Capricorns what they are – conveying all the nuances

The zodiac sign guide: everything you need to know about Capricorns

Capricorns are considered people who were born between December 21 and January 20 . More precisely, it’s their solar sign: the following describes how Capricorn in other planetary houses affects character.

What Capricorns are like in character

♑ Purposeful.

Typical Capricorns are the biggest hard workers in the world. Since childhood, they have a goal, or even more than one, the way to which they punch their way through. Most often this sign focuses on their career and studies, but with the same tenacity they can achieve family well-being or strive to travel to as many countries as possible. Capricorns never do anything half-heartedly: their motto is “all or nothing, but everything is better.

♑ Practical.

This sign sees the world through the lens of order and correctness. It is important for Capricorns to live in a bubble, where they have arranged internal order, where there are heaps of traditions, rituals and “right” things. For this they are adored at work, for the same reason it is difficult to get along with them at home. Capricorns are their strictest critics, they do not have a chance to make a mistake even in their head, they always have everything clear, on time and to the point. That’s why Capricorns hate latecomers, cheaters, and people who write illiterately.

♑ Cardinal earth sign

Cardinality is a quality of the sign that is often responsible for moving and generating new ideas. Capricorns never sit still, their head is full of bold and brilliant thoughts. Admittedly, the same activity prevents Capricorns from bringing a lot of things to the end. They’re the kind of person who buys up a thousand beautiful notebooks but doesn’t start any.

Capricorn’s best and worst traits

Best Traits.

Hardworking, practical, reliable, organized and stable – Capricorns constantly inspire those around them to continually grow and develop themselves. At the same time, the zodiac sign itself never stops, constantly raising the bar for themselves and others. Capricorns constantly need to do something, to work tirelessly – fortunately, they have enough energy. If Capricorn could not find a life’s work (which is quite rare), he directs all activity to other areas of life, reaching there unprecedented heights as well. Capricorns have a special, unique sense of humor: they usually joke sharply with a stone face or mask sarcasm behind a smile.

Worst traits

Keep Capricorns away from screens: an overly practical and serious approach to life makes this sign a nerd. Capricorns rarely take risks and act on their heart’s desire: if the plan is not calculated and supported by arguments, they won’t even budge. Capricorns are 101% perfectionists; they’re never “good enough.” This sign is constantly procrastinating if they don’t know how to approach a problem. Capricorns often don’t like anything new: their preferences for movies, music, and food are established in childhood and rarely change. This sign will always choose the beaten path, Capricorns find it difficult to work without patterns. In their personal life, this sign constantly hides their feelings, so as not to lose face. The worst fear is to be too vulnerable.

❤️ What Capricorns are like in love and sex

Dating a Capricorn is undoubtedly a pleasure, but not for everyone. For one thing, you’ll have to get along with perpetual sarcasm and constant arguments about who doesn’t put the cups on the coasters. For another, Capricorns remember all the milestone dates, anniversaries and first times, put them in the calendar long ago and prepared a gift. Capricorns rarely “go out” in their youth, they are more interested in a stable family life. They are masters at building and maintaining strong relationships.

To date a Capricorn, you have to learn that their work/study/life goal/collection of butterflies will always take priority over love. All they want after a hard day is to fall into the arms of someone who will understand their passion and not blame them for it. They work long hours and do not know how to build a line between work and personal life. But they are direct and clear about their feelings: hints are not to their liking.

Capricorns are as hardworking in sex as they are in the office. They are ready to make every effort to please their partner. True, the patron planet Saturn is often the reason why this sign constantly rules and directs in bed. And of course, it is important for them to constantly achieve something: try new positions and new places.

All about Capricorn: interesting facts and features of the zodiac sign

Useful tips

The time of Capricorns comes around December 22 and lasts until January 20 . It is on these numbers celebrate their birthdays of representatives of this earthy, austere and very serious zodiac sign .

The planet ruling Capricorn, Saturn, endows it with qualities such as responsibility and practicality, the desire to follow rules and laws.

Discipline and severity characterizes representatives of this sign, and they take their life and all that they do very seriously.

But without these qualities, there would be no order in our world. It is Capricorns who build this world according to the rules and laws, which allow curbing chaos and do not let the old, eternal and valuable things to collapse.

Zodiac sign : Capricorn

Ruling planet : Saturn

Sign Quality : cardinal

Element : Earth

Positive traits : responsibility, scrupulousness, attentiveness, industriousness, seriousness, orderliness, diligence, ambitiousness, discipline, practicality

Negative traits: insistence, self-confidence, calculativeness, coldness in expressing emotions, extreme strictness and conservatism, stubbornness

Symbol of the Capricorn ♑ – a winged goat that emerges from the shell. This symbol is associated with striving to the top, with conquering heights and great achievements. In the horoscope, the Capricorn field (10th house) is responsible for higher achievements and career.

Capricorn is often depicted with horns turned to different directions, which means the unity of opposites, which are united by a common idea.

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You can also often see in pictures depicting this sign of the zodiac, a goat with a fish tail and wings . This symbol encapsulates the wisdom that Capricorn can do anything – fly, stand on the ground, and swim in water.

However, the fishtail will not always allow you to move freely on the ground, much less climb mountains. But the more challenging, the more interesting! Capricorns never look for easy ways and if they want to achieve something, they will go for it, despite any difficulties and limitations.

20 more interesting facts about Capricorn:

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Fact 1 : Capricorns like to see logic in everything and always, and what is illogical they perceive rather painfully. They know that everything that happens should have a logical explanation, which is why Capricorns have great difficulty accepting unexplained, mysterious or unproven things.

Fact 2 : Capricorns show themselves as adults and responsible people since childhood. They want to be independent as early as possible, so they often keep to themselves, but they know their place in the hierarchy.

Fact 3 : Capricorns cannot be called emotional people, outwardly they know how to remain calm and indifferent. A manifestation of concern for many of them has a material and practical connotation.

Fact 4 : Capricorns stand firmly on the ground and rely on the material world where order and hierarchy reigns. They know how to organize their space so that everything is by the rules and in its place. They do not tolerate chaos in any form.

Fact 5 : Capricorns are the biggest achievers, they have all the qualities that help go after goals: determination, the ability to build strategies, discipline, willpower, and fearlessness before obstacles. If Capricorn follows the right path, they achieve great results.

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Fact Fact 6 : Capricorn has no tolerance for authority other than itself, yet is able to obey if necessary, and fits perfectly into hierarchical structures.

Fact 7: Capricorns hate it when someone encroaches upon their territory and tries to set their own rules contrary to their own. For example, they may be sensitive to the fact that someone in the household simply rearranges things on their desk.

Fact 8: Capricorns are essentially very conservative and resist change if they do not see it as a rational and logical development. Therefore, unexpected surprises are not their path.

Fact 9 : Capricorns like to be in control and plan ahead. They want the future to be clear.

Fact 10 : Capricorns know more than anyone what a sense of duty and responsibility is.

Fact 11 : Capricorns are emotionally stingy, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be vulnerable. They can feel subtly and deeply, but they have a hard time showing it.

Fact 12 : Capricorns can feel fine both in society and alone. But in communication, they prefer to keep some distance and often look rather secretive.

Fact 13 : There are pessimists and skeptics among Capricorns who have depressions and melancholy attacks. This is especially noticeable in those who could not find themselves, apply their abilities in the professional sphere, or realize their desires for some reason.

Fact 14 : If Capricorn sees a clear goal, in most cases a material one, he will work long and hard, out of his last effort. There are many workaholics among Capricorns.

Fact 15 : Capricorns can be very suspicious and skeptical of any innovations.

Capricorns can be very skeptical of anything new.

Fact 16: Representatives of this sign are generally very responsible, so they are rarely late and always keep their word.

Fact 17: Capricorns do not like to admit that they are wrong about something and will persist in their opinions. But only until they have clear, logical, and irrefutable facts to prove that their opinion is wrong.

Fact 18 : Capricorns love to compete, because competition is a way of getting better and rising higher.

Fact 19 : The proverb “You can’t take the fish out of the pond without work” was invented by Capricorns. For the sake of a career and their professional goals, many Capricorns are ready to work around the clock and show enviable patience. If something doesn’t work out right away.

Fact 20 : Capricorns are fairly straightforward and honest people and usually are not capable of stabbing people in the back, doing something sneakily or hurting for their own benefit.

Is your zodiac sign compatible with Capricorn?

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If your sign is Aries : Capricorn for you may seem very nerdy and uninteresting. Aries with Capricorns lacks drive and emotion, and Capricorn may be annoyed by the impatience and impulsiveness of Aries.

If your sign Taurus : The union of these two signs is very good: the earth element makes them both practical, patient and thrifty, they understand each other well and have common goals (often – material ones).

If your sign Gemini: The long-term prospects in this pair are usually not so bright, because the frivolity and freedom-loving nature of Gemini will prevent the serious Capricorn from building the future.

If your sign is Cancer: Opposites attract, and it can be a solid union, but only if the strict Capricorn will subdue the soft Cancer and Cancer will be well cared for and nurtured by their partner.

If your sign is Leo : You will have a hard time understanding each other because Capricorn will not always like your desire to be seen and draw attention to yourself.

If your sign is Virgo : Your ability to structure your life and notice all the details will admire Capricorn. Together you can build a great relationship, especially if you can consider him a great authority.

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If your sign is Libra : You can easily interest Capricorn with your intellectual abilities, but it will be easier together if your interests coincide or overlap.

If your sign is Scorpio : The passionate and emotional Scorpio may lack the demonstration of his feelings and emotions from the colder Capricorn, so this union can hardly be called successful.

If your sign is Sagittarius: Sagittarians can find common ground with anyone, and if they admire the determination and tenacity of Capricorn, together they can achieve great results!

If your sign is Capricorn: You will have no problem finding a common language with a member of your sign because you are so much alike! However, the main thing here is not to get bored together for the same reason.

If your sign is Aquarius : It will be difficult for you to get along together, as Capricorn is a planner. He is very serious about everything, including relationships, and you are not particularly worried about the future and love freedom.

If your sign is a Pisces: With this sign of the zodiac you will have a very difficult time, because it is very concrete and direct, not afraid of obstacles, while you fly more in the clouds and avoid all kinds of difficulties.

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All about Capricorn (video)

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