Attitude towards a girl: let’s take a hard look

Attitude towards a girl: let’s take a hard look

Relationships between guys and girls are sometimes very difficult, which often leads to misunderstanding between them. Often, when communicating with a guy, the girl thinks about how he relates to her. It would seem that the young man talks to her gently and beautifully, but at the same time he has no serious intentions in terms of an affair or relationship. Or on the contrary, the guy talks to the young beauty coldly and indifferently, but at that very minute he is just afraid and wants to be with her. This article will help to answer the question – how does the guy treat a girl friend?

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Relationship with the girl

Unfortunately, supply has begat demand and in our society, women have come to be treated as an object. Wanting to possess a beautiful body, the right attitude towards girls has come to naught. We see examples of disrespectful, impudent and sometimes completely inadequate treatment of the ladies. All this can not help but be upsetting, and something must be done about it.

To begin with, we need to stop looking at a woman as an object of sexual desire. I admit that this is not an easy task, because today everything is saturated with lust. Everywhere you look there are girls in their underwear, lots of porn online, and so on. Simply put, most men today are lustful animals, unable to control desire. And the most amazing thing is that this is now considered the norm.

The first and most important way a guy should treat the girl he loves (and any girl in general) is to show respect. A real man must overcome the lust in himself and be, above all, a reasonable man, not a gutless wimp who drools at the sight of every asshole. What does respect mean? Besides the obvious things like not insulting or raising your hand to a woman, a man should not cheat on her if it’s an intimate relationship. If you chose a lady, then be only with her or end the relationship before being with another woman.

How should you treat a girl ideally?

To spell it out point by point, a lady should:

  • Love;
  • Provide (or at least not be an alphonse);
  • Respect her like any other person;
  • Take care of her and make her happy;
  • understand and tolerate within reasonable limits;
  • protect;
  • To be firm and stern when required.

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Tips from

  • By hugging her, you are saying that you are attached to her and want her by your side. A hug is the universal cure!
  • Always try to talk to her gently.
  • If you’re typing a text message to your girlfriend, take a few extra seconds to write in full: “I love you.
  • You don’t have to look for a reason for the gift. Give your girlfriend gifts on ordinary days. If you don’t have the slightest idea what to get her, send her a love letter or card.
  • Ask her out on dates more often. They don’t have to hit the wallet: a walk in the park is a great idea.
  • Girls are not things, and they don’t like to be treated like things. Don’t be possessive and treat a girl with the tenderness and respect she deserves. If you care about her, prove it unconditionally.
  • Tell her everything, don’t keep secrets from her, especially if you love her. That way you will show that you trust her.
  • Send her flowers, but do it in an original way. Send them to the hair salon when she will be visiting, the dentist’s office, or, at the very least, to work – in general, to some public place where she least expects to receive them, and not on her birthday, Valentine’s Day, or after an argument.
  • Try to be her lover as well as her friend. Surely you have common interests. Spend time together and do things you both enjoy.
  • Write her a love poem. This is a great way to express your feelings and show that you are willing to make an effort for your relationship with her, especially if you are a shy person.
  • Don’t get between your girlfriend and her best friends. They may not like it, and in the worst case, they will convince her to end the relationship with you.

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Communicating with the fair sex

As for all the other women with whom you don’t have a close romantic relationship, you need to behave differently than you would with your chosen one, but no less respectfully. For example, the lady much older should be treated as his mother, because, in fact, you are good to her in sons.

To the same age should be treated as a sister, without showing lasciviousness. Accordingly, it is better to treat much younger girls as daughters, even if you have never had one. It all seems logical, doesn’t it? However, who follows these simple rules nowadays? Some may say that this is idealism, but in terms of morality and morals, this is how you should treat a girl.

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  • Your girlfriend may have friends in your office. Never talk about your sexual exploits at work.

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What not to do?

We’ve already learned how to treat a girl, and now let’s talk about what a guy shouldn’t allow, including in relation to himself.

Sometimes, love and respect degenerate into unhealthy affection and indulgence. A man becomes a weak-willed, as they say, “henchman. This is an unacceptable line of behavior, unworthy of the stronger sex. Women are also not perfect and it happens that some without the slightest shame enjoy the kindness of men, and they themselves go to the left. No one said that the problem is only with modern men. There are plenty of immoral girls, and they must be let go. The main thing to remember is that no matter how the lady behaves, you have to stick to the rules and not to be like her. How can you treat a girl who is frivolous or insolent? Strictly, but calmly and politely explain your position, point out your shortcomings and end the conversation in time before the thunder and lightning come down on you.

Besides, you can’t look for logic in girls. If a guy does it, he’s stupid. No offense to women in any way, but for the most part they think with their hearts, not their minds. So if you want advice from a lady, don’t ask for help with work, repairs, or anything like that (unless of course she specializes in those things). Where a lady’s advice can help is in matters of the soul, doubts, choosing the path of life. Then intuitive advice is the best way to decide.

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Women love confident guys. Even if you’re not quite that kind of person, try to do your best to look confident and don’t make yourself doubt yourself. Being confident doesn’t mean being an alpha male. Keeping your word is quite enough. If you decide to do something, do it. Let there be excitement and fear. Even if it shows, there’s nothing terrible about it, because in the end you’re the one doing it, not the girl. Maybe she’s even less worried about doing this or that action, but you do it and no one else.

Everyone has his phobias and there is no such thing as absolutely fearless. Not every man is a superman, but history has known great men who have done great things even in a wheelchair!

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Money matters

If money wasn’t so important in the old days, now the world is completely bogged down in capitalism. Money is needed everywhere and it is very desirable to be able to earn it. A man’s self-esteem depends a lot on these pieces of paper. However, this is not important for all girls. Rather, it is important for the stronger sex. And it is very nice to be able to bestow his love with all kinds of gifts, or at least provide her a stable life. It is clear that not everyone has a certain set of qualities to earn a lot of money, but there is one crucial point that can not be ignored.

Never be greedy. Even if you’ve been walking around in frayed socks for a long time and can not afford to buy new ones, never begrudge to once again make nice woman. Socks will wait, but the respect of girls to you can start to disappear.

The ideal is when a man works and brings money into the house, and the woman is engaged in the home and children, but in today’s world, where girls tend to have equal rights, exceptions can be allowed. There are quite a few young couples now who live and work, investing equally in providing for life. So it all depends on the specific situation and you shouldn’t hang heavy labels on each other.

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How to recognize a serious relationship?

Good afternoon, dear homebodies. How do you recognize a serious relationship? Throughout mankind’s existence, people have fallen in love, created families, and built relationships. The desire to create a family is embedded in us at a genetic level.

But, in today’s society it is increasingly difficult to find a soul mate, someone to go through life with, holding hands with. The world has so distorted the value of human relationships that you have to get burned more than once before you find a truly worthwhile person.

But, how do you recognize a serious relationship? How do you know that you have the right person with whom you can do anything, who will faithfully and lovingly walk hand in hand with you, bypassing problems and failures, sharing victories and joys? In this article, we will explore these questions.

What is a serious relationship?

In fact, the problem arises not even in building a serious relationship, but in the very understanding of this phenomenon. It is very important to initially find out how your chosen one understands a serious relationship.

If you want to meet a person with whom you can create a family, and live a long and happy life, to be together in joy and sorrow, this is the desire for a serious relationship.

But, that’s what you want – perhaps by “serious relationship” your partner means more than one date. Therefore, it is very important that your vision of the relationship coincide.

A serious relationship implies a shared perspective that extends over time, perhaps even for life.

A logical step in a meaningful relationship is to get legally married and have children together, but that shouldn’t be the goal of dating – a stamp in the passport alone hasn’t made anyone happy.

What are the signs of a serious relationship?

Most often, girls and guys think about the question of whether their loved one’s intentions are serious and whether we have a future together, while they are still in love, when everything is only beginning to emerge. The first meetings, you still know each other only superficially, but are beginning to look closely at the partner and assess the possible prospects of your fledgling relationship.

And yet, how to recognize a serious relationship at the initial stage? Let’s look at some signs that may indicate that your contacts will last a long time, perhaps – for life. But, the fact is that men and women show their serious intentions in different ways.

So to understand how you’re being treated, take a look at the manifestations of long-term intentions, depending on gender.

Signs of a serious relationship in men

Let’s see how to recognize a serious relationship by the behavior of your chosen one.

  • A man who is serious about his woman is sure to be persistent. No excuses and attempts to get rid of his attention will not work.
  • If the guy is serious about his intentions, he won’t be stopped by refusing to communicate. He’s goal-oriented and will never stop a woman from talking – even if she’s with someone else.
  • When talking on your dates, a man who is interested in talking for a long time will definitely ask you about your life plans.
  • A serious relationship for a man means introducing a woman to his social circle. This means that a man with intentions, be sure to introduce you to all his friends, relatives, colleagues.
  • Such a man, even bogged down in the whirlpool of affairs, problems and obligations, be sure to find a moment during the day to call you and ask about your well-being, your mood, your affairs.
  • A man with serious intentions practically has no secrets from his lady – he is open and even tend to tell about himself and his past.

  • In addition, a serious man is sure to tell you about his plans for the future, both in his career and in other areas of life.
  • Increasingly, a man who wants to start a family will seek to meet with you, even to the detriment of his own interests.
  • The man offers you very early on to move in with him so that you will always be there for him.
  • For his future wife, the man will strive to do everything in his power. He will definitely show himself as a protector, an earner and a patron.
  • A man with the intention of marriage will certainly be looking for an excuse to meet with your family, friends and acquaintances. This is more of a natural, subconscious need – to show the others that this lady is already busy.
  • Quarrels happen in any relationship and at different stages of their development. But, the difference between a serious man’s attitude is that he will be the first to take the initiative to reconcile, to ask for forgiveness and to call back.
  • A man who dreams of starting a family will not be afraid to talk about children and will even share his thoughts on the matter. Most often, the conscious decision to have heirs men come to 30 years.
  • Be sure to profile in social networks, from the first days of dating a man will have your total photos, and under “marital status” will appear a new status.
  • An interested man on the fly grabs all the information about you and tries in every way to use it to surprise you. For example, casually in a conversation said that you like pineapple juice, and when he invites you to visit, you will definitely see this drink on the table.
  • A man with serious intentions will definitely break away to you, at any time of day, if it will be necessary.
  • He will never allow you to return alone in the dark time of the day.
  • A man with promising intentions will not think long – as a rule, he will very quickly declare to you that he intends to live with you for the rest of his life.

Signs of a serious relationship in women

Let’s see how to recognize a serious relationship by looking at a woman’s behavior. Determining if a man has serious intentions is much easier because he won’t disguise or conceal it in any way.

But, determining whether a woman is ready to enter into a serious relationship with you is always a challenge. Although, if you will be very attentive, you will be able to notice signs that the lady loves you and is ready to start a family.

  • The most obvious sign that a girl does not seek to create a family is her direct statements about it.
  • Do not count on a serious relationship with a girl who devotes almost all her time to her career, personal growth and finding ways to self-fulfillment. Maybe time will pass and she’ll consider you, but not now – she has a different life direction.
  • If the girl often uses “we” in her speech when talking about your friendship – you can be sure that her plans for contact go far.
  • Women are big fans of hints! If she wants to wake up in the same bed with you, throughout her life, she will not miss a chance to hint about it (because it is not a woman’s business to speak directly). Lady be sure to tell you, for example, how she caught a bouquet of brides at her friend’s wedding, or will dreamily stop looking at the windows of bridal salons during their walks.
  • The woman will not avoid meeting with you, even if it will be busy – will try to inform you about it and reschedule the meeting.
  • If, God forbid, something happens to you, get a cold, for example, the lady with the specific intentions, be sure to rush to you with a medical kit, raspberry jam and will surround you with care until he is convinced that you are okay.
  • This rule does not apply to all modern women, but most. A woman who is not serious about you will not accept expensive gifts.
  • If a woman increasingly asks you for help – it can also be a sign that she is willing to share your sorrows and joys throughout life.
  • A woman who is not in the mood for a serious relationship will not stay with you overnight or on weekends.
  • If a woman doesn’t see you as a potential partner for life, she is more likely to allow herself to flirt with other men and actively date.

How do you maintain and develop a serious relationship?

Now you know how to recognize a serious relationship, but that’s not all. If you can recognize a meaningful relationship from the signs above, then you definitely need to know what to do with it next.

In order for your communication to develop and be able to grow into a family bond, it is worth working on it. Below you will find some tips on how to develop and maintain a serious relationship.

  1. You shouldn’t have major domestic conflicts and disagreements at the stage of falling in love, but once it passes, the first tests await you. This is a kind of test of your union for durability. So, try during these moments to look for what you have in common and not to focus on what you see as divergent.
  2. Try to show more interest in the life of your partner or partner. Let your involvement will be noticeable, but unobtrusive.
  3. If you have already decided to start a family – do not delay with the proposal of marriage.
  4. Be sure to leave time only for yourself – if the confetti-bouquet period you do not want for a minute to part, then very soon it will pass – take care not to be satiated with the presence of each other.
  5. Make and discuss your plans with each other. To create a long-term relationship and its harmonious development, it is important that your views on the future coincided in the main aspects.

That’s basically all you need to know regarding the question of how to recognize a serious relationship. It is very important not to miss your chance for happiness – here everything is in your hands.

Act, love and build love, because only we are the creators of our own happiness!

And watch a very useful video explanation on serious relationships.

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