Capricorn woman in marriage – consider point by point

Capricorn Woman in Marriage

This lady is by no means characterized by windiness or duplicity. On the contrary, her seriousness is sometimes not understood by men. Many of them do not see anything wrong in non-binding flirting. However, for a Capricorn woman, innocent advances already represent almost a promise to marry.

Such a woman no husband can not be forced to be a housewife. She simply needs both a career and social activity. If her spouse will try to clip her wings, she will leave without thinking, and begin life again, because leaving will take with them only a bag of personal belongings and will not by hook or by crook, “wrest” half of his property.

Capricorn woman will not allow her spouse to make a house of passage in their home, and entertainment activities will be kept to a minimum. However, even with the measured and calm course of life, she needs a corner in the house where she could close herself off from the world, including the household, and spend some time alone with herself. If this urgent need for her will be understood by everyone and periodically realized, then both husband and children can expect that the rest of the time their wife and mother will be attentive, caring and loving.

The Capricorn woman looks for her man with the same care with which she treats everything in life in general. She has a high opinion of her abilities and virtues and will strive to capture the one who brings her as close as possible to the pedestal she deserves.

What Men the Capricorn Woman Likes

The Capricorn woman will prefer a partner who is programmable in his behavior and firm on his feet. It is desirable that he was promising in terms of career and able, above all, to take good care of his family. But too pragmatic approach to life sometimes does not leave room for deep feelings. The Capricorn woman is practical and consistent. Everything she does has a clear explanation. If someone thinks her actions are unexpected, it’s only visibility, she thought of everything a long time ago.

Among her things you will not see trinkets. If you want to give a gift to the Capricorn woman, then it should be practical: she will not see the point in lying idle. This person values security, so money is always spent wisely, knows how to save. She likes prolonged sex and knows how to have an orgasm, but without any improvisation. To enjoy it, do not need to take unnatural positions. A Capricorn woman needs a strong man who stands firmly on his feet, knows how to earn and judiciously spend money.

Characteristics of the Capricorn Woman in Marriage

Capricorn lady needs a family, wants simple female happiness, but this concept is filled with a slightly different meaning for her. More often than not, she stops her choice on solid, well-financed, reliable men who already have a certain weight in society. For her it is important that her partner shared her ambitions and plans, contributed to her professional and social growth. The woman tries to make sure that not only she, but all the members of her family are successful and constantly moving forward.

In marriage, the Capricorn woman remains secretive and withdrawn, prone to pessimism even in the absence of certain objective reasons. The character of the Capricorn woman is such that even with the closest person she can keep aloof and emotionally cold, due to which family life is often marred by a lack of mental comfort. It is with great difficulty to decide on a divorce, but if by the will of fate this woman will be alone, she will consider such a status for themselves and be sure to worry about new searches for a life partner, not forgetting to make him still high demands.

The Capricorn woman is a Mistress

The main efforts of the Capricorn woman are focused on her career, achieving success, but the housewives can not complain about the lack of attention and care. Seriously and responsibly relating to the role of the keeper of the home, she will keep it in perfect condition, because a successful person, which she wants to become or has already become, should certainly have a beautiful and well-groomed home.

Capricorn Woman – Mother

Mothers of this zodiac sign tend to bring up their children in a spirit of strict discipline, they always determine for them a clear daily routine, give them a large number of responsibilities, seeking to bring up hardworking and responsible people. Capricorn women prefer traditional methods of bringing up children, adhere to the customs accepted in the parental home. Children in a relationship with such a mother may lack emotionality, liveliness, a sense of intimacy and complete mutual understanding.

Characteristics of the Capricorn woman according to the zodiac sign: how to win an unapproachable beauty?

Capricorn woman is responsible, reliable, loyal, honest, determined. In most cases, she achieves her goals. The characteristics of the Capricorn woman on the zodiac sign lies in a few words: coldness, prudence, caution, foresight. It is difficult to imagine a more inappropriate feminine personality traits, but with these ladies, this is the case.

They will never make a move without thinking it through in advance. Capricorn women are guided by common sense and a sense of duty in every situation. You will not see an explosion of emotion or confusion on the face of this stern lady, because everything that happens to her has long been planned. Any emotion that arises in her soul feeds the accumulated potential and makes her move even more actively to the planned heights.

The austere character of the Capricorn woman

In the character of a Capricorn girl there is no haste, all decisions are considered and verified, every step is calculated to the smallest detail. Responsible and executive woman of this zodiac sign on a good account with the leadership. In turn, the chief of it turns out not less strict and demanding. In life, this lady always seeks prosperity and stability in the financial situation.

In the nature of women Capricorn inherent ability to manipulate others. They use the slightest weakness so skillfully that the “victim” herself hardly suspects that she has become a puppet in someone’s hands.

A woman born in this constellation lives in her own world, built by logical thinking and conclusions.

She is demanding and uncompromising, both to those around her and to herself. However, when choosing between family happiness and climbing the career ladder, she will definitely choose the latter.

The Capricorn woman takes the choice of a life partner with great responsibility. This lady is so self-sufficient that nature as if as a reward gave her the gift to become more and more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex over the years. However, men are difficult to understand and accept as strong in moral terms of personality, so if the fans she has a lot, but truly understand her hopes and aspirations of men, units.

If a Capricorn woman has decided to marry this man, do not doubt, she will! And with what a furor! The future spouse is not chosen by a momentary decision, the candidate is considered, the pros and cons, the pros and cons are evaluated, and only after that, after a long time, the final verdict is made. To the husband, the Capricorn wife will be demanding and to the children a strict but wise mother.

The Capricorn woman in love is faithful and reliable

The nuances of the character of Capricorn women can be somewhat leveled depending on their upbringing, environment, zodiac sign of the Eastern horoscope, etc. Ladies of this zodiac sign will never knowingly go to the breakup of a relationship and divorce . They are faithful, loyal and reliable spouses. In addition, the conservatism of these women makes them appreciate the environment and comfort that has already been created by her hands. They simply do not agree to change their “den” for anything else.

Compatibility of Capricorn women with other zodiac signs in love, marriage and friendship

Maybe the Capricorn woman is not inclined to express her emotions fully, but in love she attaches great importance to feelings. She will always choose men who can conquer her at first sight. Relationships for her are a serious step, so she will long look closely and choose the man who is most suitable for the role of lover, husband and partner in life.

The ideal man for her is the one who can understand her soul, attitude towards life, and share her aspirations and aspirations. She will not allow to govern themselves, though she is used to control everyone around them. At the same time, she knows very well that such a guy will be really difficult to find.

She needs a man who is able to accept her right to personal space and her own life.

He must be wealthy, serious, responsible and fully provide all the requirements of the beloved woman. The appearance of the beloved for the ladies of this zodiac sign does not play a decisive role in the choice, but is not in last place.

Man, whose appearance is attractive to the Capricorn woman

Getting married to a Capricorn woman, a man should remember that always calm and balanced, she is often prone to depression . Behind the external equanimity can hide the strongest mental pain, which the lady of this zodiac sign will never splash out emotionally, because she considers such impulses silly and pointless. She will never forgive cheating, so if she decides to leave, it will be impossible to return her.

Try to catch the moment when you see your favorite change of mood for the worse and distract her from her depressing thoughts. Often give compliments, praise for the slightest achievement, most importantly – never ridicule. She likes the soft, but regular reminders her husband that she is the only one in his life and there just can not be another.

Capricorn women have the best compatibility with earth signs of the zodiac and Scorpio. With men of the element of Fire, she is waiting for incessant conflicts and disappointments.

Table of compatibility of the Capricorn woman with men of other zodiac signs:

Compatibility with: In love In marriage. In friendship and work
Aries Medium Medium Low
Taurus High High High
Gemini Medium Medium Medium
Cancer High Medium Medium
Leo Medium Medium Low
Virgo High High High
Libra Medium Medium Low
Scorpio High High High
Sagittarius Medium Medium Low
Capricorn High Medium High
Aquarius Medium Medium High
Pisces High Medium Medium

Capricorn Women in Bed: Features of Behavior

In an intimate relationship, the Capricorn woman is attractive, charming, confident and selective. Conservative and down-to-earth, she is a real find for a man with serious intentions. A woman of this zodiac sign will not play head games and manipulate her partner in order to get all sorts of indulgences and concessions from him. She knows her worth in life, work and friendship, as well as in sex.

The sexy and delightful Capricorn woman

She is the perfect mistress for a male conservative in the intimate sense. Never will initiate experiments in bed, it is important for her to feel the love and tenderness of her partner rather than seek giddy sensations.

How to Win a Capricorn Girl: a guide for men in love

The uncommonness and duality of her nature is her essence, exactly the qualities that you should pay attention to before starting to win the heart of a Capricorn girl. It is difficult to draw conclusions and understand a woman of this zodiac sign without knowing her basic character traits and aspirations.

She can be docile and compliant, but after a while will flare up on any occasion

However, if you have already decided that you need this lady, to fall in love with her will not be so easy. The requirements for the man of her dreams she has serious. However, if you meet her needs, you will get a real, sincere and genuine feeling in response. First you need to find out the preferences of the lady and only after that act.

So, like a Capricorn woman can like a man who has these qualities, such as:

  • responsibility;
  • honesty ;
  • loyalty;
  • seriousness;
  • rationality;
  • creativity;
  • the presence of a creative streak.

However, do not discount that the final conquest of the lady of this sign of the zodiac can be the perspective of the partner and his position in society. In this case, you do not need to be a Rockefeller, but you must have realistic plans about how to earn the first million.

Attractive and charming Capricorn woman

Seducing a Capricorn woman with romantic advances is certainly possible. She loves flowers, nature and compliments. Try to constantly interest her in yourself, involve her in some tasks, spend more time together. Confident and goal-oriented men are sure to find common ground and resonate in a Capricorn woman’s heart.

How to understand that a Capricorn girl is in love: how does her behavior look from the outside?

The Capricorn girl in love behaves somewhat unusual for those who have known her for a long time. She tries to change her image from bold and defiant to more feminine and calm.

She begins to show true feminine traits – coquetry, tenderness and sublimity. Her tough and unapproachable disposition changes to a sweet helplessness.

If a Capricorn woman really has warm feelings for her partner, she tries to introduce him to her family and friends because it is the most important part of her life. At the same time she tries to fully demonstrate all the qualities of a real hostess – the ability and desire to cook, showing care and attention.

A Capricorn woman in love

Often in love Capricorn women brag about their own success or material wealth. For them, this is a kind of indicator that a man should pay attention to this state of affairs and meet the set bar.

A gift for the Capricorn woman: a modest trinket or a luxurious necklace?

Based on the fact that the Capricorn woman is rational and calculating, she will not accept as gifts meaningless trinkets. It is very difficult to decide what to give a Capricorn woman as a gift to please her tough nature.

So, there can be a lot of options for gifts, just keep in mind that the cheap things from the sales are not just not to please her, but also mortally offend her. You can present :

  • Perfume and cosmetics from a well-known brand;

A good perfume is a great gift for a Capricorn woman.

  • Leather accessories in the form of a purse, purse, gloves or belt;
  • branded stationery;
  • smartphone, tablet computer and any other gadget will be received with special enthusiasm.
  • Jewelry;

Silver pendant with cubic zirconia, SL (link price)

  • Topical home accessories with branded and commemorative engraving, etc.

To be sure not to go wrong with a gift, you should look more closely at the interests and hobbies of the lady Capricorn and give her something that corresponds to her ideas about the world and life.

So, to become the beloved and the only man in the life of a Capricorn lady, it turns out that you need to make very little effort. It is enough to be intelligent, intelligent, educated, tactful, have a great sense of humor and just love your woman immensely.

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