Capricorn bull woman: explain in general terms

Characteristics of Capricorn men and women in the year of the Bull

Thanks to his Bull in the horoscope, such a Capricorn, regardless of gender identity, is a person firm and resolute , possessing a clear self-sufficiency. The advantage of this combination of horoscopes is that such people are hardworking and build a career without spending much effort. Experiencing difficulties, they don’t whine, their outlook on life and problems is positive – that is what helps Capricorn-Beast to prioritize work and build a personal life.

Finances for the Capricorn-Bull are an opportunity to achieve their goals and nothing more. Since they can work almost around the clock, they always have money. Knowing how to spend it properly, people of this combination do not make frivolous purchases and are not susceptible to gambling.

Not too sociable Capricorn the Bull usually build a strong family: it serves as a stable base for building the future.

Despite the possibility and even the desire to make decisions independently, both the man and the woman of this combination are able to listen to the opinions and advice of their partner. They cannot be called sensitive, but they will be grateful to their loved ones for support – love, affection and reliability of the Capricorn-Bull are worth a lot.

Capricorn-Bull usually builds a strong family

Characteristics of Capricorn-Bull men

A leader – and that says a lot. Capricorn guy in the year of the Bull is not just stubborn: natural persistence, strong character and the desire to achieve goals make him literally work around the clock since school. As he grows up in his head gradually forms a clear picture of the world and his place in it. Logic, intuition and, over time, life experience helps him find simple solutions to even the most difficult problems. The peculiarity of such a man is a comprehensive analysis of the situation until it is resolved.

Among his colleagues and acquaintances Capricorn the Bull is positioned as an ambitious loner – he does not wait for help from outside and counts only on himself and his own strength. Enduring and self-confident, direct and frank man of this sign does not build behind-the-scenes intrigues and does not participate in adventures, in case of a conflict situation he speaks up, preferring an open fight: “a bad peace is better than a good quarrel” is not his motto.

Straightforwardness and a certain dryness in communication makes a Capricorn-Byck not talkative, but a sensible person. Due to the practical lack of sentimentality it is not always easy to find a partner: romance, beautiful words, a stormy display of feelings – all this is not for him. In women he is looking for in the first place a friend and companion, rather than an object of sexual gratification.

Long choosing “his” woman, the Capricorn-Bull man creates a strong and truly indestructible family: this sign of the horoscope can lead to a divorce only very serious circumstances

Flaws of the sign

For all the strength of character in the representatives of this sign weakness is – it’s all the same stubbornness and lack of faith in luck, which does not give to see and take advantage of good luck, and he no one occasionally happens in life. They do not always listen to sensible ideas from the outside, preferring to get to everything himself. Capable of long resentment even in minor situations: sometimes such unnecessary stress in their lives they exert themselves.

Capricorn Bulls take a long time to be offended over nothing.

Characteristics of Capricorn-Bovine women

The seriousness of a woman of this combination is fully compensated by her fine upbringing and special refinement. A Capricorn girl born in the year of the Bull becomes more attractive to those around her with age. It would be foolish not to derive some benefit from this: knowing her goals, as ambitious and striving for reliability and stability as a man of this sign, a Capricorn-Bull woman builds a successful career and does not experience material need.

Monetary well-being is important to her – it is the freedom of life, and in combination with natural tenacity it gives excellent results. The character of such a woman is not easy to accept, but, nevertheless, she will choose only a strong, strong man as a husband – they will support each other in difficult life situations, providing the whole family with a comfortable and carefree life. Capricorn woman ox with a caring and reliable husband will be an excellent hostess , bestowing him with tenderness, happily creating a family nest of comfort.

A Capricorn the Bull goat woman will be a great hostess with a caring husband

Flaws of the sign

Alas, and these women have a minus – they are incredibly stubborn . Sometimes they are not able to listen even to weighty arguments, as they are called, “with a foam at the mouth” to defend their opinion. For this reason, the soft shy man next to her not a place – the pressure can only withstand a strong person with the gift of putting his beloved gently in place or just do not pay attention to her stubbornness.

Another weak point in her horoscope: amazing capacity for work can play a bad joke with her personal life. While the Capricorn-Bull woman goes to her career summit with enviable stubbornness, there are fewer and fewer chances for a happy personal life.

The task of such women throughout almost their whole life is to find a compromise between career and love

Capricorn love compatibility in the year of the Bull

Sociability and curiosity – not in the character of the Capricorn-Bull, which is why they are not frequent guests at parties and clubs, which is why it is not always easy to find their soulmate. Common interests? Alas, Capricorn the Bull is not prone to idle chitchat and collecting stamps or coins. His passion is a career, his desires are reliability and stability. When choosing a partner for life together, such a person will listen not to the call of the heart, but to the arguments of reason: you will see below that compatibility in love for this sign has not many options.

When choosing a partner for life together Capricorn the Bull will listen to the arguments of reason

So who is right for them? In the recommended years of the eastern horoscope it is worth looking at representatives of the zodiac signs of Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio – relationships may not always be easy, but they have every chance. For Capricorn-Bull women, a relationship with an Aquarius man of the year is possible. But the psychology of the relationship is such that for men of the Capricorn-Bug combination, the Aquarius partner will not fit at all: her fantasies and thirst for freedom, sometimes excessively active lifestyle do not fit in the iron concrete foundation of a strong forever family.

Maximum Compatibility Intermediate compatibility Minimum compatibility
According to the oriental calendar Cock, Dog, Goat, Snake, Rabbit Monkey, Horse, Dragon, Tiger, Bull Pig, Rat
Western calendar Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio Capricorn, Libra, Aries, Cancer, Pisces Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo, Gemini

Full characteristics of a Capricorn child born in the year of the Bull

The double stubbornness of the Capricorn-Bull (one pair of horns from each sign) will make itself felt literally from the womb. Called “rattlesnake mixture” combination will give this baby an unprecedented stubbornness, which can be coped with only reasonableness and impenetrable arguments.

Capricorn Boy in the Year of the Bull, because of his future straightforward male character is not sensible for his age and often makes friends older. In a conversation with such a child, an adult is able to feel the depth of thought, logic, purposefulness. The ambitiousness of the little Capricorn-Bull manifests itself literally in everything – enthusiastic about anything, he will in any case insist on attending only his chosen (and not the parents!) clubs and sections. However, more often children of this combination are not too keen on active games and fun activities in the yard – empty, in their opinion, spending time they would rather replace with books and educational computer programs.

A Capricorn child in the Year of the Bull will prefer books to active games

Due to its natural femininity the girl of this combination of horoscopes has a softer, but no less stubborn nature – about such people say: “No turning back! In the nursery, she will always be in order from first to last grade, it’s nothing to learn from the same A’s: it’s all a practical mind, iron self-discipline, logical thinking and excellent memory.

Despite the rather adult difficult character, such children greedily absorb family traditions: it is important during childhood and adolescence to surround them with warmth, affection and love – to some extent, this will soften the corners of iron character and lay in still young Capricorn Bulls need to become a support for elderly parents in the future.

Capricorn Woman Born in the Year of the Bull

Coldness, calculating and rationality are the main traits of your character. You do not succumb to emotions and extremely rarely fall into dependence on other people. Almost never act on impulse, it is very important to you to feel stability and consistency.

You strive for loyalty, integrity and honesty, you do not like to be impulsive, but it is dangerous to cross your path – you will never make concessions to anyone if you have set your goal.

Capricorn-Bovine woman in love

Even when you fall in love, it’s extremely rare to give yourself over to the feeling entirely. Love interferes with thinking and acting reasonably, so you avoid it in every possible way. Especially if you know that the partner has no intention to marry and that the relationship has no prospects. But in some cases, you play along with your weakness, although you won’t let it hurt you.

Capricorn-Bovine woman in marriage

You evaluate any man as a potential husband, so you choose your spouse very carefully. Marry not for love, but on calculation, but it does not spoil your relationship in any way, so over time there is not only love but also passion in your relationship. Strive for a permanent and honest relationship, it is important for you that your partner is a reliable and decent person.

Capricorn-Beast woman in bed

A non-serious relationship is full of passion, but you rarely fall in love and go beyond flirting. You try to feel out your partner and show passion, but you’re unlikely to fall in love and get jealous if you don’t feel it back. Your relationship often lacks romance and soulfulness.

The Capricorn-Beast woman in her career

For you, career means stability, money and power. You know many ways to achieve your goal, so it is easy to swim against the current, even if people and circumstances are against you. Reach your goals thanks to courage, hard work and the ability to wait.

Capricorn woman in the year of the wood bull (1925, 1985, 2045)

High capacity for work, fearlessness and diligence help you reach heights, even if you don’t have rich patrons. You are slowly but surely heading towards your goal, gradually reaching the pinnacle of professional excellence. In people you value decency and consistency, a happy family life and home comfort plays a big role for you.

Capricorn woman in the year of the fire bull (1937, 1997, 2057)

You seem to many calm and reasonable, but as long as your interests are not infringed by anyone and nothing. Ready for any risky actions in order to defend what is dear, whether it’s career or family. In family life, jealous, in love you are characterized by passion and incredible sensuality.

Capricorn woman in the year of the earth bull (1949, 2009, 2069)

A character strength is stubbornness, which in some cases easily turns into stubbornness. You don’t like change, strive for an active and vibrant pastime, but have a hard time changing your habits and outlook on life. In family life you are jealous, do not forgive shortcomings and can behave unpredictably.

Capricorn woman in the year of the metal bull (1901, 1961, 2021)

The most striking character trait is stubbornness and toughness to the point of cruelty. You can show softness in communication and benevolence as long as no one infringes on your interests. But if someone wants to cross your path, immediately showed your character as a career and family life. You are jealous, irascible and try to protect your loved ones in any situation.

Capricorn woman in the year of the water bull (1913, 1973, 2033)

You peculiar calm, thoroughness, you can not tolerate innovations and try to take them only if they can not do without it. Fall in love rarely, but it is dreamy, you surround yourself with beautiful things and comfort in the home. Do not like family quarrels and try to avoid any changes, extremely jealous.

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