Books about the psychology of men: telling the question

Books about the psychology of men: telling the question

Books about the relationship between a man and a woman, love, attraction and sexuality, male and female psychology In the selection includes the famous world and Russian bestsellers that will help men better know themselves and the opposite sex.

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“You Know Nothing About Men,” Steve Harvey

“A man’s love is expressed in three forms: he publicly claims you, protects you, and provides for you.”

“Momentary pleasure in exchange for a lifetime is too unprofitable a bargain. Unfortunately, there are many unfaithful men in the world who need to make a mistake, get caught, and pay for it in full to stop. And only then do they realize the true cost of what they have lost or could have lost.”

“No matter how diminutive or cute you are, when you are angry and blame us for what happened, saying “I’m just out of my mind!” in that most familiar of tones, a man sees a thirty-foot tall monster, weighing three hundred pounds, speaking in Darth Vader’s voice in front of him.”

“If a man does not seek to realize his dreams, if he does not do everything to find out ‘who he is,’ ‘what he does,’ and ‘how much he earns,’ he is doomed…”

“A man catches fish for two reasons: either out of a sporting interest or for food. That is, he will either try to catch the biggest fish he can catch, take a picture with it, brag about it to his buddies and … throw it back, or he will bring it home, weigh it, clean it, dip it in flour, fry it and put it on a plate. It seems to me to be a great analogy for how men look for women.”

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Books about men for women

Understanding a man can be difficult. A woman in love tries to please, but often receives reproaches or indifference. Sometimes – unwarranted jealousy. The representative of the stronger sex is shy, hides true feelings. A woman has to manage the relationship, to take the burden of responsibility. To understand your beloved girl can help books:

  1. “Act like a woman, think like a man” by R. Johnson. After reading the book, women will gain confidence and learn to understand their partner. Manual covers in detail the changes in the worldview of the stronger sex, the peculiarities of age categories, methods of interaction, ways to create a strong union.
  2. “How to Survive with a Man” by I. Khmelevskaya. Through specific irony writer reveals the essence of men, tells what to expect from them to correctly build a line of behavior. The writer gives a lot of practical advice based on personal experience.
  3. “You Know Nothing About Men” by S. Harvey. The book reveals men’s secrets that they prefer to hide. Using concrete examples, the author explains how to keep a lover, help self-actualization, create the right relationship that suits both of them.

Using the clues from the bestsellers, women will be able to better understand the psychology of their lovers’ actions. They will anticipate the behavior, manage them, but do not interfere with their development.

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“Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,” John Gray

“It is very difficult for a man to draw the line between sympathy and pity. He can’t stand to be pitied.”

“To feel that you are not needed is a slow death for a man.”

“Men are more willing to say yes if they have the opportunity to say no.”

“Two needs automatically alternate in a man, one for intimacy and the other for independence.”

“Men…can’t know what women need – they need to be told about it.”

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Manuals on the Psychology of Men

Among the best books on men’s psychology are manuals that are written by professional psychologists. They outline the fundamentals that help develop the best qualities to succeed in life. Must-reads are:

  1. “The Boy Father of the Man” by I. Kon. A psychologist with many years of practice, he is known for books that help people overcome life’s most difficult challenges. The rating of his works is headed by manuals revealing methods of personality formation. From early childhood, a boy is subject to a series of demands. He must meet expectations in order to be a respected member of society. Not everyone wants to follow the dictated rules. Kohn clearly shows the process of personality formation under the influence of society, gives advice to those coming out of the standards.
  2. “The Way of the Superman” by D. Dade. Society has certain scenarios for the development of personalities. Members of the stronger sex play the role of protectors, earners, strong, wise, and persistent. Men are tired, afraid of disappointment, of failing. In addition to advice on career development, personal growth, and self-development, the book contains a guide to creating harmonious relationships.
  3. “From Boy to Sage. Men’s Secrets” by P. Zygmantovich. Popular domestic psychologist argues that a boy must become strong independent, courageous and successful. On the pages of the publication, he debunks the established stereotypes of infantilism. Thanks to the advice of the writer, a young boy will go the way of personal development, self-fulfillment, and become a reliable support.

Manuals for the development of personality helps to better understand themselves, their desires, needs. The authors, understanding the hidden fears of readers, share practical advice useful to the wisdom of life seniors, adult men, young guys.

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“The Language of Relationships,” Alan and Barbara Pease

“He wants to empty himself, she wants to fill up. Understanding these factors makes a man and a woman more attentive lovers.”

“A man’s sexual attraction can be likened to a gas stove: the fire in it flares up instantly and immediately at full power. It goes out just as quickly when the food is cooked. The sexual attraction of a woman is comparable to an electric stove: it slowly heats up to its maximum temperature and takes much longer for a gas stove to cool down.”

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The best books on the psychology of relationships

A separate category of psychological books is literature aimed at becoming a normal relationship between opposites. They are suitable for reading together, because it is necessary to work on the relationship together: to overcome obstacles, to celebrate successes, to experience disappointments, to correct mistakes. Following the advice will help the couple:

  • learn to trust;
  • to look for compromises;
  • remain individuals without dissolving into a relationship;
  • develop and grow together;
  • Appreciate the partner, respect the natural needs.

Some of the bestselling books that have helped thousands of readers save relationships include:

  1. “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” by D. Gray. A popular handbook that reveals the basic differences between members of the opposite sexes. Gray shows how to avoid misunderstandings, use personality traits, and create healthy relationships.
  2. “How Men Spoil Relationships and How Women Help Them Do It” by P. McNally. The psychologist looks at typical situations that lead to relationship breakdowns. He reveals popular topics of concern to readers: how not to fear loneliness, identify the right person, create a harmonious union, and help your loved one develop and grow.
  3. “Basic Instinct” by I. Vagin, A. Gluschai. This manual is created on the basis of real stories. Breaking down typical mistakes of their readers, the authors explain how to achieve harmony in romantic and sexual relationships. An accessible form of presentation helps readers to choose among the many useful tips that will help them, and successfully apply in everyday life.

Popular psychology works aimed at preserving relationships at any stage. Tips from them can be used and young lovers, and couples with years of experience. Even a marriage on the brink of divorce can be saved if you follow the advice from the practical manuals.

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“How to Fall in Love with Anyone,” by Lail Lowndes

“Remember that for men, getting close is not about sitting around a restaurant table, looking each other deep in the eye and discussing your feelings – it’s about working together.”

“Ladies, it’s not the size of your breasts or the shape of your thighs that’s much more important to a man, but the ‘size and shape’ of your attitude toward sexuality and how you handle his individual sexuality.”

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Useful Video

The video presents the top 5 relationship psychology books that every man should read.

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Love = art

Title: Erich Fromm The Art of Loving.

A wonderful book that helps not only to save a crumbling relationship, but also to look much deeper, into the soul of each partner. The author encourages his readers to build the right and harmonious relationship, from which both will receive only positive emotions. The practical advice in the book about family relationships will be useful not only for girls, but also for guys.

The best books about male-female relationships can be found in Telegram at the bot @flibustafreebookbot .

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“Women Who Love Too Much,” Norwood Robin

“Remember: if you are the reason he gives up a bad habit, you will also be the reason he goes back to it.”

“In your relationships with men, you are much more closely tied to your dream of how things might work out than to the actual situation.”

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Yin and Yang

Title: Michael Litvak, “Man and Woman.

Psychological book about the relationship between men and women by Mikhail Litvak reveals many secrets. It deals in detail the male and female points of view. It is based on these opposites and the construction of a correct and happy family.

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Raise your worth.

Title: Robin Norwood Women Who Love Too Much.

There are those psychological books about relationships that readers take apart in quotes. “Women Who Love Too Much” is one of them. The book will help every girl look inside herself, see all the mistakes she’s made in her relationships with guys, and raise her value significantly.

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Difference in Concepts

Title: Gary Chapman The 5 Love Languages.

The author in his book describes a very interesting classification of behavioral patterns of relations between a man and a woman. Look at yourself and your partner from the outside to get to the truth.

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High Vibrations

Title: Helen Andeline The Allure of Femininity.

Looking for interesting books about boyfriend-girlfriend relationships that will help you build a harmonious and conscious relationship? Fortunately, a book called Charming Femininity will come to your rescue . If you are ready to work not only on your relationship, but also on yourself, feel free to add this book to your library.

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Title: Andrew Ryder, “The Mask, or the Formula of the Perfect Wife.

If you are looking for psychological books about the relationship between husband and wife, then you might find literature by Andrew Ryder. The author himself dubbed his creation “the novel-formula of love to the grave.

But be prepared for the perception of completely new information, which may differ significantly from your worldview. Do not take everything in stride, try to analyze the entire text you read, and then think about it. The necessary advice will remain in your head.

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The Way to Yourself

And here is my collection of articles to help you discover your uniqueness and find your integrity:

You can see even more articles if you click on the picture!

Read books about man/woman relationships because they have a lot of useful information to help change us and our partner. Fortunately, there are a lot of them now. Perhaps it is this valuable information that will help keep a huge number of couples from breaking up.

Thank you for your time.

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Top 15 books for women about men

This book is a fusion of life stories, wise advice and practical recommendations. The enlightened Master from India gives an accurate and quite frank portrait of the modern man. Osho describes men in a variety of hypostasis: Son, Friend, Husband, Macho, Warrior, Player Priest, Scientist, etc. Each has his own characteristics and each needs a special approach.

2. Robert A. Johnson – “Him. Deeper Aspects of Male Psychology.”

What does it mean to “be a man,” and what are the stages of turning a naive boy into a mature husband? What place do women have in men’s lives, and how is the “war of the sexes” related to the legend of Parfisal? Interpreting medieval myth, Robert Alex Johnson finds interesting answers to non-trivial questions.

3. Steve Harvey – “You Know Nothing About Men.”

The bestselling author of “Act Like a Woman, Think Like a Man” continues to uncover men’s secrets. You will learn what to expect from a man when he is 20, 30, 40, 50 years old and more, whether, using methods of the CIA, you can get the truth from the lover, how to become his soul mate and achieve harmony in sex, finances and hobbies.

4. Greg Behrendt, Liz Tuccillo – “He Just Doesn’t Like You: The Whole Truth About Men”

Do you feel like a man is acting illogically? Are you ready to find excuses for his incomprehensible and disreputable actions? You have made a step towards and have already gone a mile? It’s time to face the truth – so decided the authors of this book. But do not let the truth scare you: knowledge allows you to cut out of your life men who do not deserve you!

5 Ellen Fain, Sherry Schneider – “Rules. How to Marry the Man of Your Dreams.”

This book is an Elle editor’s pick and a “must-read” by People magazine. Over the past 20 years it has sold over 7 million copies. It is said that by following the recommendations of the authors, Kate Middleton became the wife of Prince William, Beyonce met the man of her dreams and Blake Lively won the heart of Leonardo DiCaprio. Trouble-free rules will lead you to your desired goal, too!

6. Natalia Rybitskaya – “Men’s Acquisition. A guide to winning and keeping men.”

Each of us has its own male ideal. But the ways of dating and conquering a variety of men are still similar. This book is a set of effective and accessible psychological techniques, thanks to which the Man of your dreams will move from the category of “fairy tale princes” in the real life companions.

7. Andrei Ilyichev – “Practical Guide to Hunting Men”.

Tired of theory and advice in the style of “where there are real men and under what sauce to cook them”? Get to the practice! This book is written by a representative of the stronger sex, which means that you have a unique opportunity to assess the process of hunting not only from the perspective of the huntress, but also from the perspective of the “trophy”.

8. Dilya Enikeeva – “Make him fall in love!”

Some women are always surrounded by admirers, while others struggle to find a mate. How to make a man fall in love with you and, in general, what makes men fall in love? Is it true that all men are fickle and whether you can be the only one for your loved one? Look for answers in a book by psychologist and sexologist Dily Enikeeva.

9. Dilya Enikeeva – “I chose the wrong man.”

“To get married is not a misfortune, as long as you do not get married,” – says a well-known saying. Dily Enikeeva’s second book about the “bad boys”, egoists, tyrants at home, nerds, grumblers, “chameleons”, stingy, slackers, and other specimens, ready to shift the responsibility for the family on the shoulders of his wife and live at his pleasure. This book will keep young girls from making mistakes. And mature women will know what to do as the wife of a man with a difficult character.

10. Lilya Gushchina – “Man and his training methods.

Men are divided into rich and poor, active and lazy, geniuses and fools. And women? Happy and not. A happy woman is one who is loved. Around her revolve fans, secret admirers send her bouquets, and the One and Only deflates the dust. Want to know what the secret? Then, going in search of personal happiness, do not forget to read this book.

11. Eugene Kolesov – “Secret Book for Women, or How to manage a man.

Do you want to get a “remote control man,” which will help turn the relationship from eternal struggle into eternal bliss? The author gives you this magical device! Many examples, tests and recommendations will help you choose the right “program” control and “tune” the relationship so that they bring pleasure and comfort to both.

12. Irina Antonova – “Men and how to pull the strings out of them.

Husband, lover, boyfriend, boss, neighbor, colleague … Men surround us everywhere. That’s just to get their attention, understanding, respect and admiration is sometimes very difficult. Do you want to change the situation? Do you want to “twist the ropes” of men? Psychologist Irina Antonova ready to teach you how to do it.

13. John Gray – “Men are from Mars, women from Venus.

One of the greatest bestsellers of our time. It is a book that changed the lives of a great many people for the better. Most of the problems in a man-woman relationship arise because we are really different. And not just different people–we are from different planets. Our approach to most issues is so different that a special common language is needed for a real understanding.

And this book will help each and every one of us to find and learn that language. And when we learn it, most of the reasons for being unhappy in love, family and business relations will disappear.

1 4. Joanna Chmielewska – “How to Survive with a Man”

“Every joke has its share of…jokes.” This book is more like a parody of relationship treatises than a serious “instruction manual.” Ironic remarks, witty advice and witty satire. However, through the funny form comes very accurate observations of life. Maybe it is time to look at relationships in a humorous way.

15. Larissa Renar – “Make your husband a millionaire.

This book is a novel and training under one cover. This fascinating and eye-opening stories of four women who were able to achieve financial well-being, prosperity, abundance and harmony in family life with the advice of Larissa Renar. Want to make your husband successful and help him climb the career ladder? Then this book is for you, because as you know, “behind every successful man is a successful woman.

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