Capricorn and Capricorn man compatibility: parsing in general terms

Capricorn woman and Capricorn man zodiac sign compatibility – 82%

Capricorns are intelligent, goal-oriented and practical, they have developed intuition. Behind the external coldness and confidence – a lot of facets of feelings that will not open to everyone.

Capricorn Men are sensible, rational, successful in love and career, but they are often hampered by intemperance and lack of compromise. Insistent and selfless, seeing the goal, ready to achieve it at any cost.

Capricorn woman is charming and independent. Reaches the heights in every sphere, trying to be the best and she succeeds.

What should expect from the union of two Capricorns? This is unknown even to Capricorns themselves. Representatives of this sign know how to surprise. Emotionally, the relationship will not be easy, according to astrologers, but they always look in the same direction. Except in rare cases, and then the Capricorn’s trademark stubbornness will make itself felt.

How a Capricorn woman can win a Capricorn man

B-r-r, what a vulgarity! – Indignant whispers Capricorn guy, seeing off the brightly colored beauty in leopard-skin tights. And why so wiggle her hips and lick her lips invitingly? No, Capricorn will never fall for the charms of vulgar coquettes. The Saturn’s ward will be attracted to a charismatic but elegant lady. Capricorn will fall in love with an emotional but poised lady. Intelligence, upbringing, external and internal beauty – if a woman has this set of qualities, she has every chance to charm Capricorn. Does such a girl really exist? Of course, it is not necessary to go far – a worthy candidate is very near. And this is a Capricorn woman.

It should be noted that at first the communication between the zodiac counterparts may not klep at all – both by nature cautious and reasonable, they are not particularly eager to show others their true face and, especially, their hearts. But once the spark of mutual sympathy has passed, the flame will begin to flare up with breakneck speed.

Intelligence, honesty and integrity are important to Capricorn men – so the wise and judicious Capricorn woman has all the chances.

To win the favor of a Capricorn man, a woman born under this sign should forget about her demanding and categorical nature. If infatuation is really sincere, it will not be difficult. All you need to do is to surround your chosen one with care and warmth, to become softer, gentler and more sincere, and be sure that he will not be able to resist for a long time.

How a Capricorn man can win a Capricorn woman

To conquer a Capricorn woman, it is enough for him to be successful, charming and purposeful. Empty dreamers, braggarts and losers will not interest this strong and spectacular girl. Capricorn men begin to think about their financial situation early, but they need time for stable development, so the relationship between two Capricorns is more successful at a more mature age.

Capricorn girls want strong actions, but with time they begin to appreciate the constancy and loyalty of their partner more. Capricorn men have something to offer – they are interesting, they will always be supportive, they will not make empty promises. His strength is enough to protect and give confidence, and his erudition will be the basis of pleasant communication.

For a Capricorn woman the first impression is important, she seems cold and unapproachable, but in fact she waits for “the very” man, dreams of a beautiful wedding, a cozy home. She has many worthy suitors, but she is in no hurry to let them close. She needs to surprise, to win, but not with gifts, but with attention and displays of sincere feelings.

Advantages of the union of two Capricorns

Two Capricorns have all chances to create a lifelong union – the main thing is to consider in each other a reliable and strong partner. If they’re together, there’s a lot of beauty in their relationship:

  • Loyalty is the norm for Capricorns. Even without being in a relationship, they will not rush from one partner to another and agree to overnight meetings. It is humiliating for them to go against their principles and indulge their momentary desires.
  • Shared values. For Capricorns, generally accepted norms are binding. Waiting for a guy from the army, even if they split up, maintaining a relationship for the sake of children, despite the fact that feelings have faded – all this is in the spirit of Capricorns. These principles don’t always go for the greater good, but they help keep the relationship alive.
  • Support for personal, career growth. Capricorns are in constant motion and respect those who strive to develop. Degradation of the beloved as a specialist in some field, his moral concessions and compromises with the conscience for Capricorn are repugnant. Two Capricorns always motivate each other and do not give in to depression and backsliding.
  • Material prosperity in a Capricorn family is inevitable – they are both hard-working and also persistent in achieving goals. They spend their youth building a material base, which they can use in adulthood for spiritual development – travel, visits to theaters.

Disadvantages of the Capricorn union

Capricorns have determination, confidence, decency, but individual qualities can destroy even the strongest union:

  • Demanding of loved ones. Exaggerated expectations, intolerance of other people’s shortcomings – at the same time, Capricorn himself may not follow all the rules that he has established for those around him. For the man it is important to have a cozy and orderly home, but he can devote all his time only to work. A woman can be cold and uninitiative, but wonder why the Capricorn man does not blaze with passion and admire her.
  • Struggle for leadership. Capricorn women are used to solving all problems on their own and will try to dominate. Capricorn men won’t turn out to be a whipping boy, the partner will either realize it and submit, otherwise the relationship will spoil. If feelings are strong, both Capricorns will quickly realize that it is more profitable for them to be friends, as conflicts take too much effort, sometimes and money.
  • Stubbornness and persistence are good, but if it has become clear that they lead nowhere and the goal is not worth the means, you need to be able to stop. Proper priorities, family values will be an incentive in a situation where you need to stop asserting your position, pressure on your partner and trying to control them, or worse – manipulate.
  • Low emotionality. At the beginning of a relationship, emotions are bubbling and overwhelming – depression is replaced by excitement and indifference by passion. Gradually, feelings level off, and the relationship between the two Capricorns becomes “fresh.” It is important that someone takes the initiative, shows attention and tenderness, and does not close in himself in difficult periods.

Intimate life

In intimate life Capricorn woman is more of a leader – she will support her partner’s desires and reasonable experiments, but she is unlikely to initiate innovations herself. Capricorn man is also cautious in love; if he is inspired by his partner, he will find something to surprise her, but if there is no initiative and provocation from your beloved, intimacy will become routine and interest will fade away.

Capricorns like power, this is a plus of the pair of two Capricorns – the woman likes the superiority of her partner, his domination, and the Capricorn man adores the role of a strong, with notes of aggression, male. It excites and unites both.

Young Capricorns are unrestrained in intimate life with their lovers, but gradually they switch more to work and put all their energy into their career. It makes no sense to nag and demand attention from your partner – he will become even more “stubborn” and close in himself. He needs to inspire, surprise surprise, provoke tenderness – to show their interest not in the physical plane, but in the spiritual.

What kind of parents they will be.

Capricorns are reserved in showing emotions and feelings. Tenderness and love for their children are shown with caution – the older Capricorns become, the harder it is to give free rein to their feelings. They protect, teach and provide for their child. Set high standards for children, but put a lot of effort to help them succeed.

Capricorn mothers – strict and demanding. They pamper children, but in their own way, not delving into the dreams and plans of the child. Practicality is important to them – she will not buy an overpriced fancy doll, considering her daughter’s dreams as a whim. But if the child chooses a direction for realization – dancing, sports, music, she will find the money to pay for a musical instrument, lessons and trips to competitions, even if she has to find another job or another source of income.

Capricorn daddy needs to be taught to love children. He is a moralist and the head of the family, and the fact that a three-year-old child does not listen makes him resentful. It is the spouse who must build the relationship between the father and the baby from an early age, teach him to perceive children not as a continuation of the working day, but as a way to rest and relax. Capricorn’s heart is easily melted by tenderness, so it is easier for daughters to communicate with strict fathers. Of all the aspects of parenting, he is most concerned about the physical health and development of children.

What kind of children they will have

Capricorns have a strong energy – even one can suppress with his authority. Two parents are a whole set of rules. Capricorn children have two types of reactions to constant pressure and nurturing. One type of child learns flexibility and forms his own arrow. He will always listen to his parents, but will choose his own path and try to start living independently and independently as soon as possible.

Capricorns have a strong energy – even one can overwhelm with his authority. Two parents are a whole set of rules

In the second case, Capricorns will be able to raise a proper, obedient citizen of society with high moral values. But insecurity will interfere with the development of abilities, the realization of ambitions. Capricorn children get used to the fact that there is always someone stronger from childhood – it helps to be realistic, but prevents them from doing the difficult things.

If two Capricorns have a Capricorn child, there will be an idyll in the family. But if the offspring was born under the sign of Sagittarius and Aquarius, parents will suffer hardships in adolescence.

Is a Capricorn woman prone to cheating

The Capricorn woman is sensual and demands constant attention. She may not show that she is lonely in the relationship and lacks warmth from her constantly busy Capricorn spouse, but the union will be negatively affected. One of the drawbacks of the two Capricorns’ union is the lack of emotional attention to each other.

At the initial stage, Capricorns please their partner with a whole range of emotions and an active intimate life, but gradually their careers come to the fore. At this point, a Capricorn woman may be interested in a more windy and volatile, but able to give tenderness and attention, man. If Capricorns cheat, they suffer greatly from their actions.

Cheating on a Capricorn woman is rare, as long as she loves, she will be faithful. Sometimes fidelity can be unreasonable, but for them it is a tribute to past love and not faded feelings.

Is the Capricorn man prone to cheating

Capricorn men are ambitious and intelligent. They seem to be decent and faithful and any suspicion of cheating will cause them resentment. Often Capricorns do honor the family and remain faithful, even if there are problems in the relationship. It happens that the other half does not even guess that the Capricorn man has a mistress or even a second family – so high is the Capricorn’s art of disguising true mental motives. But long led by the nose Capricorn woman will not succeed because of her strongly developed intuition.

In the relationship of two representatives of the stubborn zodiac the cause is often a lack of positive emotions from each other, both are too stable, and the man has a desire to find one that will be able to ignite life in him, for which he will forget about work and commit rash actions.

What to be afraid of in a relationship

Capricorns do not like flattery, but they need admiration, they despise feelings, but give themselves to them without looking back. There may be love or respect in a relationship between two Capricorns, but the fears are always the same:

  • Financial insolvency. A minus balance on a credit card, a mortgage, a lack of cash in the wallet all depress a Capricorn. They fear that they won’t be able to provide for themselves and their family with everything they need, and this fear makes them work all the time.
  • Monotony. Capricorns love stability, but the constant monotony in a pair of two Capricorns begins to drag them down – periodically they need a shake-up.
  • Undermining of authority. Call a Capricorn man an unpleasant word in front of the children or show disdain – this is a reason for a protracted conflict for several days, or even weeks.

Things to work on

Capricorns are characterized by honesty, diligence, patience, but also qualities that can destroy love, especially when it comes to two Capricorns. They have a lot to work on:

  • Generosity for Capricorns is inadmissible, but after all, their Capricorn partner loves luxury items, modern novelties of technology, so it is important that thriftiness does not become avarice. It is necessary to please yourself and your other half with desirable gifts.
  • The ability to stop in time – whether it is a bold business plan, the profitability of which will be questioned, or a fierce assertion of his position if the relationship is threatened.
  • Leniency for other people’s weaknesses. It’s hard to be perfect, to constantly discipline yourself – but that’s Capricorn’s choice, the rest of us don’t have to lead the same lifestyle.

How a Capricorn man behaves during a breakup

Capricorns are impressionable and love drama, suffering, and big words. Yesterday he throws caustic words, and the next day he showered affectionate epithets. Each time they leave and break up “for good”, but soon rush into an old relationship with renewed vigor. Parting go through hard, but do not allow themselves to advertise their feelings – try to communicate more with other people, immersed in hobbies, hobbies.

They repel the tears and declarations of love at parting – they see the weakness and relish the superiority. If a woman behaves with dignity and demonstrates that the world has not come to a head with Capricorn, it makes him want to win and conquer what seemed to already belong to him. Capricorn Women know how to hide their feelings and not to stoop to hysterics – this is what attracts Capricorn Men and does not let them break up after another breakup.

How Capricorn Women Behave in Breakups

Capricorns only show their pain to those closest to them. The rest of us see them cheerful, full of energy, flirting, not guessing about the inner feelings of Capricorn women after a breakup.

If a Capricorn woman is in love, she may not recognize the fact that she was dumped for a long time. She remains faithful to the man and waits for his return, without taking the initiative. This does not prevent her from dating, communicating with other men, but she will keep them at a distance.

If Capricorn is in love, she may not recognize the fact that she has been dumped for a long time. She remains faithful to the man and waits for his return, without taking the initiative.

She seldom initiates a breakup – if there are no feelings, she simply won’t start a relationship. In case of disappointment due to coldness and lack of attention of a Capricorn man she will try to provoke him to break up, if the marriage is not official and there are no children she will simply stop communicating.

Is friendship possible between a Capricorn man and a Capricorn woman

Capricorns know how to be friends – they value relationships and try to maintain them, even if the person has moved to another city. It is not easy for a Capricorn man and woman to become friends at a young age – both are too categorical and shun friendship with the opposite sex.

At a mature age, a man and a woman can be great friends – they see in each other support and guarantee help. Often the friendship is the result of one Capricorn helping the other. They are ready to help out a stranger who is in trouble and they themselves appreciate if they are helped.

Work compatibility

Two Capricorns get along better where their roles are clearly delineated. At one stage they try to prove their superiority, but being in subordination tactful in criticism.

Capricorn Colleagues

Rivalry between two Capricorn colleagues is inevitable, but the interaction between a man and a woman of this sign is a little softer – they understand and accept caustic jokes of each other, appreciate patience and hard work. They are often introverts and will be happy if they are not pestered with questions during the work process.

Capricorn Executives

Capricorn executives are demanding of themselves and their partners. The male executive will be pleasantly surprised by the punctuality and rationality of the female partner of his zodiac sign. The categorical nature of both can interfere with making deals, but they are better off solving issues in private – third parties will distract and irritate Capricorns.

Capricorn subordinate and Capricorn superior

A Capricorn female leader is demanding, so a Capricorn man in her charge will be a comfort and assurance to her that the work will be done at all costs. The male Capricorn leader appreciates women of his sign for their professionalism and responsibility.

Capricorn and Capricorn compatibility in a relationship

Capricorn compatibility in a relationship can not be called favorable. This is an immature union with many pitfalls. To build love, to become a happy and harmonious couple, both will have to try hard. Let’s analyze their relationship in more detail.

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Love Compatibility

Both signs are subject to the element of earth. Partners are similar to each other, but do not immediately realize it. They look at the chosen one as if in a mirror, which reflects not only their strengths but also their weaknesses. This is the cause of many problems in their relationships.

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What is characteristic of this zodiac couple:

  1. They will be constantly competing with each other. This is a union of two leaders, in which neither one will want to give up the leading role. The constant struggle for power leads to multiple conflicts, quarrels and disagreements.
  2. But everything can work out well, if they will give their militancy to achieving goals and realization in life. Then they can show only their best traits in a relationship.
  3. It is important for them to stop competing with each other and understand that the partner is also a whole person with its desires, views, beliefs and values. Then they will be able to inspire the chosen one for even greater achievements, while engaged in their own development.
  4. Their relationship is rarely the proverbial love at first sight. Usually they are long friendship, communication and looking at each other. Then, at one point, they begin to think they can’t find a better partner and decide to build a relationship.
  5. They respect the strength and determination of the partner, because they themselves are endowed with these qualities. But during quarrels, it is difficult for everyone to make the first step towards reconciliation. Therefore, every conflict threatens to remain unresolved and provoke separation.
  6. They are conservative, do not like changes, personality withdrawn. Afraid that they will be rejected, because then their pride will suffer. For this reason, the relationship can not even begin, because everyone is afraid to make the first step forward.
  7. Only if they have strong feelings do they start a relationship. Even small attempts are appreciated and lead to feelings.
  8. Relationships can also begin at a time when Capricorns are engaged in some common cause. Creativity, work or business. It doesn’t matter. The main thing is that there are common goals that they will work toward by making joint efforts. Cooperation between them is usually effective, which can not be said about the relationship.
  9. It is difficult to predict how their relationship will develop. It all depends on the passion and goals, on how long term they will be. Most likely, after success, there will be nothing left between them, and the relationship will reach its logical conclusion.

Fear of losing their partner is the only thing that can keep their union afloat. Therefore, in a couple at least one must fall in love sincerely. If they get married, it is most often by calculation on the part of one.

Causes of conflict

Capricorns are strong-willed, stubborn and uncompromising natures. At least for this reason, conflicts between them are inevitable. But it is possible to learn how to bypass sharp angles in order to maintain harmony and love.

What should work on in a relationship Capricorns:

  1. They should understand that the chosen one is a reflection of their own essence. Therefore, they should accept their partner’s flaws as their own, and not give them much importance.
  2. Because of their similarity, they become predictable to the chosen one quite quickly. This can lead to a period of stagnation, a relationship of habit rather than love. It is important for them to learn to give their partner emotions, to come up with something new in order to move from the dead point and not get bored in the union.
  3. Also, both are quite withdrawn, do not like to share their experiences and show their feelings. For this reason, they can seem soulless, unfeeling, cold and devoid of emotion to each other. But if the partners are already quite experienced, then this character trait will be perceived more as an advantage, thanks to which the relationship between them is quite calm and stable.
  4. It is important for them to learn to take the first steps toward reconciliation, to forget about their pride sometimes and put up with the shortcomings of their partner, accept it for what it is. It is also worth working through the problem of possessive attitudes. Stop controlling your partner and imposing their point of view.

The constant pursuit of material goods can generally kill feelings. They will start to achieve goals and forget that they need to pay attention to the person they love. Breakups also happen for this reason, although it does not bring Capricorns much distress.

Watch a video on the topic:

Capricorn woman and Capricorn man

About a strong passion in such a relationship is not necessary to talk about. But between partners will always reign true trust, which is a big plus. They set common goals and achieve them together, sharing their successes with their partner. Due to the fact that success is common, it is easy for them to share it with each other.

With such a woman man is very comfortable in the home. He knows that a reliable rear is always waiting for him at home, he can rely on his chosen one. They never give cause for jealousy and do not order tantrums.

Surprisingly, it is the man who is more impulsive and yet gentle in the relationship. In this relationship, he does not show his dictatorial temper, as with other partners.

The only problem is that the woman is unlikely to be satisfied with a supporting role. She will also want to be a leader, she will never be a classic housewife. It is difficult for her to be soft and feminine, she does not show her feelings. Therefore, the man lacks the feminine energy and inspiration that he desperately needs.

It is very important for the partners to learn to hear their chosen one, to forget about their own selfishness and behave the way they would like to be treated. Then the relationship can be prosperous and very happy.

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