Taurus man what woman he needs: Consider carefully

Love according to the zodiac sign: the Taurus man The Taurus man is convinced that love at first sight is nonsense invented by romantics. He needs time to ignite passion, as a rule, falling in love Taurus precedes a long preparatory period. The usual “feminine tricks” such as coquetry practically do not work for him. … Read more

Taurus in a relationship – consider in general terms

Taurus – characteristics of the zodiac sign A fixed sign of the element of the Earth, a creator and foodie, Taurus embodies the principle of love for life and its benefits, and also has the qualities of perseverance and practicality. Taurus is able and loves to work, patiently creates comfortable conditions for life. Is able … Read more

All about Taurus men: cover thoroughly

Taurus man: Character, compatibility, common traits Taurus man horoscope says that the representatives of this sign are mostly calm and reasonable men. They are monotonous and slow, cautious, prudent, never commit rash actions. This sign of the Zodiac, in fact, generates unique men, but the character it bestows is quite difficult to predict. The same … Read more

Affectionate nicknames for a guy – good to know

How to call a guy affectionate: 1,000 and 1 cute nicknames Since childhood, boys have been taught that girls love with their ears. In fact, this rule applies to everyone, and nice nicknames can please a man as much as a woman. Sometimes we girls forget that guys are actually very receptive to compliments, praise … Read more

Psychological problems of teenagers

How to deal with difficult behavior in teenagers There are myths around teenagers that they are aggressive, rude and try to do everything to spite their parents. Teens do exhibit difficult behavior, only they do it because they don’t yet know how to express their emotions differently. We talked to the charity, The Shalash, about … Read more

Self-confidence: consider in detail

The top 5 sources of self-confidence “Mom, you’re a psychologist. You probably know a way for me to become more confident,” 16-year-old Andrew said one evening, sitting next to me on the couch. “What exactly do you want to know?” – I asked. “Well, when I talk to a girl I like, I don’t know … Read more

How to quit your job?

How to quit your job? Content: How to quit my job without a layoff? One of the main desires of a person in this case is to “get up and leave,” that is, to quit without working hours. And here we need to remember the rule: to warn about the dismissal should be 2 weeks … Read more

Self-respect – describing the essence

How do you learn to respect yourself? According to the definition of psychologists, self-respect is the quality by which the common man, having original advantages and disadvantages, managed to stop, figuratively speaking, eating himself ate for failures. He focuses on his present and future achievements, perceiving possible failures as part of life, while continuing to … Read more