Capricorn girl how to conquer – introducing the question

How to win a Capricorn woman and keep her

Capricorn women are used not to flaunt their feelings, which makes them seem arrogant and unapproachable to others. Their closedness is in reality only a protective shell, which often puts admirers in a baffling situation. Knowing the true character of the chosen one and the zodiacal features, you can easily solve the problem of how to win a Capricorn woman, conquer her heart, avoiding fatal mistakes.

Character traits that are important to remember in order to win a Capricorn woman

Before you start active offensive actions, you need to understand the temperament of the beloved and know her character traits.

The Capricorn girl is distrustful, very cautious and conservative. She carefully thinks through each of her actions, is practical, able to objectively assess the situation and make adequate decisions. It is very difficult to drive her out of temper and make her lose control of her emotions.

The girl is used to get what she wants and knows exactly what she needs. She is determined to achieve her goals, ignoring all obstacles. Due to diligence, rationality and the right balance of power, quickly climbs the career ladder and achieves significant success.

The Capricorn woman is very friendly, but for the sake of justice can enter into an argument with the closest people. At the same time in her soul there is room for romance, however, it is expressed by serious actions and broad gestures. The young lady’s status is important.

She loves affluence, comfort and expensive things. In her home, impeccable order reigns, and there is no place for unnecessary souvenirs.

frivolous relationships are not for her: she is extremely selective and set up for serious steps with a decent man. The success and wealth of the chosen one for her are of fundamental importance, however, this is not hidden. For the family, including grandfathers, aunts and seven nephews, is ready for anything.

Capricorn woman adores attention and feels discomfort when a man is not interested in her. She needs her partner to share her interests, emotions and experiences. Potential suitors should keep in mind that she has a great intuition and is able to see through the interlocutor, so it makes no sense to deceive her.

How to win a Capricorn woman

When the beloved fully owns the mind and heart of a man, he tries with all his might to conquer her. The task is quite doable, if you know how to win a Capricorn girl, which strings of the soul should be touched. In this case, it is worthwhile to stock up on patience and set up for the daily painstaking work.

A man should remember in the first place that the Capricorn woman is a realist and soberly looks at the world. She condescends to the candy and bouquet period and even expensive gifts. Truly, she can be interested in a strong male action. In any case, you can not infringe on her personal space and freedom: she will not forgive any harassment and even the hint of jealousy.

Also, do not forget that the Capricorn girl always knows what she needs, and on the way to the goal there are no barriers for her.

She is in dire need of stability, which should be in all areas of life: in love, at work, in the family, in finances. Her partner should also be distinguished by reliability and constancy, and if he cannot be relied upon, he will not be able to make a couple. In no case can you rush things, because before opening up to a man, a girl should be two hundred percent sure of him.

A strong, calm, tactful, confident man with good manners will be able to win a Capricorn woman. He must earn and be able to provide the family with a high standard of living. This can be a successful businessman or an office worker, vigorously climbing the career ladder and having certain goals.

The Capricorn girl does not like sentimental and sensitive men. She likes intellectual conversations, she needs an equal interlocutor, able to easily maintain a conversation on any topic. In addition to the ability to talk, the lady has a rare gift of listening, and after listening, to give objective and valuable advice.

Capricorn appreciates when a partner shows attention to her affairs, is interested in her well-being, experiences her emotions. This is more important to her than banal compliments on her appearance.

When trying to win Capricorn’s heart, a man should present himself beautifully while remaining himself. These girls are great sense of falsity, so quickly discern even the best acting.

If, in spite of the upcoming difficulties, a man decides to seek the approval of the Capricorn woman, and get it, he will receive an ideal partner, which is a good mother, an excellent wife, a great hostess and a devoted friend.

How to Hold and Never Lose

After capturing the heart of his beloved, a man should think about preserving the relationship with her. It is worth considering that if he is not in the mood to create a family, burden himself with children and move forward, the Capricorn girl will not stay with him for long. Family values are very important and dear to her. At the same time, pressuring her is categorically not recommended: she does not tolerate any restrictions and wants to spend her time as she pleases.

The Capricorn woman wants to be confident in the future, so the man next to her should support, protect and give the necessary guarantees.

She will never openly put forward her demands, due to which you will have to understand her desires on your own.

The Capricorn girl will by no means leave a man if she receives from him sincere love and care, support and help in all endeavors. She will be very happy if the lover will be interested in her work, hobbies and life in general, will reciprocate him, appreciating all his efforts on merit.

The character of the Capricorn girl

Representatives of this zodiac sign are reserved and rational. One of their best qualities are practicality and common sense. They are not at all temperamental and not emotional, which is why they remain calm in all situations and are able to make adequate decisions. Capricorns are extremely patient in everything, but do not allow others to sit on their heads. Due to their equanimity, determination and inordinate capacity for work, they achieve high positions and success in business by their work.

Capricorn women are true realists and are happy to make their fantasies come true. They are very private and have few friends. For those who managed to win their favor, they become the most faithful companions. Girls are not conflictual and try to avoid people who provoke scandals.

They appreciate good manners and present themselves perfectly in society. Rude behavior of others is not acceptable in Capricorn’s mind.

Capricorns prefer to plan their lives in advance, and if someone makes adjustments to this scenario, they are instantly stopped. They depend on the opinion of others and try to gain universal recognition and social status, succeeding everywhere and in everything. Capricorn women excel at household chores and creating coziness, they can simultaneously build a career and raise children.

How to win an unapproachable Capricorn woman: the love characteristic of this sign

Capricorn woman is unapproachable as a rock. She spends a lot of time to stand firmly on her feet and become independent. And sometimes the lady forgets about the main female purpose – to love and be loved. What kind of man does a Capricorn woman really need? About this and many other things we will tell in maximum detail.

Capricorn woman: passionate fury or snow queen?

Every day of this girl is a path to self-improvement and development. She never hopes for luck and makes efforts to achieve any goal set. Capricorn woman in love shows itself uncommonly. Consider her pros and cons in matters of the heart.

Positive qualities in love

The Capricorn girl in love seeks to be on top, because she is always afraid of judgment. From an early age, this lady wants to be popular and become her own among strangers in any company. Such features of the character impose an imprint on her behavior with men. Wishing to please her partner and become the ideal woman for him, she displays such positive qualities:

  1. Practicality. Representative of this sign of the zodiac by nature is economical and does not like unnecessary spending. Therefore, waste in the form of flowers and huge teddy bears, she not only does not appreciate, but also condemns. Many men will be delighted by this state of affairs. How to be sure to please a Capricorn woman? Buy her a gift card to the supermarket or something else practical. She will appreciate such a gift.
  2. Commitment. If a Capricorn woman has set herself a goal, she will definitely achieve it. This quality will greatly help in life the men in a pair with the representative of the sign, if they are not able to adjust themselves to the workplace. The determination of such a lady is enough for two. Hardworking Capricorns often become real careerists, and many of them occupy senior positions, despite belonging to the weaker sex.
  3. Realism. If you sometimes have to be brought down from heaven to earth, a Capricorn woman is then the perfect match in a long-term relationship. Her character does not allow you to hover in the clouds, neither herself, nor her partner. This quality often helps to take a sober look at a difficult situation and choose the only correct way. Representatives of this sign – a true companion in life and love.
  4. Loyalty. A Capricorn woman will not allow herself to be replaced by several men at the same time. She takes a thorough approach to the choice of a partner, and impulses of feelings are not typical for her. This girl will not accept treason and will be faithful to her man.

Such qualities of character distinguish the Capricorn woman from the positive side. Yes, she is reserved and quite reserved, which makes her a mystery to many fans. But her virtues are amazing and make you respect this girl in any circumstances.

Negative qualities in love

Men usually find it difficult to get along with a Capricorn woman and do not know how to seduce her. Cold and unapproachable lady breaks hearts and sometimes repulses by her behavior. She seems to be a robot who knows no joy or sorrow. What disadvantages appear especially vividly in a relationship and love with a Capricorn woman:

  1. Restraint. Many guys want displays of love: sudden hugs, kisses, confessions. You will not wait for all this in a relationship with a Capricorn girl. These ladies have a subconscious block on emotions: do not show your weakness and you will be invincible. Only few of them can shake them up.
  2. Taciturnity. Although Capricorn women are intelligent, but talk about life is not their specialty. They withdraw into themselves and reflect, instead of paying attention to a man. Lust for solitude and wide personal boundaries prevent a girl of this sign from getting closer to the opposite sex.
  3. Conservatism. She would be born in the XIX century and spend her time at balls and reading classical literature. Institute noble maidens cry for a Capricorn woman, and like her oh how not easy. Sex only after marriage, a kiss on the tenth date – all this about her. For many men, such a challenge becomes unbearable.
  4. Careerism. The position in society and a comfortable life, she puts above feelings. Her practicality and realism often reject soulful appeals. She certainly does not want paradise in a shack, so she will try her best to build a career and look for a wealthy life partner. Below the level – please do not disturb.

Looking for an answer to the question of how to win a Capricorn woman, think about whether you can stand her difficult character. She is not easy going and can repel with her coldness. A cheerful and carefree life with her will definitely not come out.

Capricorn woman in intimacy

This lady always looks with a needle. She does not like to stand out in the crowd, but if you look closely, you can see her carefully assembled outfit, perfect makeup and hairstyle. Her elegant appearance attracts many men, but what is hidden under the beautiful wrapping of the representatives of this sign?

The Capricorn woman enters into intimate relationships after countless checks. She cuts off all those who want to offer her only an easy affair. For her, sex is the serious stage of the affair, which happens if not after marriage, then after several months of meetings for sure.

Rather conservative views affect the intimate life of this girl in general. The Capricorn woman is also cold in bed and not ready for experiments. She does not allow sex in the light and does not allow even the thought of giving pleasure to a man in a non-traditional way. Either a conservative ascetic like her or a much older man would suit her as a husband. Young hot guys are unlikely to warm her up on cold nights.

It’s not easy for a Capricorn woman to decide to get intimate with a man, so it’s important to gently push her to do so. Has enough time passed since your first meeting? Then start telling her more frank compliments and hinting at how passionately you want to be closer. Girls of this sign will never show the initiative first.

Shake it can only strong feelings, but magical orgies you will not wait. The way to orgasms of this lady is thorny. How to conquer a cold Capricorn woman and achieve mutual understanding in bed? Be careful and consistent, do not pressurize her and systematically offer not too vulgar experiments. Water grinds stone, and sooner or later you will be able to make a passionate lover out of her.

How do you conquer this fortress girl?

Many men give up trying to fall in love with a Capricorn woman and run away because they see their goal as absolutely unattainable. Is it true that the representatives of this zodiac sign are so impregnable? Of course, you can not call them easy prey, but it is quite possible to approach them. How to win a Capricorn girl:

  1. Strive for more than you have. A woman of this zodiac sign can work almost around the clock to achieve their goals. She definitely doesn’t need a lazy man. Even if you are not in the Forbes ten, but the desire to find prosperity in life is an important quality both for you and for your future soulmate. Show the Capricorn girl how you want her to like you with the help of your success in any field: work, school, sports achievements.
  2. Discard unnecessary emotions. Jealousy, scandals, tantrums – these are the problems that representatives of this zodiac sign avoid. It is important for them to feel at ease with a man. Show emotions, but in moderation, if you do not want to get on the Capricorn woman’s black list. Even excessive joy will be an irritant to this iron lady. In order not to scare her off, don’t act like the town madman. Many hours of rejoicing over the beautiful weather or tears of tenderness at the sight of a cute puppy will be a fatal mistake if you want this girl to like you.
  3. Courtship delicately. Pressure during the courtship in the case of the representatives of this sign of the zodiac should be excluded. She does not like it when a man literally chases her, swamping her with calls and SMS. Pay attention without zealously invading her personal space. Be consistent and prepare for a long and tedious journey.
  4. Show a serious attitude. If a Capricorn girl senses that the man is only looking for an easy relationship, she won’t hesitate to sever all ties with him. Are you ready to get married to this girl? Then show her your serious intentions. Otherwise, look for another prey, because it is almost impossible to regain the trust of a Capricorn woman. She intuitively senses falsity and does not tolerate lies.

Usually a Capricorn woman does not clearly show sympathy, so how can you tell if she is in love? If a girl communicates with you and agrees to meet you, then be sure that she cares about you. Over time, she will open up to you and show her reserved, but sincere feelings.

Compatibility in love with other zodiac signs

All of us are born under a certain star, and the influence of celestial bodies on our future fate is impossible to deny. With whom will a Capricorn woman find mutual understanding in love, and with whom it is better never to meet? Suitable candidates for a husband for this lady:

  1. Gemini. She will find common ground with these guys, despite their seeming behavioral differences. Both are career-minded and like comfort. Measured sex will suit both, as will some emotional aloofness.
  2. Scorpio. Ambitious signs. If the difficult period of adjustment does not lead to discord, the relationship has a chance to become truly strong. They surprisingly rarely quarrel and can even set up their own business.
  3. Taurus. How to fall in love with an unapproachable Capricorn girl? Be a Taurus! This couple is almost perfect in terms of compatibility. They are both reliable, seek comfort and do not violate each other’s personal boundaries.
  4. Virgo. Family life in this couple should work out well. As a rule, they are both successful financially. They complement each other well in sex. Virgo and Capricorn have almost identical dreams of a family idyll.
  5. Capricorn. Such an alliance is doomed to a peaceful existence. They understand each other at a glance. How to quickly win a Capricorn woman? Look at the world through her eyes, which a man of the same zodiac sign with her will turn out the best.
  6. Pisces. A homebody and a quiet man will appreciate the reticence of this girl. Relationships are not ideal, but these signs will resolve any disagreements between themselves. Even in sex, they provoke each other to innovations, as they do not demand anything and do not try to suppress.
  7. Leo. Not a bad union with prospects. Leo is so stable and strong that the unapproachable girl is able to finally give in to him. Quarrels can arise on the basis of the lack of pleasant emotions in the man.

These are the most successful parties for a Capricorn girl. If she will meet with other zodiac signs, it is unlikely that something good will come out of such a tandem. Nothing good awaits our snow queen with men of the following constellations:

  1. Aries. The only thing that will unite them is mutual benefit. Different habits, outlook on life and temperament – all this will make the relationship between these signs unbearable. The tandem of these people will cause a barrage of misunderstanding, jealousy and resentment in both.
  2. Cancer. They will stubbornly stand their ground in a relationship without ever coming to a compromise. Both strive to take the leading position and never give in. Disputes drag on and do not bring results.
  3. Libra. They have a hard time adjusting to each other’s demands. The girl will not put up with many shortcomings of Libra, and the man in turn will not forgive regular rebukes about idleness.
  4. Sagittarius. The man goes straight ahead in any situation, and the woman is much more cautious. They will find it difficult to get along because of their different outlooks on life. Sooner or later, the relationship will come to naught.
  5. Aquarius. Cardinal differences in views can repel them from each other from the first minutes of communication, not to mention the relationship. The Aquarius man has too free-spirited disposition, he loves society and parties. And a woman has completely opposite views.

How can you win a Capricorn girl if you are not suitable for her zodiac sign? Try not to take to heart the recommendations of astrologers, because in life there are so many amazing accidents and exceptions to the rules! Be sincere and moderately persistent, and then the stone heart of this lady will tremble.

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