Beautiful birthday wishes: consider the essence

Prose congratulations with your own words short

I wish you always strive to fulfill your cherished desires, never get discouraged over nothing, be a kind and responsive friend, enjoy life and smile. Happy Birthday.

I wish you more positive things in life, right decisions, right friends and right turns in life!

Happy Birthday! May everything in life be sunny and radiant. I wish you good health, happy days and kind and caring people around you.

Happy Birthday to you! Health, good luck, love, happiness and fulfillment of all desires! Remain always the same cheerful, kind, charming and the most wonderful person!

I wish that no wishes come true, no matter how big, from your enemies and the smallest ones from your friends!

We wish you vigor of mind, successes in everyday life, good health always, do not lose heart never!

Happy Birthday to you! I wish you that the years flying by and whizzing by, take away the bad and bring good!

May your birthday be full of joy, happiness and a sea of positive emotions! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!

I wish you a star to burn and brighter every year, so that warm and bright rays would be enough for all your loved ones, whom you would like to warm and protect.

Happy Birthday! May the ship of your life sail easily and confidently, successfully bypassing the steep shores. Live happily, take care of your health, love and be loved!

On your birthday I wish you reliable friends, caring relatives, love, a lot of incredibly happy moments in life, a wonderful mood, and vivid emotions.

Happy Birthday! I wish you health, good luck, love, high material wealth, great mood, the fulfillment of desires and family welfare!

I congratulate you on your birthday and wish you always solve any life problem with ease and remain a perfectly happy and cheerful person.

Happy Birthday! I wish you sparkling happiness, stormy and devoted love, material well-being and fulfillment of any desires!

Happy Birthday! I wish problems to forget the way to your home, and to settle in it – love, friendship, prosperity, health, luck and happiness!

Wonderful mood, happiness, joy and fulfillment of all your most cherished desires – on this beautiful day and always!

On this beautiful day, let luck swirl around you like a whirlwind of joy and fill you with confidence, vivacity and optimism!

He who seeks opportunities, not excuses, wins. Such a person is capable of great things. I wish you had enough opportunities today to last a lifetime.

Every day with you is a balloon ride. The vivid scenery that opens to our eyes and changes with the ease of a butterfly makes me look at the world with different eyes.

May every day delight you with wonderful events! And may all your dreams come true!

May your whole life be a bright holiday! Dream, smile, enjoy every moment!

I wish you had everything, always and on time! Enjoyment in every moment that life gives you! And great opportunities of everything and in everything.

May your dreams come true and life give you only the best: happiness and joy, health, prosperity and success!

Let fate shower you with gifts, and day by day they become more and more significant! Happiness, health, good luck!

  • On this brightest day we wish you happiness and warmth. Let only happiness cross the threshold of your home and worries always stay behind the door!

I wish you the sea of smiles and acknowledgements, fields of flowers, a lot of friends, a number of joyful meetings, and a vacation on the Canary Islands!

On your birthday I would like to wish you health, dizzying happiness and wonderful mood every moment!

Today is the day when music sounds especially joyful, the sun shines more affably, close people smile more warmly and happiness is felt more acutely!

On this day we wish you that life never comes to an end, that misfortune and sorrow never cross your path. We wish you happiness, good friends, great health and sunny days!

We wish you to enjoy the sunshine and good weather, the smile of a child and the warm glance of the dearest person on earth!

Respect for cheerfulness and optimism, love for a good disposition and generosity of soul! We congratulate you on the best holiday of the year, we wish you health and all the best!

Let there be dear soul mates who will always help and understand! All your deepest dreams and wishes will come true for sure!

Let there be corners of happiness, love and friendship on the paradise islands of life, let the birds of joy sing for you at dawn and the wind of good changes blow!

  • May new sympathies, feelings and romantic adventures appear! We wish harmony and beauty around, favorable coincidence of circumstances!

Let the moments of joy and relaxation give the heart serenity and refreshment, color life in bright colors, and happiness, like music, sounds in the soul!

Let the aroma of presented flowers and attention of loving people give you pleasant moments and great happiness on your birthday!

Let everything be extraordinary and wonderful on your birthday, may miracles happen like in fairy tales, and happiness be as beautiful as a rainbow!

On your birthday, it’s not a person who gets one year older: it’s another year added to a beautiful person like you! Congratulations to you and this happy year!

Oriental people say: when a star falls, it is for happiness. I wish you that your life is a complete starfall!

May the twinkling of distant stars and the rays of the rising sun help you appreciate every moment of life and the magic of beautiful nature!

Be as healthy as a tomato; be as confident as a hill; be as stoic as the rocks of the mountains; be as spiritual as a cathedral; be as fresh as a pine forest!

Short birthday greetings in your own words until tears

Let everything in life goes on “hurrah”, and everything turns out always “as it should”. I wish only light, great good, and that life is always, sweeter than chocolate. Happy Birthday!

Let life be a long journey full of adventures and discoveries, every day promises a holiday, and the night a magical fairy tale!

  • Modesty and kindness together with a strong leadership base are wonderfully combined in you. I wish you to reach the right peaks and hit all the targets!

Happy Birthday! From the bottom of my heart today, we wish you great human happiness, a lot of joy, an ocean of love and tenderness.

I wish you happiness, kindness, love, good luck, smiles, health, inspiration, vivacity, energy, loyalty, enthusiasm and bright life.

A birthday is a blank slate, a new chapter of life, full of magical expectations and bright hopes So let them all come true every dream you have, every wish you have! Congratulations!

The light of the happy star leads to joyful and interesting events, rainbow hopes and dreams, to success and prosperity!

I wish you a bright life, joy, prosperity and happiness, Success in your work, comfort in your home and easy roads in life.

Take for granted today’s honoring, believe me, you deserve kind words like no one else. I want to add a basket of good wishes and light joy to everything.

Happy Birthday! May your soul always be open to goodness, your heart be noble, your appearance beautiful, and your home rich! We wish the body to be healthy and the spirit to be strong!

Congratulations and I wish you a sea of cool ideas for a happy and bright life. Happy Birthday.

Let life give you gifts not only on your birthday, but also on all the other days. I wish you success and happiness, victories and joy, perseverance and pride!

  • Happy Birthday. May life flow under the sign of happiness and love. And be warmed by kindness, tenderness, prosperity, and close friends and relatives.

I wish you warmth from the sun, kindness from people, sincerity from friends, and loyalty from love.

May wings grow behind your back that will lift you up to heaven. And let love and happiness be your faithful companions.

I wish you to walk through life with intelligence in your head and sincere feelings in your heart, I wish you eternal blossoms of happiness and love.

I wish that salt be present only in food, and let everything else in life be sweet and wonderful.

I wish you boundless happiness and good health. May every day be filled with goodness and happiness. Smile, it suits you very well.

I wish to receive only positive from life, and let all bad things bypass you. Travel, achieve your goals and make all your dreams come true! You will succeed.

The most important thing in everyone’s life is health, so I want you and your family to always be healthy. The rest everything will come, because it depends only on you.

  • I wish you only one thing, but the main thing: happiness. In this concept includes everything you need in life.

More happiness for you! Love! Health! Warmth and joy! Even if it’s trivial, but very important! Thank you for having you!

Wise birthday wishes

May your life be beautiful and bright like spring, sunny and warm like summer. May fall be far away and snow blizzards never penetrate your soul!

I wish you to be constantly surrounded by love! Love life, love your family, love yourself, love your work, love every day of your life. And may your love be mutual in all things.

I wish you to shine with happiness and to charge with it all your relatives and close people around you! Do good, multiply it dozens of times and you will be happy! Happy birthday, dear birthday boy!

Happy Birthday to you! Health, good luck, love, happiness and fulfillment of all your wishes! Stay always as cheerful, kind, charming and the most wonderful person!

You are young, full of strength and energy, you have a whole world of possibilities in front of you. So let success smile on you in all your affairs and your dreams come true. Be happy! Happy Birthday!

Fifty is not much, The path of life is sure. Let all kinds of things be on the way, There’s no turning back.

Today is your jubilee, And the date is golden. You are all the loveliest and brightest, Beautiful you are. You’re the age that suits you, And the sparkle in your magical eyes. You are like a fairy, We love you very much!

Dear Mommy, You have gathered us together At the rich table on this anniversary. Fifty is not too much, even “just right”, Look: You have raised glorious children!

We thank heaven for you, mother, Grandchildren love their grandmother too. Be strong, be healthy (give me a kiss!), And live, as before, with Daddy, as in heaven!

Let joy alone dwell in your soul, Filling your future days with happiness. Though the days gone by are gone, Know that they did not pass uselessly!

Who says fifty is a ripe age? We toast to thee in friendship!

You’re energetic, you’re mischievous, and you’re slender. We’re all about you, believe me, and we’re all about you.

¶ And always stay so beautiful ¶ Let the years go by Be always happy!

Happy birthday, I wish you everlasting happiness, I wish you never knew sorrow, I wish all your dreams to come true.

Happy birthday to you And wish from the bottom of my heart That everything is stable, Happiness, joy, love!

On this holiday, smile, Let life seem like a good fairy tale. Peace, health, success, Only happy moments in your life! Let happiness be a downpour and an avalanche,

A whirlpool, a whirlpool, a river. And what is happiness? To be loved. So be loved, like no one else! ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

Be happy, be unique, Always love and be loved! Let the flowers grow for you, And there’ll be a holiday where you are!

You’re always seventeen years old And you look gorgeous, And you can’t give more than a year, After all, you’re a famous coquette.

I wish you happiness and love, And good luck and success in deeds. I wish you some tears, but remember, they’ll come from happiness and laughter.

I wish you a lot of beer! In mugs, in cans and in bottles! A case of beer in the freezer! And that you can handle it, We’re already running to you!

Let life play the accordion, Let it give you the golden “Ferrari”, And happiness in a fairy tale wave Let it take you with it!

On your birthday, I’d like to wish you, with love, a sunny disposition, One hundred percent health.

In deeds rise and success, In soul cheerfulness and laughter, In love and loyalty, and passion, And in life joy and happiness!

I’m happy when you’re happy, With you the flowers bloom in my soul. With you my world is bright And every day is incredibly sweet. Happy birthday today,

And I wish you the greatest happiness. Blossom bright as a rose Don’t shed a tear, Let your life be filled with colors And your dream come true.

Happy birthday to you! Only good people on your way, Only good weather on your soul. Don’t regret anything that’s passed, Don’t recognize negativity and adversity!

On your birthday I wish you indestructible health, loyal good luck, even well-being, true kindness, frank joy and unconcealed love!

Let life seem a fairy tale dream that does not end, but only acquires new colors! Don’t lose yourself in it, but be brighter and move forward all the time!

I wish you exceptional victories in the life, in which you will be a long-liver and an oligarch, who has many sincere friends and harmony and joy in your soul!

I wish you happiness without borders, to see always kind faces near you, not to lose optimism and faith that tomorrow will be better than now!

May successes grow by the minute and happiness increase like a snowball, so you can get under it while it rushes by and keep whirling in it all your life!

I wish you the feeling of utter joy and delight on your birthday! Take the best from life now, without putting it off for later. Let everyday life always bring a festive mood!

Birthday greetings in prose

Birthday wishes in prose sound more sincere and brighter, because they come straight from the heart. Your family and friends appreciate and remember most of all the wishes said in their own words, in which the meaning and attention remain in the first place. Interesting and popular prose greetings are collected for you on this page, choose and send them to the birthday people for free.

Happy birthday greetings in prose, with your simple and sincere words. You deserve the best words, the most loyal friends, the strongest family and the fulfillment of all your cherished desires. So I want to wish you on your birthday to get what you deserve! Be healthy and happy, to the joy of us and the whole world around you.

Congratulations on your birthday! Let all your dreams come true, wishes come true, goals are achieved, health improves and money adds up! Happiness, joy and mental harmony, brilliant luck, unforgettable impressions and dizzying success, true love, true friends and bright rainbow of emotions!

From the bottom of my heart – happiness, fulfillment of desires! Let life be a bright mosaic of bright colors of joy and unforgettable events, and every new day brings good luck and good mood!

I wish you happy birthday and only bright sky and the brightest stars above your head. More new meetings and good acquaintances, as well as the greatest success in all endeavors! And let my congratulations in prose and not in verse, I sincerely and lovingly wish all the best in my words!

Happy Birthday to the most precious and soulful person! Let there be no place in your life for grief and sadness, let harmony and serenity go hand in hand, and true friends are known only in joy!

From the bottom of my heart, please accept my most sincere birthday wishes! I wish you good health, financial stability, harmony in everything, love in all its manifestations, a peaceful sky over your head. Let success and good luck accompany you in life, you are surrounded by good people, and every day shines with new colors!

We wish that in your soul always sounded a beautiful life-affirming melody, and your heart echoed it, beating out the right rhythm. Let there be no gray of everyday life – let every day shine with bright multi-colored paints!

Happy Birthday! I wish to bathe in an ocean of positivity, live in joy, do not know sorrow, always have cash and non-cash! And let your life always have three whales: health, happiness and good luck! May they carry you along with a beautiful destiny and never let you go!

Happy Birthday! I wish you immeasurable happiness, good health, true love, good luck, prosperity, fulfillment of desires! Let life be full of positive emotions, loyal friends and joyful days. Bright, bright, happy events to you!

You know, there is an opinion that on the holiday of birthday it is customary to wish what everyone-all in the world people dream about. I’m sure everyone, without exception, dreams about health. So I wish you health, and I wish you good health. Everybody wants to be incredibly successful and prosper in life, so I wish you success, career growth and recognition. Let your work bring you only pleasure and never get bored. So I wish you loyal, true friends and, of course, love in your heart. Happy Birthday!

Birthday greetings with your own words

You know that not only on your birthday, but on any other day I wish you only from the bottom of my heart and very sincerely all the most beautiful and cheerful. Love, bright, unforgettable meetings, loyal friends, festive mood, the fulfillment of cherished desires and creative achievements! Happy Birthday!

Cheerfulness, strength, hope, health, patience, dreams and their fulfillment, love, warmth, luck, joy, prosperity, energy, light, inspiration, smiles, success, kindness, loyalty, delight! And also steep rises, bright life, strength of mind, fire, desire and intoxication from happiness! Happy Birthday!

May today everything be just as you dreamed – beautiful weather outside the window, and you have a great mood! Let all the wishes of your guests come true and your life fill with light, happiness and kindness! May congratulations, toasts and the best words be heard in your honor! May your life be full of smiles, sunshine, warmth and joy, and may there always be happiness in your home!

Dear, congratulations on your birthday! May the sun shine brighter for you, people smile more widely, and wishes come true more often. May the fire burn in your heart, which never goes out, and the spark in your eyes make you and your loved ones happy. Warmth to you, light, kindness and happiness!

Happy Birthday! I want to wish you all the brightest, kindest and most beautiful things that can happen to a person. I wish you to meet fewer obstacles in life, and if you have them, then confidently overcome them! Let success accompany you in everything in life!

Congratulations, happy birthday! I wish you many pleasant, pure and bright things in your life. May all that you yourself wish for yourself come true. Appreciate in people honesty, decency and politeness and they will always give you only pleasant emotions.

Congratulations on your birthday! Let each of your days allow you to realize your plans, let each of your aspirations lead to undoubted success and prosperity!

On this beautiful joyful day, your birthday, we wish you a sea of presents, beautiful flowers, a sea of confessions and smiles, a sea of pleasant meetings and wonderful moments, and on your vacations – a warm sandy beach of the Black Sea or the Mediterranean Sea.

Congratulations on your birthday! May faithful friends always warm you with their smiles, like summer sunbeams! May a warm breeze always protect you from all misfortunes! Always be healthy and let everything be OK. And also wish you strong, strong love!

Happy Birthday! May your beauty never fade, your family be strong and you be healthy! I wish you to fulfill your plans and achieve your goals. Let life play bright colors and bring happiness!

Birthday is a good occasion to feel once again how wonderful and unique life is! May every new day be a pleasant surprise and all your dreams come true!

On your birthday I wish a festive atmosphere in everything: in your heart, in the smiles of your friends, at the table. Let sincere congratulations warm your soul and bring an abundance of positive feelings. And in life, may optimism, faith in miracles, cloudless happiness, good luck and, undoubtedly, love never leave you for a moment.

Happy Birthday, my warmest congratulations, I wish you to be a dreamy, good-natured, flawless, insightful, smiling person, love life, do good and bring joy to your family and friends. Let luck always smile and only kind people meet on the way.

The best congratulations – in your own words

Congratulations on your birthday! Good luck in all your endeavors, fulfillment of your wishes, always bright and good mood, faith in yourself and progress towards your goals. And also wonderful health, more smiles both in holidays and in weekdays, and let every day be filled with happiness and warmth.

From the bottom of my heart let me congratulate you on your birthday and express my sincere wishes! Of course, I wish you Siberian health, financial well-being, success in everything, true love and friendship, and just a peaceful sky over your head. Let you be surrounded by positive, kind and friendly people in your life and let every new day shine with bright colors!

We hasten to congratulate you on your birthday! May the fate save you from grief and misfortune, from the worst enemy, from an evil tongue, from a petty friend, from a serious illness! And God give you health, joy and good luck!

On your birthday I wish your dreams come true, all your plans come true, and on your way you meet the most interesting people and the brightest events. Let there always be close to those who love and appreciate you, and let all the wishes that you receive on this day will be heard by fate and return to you with happiness and joy!

Congratulations on your birthday! I wish your life to be bright and delightful, your loved ones to give you attention, joy, warmth and affection, friends to surround you with sincere understanding and support, colleagues to respect and cherish. Let everything that seemed unrealizable come true, and let the most desirable happen!

As they say – happy years, health, joy, victories! Let your life be a bright mosaic of joys and unforgettable events, and let every new day brings you a good mood!

Congratulations on your birthday! I wish you even the most unrealistic dreams come true, good luck and success in all your affairs, bright and positive emotions! Let every day of your life be filled with joy, smiles and happiness!

Happy Birthday! This day is yours alone. I wish you endless happiness, good luck, good health, love, explosive emotions. May you always have the willpower and energy to accomplish any task. Love to you and respect from your family, friends, surroundings. I want many beautiful, bright, fiery events to happen in your life.

Happy Birthday. Please accept my sincere birthday wishes! I send my warmest wishes to you. I wish you close and devoted friends near you, a great mood for another year of life!

Happy Birthday! On this beautiful bright day I wish you that in your heart there is always love, warmth and tenderness, that your mind is filled with only good thoughts and ideas, that your body is always healthy and your face is full of smiles. May every day be a joy, together with pleasant and beloved to heart people.

Happy birthday to the most wonderful Man in the world! May your life be a worthy march to new victories, love follow you on your heels, and joy and happiness always walk beside you. I am proud to know such a wise and kind person like you. Thank you that this is a day I can celebrate with you. This wonderful day will be one of the best days of your life.

We wish you wisdom, kindness, generosity. May your health never fail. May your spirits always be high. May the family be warm and cozy. Successes, good luck, good luck.

I heartily congratulate you on your birthday! I wish you a life no less wonderful than this beautiful day. May luck, success and love accompany you in life! I wish you to stand firmly on your feet and feel the shoulders of your reliable friends near you! Let the sorrows never come into your house, and the sun of kindness, love and mutual understanding shine in your windows!

Congratulations! I wish you good health and the most cheerful mood! Let every day of your life be full of optimism, fresh ideas and interesting meetings, and let every morning greet you with bright sunbeams and smiles of your relatives!

Happy Birthday! May your home be filled with happiness and warmth, your soul with harmony and tranquility. Let love live in your heart and be positive in your thoughts. Let fate presents bright gifts and joyful events, and there will always be good weather in your life!

Please accept my birthday greetings! I want to wish you the best, to have as many good emotions, pleasant moments and a constant cycle of positive events in your life. Let you be surrounded only by loved ones, relatives, people dear to your heart!

Happy Birthday! On this beautiful day I wish the fairy-tale bird of happiness to bring you good luck on its tail, a huge supply of health, strength and energy, good mood and all the blessings of life. Let all the changes that occur in life be only for the better! May every day bring new and joyful discoveries, and may people around you always be kind and responsive.

On your birthday I am happy. After all, I can tell you once again how much I love you and wish you to always remain yourself. May your attractiveness, strength, beauty, intelligence, reliability, practicality, chastity always adorn you. I wish you good luck in all your endeavors, I wish you only exciting confessions. Let everything be just fine with you, no matter what.

I wish uniqueness – that emotions, good events and pleasant feelings replace each other in a bright kaleidoscope, give a wonderful mood and make life full!

On the brightest, most meaningful, long-awaited day I want to congratulate you on your birthday! I would like to wish you smiles, fun, harmonious mood, clear skies over your head, bright sunshine. That people’s smiles warmed you, your relatives made you happy more often, you got on well at work and had rest at weekends. That the reflection in the mirror always smiled at you and the festive mood never ended.

Original cake and happy birthday greetings

Happy birthday to you. From now on, I wish you to be the happiest person on this planet! I truly believe that your dream is achievable and will definitely come true! Be healthy, rich and influential, but do not forget about your kindness, which distinguishes you from the modern generation!

On your birthday accept my sincere and heartfelt wishes: peace of mind, prosperity, health, love and friends who are always ready to help. Let your days be full of sunshine and love. All the best, good and pleasant to you – everything that can bring a smile to your face. Especially that which is hidden in the tiny word happiness. And, of course, the traditional hundred years of life!

Happy birthday to you! But to wish you health and happiness, I think, is not necessary, as everyone has long ago wished it, and it will surely be! I wish you to have exactly what you need. What you and only you want! After all, only you know what you need for the most important thing – for happiness. Happy Birthday!

I congratulate you on the day of your appearance into the world and wish you an avalanche of happiness that will embrace your whole being and flood you with boundless soul harmony! I am glad that I can communicate with such a beautiful person like you, and thank you for the warmth and light that you generously give to the world. Congratulations to you, your family and loved ones for being able to meet and celebrate this amazing event together. To you health and fullness of strength for many years of your life.

Happy Birthday and I wish you to always be in good spirits, believe in your strength, and strive to make your dreams come true. I wish you good friends. Health, successes in personal life.

I congratulate you, so sincere, happy and incredibly attractive, on your anniversary! Let everything that has not yet come true in life – come true! Let your eyes burn with love and joy, and your heart never leaves the sparkling light of happiness! Let all the gifts that life presents to you be only desirable! May your health be stronger than steel and your love so that no harm comes to you! You have everything you need and everything you want – for such a good man cannot be without something! Congratulations!

Congratulations on your birthday! May your cup of life be overflowing with happiness, health and love! May all your wishes come true! And may you have everything the way you want it!

Happy Birthday to you! May life spread out before you as a high-speed autobahn – without potholes, bumps and annoying obstacles. But with bright memorable stops and unforgettable meetings. And I also wish you to receive today the only gift – a modest aquarium with a goldfish, which every day will fulfill three of your wishes.

Every year it is a book with 365 blank pages.So create a masterpiece every day, using all the colors of life … and that every day when you write something on your face was a smile! Let you see all the beauty in this world, and all your dreams come true. Happy birthday to you.

Life is such a strange thing that you don’t always get what you want in time. So today I wanted to congratulate you first, but I am probably the last one to do so. But I hope that doesn’t make it any less pleasant for you. As it happens, I want to wish you that you are always in the right place at the right time. This will be called the favor of fate for you. Be always her spoilsport. Congratulations!

Happy birthday! May this day be full of the most unexpected and joyful surprises and long-awaited gifts. May the dearest people, loyal and reliable friends always be by your side. Happiness, love and kindness to your home. And may fortune smile on your face!

Happy Birthday! Bright positive mood, high achievements, spiritual joy, prosperity, good health, successes in everything! I wish you to never stop at what you have reached. Good luck in learning new ideas, self-development and striving for the best!

On your birthday I wish you long years and good health! May your life be surrounded by love! That success in deeds for the whole century! All that a man is happy with! Happy Birthday!

Today is a very happy day for all of us. Many years ago your parents met and gave the world and us such a wonderful person like you. May you and your family always be well at heart, comfortable at home, calm at work and joyful with us! May every new day bring you only positive and pleasure, and health never fails. Everything you wish, let it come true and as soon as possible.

Happy Birthday! I wish the sun always shine, raising your spirits! Let all your wishes come true for sure! Let your dearest and beloved ones be near you and strong strong love warm your soul!

Today your eyes shine, there is a beautiful smile on your lips and the air is saturated with love of loved ones, let it be so always, not only on your birthday.

On your birthday I want to wish you not just a good life and prosperity, but the best of circumstances so that your life and achievements could be told about proudly to descendants! Live brightly, don’t be sad and smile every day!

Happy birthday! Let every day brings joy, smiles and presents, let all dreams come true and plans come true, let only sincere people surround you, devoted friends and let there be no place for gloom and sorrow!

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