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Taurus Man Capricorn Man

Capricorn man and Taurus woman couple is accompanied by a happy union, trusting relationship, ease and understanding in communication. They will always be able to agree on their rights and responsibilities in a couple. The intimate side of life partners brings them both unearthly pleasure, both hot and greedy lovers. Conflict situations do not have a scandalous color, as they never “wash their dirty linen in public.

What the couple have in common is their common vision of what the family should be like, what rules and regulations should prevail there. The male Capricorn is mistrustful, adheres to strict principles, does not like bright displays of emotion, is passive and often looks at life with pessimism. He is deeply convinced that conservatism, pedantry, is a guarantee of stability and constancy of a person. The head of the family in this couple will always be a man – Capricorn, this position is more appealing to him, especially since the Taurus woman sees the man as a fair, responsible person. Her interests will never be infringed or her will and freedom will be suppressed in this union.

The Taurus woman is stubborn and fastidious, but as for the lover, she will show loyalty, softness, manipulating, thus, the man, subjecting his interests to his dictates. The couple will experience all the charms of life together, such as domestic disputes, recriminations, joy and moments of happiness. Relationships are replete with emotion and boil with passion. Outwardly, for many, their love is calm, without a surge, a little grayish. In fact, these people play games and weave intrigues without interfering with outsiders.

Both love to sit and talk for a long time, reflecting on global changes in life, making plans and outlining priorities. The Capricorn man is pragmatic, smart, and cunning. He has both calculating and spirituality. There is always a place for creativity and expression of talents in his life. Capricorn can not joke in a good way, and hurt hurtling taunts partner, causing her anger. However, this is only to the benefit, because here the key point is a stormy reconciliation.

These people can also be deep believers, honor church traditions, visit holy places. However, the main basis for compatibility in their relationship is the openness of the soul, the absence of accumulated resentment, mutual honesty. For others, the truth can sometimes be better to hide, but in this case, the purity and transparency of the relationship is the strongest support for a stable and strong marriage.

Taurus Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility

In terms of Taurus woman and Capricorn man compatibility, this is the most complex, but also the most creative union of the three Earth element pairs. It can bring more problems than any of the others, and it’s especially bad that it beckons with excellent compatibility right away, and only then do difficulties appear. But, on the other hand, this union has a lot of inner energy, many opportunities for self-improvement for each partner, and many chances for life success and material well-being.

For the melancholic heart of the Capricorn man, the Taurus woman is already a real find. Both the one and the other have feelings of a permanent and lasting nature. Both in love and in marriage this couple is faithful and devoted to each other. Between them, as a rule, there is no love “at first sight” or in the form of “forest fire”, but over the years, mutual understanding and agreement deepens, strengthens the sense of affection.

But here, too, there is a “but”. Here, both the love itself and the marriage union must be backed by money or other material goods. Both partners are imbued and saturated with the realities of life and practicality. Taurus-Capricorn marriage compatibility is dominated by tenacity and stamina, endurance and perseverance, deliberation and planning, a normal attitude of frugality, that is, all those properties and qualities of a person that contribute to the realization of a life goal. Immediately after the celebration of the wedding, they identify and common interests, and common plans, tasks, goals, which in the future and move them forward and upward. And if Capricorn in this union also brings their own home, Taurus decorates it in the full sense of the word, at the same time combining the pleasant with the useful.

The ideal pair of a Taurus woman and a Capricorn man is a developing couple with constant inner growth. The characters of Taurus and Capricorn, then intertwine, complementing each other, then contradict each other, and each is interested in solving the conflict. Inside the pair there is a very active, turbulent life, although outwardly they look calm and happy and never amuse those around them with violent scenes and family scandals. They have many traits in common, such as practicality, stubbornness, loyalty, and purposefulness. More often than not, they are both set up for a long, serious relationship.

They both hate family conflicts and showdowns, and the Taurus woman knows how to soften sharp corners with a joke and yet calmly allows Capricorn to take his place as head of the family. In the most ideal couple, Capricorn is the leader, and the Taurus woman quietly adjusts to him and changes her behavior and attitude to unpleasant situations for her. As a rule, Capricorn can calmly devote his time to work, knowing that he has a reliable rear: Taurus takes excellent care of the home and children. Capricorn brings wisdom to this union, and the Taurus woman brings gentleness and thriftiness. Taurus also softens Capricorn and teaches him to enjoy life. Sometimes, on the contrary, Capricorn teaches Taurus to be tougher and more assertive.

If Taurus manages to fully awaken Capricorn’s Mars, then the couple is also guaranteed a harmonious and passionate intimate life for all the years they are together. Harmony in the Taurus-Capricorn couple will last only as long as both have a goal, which Capricorn often sets, and they go to it together. Both the Taurus woman and the Capricorn man are very important to the outcome. But when it happens that the couple doesn’t have a goal, the worst traits of both begin to show. Capricorn becomes gloomy and moody, absent-minded, and does not fulfill the role of a leader in the family.

A Taurus woman, more often than not, voluntarily gives the palm to her husband, but, at such times, she is also unable to readjust herself in order to bring the family out of a deadlock. She is characterized by inertia, and an inability to change habits. Her tenderness and care will break against the cold wall that Capricorn builds. It is worth noting that the man in this union is especially difficult, as the Taurus woman will be able to find an outlet in pleasures, good food, beautiful clothes and pleasant rest, but the strong and intelligent Capricorn without a goal goes into depression.

According to Taurus and Capricorn horoscope compatibility, the family idyll is broken when the couple loses purpose, especially Capricorn, who as a leader chooses the right direction of the family movement. At such times, he is especially in need of a woman’s support. Show him your loyalty and devotion. He needs to know and feel that you will not leave him.

If you have a strong and trusting relationship, in such cases, you can recommend the method of “wedge bouncing out. Each sign of the Zodiac reacts most acutely to its opposite. For Saturn, the antipode planet is the Moon, which in a Taurus woman is very strong. Therefore, all your lunar manifestations: capriciousness, mood swings, caring, homeliness, and impressionability will cause him a hot response. This way you will “wake up” his Saturn, which is responsible for setting tasks, and the Capricorn man will find a new goal faster. But you need to be careful with this way: the antipode planet can be perceived both as a partner and as an enemy if you have not had trust in the family.

Compatibility: Capricorn Man and Taurus Woman

A complex and interesting combination of two signs of the earth element. Despite the similarity of views, these people are not always able to be together for a long time and understand each other, but they can be happy, if they can at least sometimes look at life with humor and ease.

Representatives of the earth element are drawn to constancy, stability and love, prosperity in life. But it is hard for a Capricorn ruled by Saturn to understand a woman who lives under the patronage of Venus: the Capricorn may think that she is too frivolous for him and used to pleasures and tender feelings. But in fact, this is not always the case and the lovers can understand each other perfectly and feel tenderness and deep sympathy for each other. But whether they are waiting for a quiet marital happiness or a volcano of passion depends on their life goals, aspirations and desires.

These people can both be attracted to each other, feel like soul mates and live their entire lives together, or they can worry about things turning against them and quarrel frequently. Mutual stubbornness can greatly complicate their relationship, so such people should think a hundred times before being together. But with mutual understanding and common goals, they will be happy and they can even share their own positive emotions with each other.

In contrast to Capricorn, Taurus is a very passionate sign, although they may not show how they really feel. But harassing and restricting him is very dangerous: there can be an explosion of anger quite unexpected for both of them, which risks sweeping away everything in its path.

Pros of the Union: Capricorn Man and Taurus Woman

These people have a lot in common: and temperament, and outlook on life, and a common desire for wealth, stability and consistency. If they decide to be together, they can achieve a great deal in life and overcome even serious obstacles in their lives. However, there are pitfalls in this union that can derail the efforts of both partners. But, nevertheless, the prerequisites for happiness they have, and not small.

Usually Taurus and Capricorn always have something to talk about and something to do together. Therefore, they are able to go very far if they decide to be together, often love erupts between them at first sight and a serious feeling until the very end of life does not leave their hearts.

The merits of this union include:

  • common temperaments, outlook on life, similar characters;
  • a mutual desire for wealth, material possessions and a bright, secure life;
  • the ability to overcome the most difficult and severe tests of life;
  • devotion and constancy of both partners;
  • absence of jealousy and misunderstanding, confidence in the relationship;
  • determination and the ability to insist on one’s own position in any situation;
  • ability to resist external circumstances, extraneous interference and manipulation;
  • similar views on the upbringing of children;
  • responsibility and discipline;
  • A general love for animals and beautiful things, quality recreation and comfort.

Cons: Capricorn Man and Taurus Woman

Despite the common ground and complete mutual understanding, this couple will have to overcome a lot in their lives. The most dangerous stone will be the stubbornness and intransigence of both signs. Taurus is as stubborn as Capricorn, and if they don’t share something, a serious war and constant scandals can start between them.

Another obstacle becomes jealousy, which is characteristic of Capricorn. He does not intend to share the beloved woman with anyone, so even flirting, coquetry or parties, which Taurus loves so much, can infuriate him, especially if it seems to him that the woman is too pampering herself. In such a situation, conflict between them is inevitable, and only common views on life, creativity and mutual love can save the couple.

The main disadvantages of this union can be:

  • Stubbornness and intransigence of both signs;
  • quarrels because of a different approach to money: the thrifty Capricorn may not understand the spending and expenses of Taurus on unnecessary, from his point of view, things, such as clothes, fashionable novelties and cosmetics;
  • Over time, irritation builds up in both partners;
  • Capricorn jealousy can significantly complicate the relationship in a couple;
  • a woman in a marriage with a man of this sign will feel like under the hood and constantly resentful and scandalous, trying to break out;
  • harsh parenting can lead to conflicts with children;
  • quarrels over money and spending;
  • bad habits may take root over time, especially drinking and gluttony;
  • feelings of comfort can prevent a couple from moving forward and significantly inhibit the personal growth of the partners;
  • Jealousy and lack of a wide circle of communication can gradually displace all the friends and girlfriends, leaving the couple in isolation from the outside world.

How to find common ground in a couple: Capricorn Man and Taurus Woman

These people seem to be made of the same dough, but in order to smooth out the sharp edges, both Taurus and Capricorn need to learn to trust each other, not to be jealous and smooth out the heightened sense of ownership that can poison their lives. Usually, earth signs are afraid to give freedom, both to their own children and partners, because of which they constantly worry and quarrel, complicating the relationship. In this case, the best cure for trouble is mutual love, trust and the ability to wait, which is not always peculiar to such people.

But truly Taurus and Capricorn are brought together by common interests, values and affairs, especially related to the material side of life, so the attitude to money is worth considering for both signs. You should not choose a partner below your material level: Capricorn can strongly worry if a woman is more popular than him and earns more. In this case, he loses confidence in himself and becomes jealous and scandalous, which is not conducive to good relations in the family. Therefore, it is better for the partners to agree in advance on the degree of freedom or choose a person of similar profession, especially if you are engaged in creativity.

Compatibility of the couple in bed: Capricorn man and Taurus woman

At first glance, it seems that everything will be as it should be, but in fact it is just an illusion. Taurus and Capricorn are rather cold signs that dream about love and constancy, so it is extremely rare to have an affair on the side. And finding each other, most likely, will experience disappointment or make trouble for themselves without wishing that. Typically, these people really want to be together, they are drawn to each other like a magnet, but what to do next, if the relationship develops into something more, none of them knows.

For a woman, a relationship with a Capricorn can be a pleasant pastime and no more than that, if she is not serious. But a man may perceive them as betrayal, treachery, or that he is not attractive enough to keep a woman. That’s why, if she puts a point earlier, he may pursue her and even retaliate. There can also be complications if the partners switch places in such a situation. For example, the woman will remain in the role of the abandoned partner. In this situation, Taurus will not just stop and may begin to take revenge on the man for the betrayal and the collapse of her hopes. Therefore, it is better for such people not to become lovers in order to avoid trouble. Moreover, the relationship itself is rarely a pleasure for them.

Taurus women do not ignite immediately, she needs a temperamental and passionate partner who is well versed in female psychology and knows some secrets. Capricorn is rarely capable of this, which can lead to complications and a ruined holiday for the two, so it is better for them not to get involved with each other.

Couple Marriage Compatibility: Capricorn Man and Taurus Woman

These people can get along together if they have trust in each other and share common interests and values. Usually a man is not well versed in the intricacies of the female soul, believing that by giving the chosen one a secure life, reliability and constancy, he wins, but this is not true. Taurus is a woman in love, soulful and she will be bored only with material possessions and only if she really wants to get married, marriage with Capricorn will bring her happiness and satisfaction.

This union can be quite boring, it seems that the partners do not love each other at all and together they are only held together by obligations, household and children, but this is not always the case. If a woman agrees to such a relationship, then she simply does not see herself in any role. But if Capricorn is associated with creativity or has an excellent understanding of women and knows what they need, he becomes a not worthy man, a dream for Taurus and then their union becomes happy. Such a man reinforces his love not only with his partner’s choice, constancy, but also with frequent gifts and pleasant surprises, which Taurus is very fond of.

Compatibility of the couple in friendship: Capricorn Man and Taurus Woman

For friendship, these people complement each other perfectly, and they are truly happy and content with their lives. Usually they start to be friends in high school and college years, with time their paths diverge and come together again at a more conscious age. These people often congratulate each other on holidays, like to talk for hours about common acquaintances and communicate well together. They are content and happy if they have common interests and can quite make a common cause and work together and come to success. Therefore, their friendship not only warms the soul, but also turns out to be very useful for both partners.

Attraction can only appear if both partners do not have a family relationship, and they become the only ones who support and understand each other. In this situation, they are willing to leave their families and live together and their marriage becomes happy. Just fleeting affairs between them arise very rarely, as their temperaments are truly revealed only if both feel completely safe, that is, in family life. But more often Taurus and Capricorn do not cross the boundaries of friendship, being content with friendly relations and communication.

Compatibility of the couple in business: Capricorn Man and Taurus Woman

For joint business, cooperation and work, it is simply impossible to think of a better combination. These people are perfect for each other and can contribute to the prosperity of the common business, whatever it may be. It doesn’t matter what these people do, as long as they are both decent, responsible, and inclined to give their all.

Taurus feels great under Capricorn, and even if these people change places, it will not hurt the case. Between these people there will be immediate business relationships and they can turn into friendships or even an affair, which is also unlikely to harm the cause. The most successful cooperation will be in activities unrelated to creativity, although there are examples of a successful combination when Capricorn and Taurus achieved stability and success in creative collaboration or work with people.

If such people work together in equal positions, they will be happy with each other. Envy, intrigue will not be peculiar to them, as they put business interests first. Over time, such people will be good friends and will bail each other out in the most difficult situations and even unite against their superiors and protect and defend each other.

What the Taurus Woman needs to know about the Capricorn Man

A Capricorn man is often liked by women who dream of finding a strong, stable and reliable life partner. Outwardly, he may seem like an ideal candidate for a husband, but a relationship with him can turn into unforeseen difficulties and troubles for a Taurus. Especially if she chooses this person only because there are no other men suitable for the role of a husband in her life.

First of all, Capricorn is a jealous possessor, so the woman he chooses must obey him completely. For a strong and brave woman born under the sign of Taurus, such a life partner may be undesirable, as he will pressure her, be jealous and constantly limit her living space. In addition, Capricorn is stubborn and making him change his erroneous opinion is sometimes simply impossible.

More often this man is not given to understand the creative impulses of women and the true manifestations of femininity. He can not be seriously angry if you bought a new dress, without consulting him, or put on a frank dress at a party, or go dancing in a show group. So it is better to avoid this man, but if he also loves and understands creativity, you will be happy. So, choosing this option, it is worth to discuss all the issues and think everything through.

What the Capricorn Man needs to know about the Taurus Woman

The Taurus woman is very often beautiful, she is distinguished by sophistication and tenderness, loves beautiful things, expensive gifts and the attention of men, so it is not surprising that Capricorn will put his eyes on her. But don’t think that she will be the perfect life partner for you, even if she knows her worth, is an excellent cook and strives for the same things that you do. There are nuances in a relationship with her that Capricorn needs to know in order to understand if this is his woman or not.

Remember that a Taurus is a woman in every sense of the word, and, at times, a very expensive woman who just money and a husband are not enough. She needs to shine, dress nicely, buy expensive perfume and cosmetics, even if there is not enough money in her purse. Any restrictions she can perceive as an insult so do not restrict its initiative and creativity. She is able to for the sake of low-paid, but interesting work to break his career, but do what she is interested. Therefore, limiting her interests and forcing her to do what you want, you risk losing her.

Avoid jealousy in your relationship with her, even if there is a good reason. Taurus cannot stand monotony, so it is very difficult for her to lock herself in four walls and behave modestly. Do not try to limit her and resent the fact that from time to time she flirts with other men and draws attention to herself: otherwise you risk losing her forever. But trust, sincere feelings and gifts from the heart she appreciates very highly, so it’s better to become her friend to start with to understand what to plan next.

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