Aries man after a breakup

Aries man behavior after a breakup: how to break up properly, what to pay attention to

This sign of the Zodiac likes to be the first in everything, so when it comes to breaking up, they are very reluctant to be the ones who are abandoned.

Breaking up with an Aries man can lead to a fight followed by a passionate night of sex. After that, every time a girl wants to end their relationship, it will be interpreted as a way to start foreplay. So you have to be very firm in order to really get a breakup.

Top 5 things you need to know

There are a few things you need to know about Aries men:

  1. He may feel as if he has let you down and seem completely depressed and guilty.
  2. When an Aries man leaves, he may start acting disgusted and try to hurt you.
  3. Will lay low for a while and suffer alone.
  4. Will turn mutual friends against you.
  5. Despite his actions, the man will not hold a grudge for too long.

Women who want to break up with him and do not know how Aries will react. You can be sure – it will not be easy with him.

How Aries go through a breakup

Usually such a man in a relationship is quite logical and cold, regardless of whether he is annoyed or angry. But if this guy is very much in love with a woman, he will feel deeply betrayed.

If the girl no longer wants to spend time with him, he will make her feel guilty about everything.

Looking at the behavior of an Aries man after a breakup, you might think that he doesn’t really care that much for the relationship to end. It is very likely that he will even offer to help with packing if necessary. It will be easier to break up if you don’t live together, this way things will look less awkward at the moment of separation.

If a woman decides to break up with an Aries, she will have to listen to everything he thinks about her. No matter how much the guy loves her, when it comes to breaking up, she will fully understand how rude the ex can be. The Aries man has a very sharp tongue and is able to say a lot of nasty things when he is upset.

He will act with hatred and say that he always hoped she would take the first step to ending it all. After that, he will lurk and suffer quietly until one of his friends takes him out “in public” to have a drink and try to forget all the problems on the love front.

More often than not, Aries men go through a relationship breakup alone.

How to make yourself quit

Ladies who are not strong enough to say outright that the relationship is coming to an end should try to get the guy himself to initiate the breakup. To do this, it is necessary to do:

  1. A woman who wishes to break up in a non-brutal manner should become as blunt as possible.
  2. She must conceal her actions, because there is nothing more hateful to this sign than to be deceived.
  3. A woman looking to break up with Aries may try to contradict him at every turn because he likes to be right and a man whose words are really listened to.
  4. He hates being told what to do, so to provoke a breakup with an Aries man, you should constantly criticize and correct him.
  5. On the other hand, if a woman doesn’t know how to be bossy, she should just try to be as boring as possible. In this situation, the guy will leave without even writing a goodbye note.
  6. He doesn’t tolerate humble women because he wants to have fun and be together with someone passionate.
  7. The easiest way to get an Aries man to leave a woman is to deprive her of sex.

If you manage to do all this, you can almost certainly get back to your old life without a loud and overly energetic ex.

After a breakup.

Once a given Zodiac sign wants to end a relationship with a woman, two things can happen. The Aries man will either be open, calm and calculating after a breakup, or he will just explode.

This fiery sign is known for having a temper and saying things they later regret, especially when they get dumped.

Hating to be bored more than anything else, they often pursue the person they are in love with. Most are obsessed with the need to overcome many obstacles in love.

When an Aries man experiences a breakup and feels hurt, he acts very coldly. It will take some time for him to show his true emotions, but once he does, it becomes impossible to get the relationship back with the former Aries man.


Many of the girls are baffled by how an Aries man goes through a relationship breakup and try to figure out what is really going on.

When Aries men break up, they try to express all their feelings, and those who dare to interfere with this, feel their anger. They are unaccustomed to holding a grudge and getting angry for too long, so once they have said all that they think, they can just forget about what happened and continue to live as if nothing happened.

How to get an Aries man back

If a girl or woman is lucky enough to meet an energetic, romantic and in no way unique Aries man, she will be charmed by his organizational talents, determination and love of life.

He will conquer his chosen one from the first minutes of communication, and every day next to him will be filled with the shades of all the colors of life. After parting with such a man on the soul of any lady will remain a deep wound, because it is very difficult to replace the Aries.

Can you bring him back? A woman who has lost her love will wonder.

How to make up with a man Aries

Get back together with a man Aries is not easy, but doable. After a quarrel, no matter how strong it was, it is best to remain calm and sobriety of mind. Even if he left, slamming the door loudly, and, the reason was more than justifiable, his abandoned mate has every chance to regain the interest and love of his impulsive and emotional chosen one. But for this you will have to thoroughly and thoughtfully work.

To answer the question – how to return the man Aries, it is useful to remember the characteristics inherent in its “fiery” character. For him, as for no one else, it is very important individual approach. Instead of sad reflections is it possible to reconquer the obstinate and stubborn Aries left at the trough, a woman should start to act – with confidence, with full dedication and with his head held high.

Tips psychologist

1. The main feature of men under the influence of the fire sign of Aries – they are difficult to win, but easier to lose. Therefore, in order not to suffer the agony of separation, they need to cherish every minute and constantly nurture his love.

2. If he has fallen out of love, and there is already a cold trail behind him, the first thing to do is to find someone to blame.

If it is the man himself to blame for the rift, do not be too hot – he just needs time. It may even be that the next morning this hot-tempered beauty will be at the door of his lady with a bouquet of her favorite flowers. Aries is like that – passionate, but resilient.

4. If he left for another woman – you need to look for the reason in yourself. Most likely, the abandoned companion simply already bored Aries. These men do not tolerate ordinariness and tedious constancy, they need to surprise, laugh, intrigue every day.

5. A woman who intends to return the favor of an Aries man should not be afraid to make the first step, even if all the blame lies entirely on her. Even if he left after cheating on his date and a grand scandal that frightened all the neighbors. A violent outburst of emotion can only mean one thing – this woman, although very guilty, is definitely not indifferent to the Aries man.

6. It’s different if he left, silently and calmly. Perhaps another woman is involved here, turning the head of the eternal seeker of adventure and new sensations. Against her backdrop, the abandoned soulmate simply became boring, and life next to her is joyless. But there is no need to despair even in such a situation! If he fell in love with another girl or woman, the former lover has only one way – to prove to the male Aries his superiority in front of her.

Tricks that will help to attract the attention of man-ovn again

The most common reason for the departure of a man Aries is banal boredom. He may not even have fallen out of love with his woman yet, he just wants new sensations. In such cases, there is a great danger that the lover will soon go in search of adventure on the side.

What to do if a man – Aries is vital to see himself near the perfection of the skirt. If the disappointment of Aries is not at the limit, the woman who lost him will help the following tricks and techniques:

  • Cardinal transformation of appearance. Aries is sometimes easier to fall in love again than to make him come back. Let it be a completely new, unexpected image, with a special spice.
  • Total loss of memory. In any case, you should not remember the past. Let everything start all over again and in a better way.
  • Everything must be serious and no games. The biggest and most fatal mistake will be if a woman is interested in her runaway Aries, but once he returns, he will be the same again. Such a course of events will irrevocably aggravate the situation. Aries man again will leave his hapless lover, and now realizing that she is not bad at faking, will definitely not fall for any tricks.

It may be that no matter how hard the abandoned woman tried, the Aries man does not want to return. If he said no to all her attempts to reconcile, external changes and other efforts, you should retreat. And the sooner the better – excessive obtrusiveness here will be an additional obstacle.

It is better to disappear from his sight for a while and try to attract his attention a little later, having thought carefully about a new plan of action. One possibility is to appear under the arm of a new suitor, who will openly admire his companion. Jealousy can also work as a catalyst in resurrecting former feelings.

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