What kind of women do Taurus men like?

Characteristics of a Taurus man by zodiac sign Taurus man is a practical, thorough and hardworking man. The planets have a different effect on representatives of this earthly zodiac sign. Venus gives them a taste for art, material possessions and carnal pleasures . From Uranus, Taurus men got a little fear of changes in life. … Read more

How to make a man worry?

How to make a man to worry that he will lose you: 7 practical ways Man is very confident in your relationship and believes that you have nowhere to go away from him. He stops giving you gifts and compliments, and you can tell by all the signs that he has grown cold to you. … Read more

How to learn not to be jealous of a loved one?

GuruTest How not to be jealous of a man: 5 tips that work One of the most difficult problems in a relationship is pathological and constant jealousy. It can destroy even the strongest love, turning it into a war and a bastion of distrust. Female jealousy is a terrible force that can get out of … Read more

How to make a guy like you?

What to do to get a guy to like you in one day You won’t be cute by force, but you have to make an effort to get a guy to like you. And although the default is that all guys like short skirts and stockings with garters, it is short-sighted to bet on sexuality. … Read more

How do you forgive yourself for cheating?

How can a woman forgive herself for her adultery Infidelity is one of the most common causes of the collapse of the relationship in a couple. The stereotypical image of a woman in this situation – the role of the victim. And what if we can not get over treason … Own? We are used … Read more

How to correspond with a guy you like?

What to write to a guy to get acquainted: the theory of an effective start Before you prowl the expanse of the dating site, check if everything is okay with your virtual face – a questionnaire, which, as the right dress, should emphasize the advantages and hide the disadvantages. We’ve already dealt in detail how … Read more

Woman and man in bed: parsing carefully

Men’s opinion: 5 main female errors in bed! Such is life – mistakes are present in one way or another in all areas of human relations. The bed is also no exception. Every woman will immediately call a bunch of male mistakes in sex: “too rough”, “too soft”, “too drunk”, “he started too early”, “quick … Read more