Birthday greetings to the man in verse – describe in detail

Birthday wishes To the Boy In verses

Beloved, happy birthday greetings. How I love you, I can’t tell you. I hug you very tenderly And I want to tell you a lot of things.

I wish you Only happy events, Love in your soul, Let the light never go out. I hope that our life threads Have been connected For many long years.

Let love make you happy, Let joy come every day. I wish you a beautiful destiny, And let your life always be full of energy.

Let your hands always be warm And your gaze fill with kindness, With you I know no boredom, How well you are with me. Let your holiday be celebrated To be remembered For all eternity. Everyone knows, and so do I: You’re a fine man.

You’re a straight and daring fellow, You can make us laugh! Sometimes you can be harsh, But your soul is the kindest! You’ll help in any case, Whoever asks you, And for your friend, You don’t spare any time or effort! Happy Birthday! Our most faithful And tried and true friend! Be the first in everything, Conquering all around!

I wish to see the real world, Not through the monitor in your PC… And fly on a shining Boeing Ahead to the beckoning continents! Let your work be a pleasure, Bringing in endless income. May pennies never be counted, May luxury and comfort surround you! Let this birthday bring All your cherished dreams closer… Live as if you were the master of this life, Pick up heaps of luck Like flowers!

I wish the boy Happy Birthday, He deserves the highest praise in life, But I wish him a lot of patience, To pass the time, and he became a champion! But in the meantime, Earthly joys, Let him never leave, And let his dear ones be by his side, Let him know the price of love!

When in his hour of sorrow he’ll lift his head to the sky, He’ll be able to be warmed by the sun, Giving each needy man a piece of bread!

I wish you could always smile, You’ve got a great smile on your face. I wish you’d never make a mistake, Though we learn from our mistakes.

I want you to be the happiest. You know, sunshine, it’s easy. Be the first, but be a little patient. It’s never too late to live the high life!

I wish you wouldn’t make up masks In the endless flow of your days. Be simple, like those dreamers in fairy tales, But remember, you’re one of the kings.

Be firm in your desires, in your decisions, Let the new day bring you nothing but happiness. Be happy, happy birthday! I believe that everything is within your power!

For you, all the doors are open We’ll never go astray And in success, no doubt, believe All the obstacles together to pass I congratulate you fondly Happy Birthday, be happy! Let luck and the light of hope Brighten up your path!

Be confident, courageous and strong, After all, such people are always lucky. Be open, but moderately naïve, If you make moves, then go ahead!

Aim for, make bold progress And make the most of all opportunities. If difficulties, don’t be dismayed, Behind them, success usually comes!

¶ Happy birthday, let everything come true, Let childhood dreams come true. ♪ May fortune smile on your face And may you always be successful ♪

My beloved, gentle beast, I say to you without hesitation! Today is a wonderful, beautiful day – Today is your birthday! I wish you much strength, Smiles and many guests! All the best for you, my dear, And the most reliable friends!

I wish you inspiration, Warmth from the native fire! Happy Birthday, my darling! Hug and kiss you! Let all adversity flee! And the way will be easy as silk! May a card always come from a deck that’s in your mind!

I wish you Happiness smile on your face, Life without evil, Only good things in life, Bad things gone forever. Let the years go by, Don’t be controlled by them, Let goodness in your heart Never fade away, I wish you health and happiness, You my dearest and favorite man.

I wish you Only bright days in life, Reliable, faithful, devoted friends, I wish to bypass sorrows and worries, Overcome the hardships of the chosen road, May you always, in everything luck, On your birthday, century, every year! On your birthday, on your birthday, let the hour of hope and faith

The hour of hope, of faith, of achievement! I wish you new and unexplored paths, And courage and strength To pass them.

Today is the day that peeks in my window like a bright ray: It’s the best guy’s birthday,” he whispered. But I’m so on your birthday I’m waiting To wish you Love, mood And sunny warmth!

I’d like to say Happy Birthday to you With all my love, All that you wish, Today I’ll give you! Let your days be bright and clear, Let your soul be radiant with happiness, And let your life be beautiful, Your destiny’s good as gold!

I’m mad about you, You’re my life and my youth, You’re my jealousy, You’re my jealousy!

Oh, my lion, my tiger, my kitten, Not enough words to tell, How I love you, little bunny, Well, all right, I’ll congratulate you:

I wish all were well in life, In the family let comfort reign, Let money be obscene, Let friends appreciate, love, wait.

In studies, business, work, Everywhere – good luck and success, Live in freedom and flight, And be like that, better than all!

You’re the gentlest on earth, The most caring and sweetest, I’m so grateful to fate That time has given you! Let there be in your life’s way Only men Who can give you Only love, a helping hand!

May destiny help you, May happiness give you much, And the sun light your way, And the road be bright!

I wish you Happiness and happiness, I wish you Health and happiness On your birthday And all year round, always.

I wish you a dream, I wish you a beautiful life, You can overcome all obstacles with confidence And you can have all you want!

¶¶ We wish you a happy birthday, Wishing you all the best, Always looking your best, More female attention, Kisses and cuddles, Invite everybody to the party, Make wine and vodka,

# And always, today and always, In blooming springtime, All your friends Congratulate you, Be the first To be everywhere!

I wish a guy On his birthday, The most festive mood And always enjoy the fun And be bathed in care As in the sea.

I wish all the problems to solve at once, To know that faithful friends are around, To live Your life full of paints and always love me sincerely.

Let all the failures pass you by, You’re the best, clever, desirable, dear! Let your life Be even more cheerful: New peaks and victories, Faithful and good friends. Stay the same Courageous, confident, strong, Never be sick, Happiness to you, birthday boy!

On your birthday I wish you to live with taste and without fuss! Let your mood be bright, Let all your dreams come true!

♪ Always strive to the top, and move forward ♪ Let your soul always find Reasons to be happy!

♪ Beloved, it’s your birthday ♪ I can’t live a day without love, I can’t live a day without love… And that’s why this day is So meaningful, I know it’ll make all your wishes come true. And I’d like to say, let life be a charm!

I’m lucky, my boyfriend’s handsome, He’s smart and He’s lucky in his life, It’s not a coincidence he meets me! I love you very much, my hero. I want to wish you on your birthday, So that you don’t get bored. Let your dreams come true And you’ll be the best!

I wish you good luck In all your endeavors, Let victories come one by one, Dreams come true, Tasks to be solved, And troubles to be by your side.

Courage, determination, peace and friendship! Good people to meet On your way! Let happiness cheer you up and make you go round, To never be sad or bored.

Let there be fun, and joy, and rest, Let there be surprises, presents and laughter. In your family and in your soul, bright weather. Go to your goals, don’t be afraid of hindrances!

Birthday greetings to the man

We wish real successes in achievements creative and material!

Birthday greetings

I wish you Realize your plans, dreams and ideas, To believe in yourself and your power, To win in any case!

♫ Voice greetings We wish you happiness and joy, No failures and gloomy days, To make your soul brighter, To smile more often, Don’t get upset over nothing, Never get nervous or get sick, To love, work and get rich!

We wish you happiness and good luck, health, long bright years! And with ease to any task Brilliant find the answer! To reach the pinnacle of career, And in the personal sphere to succeed – To live temperamentally and brightly, And with optimism look ahead! ↑ 56 ↓

We love you, birthday boy, long time ago! # Luck, health, talent and success, # Wins in work, laughing joyfully. Victory in life We wish you to walk and may only happiness Be on your way! ↑ 3 ↓

Health – good, Every day – nice, House – nice, Wind – fair, Work – good, Dream – unusual, Smile – cheerful, Luck – eternal! ↑ -253 ↓

You, as a man, are kingliness and strength, You, as a man, are the work of Heaven! You, as a man, are the light of heaven, You, as a man, are a wonder of wonders! You, as a man, are a miracle from the sky, You, as a man, are a wonder from the sea. ↑ 20 ↓

Let every hour be kind, Let your spirits be good! Make your heart warm every day, Happy moments! # Let life bring you good luck, Reward, joy and good luck! I wish you happiness, long years, Wins, Health, Inspiration! ↑ -3 ↓

The birthday boy is wonderful, He’s the best in the world! He lives in a mansion, You won’t find a lovelier place in the world. He’s got a wife Of high society, He’s got a wife of high society And he’s got a wife of high society And he’s got a wife of high society And he’s got a wife of high society And he’s got a wife of high society Children, like those in the movies, All smart as they are. And in the end, I wish you all happiness! ↑ 8 ↓

Joy, goodness and happiness! No reason to be sad! And in good health, of course, till great-grandchildren wedding! ¶¶ Let happily fate never cease to inspire, I wish you great plans and good mood now! ↑ 28 ↓

On your birthday I wish you to be always lucky! I wish that all your current affairs would go straight to success! May your apartment be big, May your house in the country be high, May wages and advances never fit in your wallet! I wish your health were strong, I wish your roof were solid, I wish all storms and tempests Turned into a breeze! ↑ -18 ↓

What can I say about the birthday boy? His face is manly, His heart is noble, His intelligence is mighty, His character is true, His eyes are pure, His look is piercing, His head is boiling, He rules, He knows how to do everything, He spares no effort. He’s the kind of man that everybody thinks he is! Happy birthday to him! ↑ 30 ↓

Wishing him daring plans and ideas, Peaks you want to strive for, And dear, true people to share his happiness with! ↑ 34 ↓

Confidence and spirit of freedom, that’s your number one! Forward! Onward to new heights! You’ll be a success in no time! And with it, happiness and good luck, You’ll enjoy alot! There’ll be cars, money, summer cottages And over the fate will be the power! ↑ 36 ↓

¶¶ With your strength, my strength, I wanna make the world go round ¶¶ Oh, so solid and so handsome, Eagle, you can’t take it anymore! Even if you’re not a poet, And in your soul you’re not a civil servant, But you’re at least a colonel! ↑ 41 ↓

Let there be joy, happiness, happiness, at work and at home, Let days be happy, Let good news wait! ¶¶ Let the adventures of life be all the rage, Love and cherish your folks, Be happy, healthy and rich! ↑ 51 ↓

¤ You’re a kind-hearted man, Stay the same forever, Be faithful and happy, Have a good time and live a good life, Be persistent, noble, To deeds always ready, May your family be healthy, Well, happy birthday to you! ↑ 34 ↓

¶¶Let fate take you On the new roads, unknown, good luck in everything, Let your income grow like a snowball, Let the light go green On all your dreams and plans, With the flow of bright years You’ll be the happiest! ↑ 43 ↓

For the man, on his birthday We wish him happiness and success, The attention of his wife! To build a house and plant trees And love-agree with your children, You don’t need much for your happiness, Just a house, a wife and kids And love as a reward! ↑ 12 ↓

Happy Birthday, I wish you a healthy life! I wish you good luck, conquering heights, good fit in any corner, a loving job, happy family, make all your wishes come true, On the way to victories, with happiness on your side! ↑ 23 ↓

Congratulations from us, this is one, To send you kind words, this is two, To be always ahead, this is three, To live in harmony and peace, this seems to be four. To never be discouraged – that’s exactly 5, To multiply all that we have – that’s 6, and also – 7. To be always successful together – that’s 8, 9, 10 And to add to that, happiness, joy, luck! ↑ 22 ↓

Happy Birthday to you and we wish you a lot of health, nice work, worries to go away, and more stars! ↑ 51 ↓

I wish you good luck! In apartments, in cars, at work, in the country! Good luck in shopping, Good luck in selling, In suits on the meeting, In bathing suits on the beach! Health and happiness Coming to you soon Health and happiness Warming your soul with kindness! ↑ 10 ↓

I wish you happiness! I wish you a jolly good spirit! ^ ^ ^ ^ ™ I wish you joy by the wagon and happiness ^ ™ ™ ™ ™ So that your spirit is strong and you have strength! ↑ 30 ↓

¶ Wishing you positivity, goodness and creativity, health – luxurious, merry – grape, life – carefree, cheerfulness – eternal! ↑ 18 ↓

I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart – Don’t ever change! Stay as yourself – simplicity is in short supply! I wish you Happiness will be with you, Life’s beauty will shine, Luck won’t forget, And goodness will bring you luck! ↑ 13 ↓

^^Let all the changes be for the better, Always have the strength for everything, And the Motto – Came, Seen, Won! ↑ 42 ↓

Congratulations! I wish you happiness! I wish, above all, that you’re a wonderful man, May your happiness last forever. Fortune stays lucky, It’ll never be gloomy. In deeds reigns good fortune, That you are happy, no other way! ↑ 30 ↓

For the glorious moment, We’ll find a reason in a jiffy, Today is the birthday of the best man! We wish you a good life, To make you happy! # Be in shape, of course, And let the fun begin! ↑ 34 ↓

¶¶ With all my heart and soul I wish you health, courage and laughter, In all your deeds – victories, success, Your lucky star would always shine And you’d make so much of it That you’d laugh a little! ↑ 22 ↓

¶¶ May your next year be without worries at all! ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ¶¶ Joy and goodness will come, good luck and happiness will come ^ ^ ^ ¶ So that you can do what you like On the edge of your life ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ¶ ↑ 38 ↓

¶¶ I wish you happiness, joy, take your luck in stride ¶¶ I wish you Happiness, joy, happiness and good luck! Think boldly, vigorously, Act accurately and in your step! Think boldly, energetically, act accurately and in your step, Don’t let things go wrong, A waterfall of money awaits! ↑ 33 ↓

We wish to become the Hero of our time! To multiply and keep all the most important values! For your loved ones, always be a pillar, a reliable support, a shoulder to lean on, a man of temper! ↑ 25 ↓

Let the years fly away Like leaves – We’re sitting hard in the saddle! ¶¶ Let life change like the weather, Staying beautiful on your own! ↑ 37 ↓

Birthday boy, congratulations! Happy days and woman’s love, Life is beautiful, just like in a fairy tale, success deserved in the struggle – Let all come true for you! ↑ 18 ↓

Happy Birthday to you, urgently! Let me make you happy With my wish of fortitude, optimism and fire! May life always be well-fed, sweet, smooth, with fire! Let deeds go to successes, And victories – every day!

I wish you Long days in life, To make your ideas come true! To have everything in abundance, Among loving people! May happiness drown in your dreams, May your purse be deep and wide And full of money!

Be happy, my darling! All the best! ♪ May everything turn out as you wish! # In your measured destiny, may there be No place for sorrows # Health don’t fail, And you’ll be younger with age. Let all your dreams come true And those who are dearest near you!

I wish you Happy Birthday, I wish you Happiness in your soul, Wins, joys and smiles, No mistakes, More money and success, To be serious when laughing, To have fun on the Canary Islands, To walk the streets sweetly, To win at every moment Bringing dividends!

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I wish you good luck in every case, I wish you achieve your goals. You give everybody a lot of positivity – so let fate reward you for it!


    Congratulations! On your birthday, we decided not to trifle, and wish you a thousand years of happiness, miles of joy and bags of good luck!
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