Cancer man leo woman: explain in order

Leo man Cancer woman.

The Moon Virgo is anxious, slipping away like the light of the moon. The Sun Leo is gorgeous and bright, loving to shine and able to dominate. She is always restless and insecure, ready to hide in the shell of her home and her self. He is wise and strong, a winner in life, loves society and strives to be the soul of the company. The Moon girl Cancer is patronized by the element of Water, and the Sun man Leo – by the element of Fire. It would seem that totally incompatible concepts.

Three variants of the relationship between the male Leo and the female Cancer. At the heart of their relationship is the desire to be together forever, with this unattainable goal begins their story. Further development is possible in three scenarios:

  • Strong, with the karma of a male conqueror, Leo will completely subjugate the Cancer woman in a few years. And then she is doomed to a double dependence: on her own fears and on his eternal whims.
  • The female Cancer with her endless nagging in a soft, enveloping way will make her Leo go to the background. The Leo “in the second role” is lost, becomes moody and withdrawn, and the victory of Cancer turns into a defeat.
  • They, two eternal opposites, fiercely striving for each other, find a compromise. In this compromise will be everything: tears and joy, happiness and love. Only strong people are able to achieve such harmony, cowards and egoists take the first or second path, suppressing each other.

The third, happy scenario, involves a huge inner work of both parties. The Leo man will have to put up with the mood swings and creepy possessive complexes of the Cancer woman. She also will have to learn to accept his selfishness and self-centeredness, without feeling sorry for herself, not becoming a martyr because he pays so little attention to her feelings.

A lunar maiden will be easy and simple with Leo if she stops competing with him without losing her self-respect. She needs to show all her tenderness and calmness, but, at the same time, without falling into submission. Lunar qualities of Cancer’s character will allow absorbing and tempering the bright sun rays of Leo.

Leo is painful to realize that such a defenseless, needy lunar maiden suddenly slips away. He is used to considering himself the master of the situation, his hand is firm, but even his strongest fingers cannot hold water! Leo understands that there are forbidden corners of the soul, where Cancer will never let him in, where she hides from him alone with her grievances. If he learns to wait calmly by his side – she will surely return to him, again and again, forgiving everything, grateful for her loyalty and reliability.

Traveling together is another important aspect of life that will help this man and woman maintain their happiness. The fresh wind of wandering renews their feelings. She will follow him, guided by a firm hand. It does not matter where to go; the main thing is that he will be her guide, it is he who will discover new countries, coasts, stores, customs for her. And she will suddenly realize: if he knows and knows so much – why does he need her approval? – Then that a truly strong and wise he feels only when she believes in him! A female Leo has hundreds of secrets, a male Leo has only one secret: his vulnerability. He will protect her from the hardships of life and will love her forever if she will accept all his initiatives with admiration and approval.

Leo Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility

Somewhat mysterious and even mystical, this union, however, has a very real chance for a happy long-term existence. Leo man can not often be interested in a woman Cancer, but if it already happened – will be a beautiful and very passionate affair, like a kind of game. Leo is Sun and Cancer is Moon. The zodiacal characteristics of these signs reveal the main essence of their difference – the complete opposite of astral characteristics. Partners can never change each other, to shift from their usual orbit, each of them must either fully accept the other as he is, or separate.

Very bright personalities, Leo man and Cancer woman can get lost in the relationship if they follow only their ambitions and interests. Just like when they first met, they can admire the difference in each other’s characters all their lives – and be happy. These two paths in the relationship are real for this union, and they can model at the very beginning their path that they will follow from now on. The Leo man loves space, the public. He loves to bathe in the rays of glory, he loves the adoration and praise to his address, not shrinking from outright flattery.

Cancer woman – soft, homely. More than anything else she loves stability and comfort, reluctant to let changes into their lives – no matter how tempting and attractive they were. Cancer woman likes to dream, to fantasize, and often stays in some of his own, imaginary world, which is inaccessible and incomprehensible to her partner. From this mystery Leo man is prone to experience anxiety and worry, because he likes clarity, concreteness in words and deeds. He is able to get entangled in a relationship with a Cancer woman, as in a web, and in the end, will be confused and irritated by constant miscommunications, half-hints and mystery.

The Cancer woman, wanting to see her partner near herself, will try to tear him away from wide communication with others. In most cases this will not work, because communication – this is the meaning of life of a Leo man. Going on the account of his beloved, the weak representative of this zodiacal constellation will immediately lose his brilliance, charm, will be a fussy and tyrant at home, who can not really act, but he is good at teaching and instructing his loved ones.

A Cancer woman does not need such a perspective, so she must understand her lover, play along with him, give him the necessary freedom of self-actualization. Much later, both partners, having lived together long enough, will understand the winnability of their relationship for everyone. The Cancer woman will feel calm and secure next to the mighty figure of her companion, and the Leo man will receive the care and enthusiastic support of his partner. In addition, they will be connected by a very active and sensual sex life.

In the pair of a Leo man and a Cancer woman there should be a strict hierarchy of relationships. He is the head of the family, a wise teacher who makes decisions and provides material well-being. She is a caring companion who will soften the sharp corners of the relationship, and help her lover in everything, providing him with comfort and warmth.

Compatibility: Male Leo and Female Cancer

The relationship between the male Leo and the female Cancer cannot be called simple, but they both strive to always be together. They are very different, but they need each other, as evidenced by the strong attraction that arises from the moment of acquaintance.

When Fire and Water elements get together, they have a very sensitive and brink-of-breaking union. Leo suppresses Cancer, but will not be able to leave him alone. Leo should be represented by a man and Cancer by a woman. In this case, the relationship will be more natural and prosperous.

The female Cancer under the patronage of the Moon will show care, adoration, love and support, that is all that is important for the male Leo. They are similar in their views on family life, they are characterized by practicality and the ability to bring things to an end.

Cancer woman and Leo man over time will learn to hear each other and make decisions together. This development of the relationship will lead to a successful partnership, a happy marriage and a long life together. In the latter case, it is important to get rid of selfishness and fear, as two opposing elements (Fire and Water) are a dangerous combination that should be handled very carefully.

The Cancer woman under the influence of the Moon has a volatile mood. And the male Leo, who is under the patronage of the Sun, is characterized by constancy, stubbornness and quite a complex character. They will have to find ways for each other, and sometimes suppress their desires in order to exist comfortably together.

Pros of the Union: Male Leo and Female Cancer

The union of the man-Lion and woman-Cancer at first glance looks happy and harmonious, than often causes envy from other people. Even if they have different attitude to life, they easily find an approach to each other.

Man Leo – companionable man of the soul, but at the same time reliable, strong and confident. The alliance with a Cancerian woman helps him to bring out his best qualities. This promotes a career, business success and financial well-being, as an established man-Lion is successful in every area of life. And the economical woman-rak helps to multiply the fortune and create a strong rear to the man.

Calm woman-rapes in union with an active male Leo feels safe and confident. She reveals herself in the care of her partner. A woman of this sign – a great housewife and mother who has a well-organized household. Children in the family of a man-leovers and women cancer is usually a bit, one or two. Parents give them a good upbringing and teach them how to properly build relationships with other people.

  • passionate relationship;
  • love for each other;
  • mutual support;
  • cohesive family;
  • bringing out the best in each other;
  • sincerity;
  • similar principles;
  • developmental aspirations;
  • seriousness of intentions;
  • absence of competition.

Cons of the Union: Male Leo and Female Cancer

The Leo man loves to attend various public events, parties with friends, and wants the Cancer woman to share these interests in his social life. But it should be taken into account that the female Cancer sign is very jealous, and she will not like her partner’s activity in this matter.

To save the relationship, both need to accept each other for who they are, not to try to change the personality. If the Leo man agrees and begins to spend more time at home, he runs the risk of turning into a sourpuss and home tyrant. And if a cancer woman gives in to her husband and begins to attend various events with him, she may not be able to stand her psyche, the woman will become nervous and irascible.

Stubbornness, which is inherent in both signs, and is the main problem in compatibility. And if a woman- cancer in his stubbornness does not put pressure on his partner, the man-left will seek to change the personality of his spouse in favor of his interests. The woman will be ready to make concessions, to sacrifice some of their business, but to change their personality at the whim of the man-lion will not in any case. Relationships of such a pair can resemble a hidden war, sometimes exacerbated in moments of mood changes of the woman-horn.

  • stubbornness;
  • desire to remake the partner;
  • authoritarianism of the lion;
  • different interests;
  • selfishness;
  • the need for role sharing;
  • impulsive actions;
  • opposing characters;
  • Leo pressure;
  • The vindictiveness of Cancer.

How to find common ground in a couple: the Leo man and the Cancer woman

According to the horoscope compatibility it is clear that the female Cancer is soft and feminine, so it is in her power to reduce conflicts to nothing. If the male Leo begins to suppress his spouse, then she needs to think about what really does not suit her partner.

Man Leo appreciates when his woman is admired by others, but more than that, he wants the admiration and care were directed at him. For this reason, the woman-lion should pay more attention to the man-Lion and create a comfortable life for him. Then the man will not want to change anything and will appreciate in the spouse of her naturalness, kindness and gentleness.

Jealousy on the part of the Cancer woman is another danger that threatens the harmony of the relationship. To distract yourself from these thoughts, it is necessary to involve yourself in any case, to find a hobby. And do not forget that if you lock the freedom-loving lion at home, his character will be mean and unbearable.

In this union, it is the woman who has the greatest responsibility for the preservation of the marriage. It is she who needs to make concessions, to praise and admire the man-lion, stop time in a thorny moment. With such an attitude, the man will love his spouse, take care of the financial side, and be the master of the house.

Compatibility of the couple in bed: Male Leo and female Cancer

Cancer belongs to the planet Moon and Leo to the planet Sun, so they initially feel a strong attraction to each other. But over time, this feeling weakens unless the partners learn to blend their selves. Male Leo in bed can be overly demanding and even show carelessness towards his partner. And the Cancerian woman is very sensitive nature, evasive and somewhat passive. Harmonious intimacy is possible if the Leo sign man will be more gentle and affectionate, then the woman will be more open and responsive.

It is important that the man correctly treat temporary mood swings in the Cancer woman, do not understand them as insensitivity and lack of love. Also, a woman also needs to know that Leo is not inherently indifferent, but he can seem like that if he worries a lot about something. And understand that if she will not be able to reveal her emotionality and passion, the Leo man can begin to seek them on the side. It is worth thinking about this even before marriage.

Compatibility of the couple in marriage: the Leo man and the Cancer woman

The Cancer woman is an almost perfect spouse. She does not seek to occupy the dominant position in the family, takes care of the emotional state of the male Leo, is able to pity and calm. And has a valuable quality – do not pry into the soul of a partner, if he does not want to be frank. She can masterfully discern the slightest shades of mood Leo and knows when you can ask him, and when – categorically not.

All this is common and trivial behavior for many people, but the quality when the spouse does not make a jealousy scene and hysterics is rare. And a smart male Leo perfectly understands how comfortable and convenient it will be for him to live with such a woman. Representatives of this sign value comfort over other goods, it is inherent in their nature. In a word, the marriage will be happy if the woman creates a calm condition for the Leo man, who will be an excellent provider and defender of the family, capable of making many sacrifices for her sake.

The only risk of this union is that the man-Lion can try to remake the woman-Lion under himself several times, but he will suffer a defeat. A woman of this sign will not change, not because she is harmful, but because she is what she is. And if the spouse gently, but firmly defend the right to remain as they are – the husband will abandon their attempts, and, interestingly, will appreciate his half more. He will realize that behind the image of a fragile woman hides a confident personality.

Compatibility of a couple in friendship: Male Leo and female Cancer

Real friendly relations between these partners are unlikely to work out if they are not related to each other. They have few common hobbies and too different characters. In addition to this, both partners have difficulty understanding each other. They feel comfortable in a common company, may even become buddies. Leo good if his girlfriend cares about him, shows maternal feelings. And Cancer in the society of Leo feels more confident, communication with him gives her strength.

A closer relationship is possible if the Cancer woman and the Leo man – creative people and they are united by a common cause or project. In this case, they will perfectly complement each other: the activity and vigor of Leo will be softly muted by the calmness and prudence of Cancer.

In order to strengthen their friendship, it is important for these signs to learn how to dialogue without mutual recriminations. Both need to understand that they are different and accept each other for who they are. If this does not happen, the friendship is unlikely to develop. Cancer is more close to solitude, and Leo – society, so a high probability that fate will divide them on different sides.

Compatibility of the pair in business: Leo man and Cancer woman

Well combined together cancer-woman and Leo-man in business, work. The main advantage of this pair is that they do not compete with each other. The Leo seeks to conquer all the stars, and the Cancer woman does not need it at all. The male Leo will perfectly cope with all the affairs, gain authority with colleagues and management, and the female Cancer will gladly take care of unobtrusive routine duties, managing to also take care of Leo.

If they are business partners, that is also a good combination. They will quickly divide their responsibilities, and make an equal contribution to the common cause. Leo will cope with global tasks, will be productive in communicating with people, and Cancer will take care of the part of the work that requires attentiveness and diligence. Female Cancer woman will be quite happy with this situation, in addition, the man-left can be very generous, and Cancer, for all his softness, likes and knows how to keep score of the money.

To disperse such a union may be in the event that the head man-left hurt careless remark or harsh words subordinate the Cancer woman. After that she is able to harbor a grudge, intrigue around Leo and at the opportunity to take revenge.

What the Cancer Woman needs to know about the Leo Man

Leo the Male Leo is a bright personality, he will not be left without attention anywhere. Loves sports events, likes to win if he himself participates. In general, for the Leo Man to be a winner, to feel admiration for his person. Leo is governed by the Sun, which means that the representative of the sign vital need to be under its rays. Therefore, such a man can rarely be found at home.

Leo the male is sociable, extroverted by temperament type, loves crowded events and noisy companies. Sometimes it is too arrogant and arrogant. Can break into a fight or argue loudly. He is easily carried away by women and goes head over heels in love affairs. Always gallant and not stingy with gifts and compliments. But also can quickly burn out and leave the tired relationship. A female Cancerian should consider that you will need to constantly reheat their interest, so that the ardor of Leo’s love has not died out completely.

There is a vulnerable point in these men – they are very susceptible to flattery, even if they understand that the interlocutor is not entirely sincere in his attitude. This is also a button that can be used by the Cancerian woman to favor the Leo.

What the Leo Man needs to know about the Cancerian woman

Women born under the sign of Cancer are very sweet and feminine. They are kind to people, affectionate and capable of giving motherly care to those who need it. At first glance, a woman of Cancer may seem timid, helpless. The Leo man will want to take her under his guardianship. But after a while it will become clear that she is quite capable of defending herself and is not going to let everyone into her soul.

If unwittingly offend the Cancer woman, she will not respond directly to the offender. Either close inside, and hurt her man will have long to find the words that can melt her heart and she will again trust. Or Cancer long will hatch a plan for revenge, and eventually carry it out.

A man should know that the Cancer woman is a real keeper of the home, with whom he can rest and accumulate strength. So he needs to create the right conditions in which to fully disclose all the best qualities of the woman cancer: caring, loyalty, gentleness and the ability to support. And she will not stay in debt.

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