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In today’s realities, it is possible to make money even without leaving home or off his property. To do this, consider ideas for at-home manufacturing businesses, some of which are more suitable for men. Many of them will need a separate room, because often houses do not allow for the area to place workshops in them, and also it is not always safe.

Note that for many of the ideas you can find through the Internet various training courses, or more detailed information from practitioners, for example, somewhere on Youtube.

Tailoring shoes

Business does not require a large capital, the only thing that requires investment – tools and equipment for sewing shoes. In this area there is little competition.

Example of handmade sewing classic shoes (brogue derby):

Sewing leather goods

Products made of leather are popular with people of all ages. Handmade accessories are considered exclusive and of particular value. To start a business, you should buy tools and equipment: special punches, machines for processing the edges of products, decorative decorations. Profitability of this type of business, according to Tinkoff magazine, is about 300%.

Example of tailoring a purse:

Soap production

Production of private soap factories is especially relevant in the run-up to the holidays. The business does not require large investments and a lot of experience. To start it is necessary to buy the basis, aroma oils, decorative ornaments, molds and perfumes. It is better to take care of the recipes in advance. The first batch is better to release in limited quantities, and after, carefully studying market trends, pick popular items. Beautiful packaging products will allow soapmaker to earn more. It is better to attach a small business card with contacts of the seller.

Making ceramic tableware

The main condition for a successful business – individuality, exclusivity. Bypass the competition is possible only if you offer consumers something really deserving attention. Here comes handy imagination of the future master of the art of pottery, enthusiasm and skills. To start work, you will need special tools, small ornaments and clay. The cost of raw materials is low, so the business will quickly pay for itself and bring the owner income.

Production of bait for fishing

Planning to open a shop for the production of bait for fish, you should take into account the peculiarities of the region where you decided to sell it, or rather the variety of fish inhabiting the bodies of water.

The most popular bait is loose feed, so you have to buy a grain grinder or something like it. Some bait requires a very fine fraction, for example, for ground krill, so you may need several machines and different ones at that.

Example of making technoplankton for fathead:

Making fishing flies and baits

This is another type of business from the fishing industry whose products are in stable demand from year to year.

Making fishing tackle

Weaving fishing tackle at home can be done by anyone who has mastered the wisdom of fishing. For example, to make a tackle “Death of a Crucian Carp” requires almost no investment. All that the master will need – fishing line, sinker and springs, which are used as feeders for feeding the fish, wiring for self-knitting springs.

Weaving fishing nets, spiders, screens, slips

There are no special requirements for the production of fishing nets. The main thing is that the room was observed all the conditions for the manufacture of products: the room should be bright, warm and dry. To work there is no need to buy expensive equipment, all nets are woven by hand. Get a good profit can be achieved by gradually expanding production and increasing the number of nomenclature.

Making jewelry

At the initial stage of the master should be well prepared: to purchase equipment, to address the issue of security in the workplace. The second thing worth thinking about is the creation of a brand. The brand can be his own name or surname, if they are memorable and beautiful, as they were, for example, Faberge.

Greenhouse business

You can grow not only vegetables or herbs in greenhouses, but also flowers. Such goods are in constant demand during the winter and spring seasons. This type of business does not require particularly large investments, the work in greenhouses is more expensive in terms of physical labor.

Growing berries, vegetables and fruits

Home site is great for business on these crops. For example, from one bush blueberries can collect 5 kg of berries, and you can grow it even in the Krasnodar region.

Beekeeping .

With one hive in one season you can get up to 40 liters of honey, and the production can be expanded by introducing modern technology, followed by an increase in profits in times. With the apiary can be obtained not only honey, but also other useful natural products that are valued on the market. All of them are successfully used not only in food production, but also in cosmetic and pharmacological purposes.

Cheese production

The industry has good prospects for development and in terms of income, but the process itself is complex and “capricious”. It is better to start with the manufacture of one kind of cheese, gradually increasing production volume and assortment. The working process requires an area, it is better if it will be a few premises.

Production of compound feeds

State enterprises produce too expensive products, which include premixes based on imported raw materials, and even private enterprises can not compensate for the need of private farms in mixed fodder.

Flour production on stone millstones

The only obstacle on the way of the beginning producer is a large number of competitors. In order to make a profit, the manufacturer must initially take a course on the production of high quality products and at the same time stable.

Production of smoked or dried fish, meat

At the initial stage, you should decide on the volume of products. For home production is suitable small mini-smokehouse of domestic production. Next, you should take care about obtaining a license and registration of certificates. You can sell the goods in beer stores.

Making furniture

Furniture is made to order, both in standard forms and according to the wishes of the customer. Depending on the initial capital and the availability of free niche can be engaged in manufacturing of budget, or, conversely, exclusive furniture. At the initial stage of the master will need to master the skills of a carpenter and a carpenter, the good news for this online is a variety of courses on furniture manufacturing.

Making ovens for the bath.

To do this you need to understand the design of modern stoves, the properties of the metals used in them. Therefore, it will be useful to study the websites of manufacturers, as well as drive around the exhibitions to communicate with manufacturers about the nuances of their stoves.

Making boats

In Russia, the demand for boats has only grown in recent years. For example, in Kazan demand for water transport in 2021 increased by 47%. The RF market itself, according to Kommersant, grew by 30-40%.

Making sausages and sausage products

There are many types of homemade sausage: liver, blood, chicken, dried, raw smoked, etc. Homemade product is popular in the consumer market due to its excellent taste qualities and natural ingredients.

Wine production

Access to a raw material base and an understanding of the technology are basic conditions for making homemade wine. The tasty and natural product is incredibly popular in the resorts, so the preparation of a fragrant drink is engaged in almost all local residents. Home winemaking has one drawback – seasonality. The grapes are harvested only once a year, and during this time you have to make the necessary amount of product.

Manufacture / sewing car covers and related services

For lack of space, you can set up production of car covers even in your own apartment. For sewing products makes sense to buy a sewing machine and a table for cutting.

Costs may appear in the creation of patterns, but just once order pattern templates and you can not think about it anymore. Additionally, the owner of the workshop can engage in manufacturing other exclusive things from leather, small repairs.

Production of arbolite

The prospects for this business due to the low cost of raw materials, simple manufacturing technology and the absence of arbolite in many settlements. Organization of business does not require a large number of resources, labor and large areas. The material itself is environmentally friendly, respectively, its demand in the market will only grow.

Production of other building blocks

Until recently, the production of breeze blocks and expanded clay blocks at home is not possible. Since 1994, the situation has changed dramatically. Today, for the production of building blocks to the novice master will need: machine, raw materials, knowledge of simple technology by standards of at least GOST, flat area and electricity to the voltage under the machine.

Production of paving tiles

Paving tile production technology is simple enough, and the equipment is inexpensive. The most expensive part of the business – it’s buying a concrete mixer and vibrating table. Further, the master will only purchase raw materials and molds.

Production of colored crushed stone

Unusual product, but it also has its own demand. The work does not require specific skills and knowledge. All manipulations are carried out with ready-made raw materials. All that needs to be done is to treat the surface of the crushed stone with a special paint. Consumers of this type of product are: pet stores, individuals, utilities, landscapers and ritual services.

But once again, this is a very peculiar business:

Production of concrete flowerpots

Pots are used for decoration on the sites and sometimes indoors.

Production of fences

A great idea for those people who live in the private sector. For the manufacture of metal fences master will need: welding machine, welder skills, fittings, electrodes, enamel, protective goggles and gloves. In addition to fences with the help of these tools the master can produce at home and other metal products: fences, stairs, pergolas, security bars, etc.

Production of monuments

The first thing to take care about the working space. For this purpose it is suitable garage or storage room. Then you need to buy special forms and equipment (concrete mixer, vibrating table). Monuments production can be fully handled by one person. It takes about 1.5 hours to produce one piece.

Making products from architectural concrete

The first thing to do – to study the technology, and it can be very different because of the difference in the quality of components, as well as the desired result, which may require services to develop a recipe for you.

Making forged knives

Such knives are constant companions of the military, tourists, hunters and fishermen, and just gun enthusiasts. Particularly successful are handmade collectibles, the cost of such products can be quite high. It is worth noting that not every garage will suit this case, or rather not every neighbor will want to listen to the tapping of the hammer.

The knife from this video was sold at auction for around 30 thousand rubles.

Another example of the auction of the same seller:

Coffee production

Potential buyers of products – cafes, bars and restaurants. More purchases of coffee are engaged in office managers and hostesses.

Production of seals and stamps

Seals and stamps are ordered by trade organizations, government agencies, manufacturing plants and other institutions. Before you start work, you need to determine the technology of production, purchase equipment and materials. Products are made by vulcanization and laser engraving, flash method. For work at home suitable photopolymer technology. This method is the easiest and most budget-friendly option among all.

Poultry farming

Breeding poultry engaged in many farmers, so the competition in this segment of the market is stably high. However, here you can always play on the contrast. Large farms feed birds with special feed so that they quickly put on weight. Consumers are increasingly inclined to buy natural organic products without chemicals. Poultry raised on natural feed, in good conditions, will always have an advantage.


Products are always in demand by consumers, so there will be no difficulties with the sale of goods. The most popular areas include cattle, pig and sheep breeding, and rabbit breeding.

Top 27 Home Business Ideas for Men for 2020-2021


In 2020, people are increasingly thinking about starting a home-based business. The world situation, financial difficulties and the crisis are all contributing to this. Business at home can be organized in the form of small production, online services, earnings from hobbies. We have collected the best ideas for beginners from scratch and experienced businessmen, with minimum and more serious investments. Choose what you like and earn a lot!

Home video editing studio

  • Investments: no investment
  • Payback: in the first month
  • Earnings: from 500 rubles at the exchange Kvork for a small video, from 300-400 rubles per hour at the freelance exchange. Upwork offers pay from 5-10 dollars and above.

This idea belongs to the category without investment, but requires certain skills. If you know how to edit videos, edit them well and turn them into masterpieces – feel free to open a home studio. You can find clients on the freelancing exchanges, through social networks, as well as on YouTube itself.

Lyfax: Many infobusinesses are making millions on YouTube and they need GOOD editors. You can contact them and offer to edit one video for free. If they like your work, you’ve found a regular client.

If you do not have skills in this business, do not despair! The Internet is full of training courses for beginners from scratch. But in this case will have to spend 20 thousand rubles on training.

Making leather goods

Products made of genuine leather will never go out of fashion, and this business idea is suitable for real men! You can open this type of business with a minimum investment of 10,000 rubles, with no experience. Yes, it’s real!

Leather can produce a huge number of products: belts, clothes, shoes, accessories such as key chains, wallets, business card holders, document covers, as well as jewelry for the beautiful half of the population.

If you have no experience, but really want to try, start with a simple – make a business card holder or passport cover. The costs will be minimal, and there are tutorials on YouTube.

Next, you have to buy the tools of a furrier: a knife for cutting, punches, awl, needles, hammer, a rod for leather, glue, the materials themselves. When you gain experience, buy other tools for more complex work. Leather for sewing should be purchased from an online store. All this can be done within 10 thousand!

Look for clients among acquaintances, office managers, leather goods stores, as well as create a business profile on Instagram and fill it with beautiful photos of your work.

Making folding tables

This idea is more relevant than ever for our country. Your customers will be the owners of small apartments and houses, small offices and work areas.

Make such products are not difficult, manufacturing technology and modifications of folding tables can be found on the Internet.

Folding tables for the kitchen, hallway, work area. Outwardly, you’ll never guess what it is a table, because when folded, it looks like a beautiful painting, a mirror, a cozy cabinet.

To start the business will require about 250 thousand rubles. Payback – from six months.

Online store men’s cosmetics.

Cosmetics for beard care, various lotions, shampoos, razors, gels – store counters are full of accessories for men. But many men prefer to order cosmetics through the Internet, well, the means for the beard now in general in the trend.

This business can be opened without investment: to create a small online store itself, find a reliable supplier and work with him through dropshipping.

The costs will be required only for advertising after the launch of the store, from 15000-20000 rubles per month. Well, if you know how to configure and promote the store, you can get traffic for free from search engines, as well as from social networks.

Making designer hanging swings for the house

The trend for 2020-2021 is suspended soft swings for the home. Now it is very fashionable to decorate the interior in this way and swings are bought not only in children’s rooms, but also for adults. The niche is not occupied yet and you can organize production at home or in a garage.

Make an emphasis on beauty and design swings, a lot of ideas are on youtube channel. To make one swing, you need a sturdy, beautiful fabric and a metal hoop, as well as sturdy string and fasteners.

In general, investments will be needed in the region of 5000 rubles to start, a day you can make up to 3 swings.

Such a business can be successfully promoted in Instagram, setting up targeting. One swing costs from 5000-10 000 rubles, payback of almost 300-400%.

Repair of cars

This business idea is not new, but it still works well and brings an income of 100,000 rubles per month. To implement the need to have expertise in repair and to have a room of 30-40 square meters. Many start such a business from scratch right in the garage.

You will need to buy professional tools, a pit, equipment, and spare parts. Investments in the business – from 300,000 rubles, payback from six months.

Many repair services are seasonal, so in the spring and autumn you will have a flurry of orders for a change of rubber. In general, the idea is working, as many drivers prefer to go to such garage workshops than to pay a lot of money car services.

Garage for rent

This business idea isn’t new, but it works all the time. If you already have a garage, you can simply put it in order, make repairs and place ads for rent. The cost of renting from 5000 rubles. per month, this long-term promising idea will bring a small but stable income.

If there is no garage, but there are savings, you can buy a garage in the range of 200,000 rubles, equip it and rent. In this case, will have to invest about 250,000-300,000 rubles.

Production of growing chairs for children

A new small business idea which has recently appeared in Russia. Chairs for small children grow with the child thanks to special manufacturing technology. The idea is relevant and is already in demand among families with small children.

Chairs save the family budget, and children do not need to get used to new furniture every time.

Production of chairs can be started in the garage. To start, it is advisable to make a trial batch and carefully study the technology of manufacture.

To start the business will have to invest more than 200,000 rubles for tools and equipment. Payback period of 6 months.

Creating 3D lighting fixtures

For creative people we offer the creation of 3D lighting fixtures. To set up a small business, you need to buy a 3D printer, plexiglass and LED strip. All this is available at Ali and will cost about 60 000 rubles.

3D lighting fixtures are very popular with the owners of cafes, restaurants, recreation areas, hookah rooms. They are a great decoration and many order them for their corporate style.

Therefore, look for clients among the owners of these institutions. It is much more profitable to receive orders for the manufacture of batches of fixtures than to sell them one by one.

Making houses for dogs, birdhouses

This idea is for the amateur and is more like a hobby, but it too can make money. Make houses and birdhouses can be in the garage, but if you want the idea to grow into a business, make a beautiful original houses, birdhouses with interesting design.

Animal lovers love interesting solutions and will gladly buy your products for their pets and interior decorations.

Production will require welding and carpentry equipment, materials, impregnation, paint and other. The cost of 1 booth to 1000 rubles, however, for its manufacture takes up to 4 days (booth must be impregnated, paint dry). Therefore, the cost of 1 booth is t 7000 rubles.

Customers advantageous to attract both retail and receive bulk orders from nurseries, pet stores, etc.

Software tester

Perhaps the best idea for earning at home. This is a new profession, which is now rapidly developing. To start working at home you need computer skills and knowledge of certain programs.

By the way, to test some tasks skills will not be required, you will need to follow a certain algorithm. But in most cases, in order to get good orders, you need certain skills.

In this case, you will have to undergo training. It will cost 50-70 thousand rubles. But after the training, you will be able to handle orders in Russian and English. On Upvork for such orders pay from 5-15 dollars an hour.

Production of dumplings with different fillings in one pack

The production of semi-finished products has always brought good profits. And if we approach the business idea creatively, you can make not just dumplings, and home-made dumplings with different stuffing in one pack.

In your home kitchen you can make dumplings and dumplings with potatoes, cabbage, pumpkin, apricots, berries, cottage cheese, vegetables, fish, onions, etc.

One friend started this business and six months increased income to 150,000 rubles. At the same equipment – a machine for molding, dough, etc., she bought for 120,000 rubles. from China. She has many regular customers among friends – some order 10 kg of pelmeni a month.

The rest of the products she sells in stores. This idea can be implemented by beginners with minimal investment.

Chef, cooking homemade food

This idea is relevant to large cities and metropolitan areas. That is where people are constantly at work, in meetings, in transport, and they really do not have time to cook homemade food. In large cities, there is a particularly high demand for such meals.

You can start a business in the kitchen with minimal investment. You will only need expenses for food and utensils in the region of 5,000-1,000 rubles. Salads, burgers, hamburgers, cutlets, half-finished products, porridges, pancakes and much more are in great demand.

You can sell products by negotiating with the nearest supermarket, where your customers come in during lunch breaks or after work.

You’ll need a health record book to set up your business.


Copywriting is a well-known idea for an at-home business. However, this type of activity will be more of a business when you open, for example, your own mini-agency and collaborate with several copywriters.

So, one friend of mine started doing it on their own, gained a large base of clients and took a staff of 2-3 copywriters, from whom they take a percentage of the orders. Earnings can be from 80000 rubles for a busy schedule.

Repair of apartments

Business idea that is relevant at all times. This business can be done in any city. Professional craftsmen and finishers are very highly valued, and customers find them themselves – it works by word of mouth.

Master can earn from 100,000 rubles per month. This idea is at the top of men’s ideas. To start a business, first buy tools, you will also need a car. Investments will require more than 100,000 rubles, buy a good professional equipment.

Cabinet massage at home

Often the best masseurs are men, and this is the kind of business that can be opened at home.

All you need is a well-equipped room, a massage table, tools, money for courses of masseurs.

If you are new in this business, take a good course from the professionals with further practice. You will find clients through social networks. You can also open your YouTube channel about massages at home and give helpful advice from the masseur, earning also on this.

Online store auto parts

This idea is also from the class of men. The business is not difficult to organize at home, even for a beginner. To do this, you need to create a website, find a supplier and work on the dropshipping system. This model works!

The main thing in this niche, find the main product, which will have a profit of 4000 rubles, and properly run ads.

The rest – will the supplier of parts. Store can be created for free by yourself – so the idea can be said without investment. On advertising in the first month will spend more than 10000 rubles.

Cheese making at home

A good idea for fans of cheese. Business can start from scratch, the main thing – know the technology of production. To start a business, you will need to buy equipment for $ 1000-1500 (you can go to the Chinese site, the products there are good).

Profitability cheese products – up to 200%! Payback business for 2-3 months. Over time, when you work up a customer base and master the technology, expand, produce several kinds of cheese.

Production of kits for cats

How do you like the idea of making sets of kits for cats – houses, wall ladders and shelves and scratching post. It will all be designed in the same style and will look very nice at home.

Cat lovers will love these products and customers can be attracted offline and online.

Initial investment is from 50,000 rubles. One set can be sold from 10 000 rubles. The net cost will be from 2000 rubles.

Become a mobile app developer

The work is not easy, but this kind of activity can be done with minimal investment at home. Many developers started their business in their spare time. At first, it will be like a hobby, and when you get a better understanding, you can start orders.

Such applications can later be sold or you can make money from downloading them from advertising. Both methods work well.

Production of address signs

Address plates on many houses look very old-fashioned, unkempt, and on some of them it is not clear what is written at all. This is especially true for houses in various settlements and small towns. You can go through the streets of these cities and offer options for home inscriptions. Offer different options with different price points.

The cost of the finished sign will be from 1500 rubles. The net cost will be 500 rubles. The cost of equipment from China – 2-2,5 thousand dollars.

Repair of iPhones and cell phones

This business can be started almost from scratch, the initial cost will be about 5000 rubles. The idea is truly a man’s, and it is more a hobby than a business. But it is possible to make very good money here.

Repair of iPhone or phone on average costs from 7000-1000 rubles. to 2000-3000 rubles, depending on the model. The day you can repair 3-4 phones with partial load. Customers attract through social networks, ads Avito, etc.


Male coaches are now at the top of popularity.

Now there are courses on absolutely any topic – psychology, brewing coffee, proper nutrition, creating websites, survival courses, etc.

I’m sure you are also an expert in something and can become a coach. This business has no investment, but the whole training program needs to be carefully thought out and structured. Look for subscribers and students in social networks, in thematic groups. Be sure to create a group instagram with professional serious photos.

Sale of scooters and bicycles

Scooters and bicycles – a seasonal product and should think about this type of business in November and December to be well prepared. Create a website, fill it, take a professional approach.

The site should contain at least 100 models. Find a supplier-dropshipper. And at the end of February you can start running ads. It is desirable to be in the trend and to offer new models. You will spend at least 20 000 rubles per month on advertising.

Setting up advertising Yandex Direct and Google Adsense

This is a very profitable mini-business, which over time may grow into an online agency. But first you need to understand the configuration of advertising and all the nuances. It’s worth taking professional courses, such as Ilya Tsymbalist.

The courses cost around 40,000-50,000 rubles, plus during the training you will need money for advertising up to 10,000 rubles. After the course you will be offered clients.

If you successfully manage to set up advertising, you will have regular customers and you can earn from 50,000 rubles, then up to 100,000. And when you become a master, then feel free to open a small agency.

Courses for novice drivers

Many people who are new to driving are afraid to drive alone, they need an instructor who will come to them and do 2-3 hours a few times a week. Such classes cost from 2000 rubles for 2-3 hours, which is quite good. You can find such students on the Internet and give driving lessons. Plus, you can give lessons to bikers who want to learn how to ride a motorcycle.

The idea is completely cost-free! Payback on the first day. You are required to have free time and friendliness.

Making houses for children with an opportunity to paint them

The idea is simple – you make different versions of beautiful cute houses for children with an original idea – the child himself paints them. The idea will go over well and young moms and kids will love it!

Business is not very expensive, you can start with 20,000 rubles. Each house can be sold from 5,000-7,000 rubles, while the cost price will be about 2,000 rubles.


There are many other business ideas for the workshop, garage or online. It is important to choose the very idea that will allow you to enjoy your work and live up to your desired level. Finally, check out the new video from the “About Business” channel.

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