Beautiful congratulations to the man in his own words – clarify the essence

Birthday wishes to the man in his own words

Happy Birthday! I wish a prosperous life, good memories, positive emotions. Be the creator of your own happiness, a powerful and unyielding fighter for justice. Let your successes arouse envy, and you do not pay attention to gossip. I wish you luck and love!

As years go by, you become stronger, wiser, more tolerant, and it is these qualities that take your life to another level where real values become evident and worldly trifles become indifferent. Today you understand very well that the main thing in life is the attention and love of your nearest and dearest! Let this love be piled up in your life! I wish you to be infinitely happy!

From the bottom of my heart, I congratulate you on your birthday. I want to wish you all the best, that your life will be illuminated by happiness and joyful moments. May days full of sunshine lie ahead. I wish to remain as steadfast, courageous and brave, to make your family proud. I wish you to conquer one peak after another and achieve your goals. And of course, I wish you simple family happiness, love and understanding.

Congratulations on your birthday! I wish to become stronger and better with years, I wish to turn your dream into reality every day, to turn your word into action, and to turn an important goal into achievement! Health, love, vitality and energy, all the good things and success.

I congratulate you on your birthday and wish you long and good health, happiness of love and be loved. Health to you and your loved ones, prosperity and wealth in the family, that you have everything you want. All the brightest, kindest and most positive things to you.

I congratulate you on your birthday and from the bottom of my heart I wish you to achieve all your goals! May luck always smile on your way of life, your wallet never gets empty, and your heart always sings! Let your family and friends make you happy and help you in conquering of new tops, and let your health remain rich! I wish you to meet every day with enthusiasm and excitement so that later when you see it off, you will always be satisfied with how you spent it and how your life is going! Good luck!

Happy birthday, I wish you self-confidence, a profitable, calm and loving job, a stable, solid, large and happy family, unforgettable experiences, an expensive car, a country house full of friends, and confidence in the future.

Happy Birthday! I wish you a stable income, peace in the family, harmony in the soul and, most importantly, health – it is never superfluous. May you always be happy with what you already have, but never cease to set yourself great goals in life. Let the feeling of love always be warm in your bosom, and your beloved will be a reliable support in life. Look at the world with fresh eyes, develop, enjoy life, be happy, healthy and loved!

On this wonderful day the World got a wonderful, responsive, elegant, charming, eloquent, hardworking, charismatic, real man! Happy Birthday to you! Bogatyr health, fabulous luck, unselfish friendship, great love and unrestrained happiness to you!

Congratulations on your birthday! I wish you success, victories, a lot of happiness, wealth, real friends, big foreign bank accounts, steely stubbornness, fulfillment of all desires, health and just a lot of all the warmest, pleasant and brightest! I don’t know what’s the best in this world, but that’s exactly what I wish you! Happy Birthday!

On this day I want to congratulate from the bottom of my heart the most courageous, strong, wise and intelligent man, with whom I had the fortune to be acquainted. I wish you the fulfillment of your most hidden and most daring dreams, which you keep in your heart. Achieve all the goals you strive for, and joyfully return each day to your family, where you are loved, appreciated and understood. May everything in your life be amazing, easy and enjoyable!

Happy birthday to a magnificent man, a man of his word and deed. I wish you high potential and ample opportunities in life, excellent mood and good health, courageous deeds and only successful starts, unhindered and easy achievement of goals, faithful love and great luck on the way.

Heartfelt congratulations to the man in his own words

A thousand times congratulations! I wish to remain the Creator, the Master of his happiness! I wish to multiply it, to live easily and pleasantly, every day adding new events to the luggage of good memories, because people like you deserve the best fate!

Happy birthday, wonderful man. I wish you steel stamina, iron patience, strong nerves and excellent health. Let there always be bright and kind predictions in life, let success be constantly achieved in activities, let there always be a place in your heart for happiness and joy.

Happy Birthday! I send you today my sincere congratulations and wishes. Simple, masculine, real happiness. May there be a loving and waiting house, interesting and profitable work, a true friend near you and unshakable faith in your own strength.

Happy Birthday! Always be happy with what you already have, but never stop setting yourself great goals in life. May the feeling of love always warm you up behind your sinuses, and your loved ones be a reliable support in life. I wish you to be always cheerful, happy, healthy and loved!

I wish you to live to be 100 years old, let the engine in your chest work without interruptions and without repairs, let your life be a wide and smooth highway without bumps and potholes. I also wish that you do not drift on sharp turns, that you always firmly hold the steering wheel of your life in steady hands. Have a safe and happy road!

Congratulations on a wonderful and unique holiday – your birthday! Always take from life what you can and are given. You can’t live your life anew. Always love and be loved. Let this bright day bring you only joy, success and health.

Birthday is a special holiday. It is filled with mysterious sacred meaning. After all, what can have more magic than the birth of a new life, the birth of a baby. Every year we wait for this day with internal trepidation. As children we expect a mountain of different colorful gifts. As time passes we begin to appreciate more the attention of our family and friends, who bring a sense of peace, joy, harmony and love into our lives. Let this bright feeling of a holiday live in you from now on, dear birthday boy, and we will help you with it!

What can I wish you on such an important date? Be immensely happy, healthy, vigorous, active, loved, and successful. Let there be no place for sadness and failures in your life. Happy Birthday! Do not cease to amaze and delight your loved ones. I wish you financial well-being and good luck!

Traditionally, I wish you health and happiness! Be happy every day and every hour of your life, let your health be such that you do not even think about it! Let there be a beloved woman, let welfare and prosperity reign in the house, let all plans and dreams come true with ease! And let every year for a long, long years we celebrate your successes and rejoice in your successes!

On this beautiful Birthday I want to wish you the fulfillment of your cherished dreams, incredible happiness, sincere and faithful love, success and luck, all the good things in life!

Well? Congratulations! The years fly by, but it is good that you still have a lot of time to do new – already adults and quite conscious – silly things! I wish you a life filled with bright events, meetings and travels. Always act as your heart tells you, so that when you are old, as they say, you will have something to remember (but you’d better not tell your grandchildren about it). Happy Birthday!

You’re a great master of your life! Your energy recharges you like an outlet. You perfectly combine masculine beauty, strength of character and an incredible sense of humor. You know how to highlight the main thing in a man, and in life! You are a great example for the younger generation! So let everything in your life work out in the most wonderful way!

Happy birthday to a courageous, beautiful and strong man! I wish you to gain wisdom and grow younger with the years, but not to grow old! I wish you good health, sports success, good fishing, a wonderful holiday and successful work life! Mutual love, loyal and faithful! Affectionate warmth from others, high marks from the heads and the highest wages with bonuses! Female admiring looks and unkillable optimism!

Original congratulations to the man with his own words

Congratulations on your birthday, I wish you the kindest, brightest and kindest. Remain always yourself and be always positive, remain always the most happy to you. I wish you a big salary and success at work, that you do not feel crisis in your family and I wish you prosperity. I wish you more difficulties, so that these difficulties harden you and make you stronger. I wish you success in everything and in all your endeavors, in your personal life and at work, progress to you in everything and in all your affairs.

Oh, manly of the manly, romantic and noble knight, henceforth referred to as “the horseman with the head”! We are gathered to celebrate the greatest historical date of all – your birthday. May there be no obstacles and no moments of weakness for you from now on! Let your birthday body be full of strength and health, let your mischievous eyes burn brighter, let the ocean of passions, the hurricane of feelings and the volcano of emotions rage inside your soul! We wish you take any bastions, to break through any obstacles and enjoy the victory. We wish you active rest, in various poses and resorts! May you always be surrounded only by devoted, loving people, may your sword and mind never become dull, but on the contrary, your inspiration grows every day, sending you to new heights! We also wish you to be always pampered and cherished and happily reign, enjoying the splendor of life, enjoying countless treasures and unchangeable authority with your team! Happy birthday to you and wish that you, flying in the clouds, help your dreams come true!

I wish you that your life be as bright as a clear sunny day, as full as a glass of champagne, as cloudless as the sky over the desert. And may the lights in the windows of your friends and relatives, the lights of hope, always burn like stars in the night sky. Be healthy, happy and lucky!

We are happy that we had the honor to congratulate and give gifts to our wonderful friend, a sweet, but at the same time strong man! We are not going to be original, so we wish him what is most often wished on such a day… Good health, prosperity in the family, lots of happy moments and mutual love! Happy Birthday!

Happy most selfish holiday to you, priceless man, with your birthday! I wish your life to be filled with only the best, meaningful, affectionate, fiery, beautiful, cloudless, passionate, trouble-free and happy! Congratulations!

Congratulations on your birthday! I wish you warm sun, tender peaceful sky, spring flowers, bright and only pleasant events in life, interesting and educative journeys, good health, happiness in personal life and more: good luck and a cottage by the sea!

Dear! Listen to me carefully. The Earth has gone round the Sun since the moment when your resounding voice broke through all the people present at your birth. The most knowledgeable could already recognize by intonation the future fan of Vysotsky and Okudzhava (Kobzon, Meladze, …). Actually, why are we talking about the Sun? Here’s why. If you, dear, with the same constancy and persistence with which the Earth revolves around the Sun, would have achieved the hand of the beloved woman, children’s voices would have been ringing in your apartment long ago.

Today we wish the birthday boy the most important thing – to stay always young! No one will dispute the fact that youth is a wonderful state when you are full of strength and energy, plans and hopes, when every day you expect to accomplish something bright and joyful. When you are young, you are sure that everything is within your power, and any task can be solved by one-two-three… Therefore, we wish you not to lose this feeling of carefree youth! Be happy!

I want to congratulate a real man on his birthday today and wish him: let there be everything you need in life, what life is good for: love, health, happiness, friendship and an eternally good soul. With open heart and love, I wish him happiness and health!

On your birthday I would like to wish you a bright life, delightful emotions, more reasons for joy and a wonderful mood. Be loved and loving, courageous and successful, kind and rich, brave and happy, healthy and fair. Good luck in your affairs, luck, prosperity and women’s attention! As well as stormy emotions and admiration of admirers.

Here the day has come. The stars in the sky are shining very brightly. The day is over, and so your birthday is over. The guests have already left. Empty gift boxes are lying on the sidelines. You are standing there so sad and devastated that it makes me very sad to look at you. Much to my dismay, you have a hard time distracting yourself from your sad thoughts. You probably think that a birthday is a sad holiday. I also agree with that. But, that doesn’t mean you have to take it like that and get upset. Everything in life passes at some point. That’s how one year goes by and people get older. There’s nothing you can do about it. I really hope that you always do well. I wish you success in whatever you do.

Happy birthday! From the bottom of my heart I wish you happiness and kindness, success in all your endeavors and prosperity in your affairs, family welfare and loyal friends! Let all your dreams come true, let all troubles troubles troubles keep away, and let joy and good luck be your true companions throughout your life. I wish you to be surrounded only by loving and loving people, always have prosperity and warmth of heart!

Birthday wishes to the man in his own words

Congratulations on your birthday! I wish you health, courage, confidence, self-sufficiency, determination, persistence, steadfastness, patience, respect and achieving any goal!

Congratulations on your birthday! I would like to wish you health, joy, mood, good luck. That all the people around you see you happy and cheerful. So that every new day would be filled with energy and positivity!

Congratulations on your birthday! I’ve been thinking for a long time about how to congratulate you. Of course, I wish you happiness, bogatyr health, good luck in personal life, work, loyal friends, warmth, joy, but I would also like to wish you really to be the happiest man on earth, more kindness and happy moments, so you forget about sadness, to overcome all life difficulties, I wish love and respect for you. Happy holiday to you. Stay as cool and good man!

Happy birthday! I wish you joy in your work, prosperity and success! May your home always be comfortable. May your family always give you joy, your health be as good as a giant’s and your mood always be wonderful! And let only happiness, love, kindness and luck accompany you in life!

Happy Birthday! I wish you not to lose your courage in overcoming difficult situations, to remain as steadfast in achieving your goals. Not to lose your wonderful sense of humor and remain the heart of any company. I wish you to wake up with smile and at the end of each day drinking coffee to realize that you live the life you are dreaming about. I wish you more bright, positive and cheerful days. Bogatyr health, all-encompassing love and an account with many zeros in a Swiss bank!

Happy Birthday! I want to wish you health, happiness, good luck and more positivity. Let all your goals and plans come true, and every next birthday will be even more fun. Stay always the same cheerful and kind person. Peace and tranquility to you and your home!

Congratulations on your birthday! I would like to wish you only happy and joyful moments, a lot of positivity. Great mood and a bright, successful day. I want to wish you to go through life easily, and that your dreams and goals are achievable. Let only kind, confident people surround you. And let luck, happiness, love be always with you!

Happy birthday to our esteemed birthday boy! May your life be full of joyful events, may your work bring you only pleasure, your family be your main support, and may your children be happy with their successes. May every day of your life be filled with inspiration, great ideas that come to life, new pleasant meetings and devoted friends. Stay always as cheerful, charming, reliable to your family and just a wonderful person.

We all come from childhood, and no matter how old we are, every year we wait for our birthday with tender awe and anticipation of something good, bright and beautiful! With a sense of deep respect and admiration I congratulate you on your birthday and wish you the most important and precious thing – good health to you and your loved ones, because when our loved ones are healthy, we feel good! A low bow and appreciation to your parents, thanks to whom today we have the honor of knowing such a wonderful man like you. You are an intelligent, intelligent, tactful person, who has more than once helped us, supported us, suggested the right decision. We could enumerate your virtues endlessly, but perhaps the most important of them is your unconditional love for your neighbor. Be happy, let you be surrounded by love, attention and care; let there always be a reason to smile and be happy! I wish you harmony in your soul and family, inexhaustible energy and love of life, incredible events and bright memories, good luck, kindness and fulfillment of dreams!

Happy Birthday! The most important thing, in my opinion, is to be happy. Everyone’s happiness is different, so may you have everything in your life that will provide you with endless happiness. Smile every day, not for a tick, but from the fact that everything around is as it should be, that everything around is how you want it. Let all your most cherished dreams come true, and if they don’t, always find the strength to make them come true yourself!

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