Attract a girl by yourself: revealing the essence

A love spell on a girl that will definitely work: read at home

In today’s society, men are still perceived as the breadwinners. It is believed that “running” for girls is beneath man’s dignity, and long courtship is a delaying of the inevitable refusal. However, this approach is destructive from all sides, because a person is given to experience true love only once. That is why if you are sure that this or that woman is your soulmate, it is important to do everything possible to achieve her, even a charm that will definitely work.

Choosing bouquets, difficulties in choosing topics of conversation during a date, painful attempts to consider the presence of sympathy in the look – all this is mere nonsense. These problems begin when a girl totally refuses to reciprocate, explaining it by a thousand reasons, and calculating the truth among them is not for the faint-hearted.

There are cases where such difficulties can be resolved by a revaluation of values and a review of behavior. If you understand what the potential partner is not satisfied in a particular relationship, and to eliminate these deficiencies, then the situation will resolve itself. But, alas, this method does not always work, and rational thinking fails. In its place come unconventional solutions, and with them magic.

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Conducting magical rituals is quite a specific process. It requires not only certain knowledge and willpower, but also the presence of innate abilities. Such a spell on a girl can be read at home, without asking for help from magicians and sorcerers.

How to make a spell on a girl that will definitely work?

Men who do not have special practice in magical matters should turn to conspiracies and village magic, which does not require from the practitioner anything but awareness. It is considered the least powerful, gentle and relatively safe. The most popular spell for a girl is by photo. This is the only way to make a curse on a person in the face of an enemy. In this case, it is necessary to hold a photo of the beloved, turning together with her counterclockwise.

In general, any spells on things are very effective. The same principle is also applied when the object is taken as a talisman, when it is taken as an object. The same principle of a spell is valid with the conspiracies for hair and favorite dainties – all of them are common and known.

When turning to magic, it is important to know: the situation can also turn against the witch doctor. Inquiring about the consequences of witchcraft, you can find cases where the “victims” complete with obsession with a particular person received a whole bouquet of diseases and personal woes. If the basic rules are violated, the consequences can be very different.

Ensuring the safety of both parties is an important component in preparing for any of the above rituals. When taking care of yourself and your loved one, remember:

  • It is impossible to resort to “black” magic. The magic is very simple: such incantations refer to death or withering of a girl in case of breakup of a relationship (“will die, will wither, will dry up” – and everything in that spirit);
  • It is not necessary to resort to charms, whose action should be carried out in a cemetery. The place of soothing the dead has a very strong energy field, but it cannot be called clean

Two powerful texts for a girl’s charm

By candlelight.

Nine thin candles and a photo of the beloved will be needed. Make a circle of candles before sunrise, light the candles and put a photo face up in the center. With the right heel step on the photo and say the incantation three times:

“As my heel presses you hard, let you also be drawn to me. It’s good with me, hard without me. These words lock, and the key – the fish in his mouth. Amen.

Ritual is carried out three nights in a row.

Looking into the eyes.

Midnight ritual. The man takes in his hands a photo of his beloved, looks her in the eyes and 7 times reads the text of the spell:

“As I love you, God’s slave (girl’s name), so you will not be able without me, God’s slave (his name). Let it be so. My words are the law. Amen.”

After the incantation, you must hide the picture in a place inaccessible to others’ eyes.

Practical advice and instructions

  1. Rituals performed by men should be carried out in the daytime. The ideal time is the very beginning of sunset. The place for this should be chosen accordingly. Of the criteria to it: seclusion, silence and the presence of open space. Magic, as the matter is extremely delicate, does not accept unnecessary witnesses.
  2. Sorcery is possible only on certain days of the week. For men it is Tuesday, Monday and Thursday.
  3. Pronouncing a spell, it will not be superfluous to repeat it. Duplicating your own words is akin to glue – the more of it, the truer the result. Reading out the text from a piece of paper is a last resort. The words must be learned by heart.
  4. A man who resorts to a spell must look good. It is a question of clean clothes, clean body and clean thoughts. Everything in a man must be harmonious and whole.
  5. And the last thing that can not be forgotten in any case: do not start witchcraft without learning how to defend yourself. Find ways of turning away (if there is any), learn how to put blockings and recognize danger. This is the only way to protect both yourself and your loved one from possible difficulties.

Reading such witchcrafts at home, you must understand that you take a huge responsibility. If it succeeds, it will be impossible to reverse the prying.

If you want to take into account all the above methods, it is necessary to say: no witchcraft does not guarantee successful development of interpersonal relations. The witchcraft causes a person a powerful attraction to the initiator, but does not change his character, habits or manner of behavior. Achieve mutual understanding have the most simple, universal ways. All in your hands!

Lure a girl at home without consequences

For most people, the word “love spell” is associated with a girl sitting in front of a candle with a photo of your beloved and whispering the words of the spell. But not only women use such magical services.

When a girl who you really like, not paying attention to you, in every way rejects all signs of attention and does not go to a close contact, involuntarily you can think: how to make her love me. In such a situation, a love spell at home can help you.

Types of love spells

There are two types of spells: white and black. They differ from each other by the way of realization and, of course, by the scale of the consequences.

  1. White charm. This type can be classified as a light ritual. It is much safer than the black one. It differs from the black one in that in a white spell, the “victim” is given only the impetus and the direction in which to act. Christian symbolism objects are used, such as: candles, icons, and the reading of prayers.
  2. Black Lure. This kind of spell works much harder and faster than the first one. As a rule, its consequences are more severe and life-threatening. In its implementation, one turns for help to the world of the dead, using earth from the cemetery, corpses and animal blood.

The Black Lure is better not to resort to. This type of a curse can have serious consequences, after which you might regret that you took such a risk in the first place.

The conditions for a girl’s spell

Before proceeding to a girl’s spell, you should prepare yourself and prepare the surroundings.

To do this, magicians have highlighted several important points that need to be taken into account in order to obtain success:

  1. Desire. This time, think about it a hundred times before you decide to use magic. This time, the main purpose of the magician is to attract a person which you really love with all your heart. Do not try to bewitch a girl because of revenge to someone, because of an argument with a friend, or simply because you do not like her so much.
  2. Surroundings . During the ritual, you need to create a suitable atmosphere. To do this, create silence: turn off the TV, radio, phone. Nothing should distract you. Also warn your friends that you will be busy for a certain time, so that they do not come to visit. Turn off the phone. No distractions are allowed during the ritual. But it is forbidden to tell anyone about what you are going to do. Keep it a secret from everyone.
  3. Mental and moral state . Before the ritual, get a good night’s sleep, distract yourself from all problems. You should have a good feeling and mood. Believe that everything will work out and the beloved will be yours. You can not doubt the efficacy of the ritual, because mistrust and uncertainty about what you do, will not give you the desired result.

In what cases is better not to resort to a spell?

Attempting to enchant someone is an attempt to go against the natural course of events. And such actions often have unpleasant consequences. Especially if you are not serious about it. Therefore, there are a number of cases in which sorcerers do not advise to apply for the help of an enchantment:

  • Uncertainty about your feelings . If this girl does not mean much to you, and you will bewitch her, then there will be a situation, as they say, “neither to yourself, nor to people”. Just as you will not enjoy this union, the girl will suffer from unrequited feelings.
  • The girl is married . No matter how much you may want to, it is still not worth separating your beloved from her family. You can’t build your own happiness on someone else’s happiness.
  • Sporting interest . Also, it is not recommended to make a ritual only to check its effectiveness. Magic is a delicate business. And you never know what it can repay for disrespectful attitude to it.

How to make a charm without consequences

In any case, interaction with the subtle energetic world will not be without consequences. To avoid trouble as much as possible, follow proven recommendations:

  • It’s better to choose white magic spells . White magic does not make rigid settings, therefore, and the consequences are not as serious as after black magic. This way you will secure both yourself and your beloved.
  • Energy Lures . Most of them are aimed precisely at changing the mindset and the mood of the charmed man himself. This means that he will live with thoughts of how good he is with his beloved. And these thoughts will gradually be realized. A photo of the girl or some of her personal things helps in this.

Ways of charms.

There are very many different methods of carrying out this magical ritual. All of them are different: by the degree of influence and purpose, by the necessary objects for the ritual, by the distance, refer to different categories of girls. Let’s consider some of the most common methods:

A charm by photo

A photo partially transmits a person’s energy. Therefore, since ancient times, this method has been used and is considered the most effective. This is a white magic, which is another advantage. In addition, it is not difficult to perform it yourself at home.

For this purpose, our site has a large amount of information for any case. These methods will also suit those who do not want to go personally to psychics and magicians for help.

The first and important step is to choose a photo. The picture must meet the following criteria:

  • The photo is printed on paper and the fresher the photo, the better. It is preferable to take a photo taken not more than a year ago.
  • The picture must be of good quality. Facial features are clearly visible, especially the eyes of the girl.
  • It is a single photo. It should not show any other people or animals. You can’t cut out an image of a girl from a group photo.
  • To act confidently, remember every step of the ritual, all the words, movements and incantations . In the process, it is undesirable to stray, to peep into a sheet. The first method of a picture seduction is a picture of a person in a photo.
The first method of an incantation by photo

Take two photos: yours and your beloved’s, a red candle and three needles. Put the red candle and the three needles on the same side. Stab the first needle through the head of the woman, the second through the belly, the third through the lower part of the body, legs.

Turn the pictures face-up to the candle flame and start reading the incantation:

“The flame is blazing, the wax is melting. The power of my spell is increasing. I connect the hearts of the servant of God (name) with the servant of God (name). In this case, you will have to give up everything – you will have to throw out the candle from the candle marker. If you will have a Mercy Helper, you will have a Mercy Helper. In this case, you will be able to use your own hands and your own magic power. My words are strong, unbreakable and invincible. Let my spell start immediately on (girl’s name) to attack. So be it! Amen!”

Then put the pictures in a clean white envelope and bury it under any tree at midnight. The incantation starts to work within 3 days.

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