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Do you open up in the company of others and start a conversation, or are you withdrawn and can not squeeze out anything but a few short phrases? It’s normal to feel nervous tension and insecurity when interacting with others, but it’s important not to let your fears stop you. Every day you encounter strangers and people you know but don’t talk to. Each conversation could be the start of something new – a new career, a business idea, or a friendship. Refusing to communicate means giving up those opportunities. This book will help you change the way you think about communication: you will look at it as an enjoyable process that can change your life for the better. After reading it, you will learn how to: fight the fear of hearing rejection; feel confident when interacting with strangers; cope with difficult situations; make new acquaintances; achieve results in negotiations.

Who is this book for?

For anyone who wants to master the skills of effective communication and feel confident in any situation.

Do you open up in the company of others and start a conversation or shut down and can not squeeze out anything but a few short phrases? Feeling nervous…

ISBN: 978-5-459-00863-0
Year of publication: 2012
Publisher: Peter
Series: Psychology of Communication
Language: Russian

What does it take to become invulnerable? Is it possible to remain calm in any conflict situation, without turning into a silent observer, or a fierce fighter for justice, or a sarcastic scoffer? This book will teach you effective techniques for safe communication. With its help you will be able to withstand both light stress and heavy pressure. Use the specific tips of professionals to achieve success, avoiding the nerve racking.

What does it take to become invulnerable? Is it possible to remain calm in any conflict situation without becoming either a silent observer or a fierce fighter for…

ISBN: 978-5-905641-48-0
Year of publication: 2018
Publisher: Byblos

The ability to communicate opens doors in life like nothing else–literally. The world is not a meritocracy, in which the most talented people occupy the highest positions; this is a shocking discovery for most people and a pleasant insight for the few who have the skills to communicate. Technical skills can almost always be acquired and developed, but communication skills are extremely rare and valuable. Once you master them, you can build fruitful relationships almost anywhere and with everyone. Do you manage people in the office or want to meet someone at a party? Or are you just visiting a friend? Both there and there the main role is played by people who know how to communicate. Your relationships will improve dramatically, you’ll be able to get what you’ve always dreamed of much easier, and people will never feel awkward or uncomfortable in your presence. When you speak up, they will listen. Become outgoing, the soul of the company, and success will come to you. From the book you will learn: – why personal interest matters and what secondary interest is; – how to change your own toxic communication habits; – how to get rid of beliefs and thoughts that destroy rapport; – how to listen properly, elicit trust and build emotional connection; – what emotional intelligence is and how it will help you; – how helpful it is sometimes to just shut your mouth.

The ability to communicate opens doors in life like nothing else – literally. The world is not built on the principle of meritocracy, where the highest position is held by the most talented…

ISBN: 978-5-00057-397-6
Year of publication: 2015
Publisher: Mann, Ivanov & Ferber
Language: Russian

In today’s world, we have to interact with a huge number of people. And these are not empty words, as they might seem at first glance. Indeed, this number exceeds ten times the circle of people with whom our parents had contact just half a century ago. Thanks to advances in technology and the Internet, many new avenues of communication have opened up for us. But while there are step-by-step instructions for computers and smartphones, there are no such instructions for how to build relationships with the people around us. The author of this book, a famous British consultant and speaker, in an easy and witty way describes the basic principles of human relations, which will help you cope with many problems that arise in personal relationships, at work or at home due to poorly constructed communication.

In today’s world, we have to interact with a huge number of people. And these are not empty words, as they may seem at first glance. Indeed, this number in…

ISBN: 978-5-00117-008-2
Year of publication: 2017
Publisher: Mann, Ivanov & Ferber
Language: Russian

Bright and practical book about the key principles of human communication, which will help you feel confident in any situation.

How to start a conversation and draw attention to yourself? How to get to know the other person? How to influence colleagues and friends? Vanessa van Edwards gives the most important principles of human communication that will help you change your life. These principles are not taught in schools and universities, but they determine whether or not we succeed at work or in personal relationships.

So, you will learn a lot of useful things: – How to act at any event: every party, business event and social situation has its own map. You will learn the best way to get acquainted and start conversations. – How to read emotions: quickly reading facial expressions and predicting people’s emotions is easier than you might think. – How to talk to anyone: Any conversation can be memorable – if you know how to please and interest your listeners.

When you learn the laws of human behavior and interaction, you can make a great first impression and build rapport quickly in any situation – from negotiations and interviews to parties. The benefits won’t be long in coming.

Bright and practical book about the key principles of human communication, which will help you feel confident in any situation.

How to start a conversation and draw attention to yourself…

ISBN: 978-0-9670893-5-5, 978-5-459-00860-9
Year of publication: 2011
Publisher: Peter
Series: Self psychologist
Language: Russian

Effective communication skills distinguish a successful man. Not knowing how to communicate, doomed to lack of friends, clients and subordinates! Abundant with useful tips and concrete examples, this book will help you develop unshakable confidence, easily communicate with people of all levels, establish and maintain business contacts and romantic relationships. You’ll learn to emphasize your strengths and eliminate weaknesses, get rid of complexes and implement plans, to inspire love and respect in those around you. You will become an ace communicator – first among equals and equals among the first.

Effective communication skills distinguish a successful person. Not knowing how to communicate, doomed to lack of friends, customers and subordinates! Abundant with helpful tips and…

ISBN: 978-5-98124-397-4
Year of publication: 2008
Publisher: Good Book
Language: Russian

Have you ever admired those fortunate people who seem to have everything you could dream of? Have you seen how confidently they speak at business meetings and chatting at parties? They have the most interesting jobs, the most beautiful life partners, the coolest friends.

But wait! Many of them are not any smarter than you, and they do not look any better. The secret of their success comes down to one thing: successful people are more adept at communicating with their fellow men around them.

This book introduces you to effective communication techniques from the arsenal of successful people, so that you too can achieve perfection in the game called life, and get it what you want. You will feel confident in all situations of everyday life: in business meetings, guests, receptions and parties.

– How to make even a small conversation a big event. – How to establish a rapport with the interlocutor and make a lasting first impression. – How to learn how to strike up a conversation and a successful relationship with strangers you want to make part of your life. – How to communicate effectively with employees, colleagues and business partners. – How to make “small talk” and keep the conversation going on any topic. – How to become “your own man” in any company and learn how to easily and casually communicate with anyone. – What are the features of communication over the phone, and what special techniques should be used in telephone conversations and much, much more.

Have you ever admired those fortunate people who seem to have everything you could dream of? Have you seen how confidently they speak at business meetings and…

Books on Demand “Psychology of Communication”

The author of the monograph examines the different sides of ethnic communication, its perceptive, communicative and interactive functions, interpersonal relations and the regulatory aspect, while examining the communicative function analyzes the strategy, tactics and methods of psychological influence (persuasion, suggestion, contagion and imitation). The analysis of the regulatory aspect has applications not only in theoretical and methodological terms, but also in applied terms, as it allows predicting the behavior of representatives.

This encyclopedic edition summarizes the results of the first project in Russia on the subject of “Psychology of Communication”. More than 1,100 articles in the dictionary, written by 340 authors, contain comprehensive information on this topic.

This book is a brief overview of what one type of integral psychology might look like. The author has tried to include and summarize the most profound discoveries and insights from a variety of pre-modern, modern and post-modern sources, suggesting that they can all teach us something extremely important. But this is not done in the form of mere eclecticism, but in a systematic way.

In the unique book “The Psychology of an Effective Manager. Flexibility. Effective Management. The Psychology of the Manager. Book 1. Management situation” by Leonard Zavalkiewicz in accessible and interesting language outlines the fundamental principles and methods of management, applicable in a variety of business situations. Very often we are faced with the fact that to manage effectively it is not enough to know and work much, we must understand the reasons, principles and meaning of management. The book teaches how.

In the book “The Psychology of an Effective Manager. Flexibility. Effective Management. The Psychology of the Manager. Book 2. The subject of management” by Leonard Zavalkiewicz in a simple and accessible form describes universal techniques and ways of overcoming difficulties. Understanding the meaning of these techniques, you will learn how to invert reality, turning obstacles into resources and tools of your success. This book is a faithful assistant to those who want to learn to determine what is his happiness, accurately and competently choose the goal.

Some people are given the gift of charm and eloquence from birth, and around such people flock to communicate. Someone has to independently learn how to communicate correctly and effectively. If you want to discuss with friends painful question, but the conversation always flows into another topic, if you need to solve with his boss a serious problem, but you do not dare to start, if you postpone a heart-to-heart talk with your loved one, because you do not find the right words – this book will help.

This book is an “emergency aid” for parents, educators, teachers and other professionals working with pre-school children. The book briefly describes the most common problem situations that arise when adults and children communicate, or between children (what to do if a child doesn’t want to share, throws tantrums, fights, etc.), and gives pedagogically and psychologically correct ways out of such situations.

How to properly organize a visit and a meeting, prepare a business letter, behave at receptions, dress, use cutlery, exchange gifts, drink? The author focuses on issues of diplomatic and business protocol and etiquette. The book is of interest to employees of the state apparatus, employees of management services, protocol and PR, students, undergraduate and graduate students of law and economics universities, all those who are preparing to devote themselves.

Before you a unique book! It will help you learn the techniques of communication Dale Carnegie. Fast. Reliably. Maximum efficiency! All the techniques of Carnegie set out clearly, concisely – in only 10 lessons. Practical exercises for each lesson will help you quickly master all the tips of the masters of communication and learn to apply them in real life. Dissected the typical difficulties that may arise in the mastering of techniques, and indicated ways to overcome them. This training book will be useful to anyone who wants to learn how to persuade and.

We started with the basics and gradually, from book to book, mastered the strategy of conversation and all sorts of tactical techniques of persuasion. It may seem that it’s time to stop, because now any verbal duel must inevitably turn out to be our victory. Wait! Have you ever thought that your interlocutor is no stranger to the art of persuasion? While you were practicing your rhetorical skills, he, too, wasted no time in working out a defense strategy. Yes, yes, a defense against you! He thinks he’s outsmarted you. Try it.

Speech Techniques HOW do you learn to manage your speech? HOW do you make your speech vibrant and expressive? HOW do you learn to speak beautifully? To speak beautifully means to speak convincingly, logically, with good diction and intonation. So wants to speak everyone. But many of us speak poorly. Why? Because on the speech and voice need to work. Well-pitched voice, a clear and correct speech – is the key to successful communication. Because the voice has a very strong influence not only on the mind but also on the feelings.

The work describes the experience of organizing classes in a ceramics workshop with children and adolescents who have various developmental disorders. These classes are considered as a possible way of formation of abilities and skills of subject-practical activity, development of communication with peers, increase of independence of children who do not have sufficient experience of social interaction and participation in creative activity. The work consists of an introduction and three parts that describe the features.

In the offered edition, we are talking about a group session of CRUG. In the Center for Therapeutic Pedagogy (Moscow), this activity is conducted with preschool-aged children with various, including severe, developmental disorders. The primary goal of the teachers at the CRUG session is to prepare children with emotional-volitional disorders for group exercises, to organize an environment that allows them to more easily adapt to a peer group, and to motivate them to participate in group exercises and communicate with their peers.

ICQ – this acronym has become firmly embedded in modern life. Along with classic email, ICQ is a convenient, universal and easy way for users of personal computers to communicate. This publication provides the reader with comprehensive information on installing and operating the most popular version of “instant mail”.

This book is a unique methodical training for the step-by-step mastering of the Dale Carnegie system. The system of exercises in the book allows you to quickly master all the basic techniques and apply them as effectively as possible. Before this book there was no such training! And few of those who have read Carnegie’s books can boast of being able to apply all the techniques of the great master of communication in practice.Exercises broken down into five training blocks, will allow you every day to improve their communication skills.

Effective communication can learn everyone in a short time! To do this, just do the necessary exercises in a certain mood. In what mood? What exercises? The answers – in this small but very practical and understandable book! The author of the book is a young dynamic psychologist who has more than four years teaching psychology in a new way. And very successfully! Read the book, learn to communicate so that you can achieve everything you want in today’s society!

Many people know Larissa Bolshakova. Her advice has helped a huge number of people, as evidenced by the active sales of her books and the many positive reviews. This book contains thirty new psychological techniques. How to avoid conflict situations? How to find a compromise? How to pick up a key to any, even a very difficult man? How to overcome overt and covert aggression? How to become a great conversationalist, a willing companion, the best subordinate and favorite boss? The answers you will find in this book!

Everyone knows how to talk and likes to talk, but the right topic and intonation, clearly articulate and clearly express his thoughts, talk to the interlocutor trustingly, to convince him of his case – it’s a whole art. This book is written by international experts on “communication techniques”, it will teach you to separate the phrases of formal politeness from the grains of truth and decipher non-verbal signals. You will be able to assess the sincerity of a partner and correctly interpret his thoughts, and the ability to say compliments.

The key to success in recruitment – properly built communication at all stages. The author offers a clear algorithm for communication when selecting employees: how to make a list of specific requirements for the candidate, to conduct the interview, assess the professionalism of applicants, to help a newcomer to the workplace.

This book contains all of Dale Carnegie’s most important tips collected in 33 lessons. But the most valuable thing here is the excellent practical exercises on practicing the principles of Carnegie, chosen so that the algorithms for successful communication “fit” into your speech, into your thinking, into your behavior. Also in the book you will find many exercises to awaken creativity, increase stress resistance and the ability to maintain equilibrium in all circumstances. A useful book for those who want to not.

A few words about the author: Andrey Belozerov was born in 1950 in Leningrad. After graduating from medical school, he worked in the ambulance service. Wounded in Afghanistan, where he was a military doctor. While being cured in the hospital, he wrote his first story “The Shard”. This work has never been published, but as a result the author had to leave the armed forces and retrain as a journalist. Belozerov returned to the medical profession in Chechnya, where he went under contract. Again.

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