Beautifully break up with a guy sms

Parting texts to a guy when breaking up

Breaking up is a difficult period, but there are times when people are not right for each other. And to make the parting clear for both people – one is looking for the right words, and the other must perceive them correctly and react with dignity. How will it be in reality? No one knows. Everyone is different. But the situation can always be “smoothed out”.

Parting sms to the guy when breaking up, in your own words

  • Sending this sms, I’ll wipe you out of my life, and, overcoming heartache, I will look into the future with an open heart. And you go away into the night …
  • Not long ago I was crazy about your touch, and today it’s hard for me to remember everything that happened between us. Our dreams are not destined to come true, and how sad, but it’s the end!
  • I want to plunge into the humdrum of everyday life, to forget you as soon as possible. Thank you for the wonderful moments you gave me, but my heart can’t give you a second chance.
  • The winds of change blew away my addiction called love. More scarlet sail will not appear on the horizon, because I choose freedom – freedom from you!
  • After this text message I will put up an invisible wall that shields me from all the lies in which my love for you drowned. I would rather say “Goodbye!” now, than continue to torment my soul.
  • I am no longer happy with our relationship in which understanding has disappeared. The game of love is over with this text message!

Farewell texts to the loved one when breaking up

Farewell texts when breaking up with your loved one is difficult to come up with on your own, because emotions affect your intelligence. Choose words that are close to your soul ready.

  • Let you go to someone else, not me. But our flower of love, which until recently was fragrant, was ruined by envious people. Now we have tickets for different voyages of life!
  • I no longer have the feeling of wings behind my back, which means that the waterfall of love has dried up. I am now more and more frequently visited by the desire for loneliness, and so be it. Farewell!
  • The tangle of our love is over, unraveling to its end. My eyes no longer know a lively sparkle. The flowers of happiness have released their sharp thorns. I close the door to the world of our relationship, already past.
  • The dam of our river of love has collapsed. I have no desire to rebuild it. Forgive and farewell!
  • Field bells in my soul no longer ring and birds of paradise no longer sing. It is over, there is no more “us”!
  • The branches of our once lush lilacs have wilted every single flower. We will not see the rainbow together or run towards each other. The colors of love no longer have bright colors!

Farewell texts to the loved one when parting, in his own words

Farewell texts when parting will be more correct to say in their own words, because your loved one will better understand the feelings that overwhelm your “bowl of scales”.

Do not come to my doorstep again and do not look for a meeting with me. Go on with your life your way, because it’s not our way.

I’ll never forget our dates, but I don’t see a future with you either. My train has left without waiting for you.

Love is the engine of life on earth. But our mechanism of eternal feeling is broken and beyond repair. Be happy, but without me!

  • The sublime relationship shattered on the rocks of reality and left us with a pain inside that will echo in our souls for a long time to come. Thank you for the experience and goodbye!
  • Our book of love will have to be closed and placed on a shelf to dust. The last chapter of the novel is already finished and cannot be changed!
  • I imagined our love quite differently. Instead of an oasis of paradise, I see an impenetrable jungle. The utter disappointment in you cuts me to the quick. I’ll extinguish the candle of relationship forever and right now!
  • I’m not looking for beautiful forms of big words-it’s no use anymore. The hour has come when our relationship is exhausted. I hope that the experience with you will help me become happier.

Farewell text to the guy who hurt you

To the guy who offended you, you can also write a goodbye message. Still, SMS is better than words. Because with them you can convey your feelings as accurately as possible.

  • You broke the clock inside me and now time has stopped. I do not have the strength to continue to live at least as before, before you, before your betrayal. But I can, I must! Farewell!
  • It pains me unbearably to look at you even when I see you by chance. I want to be on another planet, to forget you and everything that was between us. This text will be the last, and tomorrow begins another life with a clean slate!
  • Silent sadness overcomes my mind and it’s so unfortunate to realize that everything is over. It could have been different! But it’s because of your attitude. No more taste of your lips and no more touch of my hair…
  • How could you hurt the heart that loves you?! I rejoiced madly at our meeting and every day we spent together. Now your strong hands will not squeeze my body in a fit of passion, and our dawn will not come. A magical fairy tale shattered, I’m sorry and goodbye!
  • I’ll never be able to forget you But there’s no future for us now. The pain that’s still inside me will fade away someday. But I never want to see your strange indifference again, it’s the end!

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Something interesting:


Leaving or breaking up needs to be beautiful and my personal opinion is that if you feel the end of a relationship is just around the corner it’s better to put that fat dot yourself, it won’t hurt as much later than if you get something like this from a former loved one. By the way, I really liked some of the stuff, I wish I had thought of it before and had to come up with my own way to put a point and sting more painfully.

You know how I said goodbye to mine? I hate texting, so I just grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and threw him down the stairs.

I do not see the point of beautiful and long to write all these messages. So we broke up, so we broke up, and no matter whose fault. Out the door with his things – and good riddance, we must now live for yourself, his beloved, and look for a replacement.

And what to do if ousted suitor and want him to reject, but reject so that he was not much to me offended? I think to do it via text message (I do not know how he will react when talking “live”). All that remains is to find the words.

What I can’t figure out is who or what these texts are for. If a guy doesn’t care about you, you can’t influence him with words of complaint. And if he’s in love you will hurt him even more. And in general, I’m for real communication. And they got used to meet and break up on the Internet. In real life you at least saw each other. )))) It’s kindergarten.

Personally, I react to any quarrel very violently and excessively emotionally. It’s hard for me to find the right words, and sometimes it’s impossible, because you’re in a stressful situation. But when you’ve cooled down a bit and are alone, you feel the incompleteness of the conversation and you want to speak out. And this is when such sms and useful. Repeatedly wrote something like this, there was a sense of finality of relations, such a fat and beautiful point. And she, by the way, made an impression, so I advise.

Report the breakup by text message, if there was a long and serious relationship, it’s cruelty and cowardice.Well, except that badly hurt, then you can itself that something offensive to write.

And I can’t tell a person about the end of a relationship, even though I know it’s the right thing to do. I always feel sorry for the person, and I postpone the breakup even in hopeless cases.

I have broken up twice with guys, honestly – it hurts. The first time I didn’t write anything at all, and didn’t answer his texts to me. And the second time, yes, I did. And I still regret it. Although we broke up peacefully, but in a rage I wrote nasty things. A silly banal phrase – all men are assholes. And you are the leader of this herd. I still haven’t apologized. And I don’t intend to, although I do feel guilty.

If you break up with a guy with a grudge, I think you should definitely tell him or write him – it will be easier to “turn the page” and start a new life. And at least he’ll know that he was probably wrong, cruel, cold to you, etc., and will either try to fix it, regardless of the text message you received, or take time to think, and then, if irresistibly attracted to you, will find an excuse to meet. The main thing – if you still hope to restore the relationship – do not hurt the words, as I once: “Be a man, do not call more!” and I myself expected the opposite, he – just offended.

Лучше вообще не расставаться, чем по смс!> It’s not serious, we have to tell each other everything we wanted, i.e. sent in a good way, and each went his own way!

I do not think that you need to use any template phrases when breaking up. You can take them as a basis and come up with something of your own. And in general, you have to break up in person, not by SMS correspondence.

Many of these texts can be taken as a basis, really ideas are great, but still, you need to write from yourself. I think that it would be inappropriate to break up with a person with a phrase from the internet. In general, I think that you should not break up in this way, especially if you have been in a serious and long-term relationship. This way you won’t be able to put a point in your relationship.

Examples of phrases and messages for saying goodbye to your boyfriend that will make him come back

Hello, dear readers! Probably everyone has faced the fact that lying in bed at night, you begin to utter your monologue to the offender, he loses the power of speech, realizes that he was wrong. Except that the quarrel has already happened, the opponent was more talkative, but it was you who forgot the words. The same situation often occurs during a breakup in a couple. It would be good to prepare in advance, and know what to say to the guy goodbye when he breaks up, so that he will return. Patterns of course not to memorize, but it makes sense to study. Then in a state of emotional turmoil, there will be something to fall back on.


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If they leave you…

It is more painful and hurtful to find yourself in the role of the abandoned party. The more you want to be collected, proud and desirable at the moment of parting. Here are options that will tell you what to say to the guy when he breaks up to make him sorry:

  • “You deserve a kind, sweet and shy girl. I am different, determined and strong. So it’s good that our paths are parting. Goodbye!”
  • “Initially, I was not ready to build a future together with you! But your insistence got the better of me… And what came of it?”
  • “Go away soon and don’t look back! You’re going to do great in the future, I wish you happiness!”
  • “I respect your decision! It really will be better for us separately. Even though I’m still in love with you…”
  • “Don’t blame yourself for anything, none of us are perfect. If you want to go, go, I won’t hold you back…”
  • “I thank you for our time together, but you’re right, we’re better off apart!”
  • “You were right to say we had little in common. I kept thinking opposites attract. It’s about time we broke up.”
  • “Our love was too perfect to turn into infinity. Thank you for the days we spent together.”
  • “I’m sad and hurt, not because we’re breaking up. It’s because you found a reason to break up after all. But I still wish you happiness.”

The main thing is to be sincere, but not to show the sizzling negativity pressing in from the inside. Begging, threats, and accusations are unnecessary in any case. They will not hold and will not return, but at the same time will be an occasion to fence off any contacts, and even the topic for jokes among his friends. Pride and self-sufficiency must come to the fore.

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If you’re the one who’s quitting…

If this is not a mental outburst, the idea of separation nurtured for a long time. Consider the words, actions, and even prepared answers to possible reactions. But the problem is that the interlocutor, no matter how close he was, can still behave unpredictably. Therefore, you should choose simple phrases, which will be said in farewell without contrivances, easily and in their own words:

  • “I fell in love with the kindest and gentlest man, but now in front of me embittered and indifferent man that I do not recognize. I suffocate when we are near. I want freedom.”
  • “Our love is built on a deep and pure feeling that has spread into separate streams. There is no more ‘us’ and nothing in common. There are two acquaintances who are out of the way.”
  • “I ask you to let me go, to give me freedom and access to air. Our union brings me misery and pain, I can no longer.”
  • “Every day you grow farther and farther from me. By pulling away and closing in, you push the feelings out of our lives. That’s why it’s time to break up.”
  • “I want to find the right words when breaking up, but feelings overwhelm me. I probably still love you, but being around you is comparable to being branded with hot iron every day.”
  • “It’s time for everyone to find their own way. May respect and sincere gratitude for our time together remain between us.”

In all outbursts of emotion, especially negative or aggressive ones, it is worth keeping your composure. If possible, the words of farewell should be said in face-to-face contact, you should not write a long, heartbreaking letter. It is necessary to keep a maximum of goodwill, to try to smooth the moment of departure, not to stoop to insults and humiliations.

If cheated…

There is no desire to even prepare for such a thing, so we will consider examples for sending a message, already after the fact, so that after reading it, the words would touch the ex-boyfriend to tears. You should not expect curses for the rest of your life or any other atrocities in the templates. Of course, the realization of the fact of betrayal makes you think about how to get revenge. But this will not bring satisfaction, no threats, physical violence or harassment of a rival, will not bring happiness and will not change what happened. But years later you will bitterly regret the incident.

In this situation, you need to write such words that would have confused him, made him flare up like a match. So you need to hit subtly, sharply, thoughtfully and on the most painful, self-love:

  • “You were everything to me, most important and most powerful. I was proud of your judgment and experience. But lately, you’ve given up a lot, become indecisive, hasty, stumble in your words… I was your source of strength, which nothing else can replace you.”
  • “You promised me the world at my feet, the moon and the whole universe. Saying that, you were glowing with your omnipotence. Stop, look at yourself… Today you woke up a loser, for all the confidence in yourself I gave you.”
  • “I was not happy with you, there were too many tears and pain. Only underdeveloped copies of real men are capable of that attitude. Unfortunately, you’re just an unfortunate line.”

You shouldn’t wait for a text or call back. You need to realize that perhaps the message won’t be read at all, and will go straight to the deleted ones. Also, the guy may read it, but decide not to engage in a long polemic and will not respond. In any case, control your desire to send another “clever” thought. Don’t turn into a spam mailer on his phone. 2-3 messages is enough. If you don’t respond, it’s better to let it go.

If you cheated…

Feminine adultery has long been included in the 7 deadly sins for modern society. That’s why there is a much harsher payback. If a man is unfaithful, many may complain about his manhood or a midlife crisis, and in general, forgotten and forgiven. If the wife was unfaithful, everyone who finds out about the offense, will stigmatize and dissuade the betrothed to go to the reconciliation.

In this case, you should act sensibly, weighing actions and words. So that he will still consider the sincerity of repentance and eventually return, it is worth to write a sincere, long and penetrating letter to your beloved on his farewell, here are a few examples:

  • “In all family troubles it is always both to blame. But not in this situation. It is entirely my fault, my mistake, and my sin. I succumbed to my emotions, and after that there was not a moment that I did not regret what I had done. It pains me to breathe, realizing with each awakening that you are not with me and cannot forgive me. Accept my remorse and know that I love you with all my soul.”
  • “My mistake has taken everything from me, the air I breathe, the earth that gives support, the water that saves me from thirst. But I am willing to accept all these hardships, just to have you by my side again. A criminal who has stumbled gets a sentence. So tell me, how long is my sentence? I love you and am ready to wait for your forgiveness.”
  • “I am very sorry to have made you suffer. Every day before I go to sleep and right after I wake up, I blame myself for my mistake. The guilt before you keeps me from moving, breathing, and feeling this world again. Please, listen to me, give me a chance to make things right. I love you!”

Advice from psychologists

Only an understanding of the situation will help you to use the right phrases. In order for him to come back, you must first properly say goodbye to the guy, saying his sparkling phrase, and then let him go. By letting the man go, we break the energy connection, without which he becomes less strong, charming, communicative. And he intuitively reaches back to recharge.

Psychologists recommend that immediately after a breakup, follow a set of rules:

  1. Communicativeness. You do not want to close yourself off, erase your social networking profile and cram yourself into a corner. On the contrary, you need the support of friends and acquaintances. The more emotions, the easier it is to go through a breakup. Let him see through his mutual friends that life hasn’t stopped without him.
  2. Appearance. Going out into the world, you need to create not only a make-up on his face, but also a radiant smile. Sparkling positivity, stylish clothes, trendy hair, let him see how attractive he missed the girl.
  3. Responsiveness. Selfless help to others is valued above ostentatious politeness. Many guys compromise on external qualities, seeing the real humanity and openness in the partner.
  4. Sense of humor. It is important to know the boundaries. Looking funny by humiliating the other person is wrong. It is good to lift the spirits of those around you with a well said phrase.
  5. Patience. Nothing happens overnight. Immediately after a breakup, the guy is also raging emotions, worries, maybe resentment or anger. Make the first steps towards the resumption of communication should not be earlier than a month after the parting.
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The results

Writing touching words to your ex-boyfriend, you should not expect from him an instant change of mood and behavior. Do not forget to emphasize the literacy of the thought, the rules of punctuation and grammar. Do not go overboard with the number of messages, everything is nice to receive in moderation. As Shakespeare said: “…so sweet is the honey that at last it is bitter. Too much flavor kills the taste…”.

Share in the comments your stories of returning a loved one. Have you received goodbye texts, and what emotions did they evoke?

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