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5 colorful books about intuition, hidden abilities and the subconscious

Especially for Women’s Day March 8 we offer you a selection of useful books on the activation of important inner resources: intuition, subconscious, hidden abilities. Save this list to your computer – you may need it at any time.

Intuition is not a mystic or miracle, but a natural human ability. All the answers are already inside us, we just have to learn to “hear” them. This book is about how to “turn on” intuition to its full power and use it in different life situations. Here you will find 10 useful exercises that you will not find in Russian-language sources. This book has not been published in Russian, but there is a review of it in our BooksKrutko Library. Please note: twice a month we publish reviews of books that have not been published in Russian.

In his bestseller, John Kehoe writes: In order to change external circumstances, one must first change internal ones. Yes, a single thought does not have much power, but after repeated repetition it forms consciousness. Consciousness influences the way of thinking, which influences habits and actions, which, in turn, can lead us to or away from the goal. In addition, Kehoe recommends enhancing and utilizing elements of the subconscious mind such as intuition, concentration and dreams. In his book he writes about exactly how to do this and how to apply such skills to real-life situations.

Sociologist Malcolm Gladwell believes that everyone has intuition and that it is worth listening to. Our unconscious, without our participation, processes huge amounts of data and hands out the right decision on a silver platter, which we can only use and not let slip through our fingers. However, intuition is easily frightened off by a lack of time to make a decision, by a state of stress, and by trying to describe our thoughts and actions in words. The book “Insight. The Power of Instant Decisions” is about how to make the most of your intuition.

Edward de Bono, a British psychologist, developed a method to teach effective thinking. The six hats are six different ways of thinking. De Bono suggests “trying on” each hat to learn how to think in different ways depending on the situation. The red hat represents emotion, the black hat represents criticism, the yellow hat represents optimism, the green hat represents creativity, the blue hat represents thought management, and the white hat represents facts and figures. Just learn to put on the right hat at the right moment mentally, and you will easily solve long-term problems, make difficult decisions, and come out the winner of intellectual duels. The book is about how this method works.

In today’s world, work tasks will require greater concentration of cognitive effort and greater creativity. People who have mastered the skill of deep immersion at work have a competitive advantage. Professor Cal Newport shares the secrets of deep concentration in this book. Please note: the book is not available in Russian. It is available as a review of the main ideas in our BooksBrief Library.

Reviews of all books on this list are available in the BooksBrief Library. Please note: You can read two of them, the first and the fifth, only from us. Also keep in mind that subscribers of the BooksBrief Library receive twice a month reviews of books that have not been published in Russian. Read them here.


Intuition. How to develop it and learn to use it. Roethlisberger Linda.

Intuition is the most important property of the psyche, capable of giving a person precious advice and keeping him out of danger. But how often we forget about it in today’s rational world, far from nature! How often we do not trust it, stifling its voice inside us. This book will help the reader to develop an intuition, which is given to all people from birth. Lessons based on meditation, you will learn to listen to your inner voice, sharpen your subtle senses and strengthen your spirit. To develop intuition means to make one more step on the path of spiritual self-improvement.

Superintuition. Tepperwein Kurt.

In this book, the therapist and psychotherapist Kurt Tepperwein discusses the possibilities of developing intuition and transforming it into superintuition – the ability to subtly sense the world around you, perceive signs of the future and anticipate events. You will gain telepathy and clairvoyance skills and learn how to use your intuition to discover your abilities and improve your health and quality of life. The simple superintuition training exercises in the book will contribute to your success.

Lost Intuition. Semyonov V.V.

Plato is the ancestor of dialectics and the doctrine of intuition, and by and large philosophy as a science. He posed the most important, most fundamental questions of philosophy, and, despite the prevalence of mythological form in the presentation of his teaching, he either solved many of these questions, or came very close to solving them.

Discover reality beyond the mind. Trust your intuition. Osho.

Remembering the Future. The path to restoring intuition. Colette Baron-Reid.

You will learn how to discover the gift of intuitive perception, how to receive psychic information and correctly decipher spiritual messages. Through simple exercises based on spiritual principles, you will be able to develop your innate ability for superfine perception and enhance your intuition.

Creative intuition in art and poetry. Jacques Maritain.

Jacques Maritain was a prominent French philosopher, neo-Thomist, creator of the original cultural-philosophical concept, which largely predetermined the evolution of Catholicism doctrine. “Creative Intuition in Art and Poetry is one of Maritain’s greatest works. Aiming to reveal the deep mechanisms of artistic creativity, the author, above all, explores the relationship between the conceptual and extralogical spheres of the human intellect, develops the theory of the “spiritual unconscious”, fundamentally opposed to the unconscious of the Freudians. Considering poetry to be the true element and the unifying beginning of all arts, Maritain seeks to comprehend as fully as possible the nature of poetic experience and the poetic knowledge of the world. In doing so, he draws a distinction between the creative “I” and the self-centered “ego” that is relevant for our time. The book is intended for philosophers, art historians, literary scholars and all those interested in the problems of creativity.

The development of intuition and supersensible perception. O.A.Andreev, L.N.Khromov.

The technique of development of intuition and supersensible perception. Includes 8 talks with exercises and control tasks.

Self-training manual for the development of intuition. Day Laura.

Intuition is a great ability gifted to man by nature. Subconscious, speaking to us in the language of intuition, knows the answers to many exciting human questions. We only need to learn how to ask them correctly and be able to decipher the answers, which intuition gives in the form of images and symbols.This book in an easy and accessible form, step by step will lead you to master this knowledge and techniques that will help you believe in their power and to achieve success in life.

Developing Intuition. Looking Into the Future. Shubina E. V.

It is known that a person uses only part of his unique abilities in ordinary life. This book is real proof that you can become a psychic by learning to feel the subtle vibrations of the world, to see and recognize signs, to feel people, to understand the causes of many mysterious phenomena. With the help of the author, a well-known body psychotherapist, you will repeatedly expand your opportunities in the “real”, earthly world. It will be easier for you to achieve success in your career and personal life, you will live in harmony with yourself and others, and maybe even change your destiny for the better. When you start working with the book, you will almost immediately see the confirmation that the method really works.

The voice of inner wisdom. The development of intuition in children and adults. Choket Sonia.

The book is dedicated to intuition – the voice of inner wisdom, with which every person is born. Sonia Choquette has been advising people on the development of the “sixth sense” for decades. According to the author, intuition is particularly acute in children, but this gift is not accepted by all parents. Many treat the “cryptic” statements of their child indulgently and thus block the incipient ability of the young “predictor. In the book Sonia Choquette encourages parents to engage in the development of intuitive qualities in children from an early age, not forgetting their own personality.

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