Birthday greeting words: read in all the details

Wise birthday wishes in your own words

Instead of wishing words, I want to voice the words that should accompany you in life. Here’s that list: Good health, good luck, love, joy, happiness, financial well-being and reliable friends. None of this would be complete without the comforts of home, sunny days, smiles and reckless fun. May you have it all, and we’ll be there for you and rejoice in such splendor!

They say, how you spend your birthday, so the whole year will be afterwards. I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart on your birthday, on this bright holiday. And I wish that all your plans come true one by one. May there never be a gloomy day in your life. And that the sun generously pampered you with its rays and warmed your soul. Let only good people meet you on your way, and add to your life, something good. And even if you get lost, and you don’t know what to do, never give up your hands, and raise your head to heaven and ask your Guardian Angel for help. Believe in miracles and they will come into your life. So celebrate your holiday with a great mood, and a smile on your face. And believe that success will come to your life and take your friend luck. Happiness to you on this day, a whole carload. And many pleasant surprises!

On the bright holiday of your birthday I wish you not to be bored, to live merrily and freely, to fulfill your desires and to keep every happy moment in your heart! Let always have time for family and friends, let love be real and hot in your life! May more dear people gather at your lavish anniversary in many years, and may you please us with a confession that all your dreams have come true!

Happy Birthday! Good luck in all your endeavors, wish fulfillment, always bright and good mood, faith in yourself and progress towards your goals. And also wonderful health, more smiles both in holidays and weekdays, and let every day be filled with happiness and warmth

May your birthday be filled with sunshine and warmth of heartfelt wishes. May your life be like a rainbow – every day will be a new, bright, happy streak. Happy holiday to you!

Wise birthday wishes in their own words for birthday boys and girls

Everything in a man should be beautiful, and in particular – the soul. Therefore, on your birthday, first of all, I want to wish you to always keep in your heart the faith in a miracle and warm sunshine, to frown less and to smile more! Happiness to you, kindness and love!

HOORAY. Happy Birthday. So many years I’ve known you and every time you surprise us with your new talents! So multifaceted personality of incredible beauty, with a terrific sense of humor, inspiring us to new achievements and good deeds! From the bottom of my heart I wish you to always believe in yourself, grow only upward, finally fly a private jet, be healthier than everyone alive and love the world as it loves you! Have a great holiday and lots of flowers!

Many beautiful words will be said to you today, many smiles and pleasantries addressed to you! I wish that throughout your new year you don’t forget (a) how much everyone loves you! And remember, this age won’t come back and may it be a great year! Happy Birthday!

For some reason it’s on your birthday that we like to sum up the results of life and make plans… Well, then! All we have to do is to congratulate you on your birthday and wish you always achieve your goals as a crowned happiness winner!

I congratulate you on this wonderful holiday – happy birthday! I wish you to smile every day, to wake up with good mood, to enjoy your life and to run towards your cherished dreams with full confidence.

Today we wish Happy Birthday to a man of excellent mental qualities, a man in whose big, warm heart there is a place for each of us. We – friends, colleagues, relatives and loved ones – wish the birthday boy a long and happy life, whichever way you look at it, a prosperous one!

Happy Birthday! On this solemn and important holiday I wish you that which brings immeasurable happiness in gold – kindness and love! Let your life be a long succession of happy days, in which there is room and time for love and fulfilled desires!

Congratulations on your birthday! You have already been wished good health, great happiness and pure love. These are the basic pillars that are sure to go into the wishes. But there is something without which, even those wishes will be hard to come true. I wish you good luck! Let it accompany you in all affairs and not leave you even for a moment. I wish you luck! May it follow you around and guard you even in little things. I wish you caring friends! Only they will listen to all your wishes and can find the zest, without which the list of warm words won’t be complete!

You have one very rare quality – you know how to hear, give and love. These are the values that few people possess in this age of selfishness. I don’t just want, but I really want your life to be happy, your fortune and prosperity to accompany you throughout your life, your close people not to betray you and support you in difficult times. Stay as sincere and decent person as we know and love you! Happy Birthday. Have a joyous holiday!

It’s an old saying, they like to compare a man with an animal… This one has the eye of an eagle. This one has the heart of a lion… And you… if you think carefully, you are a fantastic and versatile animal, with which I congratulate you on your birthday and wish you the same diverse happiness!

Festive words of wisdom on your birthday

May you be haunted by pleasant heaps today – heaps of friends, heaps of gifts, heaps of kisses, heaps of fulfilled wishes and heaps of hilarious emotions! And all the troubles, sorrows, sorrows we will put in a separate pile and throw it so far away that they will all be forgotten forever!

We are looking forward to the Radiant Birthday Celebration as much as you are, and the simple, everyday words can not express everything that we would like to say on this wonderful day! We congratulate you and wish you a life as bright as fireworks, as bright as the sun in the morning, as fresh as a breeze in the Caribbean Sea and wonderful, satisfying all the cherished and simple desires!

Today I especially want to wish you a Happy Birthday! The past year has brought us closer together, and for me this day has become something more than a friend’s holiday! I don’t just congratulate you, but I wish you next year, with all my heart, to take the best from life as much as it can give! More health, more money, more positivity, energy, love adventures, decent people, new pleasant meetings and happy moments! Congratulations*

Congratulations on your brightest birthday! May miracles and wishes come true today! I wish in life a lot of beautiful, delightful and joyful! May there never be boredom or melancholy! Let there be loving and beloved people, dear and loyal friends! Let fate be affectionate and give happiness! I wish to live long and full, enjoy all pleasures of life and in luxury! May illnesses and stresses go away and forestry! May life be easy and fun, without effort and quarrels, in love and grace!

May your birthday be filled with sunshine and warmth of heartfelt wishes. May your life be like a rainbow – every day will be a new, bright, happy streak. Happy holiday to you!

What does the world stand on? On kindness and love, of course! Those two magic particles that make us laugh and love, dream and become better… So let them never run out in your life and help you feel your place in life and make the whole world better!

Happy Birthday! I’d like to wish, which I’m happy to do now, the best of health. If surprises – then only pleasant, if acquaintances – then the most cordial, if news – then the most long-awaited. I wish you the highest income and the most pleasant expenses. Skiing winters for you, hot ocean years, warm blooming springs and bright autumn in a warm country. And in general, happiness year-round for millions of years to come!

Congratulations on your birthday! I wish I could give you a hug right now, but know that mentally I am with you on this beautiful holiday! So accept my congratulations and wish you to be a very happy person! May your life and the lives of your family, without whom you can’t imagine your happiness, be great! May your wishes come true and may every day be just a good mood!

Your Birthday is a very personal holiday, a day of celebration and light, when you first saw the light, and the light you and were surprised that there can be such good people in the world! Today we wish you a cheerful and easy life and the fulfillment of all dreams!

Happy Birthday! Let your birthday be a glorious occasion, Let your favorite people be by your side! We wish a life and health, when you want to sing and rejoice, walk the nights away and travel the world! Let the finances allow, instead of singing romances, there will be wealth and luxury! We wish at work great luck and earnings, respect and promotion! May happiness pour down an endless stream on the house where love reigns! May your friends be devoted and positive, ready to help at any moment! Let there be no bitter moments and big problems, illnesses and depressions!

Happy Birthday – wise wishes in your own words in verse

I wish you new achievements and creative successes! May your skills and knowledge bring income and moral satisfaction, and there were only pleasant people! And most importantly, that there is peace and harmony inside! And let your eyes smile more often.

On your birthday I want to wish you not to limit yourself with standard rules, not to be forced into classical frameworks and not to impose the rules on ordinary people. You are undoubtedly the most talented person and the only thing that should hold you back is the law. Create, make wonders, please all of us with all the facets of your endless talent and improve your business, achieving the highest professionalism of the world level! From the bottom of my heart, I wish you strength, desire and energy to achieve everything you’ve planned! Congratulations!

It is known that the holiday begins in the soul, and then it is transmitted to the real world … And it seems to me that today you have a cocktail of fireworks and fireworks in your soul! Happy Birthday, dear man! Take a wish to live in the style of adventure, where the route – the whole world, and the reward – a simple human happiness!

Happy Birthday! You are just a wonderful age, it’s time to paint a family portrait! You have masculinity in blossom, wisdom in your eyes… it seems if you turn out the light, they shine like a tiger! Do you believe in omens? All who gather for your party have a feeling … that something wonderful is waiting for you! And also… anticipation… that the birthday cake is delicious…

The sages of old said that one day a new era would come in which the world would slowly begin to change for the better, and let it not happen in one day, but that peace would surely come! You know, I believe them… After all, you are such a person, carrying goodness and love, and on your birthday I wish you bright happiness!

Congratulations with your own words

I wish you to see the whole world, to possess all the good things in life!

♫ Voice greetings Sweet, elegant, charming, marvelous our handmade woman and hostess! Let your eyes always shine with happiness, and your radiant smile always warms your soul! Let there be more joy and goodness in your life! Let every day of your life be bright and unforgettable! Happy Birthday! Rating: ↑ 32 ↓

Sunny smiles, bright colors, good mood, warmth and joy! Let the happy star light up your whole life, let all the best, sincere and kind people surround you. Dreams come true every time! ↑ 33 ↓

Happy Birthday! Let your life be full of bright emotions and brilliant ideas, let success accompany you in everything you do! May you always have enough money for your wildest dreams and faith in yourself for your most ambitious plans. ↑ 26 ↓

✯ Happy birthday wishes with your own beautiful words ✯

Congratulations! Smiles of fortune! Success, family welfare and happiness! And also good spirits, stability, positive, bright events, unforgettable impressions and only the happiest news! ↑ 0 ↓

Congratulations! Success in all your important and necessary things! I wish you prosperity and immodest wealth, love and passion, dizzying career growth, the most pleasant traveling and just happiness! ↑ 33 ↓

Happy Birthday! I wish you to meet only sincere people on your way, to see in every day new opportunities for development, to realize every brilliant idea that appears and to be happy in every moment of your life! ↑ 37 ↓

Happy Birthday! May the mood on this day be serene and sunny, like a warm spring day! I wish you joy, taste of life, pleasant little things, bright moments, fulfillment of desires and success in all your troubles! ↑ 38 ↓

I wish you to be in the center of Universe! Let only loyal loving people surround you and give you their wishes! Live, dear, be happy, enjoy yourself, make plans for the future and let everything in your life be the best! ↑ 29 ↓

May the smiles of people warm you up, your worries make you happy, may your work be fine and your weekends be the best! May the reflection in the mirror always be positive and your holiday mood never end! ↑ 45 ↓

Happy Birthday! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart! Remain always the same dreamy, good-natured, flawless, insightful, smiling person, love life, do good, bring joy to your family and friends! Let luck always smile and meet only the best people on your way! ↑ 43 ↓

To congratulate a good man is always pleasant, and it’s twice as pleasant to congratulate such a good man as you! May you always have plenty of smiles, sunny days, good luck, success, admiration, love, congratulations, support, great ideas and undertakings! ↑ 33 ↓

I wish you ups without downs! Health without medicines! Success without borders! Drive without brakes! Money without counting and happiness without limits! ↑ 43 ↓

As my wish, I want to say: never change! You are a ray of light, a wave of positive, bright and extravagant. Don’t lose that! These qualities are golden and are not given to everyone. I wish you soulfulness, lightness, peacefulness and harmony in all your endeavors. Happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday! ↑ 37 ↓

Well-being, love, happiness, good luck and always in the best mood! Let your devoted friends always surround you, colleagues respect you at work and your folks always take care of you at home! ↑ 40 ↓

Congratulations! Let welfare, confidence and luck be your companions! Let your children be happy, your friends adore you and your enemies tremble! Joy, happiness and warm, gentle sunshine in the sky! Happy Birthday! ↑ 37 ↓

May there be prosperity in your family, order in your home, abundance of money, reciprocity in love, continuation in your children and comfort for your parents! ↑ 36 ↓

Beside you, the stars fade, the sun grows dim and the flowers grow pale, you’re so beautiful! And your soul is so beautiful too! Your presence alone raises my spirits! I wish you that life presents you only the most pleasant news! ↑ 39 ↓

I wish you the healthiest, strongest, cheerful spirit! Love of the most ardent, clear mind, endless patience and endless success! ↑ 38 ↓

Happy Birthday! I wish you good health, good luck, prosperity, kindness, joy, love, happiness, good mood, smiles and the sea of the brightest impressions! Let the warmth and comfort always fill your home, let kindness, joy and comfort warm you up in any weather, and wishes come true just thinking about it! ↑ 38 ↓

Happiness to you – white and fluffy! Health – enviable and strong! Mood – cheerful and good! Luck – a lot, a lot, amazingly much – and more! ↑ 40 ↓

I wish you to be admired by your colleagues, understood by your friends, respected by your chief, listened to by your kids and feel dizzy with success! ↑ 38 ↓

Open wide the door, let happiness and luck into the house! Let all your cherished deeds come true, let the cherished come! Sunny skies, songs of birds and smiles of friends! Let health does not fail you and your pocket is puffed up with financial well-being! ↑ 40 ↓

Happy Birthday! Great mood, immense happiness, endless love, prosperity in your family, order, tranquility and creative growth at work, great friends and, of course, health to you and your families! And let even your wildest dreams come true! ↑ 36 ↓

Spring in your soul, dear birthday girl! Birdsong, bright sunshine, women’s happiness, flowers and smiles! May peace, love, warmth, prosperity, happiness and kindness always reign in your home! ↑ 38 ↓

I wish you the fulfillment of desires, womanly happiness, bright events and exciting travels! Pamper yourself more, love and be loved, bloom and fragrant. Always cheerful, mischievous, kind, sincere, beautiful and sweet! ↑ 39 ↓

Happy birthday to you! May all your days be sunny and bright, filled with smiles and happiness. Good luck to you and wonderful positivity in everything! May optimism never leave you and all your dreams come true! ↑ 38 ↓

Greetings! I wish you bright and unforgettable impressions, fulfillment of the most incredible and dizzying desires and success in everything you do! And be positive in everything you do! Let all your days be sunny and bright, full of smiles, coziness, warmth and happiness! ↑ 36 ↓

Let life always play for you with the most rainbow colors, happy moments, crisp bills, creative and business successes. Reckless mood, wish fulfillment and – definitely – the most dizzying love! ↑ 39 ↓

Congratulations and wish you universal health and strong will, incorruptible adoration, the most positive emotions and optimism! ↑ 39 ↓

I wish you always and in everything to be the most! The richest, the most beautiful, the strongest, the healthiest and the bravest, the luckiest, the most resourceful, the most desirable and the most skillful. May no misfortune find you. May troubles bypass you and your life be as plentiful as a self-made tablecloth! ↑ 41 ↓

A palace of prosperity, a wagon of patience, endless happiness, love in your heart, coziness in your soul, health, a bag of money, good luck, lots of smiles and kindness, strong friendship, bright impressions, satisfaction of life! And I wish you to always feel the joy of having everything you need to be happy! ↑ 40 ↓

On your birthday I wish you a festive atmosphere in everything: in your heart, in the smiles of your friends and at the table. Let the greetings warm your soul and bring you goodness and joy. And in your life let optimism, happiness and good luck leave you even for a moment. ↑ 37 ↓

I wish you money, the brightest feelings, positive emotions, fortitude and strength of mind! And, the most important, in time of need you will always have what you really need! ↑ 37 ↓

When you are this dear man, we would like to wish you everlasting happiness, success in your deeds, love, positive impressions, great inspiration, tons of money and strong health! And most of all, I wish, that all these wishes come true! ↑ 38 ↓

Congratulations! I wish you good health, financial stability, harmony in everything, smiles of life in all its manifestations. May success and good luck be your companions, may you be surrounded by good people and may your every day shine with the brightest rainbow colors! ↑ 36 ↓

Happy Birthday! I wish you to stay always on top and strive for the best! Let your loved ones be always near you! Let success accompany you in everything you do and love and understanding warm your soul! ↑ 38 ↓

Happy Birthday! Health, prosperity, luck, love, good luck, smiles! Let all your dreams come true, let your life be bright, positive, full of the most awesome, memorable events and good news! ↑ 42 ↓

Happiness, love and understanding, on your beautiful birthday! May your life be cloudless and bright, may your home be cozy, peaceful, loving and happy! May health never fail you and happiness seems to be endless! ↑ 38 ↓

Happy Birthday! I wish you sunshine, warmth, peace, fun, money, success in all endeavors, love, prosperity, fulfillment of the most cherished desires, health and inspiration! Let life bring you pleasant surprises, always be surrounded by friends and relatives, let your soul be calm and your eyes sparkle with happiness! ↑ 37 ↓

I wish you good mood, great happiness, coziness, love, order in your family, good friends and, of course, health to you and all, who are dear to you! ↑ 44 ↓

Congratulations! Let there be more reasons to smile and be happy, and for that everything you have planned come true for sure! I wish you to have only positive things in your life, and always have friends beside you. May the inexhaustible energy overflow you for making all your wishes come true! ↑ 39 ↓

You have 120 years of health, joy in your heart and warmth in your heart! And most important – love, good, kind and mutual! Let every day of your life be full of bright and pleasant impressions! ↑ 39 ↓

Happy Birthday! Wishing you the most incredible and dizzying desires, bright and unforgettable impressions and success in all your deeds! ↑ 38 ↓

Happy Birthday! I wish you the most beautiful life, may every turn of it bring you only the brightest, most positive and memorable events! I wish you lots of reasons to be happy, and surely good health! Let all your dreams come true and plans come true! ↑ 39 ↓

Congratulations! Best wishes of health, more smiles for holidays and weekdays, and let every day be filled with happiness and new achievements, bright successes! Let life spoil you more often and bring you the most beautiful surprises! ↑ 39 ↓

Let the things run as smoothly as snow under the penguin’s butt and any obstacles just stumble over you! Happy Birthday!

An eagle soaring in the bottomless sky is beautiful, but much more beautiful when it meets the storm and, despite all the difficulties, overcomes the elements! So I wish you always remain an eagle, worthy of recognition and admiration of all!

Well, my friend, have we arrived? Another date? Well, congratulations! Let all bad things be forgotten and all mistakes forgiven! Walk through life with ease and courage! Let there will always be those who love you and with whom you feel good! Happy Birthday!

I wish you to get a bank account as soon as possible that will let you make all your dreams come true!

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