Capricorn Men in Bed

Capricorn man in bed

It is believed that Capricorn men belong to the category of the most unromantic and non-passionate men among the representatives of all Zodiac signs. And so it is in fact. They are not romantic, not passionate, and they try to fully and completely control their feelings, emotions, and actions in everyday life. But in bed, Capricorn men are not at all like they are in real life. This is where the majority of representatives of this sign of the zodiac discover the real themselves. In bed, they do not borrow, and romance, and passion, and unpredictability, and emotionality. This is especially true for men of this sign, who are over the threshold of thirty years – at that age, they become just excellent lovers, let go of the reins, give themselves up to romance and passion.

A Capricorn man in bed can show himself as an expert on the female body, to be inventive and imaginative, and even to resort to experiments. But it is inherent in all this not every representative of this sign, and unfortunately, it is almost impossible to predict which of them will be a truly magnificent lover.

Behavior in bed

Capricorn men behave in bed, as the real connoisseurs of the female body. Moreover, this trait is inherent in all ages. A representative of this zodiac sign will surely behave incredibly decisively and confidently in bed. But there is a “but” – the problem is that these men are very afraid to “fall in the mud”, to fail. If he suddenly sees that his woman was not satisfied with the physical intimacy with her, if he realizes that he could not satisfy her, he will not make amends, but simply leave her. What’s more, he may even pretend to think that she is something different, wrong. And you won’t know if he really thinks that way or if he is just hiding his disappointment in himself underneath that opinion.

The Capricorn man’s behavior in bed with a woman is such that it seems. As if he is a real master of his craft. Self-confident, determined, not squeamish about experimentation and imagination. But in fact, behind all this “outward mastery,” fantasy, imagination, and creativity in physical intimacy lies a fear of being inferior to someone else. Most of all Capricorns are “stressed” by rivalry. They see a rival in every man, they hear competition in every man’s name. And what is worst is that they refuse to compete. There are two choices: either the Capricorn man will compete with someone who is clearly losing to him, or he will simply run away, so as to eliminate even the chance of losing.

And it is also worth noting that the behavior of a Capricorn man in bed depends primarily on the stage at which his relationship with his partner is. If the physical intimacy happened almost on the first date, then his behavior in bed will be a sign of his insecurity. And if the intimacy happened with a man he has known for a long time, with whom he is in a relationship, then everything is vice versa.


The attitude of a Capricorn man to his partner in bed depends first of all on how he perceives his woman. If she is available and devoid of mystery, if she irritates him at least in some small things, if he does not respect her, then his attitude to her will be corresponding. If there is respect, then he will treat her respectfully in bed. With a woman with whom he is in a relationship, Capricorn in bed will usually behave with restraint, delicacy, tactfulness.

As a gentleman Capricorn man refers to a woman for whom he has certain feelings. He is delicate in bed with her, tactful, will never force something that she does not want, once again asking her if she is not against “that” or “other”. In other words, the beloved soulmate of a representative of this sign will surely feel like a princess, his queen in bed.

But that exactly the attitude of a Capricorn man to his partner in bed was ideal, gentlemanly, it is necessary to make efforts also to the woman herself. Remember, these men appreciate beauty, romance, passion, and everything unusual. Attract his attention with erotic lingerie, a beautiful walk or seduction – believe me, all this will not go unnoticed.

How to behave

  • Don’t point out his faults in bed, just give him a hint;
  • Do not create the appearance of competition;
  • Praise him a lot;
  • Be imaginative and use your imagination;
  • be mysterious, but in moderation;
  • always be a woman, shy and timid;
  • Don’t let your emotions run wild;
  • Let him be the leader in bed.

Tips for seduction

Tip #1: Let him be a leader in bed with you! Capricorn men are very fond of being in charge, and the bed is no exception in this matter. Do everything for him to feel like a leader with you, let him command, lead, be his puppet after all.

Tip #2: Engage your imagination and fantasy! Whatever Capricorn men are, but they will always love everything unusual and non-standard. In ordinary life, such a man will reject unconventionality, but in bed, on the contrary, will welcome it.

Tip number 3: Do not criticize and do not teach him! Most of all representatives of this sign of the zodiac are afraid to fail. If you criticize it and teach, he will realize that he made a mistake, and this will be followed by an answer in the form of separation. Correct these men do not like.

Tip #4: Always be a woman! What is she, a woman in the Capricorn man’s mind? Feminine, tender, caring, considerate, and most importantly, beautiful. And also in bed you must be seductive. Lingerie and role-playing games to help you …

Tip #5: Do not go overboard with the mystery! A woman should be a mystery, but in the case of the Capricorn with the mystery it is important not to go overboard. What he will be more confident and decisive, he needs to study you. If this does not happen, he will run away, afraid to blunder, again.

What a Capricorn man likes in bed

The Capricorn man is persistent and stubborn in all areas of life, including sex. Capricorn men by horoscope know a lot about love, know how to love and are looking for such a partner who will sincerely treat him as well and share his attitude towards sex. If you want to build a permanent and real relationship with such men, you must worship your partner, he must see your respect and not doubt the sincerity of your feelings.

A woman next to a Capricorn man must be able to obey, because he does not know how to compromise and is always sure that his opinion is correct. When a Capricorn man meets his love, the most faithful and loving husband is hard to find. He appreciates loyalty and sincerity in his attitude, and remains grateful for loyalty and comfort all his life.

What kind of sex the Capricorn man likes:

  1. Comfort. For a guy of this zodiac sign, the setting and romantic atmosphere is important: music, beautiful lingerie, dim lights, etc.
  2. With foreplay. The Capricorn guy loves in bed and will always appreciate a female striptease, relaxing erotic massage and sexual play. We advise to try massage oils from Masculan – awaken sensuality and sexuality.
  3. With experiments. He likes it when a girl shows fantasy in bed and makes surprises. For safe experimentation, use Masculan condoms and lubricants: the variety of products will allow you to surprise your partner every time!
  4. Lasting and “good”. By their character Capricorns do not like to rush, in bed as well. Representatives of this sign are considered ideal lovers, because the satisfaction of a woman increases his sexual self-esteem, and they are willing to show maximum effort to achieve the “wow” effect. Now knowing what a Capricorn man likes more in bed, you can surprise your partner every time and strengthen the relationship between you.

What is unacceptable in a relationship with Capricorn men:

  • Leadership capture: overbearing and stubbornness on your part will ruin the relationship.
  • Comparisons to exes. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if it is in comparison that he will turn out to be better. Capricorns do not accept rivalry, they are quite jealous.
  • Not seriousness, frivolity and falsity. Capricorns do not tolerate these qualities, and they see hypocrisy and insincerity in feelings a mile away.
  • Humiliation, criticism to its address. This zodiac sign is very susceptible to comments.

Capricorn men sexual horoscope

The main qualities of a Capricorn man’s character are calculating, conservatism, excellent strategist skills and a minimum of emotion. In a pair of men of this sign are characterized by loyalty and devotion, because the choice of a life partner is approached with the utmost seriousness, having thought over all the pros and cons. Intimacy for him is not an impulsive act, so they do not accept casual and quick sex. Capricorns plan and think through their sexual behavior just as they do everything in their lives. If you want to build a relationship with a Capricorn, rushing is contraindicated: taking him by storm is impossible. Capricorns are usually experienced strategists and will also act on a carefully thought out plan when it comes to relationships.

It is very important for a Capricorn man to be a leader in all spheres of relationships. Therefore, his woman should be able to obey, to be a reliable rear. If you decide to build your life with a man who was born under this sign of the zodiac, you will have to stock up on patience and endurance. In a partner Capricorns especially appreciate: self-confidence, but the girl should be modest, a harmonious combination of practicality and restraint, caring and tenderness. The ideal life companion should sincerely idolize him, praise and exalt him – it is important for Capricorn. Compliment your partner, talk about his talents and virtues. You are required to selflessly accompany your Capricorn in his fantastic striving “higher and higher”.

Sexual compatibility of a Capricorn man with women of other signs:

  • Aries. Both stubborn and strong: if they have something to do in bed, it will be difficult in life in every way.
  • Taurus. This is a beautiful and harmonious union, because women under this sign of the zodiac are ready to obey, to be behind the husband – and Capricorns are absolutely satisfied with this. Excellent prospects in all relationships.
  • Gemini. Building relationships will be difficult, because Gemini are used to act impulsively, and Capricorns, on the contrary, are slow in making decisions. The Gemini woman’s sensuality and inventiveness in sex is the only thing that can support the union.
  • Cancer. A good partner for Capricorns: in this union, they can show leadership in completeness. But in terms of intimacy, such a woman can be too “cramped”, then the man will be unsatisfied. Also a frequent problem in such a relationship: Capricorn is too demanding for the sensitive Cancer.
  • Leo. Relationships are often problematic, and the marriage falls apart because each partner pulls the blanket on his side: both independent signs.
  • Virgo. There is every opportunity to build a strong and comfortable union: they are both dependent, conservative and understanding. The only downside: Virgo’s stiffness in sex, but if she learns and develops in this direction, Capricorn will appreciate it.
  • Libra. In such a union, the couple rarely find common ground, women of this sign according to the horoscope do not know how to give in, they are too selfish and do not meet the physical needs of Capricorn.
  • Scorpio. Sexually, they are ideal, and if in life they can wisely distribute rights and responsibilities – relationships can develop successfully and interestingly. In most cases, a passionate connection and successful marriages.
  • Sagittarius. They are too different, so it is rare to find such couples. Female Sagittarius likes spontaneity and extravagance in their actions, Capricorn, on the contrary, used to think everything out and weigh it all. Relationships usually do not last, and marriages with conflicts and misunderstandings.
  • Capricorn. In life, common views help build a successful marriage, but sexually partners quickly lose attraction and begin to bore each other. Such a family, if there is one, usually because of the usual comfort.
  • Aquarius. This kind of women can be interesting to Capricorns, but different life positions prevent the creation of a strong family: you need a lot of effort from both sides to maintain the relationship. Freedom-loving and inventive woman Aquarius can not long be in love with a practical Capricorn.
  • Pisces. A good combination in a couple: she is ready to be in submission both in life and in bed, knows how to create comfort and comfort, knows how to love and does everything to make the relationship strong. And for Capricorns nothing else is needed.

Capricorn men are not simple in character, they are like dark horses. That said, if you find the key to a Capricorn’s heart and he reciprocates your feelings, you won’t find a better partner.

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