondence in time. Women are stricter with this, but even here missteps often occur.

As pointed out earlier, a cheating wife will keep her phone to herself. If this is not typical for her and she usually does not depend on social networks, then it is time to think about her fidelity.

Physiological signs of cheating

External signs to determine the cause is not always enough. Therefore, pay attention to the physiological signs of feminine adultery, which will give you an exact idea of how to know if your wife is cheating:

1. Facial irritation. If your companion has soft and delicate skin that turns red from any touch, then this fact is certainly not enough. Nevertheless, male stubble and female representatives often leave irritation.

2. Wife’s appearance after another delay from work or meeting with “girlfriends”. Clear signs of adultery are pantyhose with arrows, disheveled hair, puffy lips, and smeared makeup.

The presence of hickeys and redness on the body. A sloppy lover may leave abrasions or hickeys on a woman’s body. To check their presence or absence, offer to help rub her back while taking a shower, watch her reaction to this question. Also pay attention to her new habit of wearing turtlenecks and scarves.

4. the scent of men’s perfume. When in close contact your clothes and hair intensely absorb the smell. Therefore, you can smell another man’s scent by hugging your wife upon her arrival in the house.

5. Lack of arousal. If you and your wife have not had sex for a couple of months and she responds to your advances with coldness, then perhaps she is satisfied with someone else. Of course, the reasons for reluctance to intimacy a lot, from health problems to the disappearance of intimacy between the spouses. But even if there are bad times between a couple in the family, as a rule, there will still be a little give and take. One reason for the cold is sex on the side.

6. Nonverbal gestures. Pay attention to her facial expressions in casual conversation. The wife’s subconscious can give her away with guts, giving away the redness on her cheeks and the dulled look.

7. Another man’s name accidentally slipping out of her mouth. The other man’s name may slip out of her mouth not only in the bed, but also in ordinary domestic conversation.

8. New jewelry and accessories. If you notice your wife wearing new earrings or a ring, someone else probably gave them to her. The “bought it myself and forgot to tell you” excuse seems strange here.

There are an unimaginable number of signs indicating that the wife is unfaithful. Only massive coincidence and intuition can cause a cause for concern.

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How to catch your wife off guard.

How do you know if your wife is cheating? Suspicion of betrayal isn’t enough. To avoid appearing pathological jealous, it is best to have substantial evidence of your wife’s infidelity. To catch your spouse cheating on the side, you can do the following things:

1. Unexpectedly return home under the pretext of “forgot” your keys or purse.

2. Install a geodata app on your phone and track your wife’s location.

3. find direct evidence in the form of phone calls or texts.

Before jumping into such manipulation, think hard about whether you’re ready for the consequences. True information can destroy a marriage. On the other hand, living with a traitor is even worse. When rage clouds the mind, forbidden techniques come into play.

If the betrayal is revealed, decide for yourself clearly: to forgive an unfaithful spouse or not. If you decide to save the relationship, then be prepared for the fact that in a quarrel you will have to keep your mouth shut. Constant recriminations can go on for years and eventually lead to divorce anyway. If cheating is unacceptable to you, then don’t torture yourself and your spouse – better to file for divorce.

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What to do if your wife has a lover: tips from psychologists

If you are convinced of cheating and decided to fight for your wife, you need the right tactics. Instead of giving your wife a showdown or getting into a fight with her new admirer, act cunningly. Fly together to the resort or rent a house on the bank of a river. The main thing to stealthily snatch her from the clutches of her boyfriend.

More often than not, a woman runs away from a man who does not appreciate her. This is your chance to change the situation. Compliment her as much as you can and shower her with affection. Maybe the lover is just a passing infatuation to heal the wound that kept bleeding into your relationship?

Often the opposite helps. You have to let your wife go to her lover. Rare meetings rekindle the passion and in her eyes new lover seems the prince on a white horse. Perhaps after a long relationship she herself will realize that he is not so good, missing his family. If this does not happen, maybe the price of such a spouse?

Testing: When is it worth alarming?

To answer the question “How to find out if your wife is cheating,” take the test:

1. Is there often a chill in the relationship between you and your spouse?

2. Do you often spend time together?

3. Does she often stay home late under similar covers of “going to girlfriends” or “getting held up at work again”?

4. Does she spend a lot of time on her phone? Do you know her password?

5. Does your significant other get sad when you go somewhere for a while? (work, visiting relatives, etc.)

6. Does your spouse often share her problems and worries with you?

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If you said yes to most of the answers, it’s time to talk to your wife, or use other clever manipulations to test her fidelity. It’s worth sounding the alarm if you answered yes to all 6 questions.

Try to trust your intuition. Often people wear rose-colored glasses so as not to see the betrayal of a loved one, living with cheaters under the same roof for years. Bitter truth or sweet lie? The choice is yours alone.

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