Aquarius man Taurus woman: illuminating in order

Aquarius man and Taurus woman: compatibility

Taurus woman is characterized by stability and the desire to always stay in a comfortable environment for her. Aquarius man is unstable in his behavior, and comfort for him does not play a decisive role. This union can be classified as one of the uneasy ones. They hardly manage to solve everyday problems. And as for common goals, contact with the partner develops in each other absolutely not those traits that contribute to internal growth and development. The Aquarius-male and Taurus-woman pair meet quite often. The peculiarity of such a union is that both partners are emotional storms. The relationship gets shaken and rushed with feelings day in and day out. Witnesses of the relationship of this pair repeatedly ask the question: what attracts in each other Aquarius male, striving for lofty ideals, and sensible Taurus female? Yes, there is an opinion that opposites attracted to each other, but how strong will be such a relationship?

Aquarius-male and Taurus-woman combination is quite unconventional. This is a pair in which partners suddenly find each other, and are able to find the strength to enjoy life even after serious conflicts. As a rule, sympathy arises immediately, but if this union manages to bypass difficulties and treat the beloved wisely, then they are both sure to be happy in the relationship.

The first thing that strikes the eye when observing this couple from the outside is that people do not have the slightest resemblance. But as practice shows, the first opinion can be deceptive. Such a strong feeling as love needs to mature. Any serious and sensible person needs some time in order to penetrate and learn to feel their partner. However, in the Aquarius-Taurus union, the relationship often has only a superficial nature, which is based on passion. Taurus is a woman who needs comfort, she is not ready to devote herself to her partner in the presence of material difficulties, which is not the case with Aquarius, he is up to any obstacles. That is why at the initial stage, young people may have misunderstandings. But if the partners will find the strength and desire to solve these problems, then their relationship will be strong and happy. This is a vivid example of a case where both partners depend on their relationship.

Compatibility in love

In a pair of Aquarius-male and Taurus-woman partners can achieve harmony, but it will be possible to do it only when people will be carried away by a common cause, or they will be united by one goal. Aquarius and Taurus are both friendly by nature, never refuse to help, ready to back each other up in the most critical situations no matter what. They are not peculiar to read lectures to each other and teach life, even if, in their opinion, the behavior of the partner is not quite correct in one way or another. In the presence of common interests, Aquarius male and Taurus female can truly be happy together, and also be great friends. It is worth considering that it is not easy for the Aquarius male to maintain a favorable level in the relationship with a former lover.

In the case of friendly relations, partners are happy to help each other, ready to keep each other’s secrets and help in the most difficult situations in life. In view of what Aquarius and Taurus should try to maintain at least a friendly relationship, as they are in this respect perfectly suited to each other, rather than non-serious relationship solely on the level of intimacy. Often Aquarius male and female Taurus are equally attracted to the arts, they may be interested in creativity or sports. In addition, in situations where the passion turns into a profession, partners can also become excellent colleagues. But if the relationship moves to a more serious level, it is important to remember that both representatives of these constellations are quite different.

Taurus woman is down-to-earth, used to thinking exclusively in material terms, and as for Aquarius man, most of the time he hovers in the clouds. Primarily the opposite causes a sincere interest. Especially fascinated in this pair the woman, Aquarius male for her is a sheer abundance of ideas. He gives her new impressions and emotions.

In this union, she begins to find the need for something more spiritual. He has a desire to feel needed, Taurus woman is able to give Aquarius both physical warmth and mental warmth. The love relationship between Aquarius and Taurus has an airy nature, but this does not indicate a lack of durability. The relationship is material yet sublime. Taurus woman has an iron patience and great intuition, almost any case she can handle. Therefore, to establish contact with Aquarius for her not a problem. In the Aquarius-Taurus alliance, it is important to know how to set the boundaries, and to do so gently. For Aquarius it is extremely important that the partner does not violate his personal space, but at the same time seeks to bring up in the Taurus woman a certain ease, so she learned to think less about money. By setting boundaries, respecting personal space, partners are able to save their relationship from unnecessary problems.

Marriage compatibility

If Aquarius male and Taurus female are comfortable and interesting in each other’s company, they may as well legitimize their relationship. Marriage does not scare both partners at all. It is interesting that in the family relationship of Aquarius and Taurus – equality. They are characterized by a clear distribution of roles and responsibilities. Despite the external coherence of the relationship Aquarius man and Taurus woman, such a marriage can rarely be long-lived. The only exception is the couple in which the partners treat each other with great respect, and the traits of the lover are perceived as something other than an extension of himself.

The marriage of Aquarius and Taurus will succeed if the partners do not limit each other, giving them the opportunity to be themselves. At the same time, it is also important to be able to close your eyes to the minor flaws of your spouse.

The presence of harmony in the marital relationship of these zodiac signs directly depends on what interests and goals are pursued by people. When striving only for family relationships, they will be bound solely by everyday life, then the family will not be able to keep for a long time. As a rule, the Taurus woman cannot easily accept the interests of a spouse who does not seek material goods. Among other things, do not overlook the fact that Aquarius, as a creative person needs inspiration, which draws from new meetings and acquaintances. Touching on the intimate side of the relationship Aquarius man and Taurus woman, then it develops in the best way. Their sex is quality and interesting. The woman gives warmth and comfort, and he variety and creativity. And watching a movie together or listening to romantic music can help set the lovers in the right mood. However, in practice, most passionate romances are short-lived. To maintain a long-term intimate relationship, partners must consider each other’s interests and preferences.

Pros and cons of the Aquarius-male and Taurus-woman union.

If Aquarius male and Taurus female have found happiness, they will manage to become not only loyal friends, but also, and they can achieve incredible success in a creative environment. This pair is able to compensate the qualities of each other, for example, one partner is a generator of ideas, the other prefers to put everything into practice. Advantages of the union:

  • Magnetism. Such opposite personalities as Aquarius and Taurus are very attracted to each other, mutual interest does not disappear for a long time.
  • Freedom in the relationship. Partners do not put any pressure on each other. They are trying to respect the personal space of a loved one. In this way there is harmony in the relationship.
  • Understanding. By mutual understanding, Aquarius and Taurus are able to grow their relationship to a higher and more sensual level.
  • Support. In view of the fact that partners can be excellent comrades and companions in the relationship, they manage to support each other in any endeavor.

As in any couple, Aquarius and Taurus can have a lot of negative moments. As practice shows, most of them have the cause of unjustified expectations. Disadvantages of the union:

  • Slow development. Despite the brightness of both natures, the relationship develops quite slowly.
  • Material problems. Often the Taurus woman is not able to put up with the material difficulties of the union, which leads to a breakup, and the Taurus begins to look for a more well-off and down-to-earth man, like herself.
  • Pressure. With even a hint of pressure from the Taurus woman, the Aquarius man will seek his outlet on the side.
  • Aquarius and Taurus are fixed signs. This suggests that they are hardly willing to compromise, defending their opinions at every opportunity. But such different temperaments force them to be more accommodating to each other. If the partners set the goal to save the marriage, they are forced to put up with the opposite of character. And the Taurus woman should control her selfishness.

To build a favorable relationship Aquarius man and Taurus woman should put more emphasis on the points of contact. There are a huge number of variations in the development of this couple’s relationship. The age, timing, and relationship status of these constellations can have an impact on the relationship of the partners.

Anyway, the Taurus woman should be more flexible, accommodating and less self-centered. And as for the Aquarius man, thanks to this relationship, he will be able to realize his ideas, even the most seemingly unrealistic ones. It will be great if the woman will be able to involve her Aquarius man in solving various domestic issues. Only it is worth doing it very carefully, without forgetting to include the feminine cunning and wisdom. Both should control their stubbornness. Selfishness and non-acceptance of another’s opinion can destroy any relationship.

“Purity and fearlessness are the first conditions of spiritual vision. The whole strength and the whole new meaning of your existence is to learn to fear nothing. Achieve total fearlessness. And don’t forget that fearlessness is not just the absence of cowardice. It is the complete efficiency of the whole body, complete calmness in an atmosphere of danger.”

Compatibility of Aquarius and Taurus: blockage or development?

The Earth and Air elements are not very in contact with each other, and this can be seen well in the relationship of the down-to-earth Taurus and the “soaring” Aquarius. But the reunion, and more importantly, the stability of these couples, is by no means uncommon.

Every partner can win in this pairing. Taurus is more practical and rational. He snatches the ideas of Aquarius and puts them into practice. Aquarius is a virtual generator, but with the implementation of the material sphere he is tight. He needs a Taurus, which will be able to bring “to mind” Aquarius ideas. Taurus draws from Aquarius fresh solutions and breadth of views, processes the information in a constructive and detailed, and then puts it into practice.

Taurus is more practical and rational than Aquarius.

Their creative union is just perfect . But as soon as they get involved in a romantic relationship with each other, problems are inevitable. The reason is their dissimilarity, which they pay attention to as soon as they start to get close.

Taurus is more withdrawn and prefers sincere friendship, albeit with the closest, and Aquarius is friends with the whole world, and in most cases superficially and unspiritual, which irritates Taurus.

Taurus is constant, Aquarius seeks change in everything: new methods, reforms, places, experiences. Taurus is a materialist, Aquarius is an idealist. The former wants to frame Aquarius, the latter wants to break free

This eternal conflict can be resolved if both understand how sometimes the attraction of opposites is more useful than the repulsion of similar charges.

Aquarius and Taurus compatibility chart

In love In sex In marriage In friendship
Low Low Medium Medium

Compatibility of Aquarius Men and Taurus Women: the pros and cons of the relationship

Given that both are stable in their habits and beliefs, get along together they can only if everyone will take the partner in its full manifestation and will not remake himself. After all, Aquarius initially attracted to the stability of Taurus, but over time he becomes irritated because of her earthiness and inability to fully share his interests.

And sociable and ubiquitous Aquarius, developing a relationship with Taurus, seems to give her no more time than the surrounding friends. This offends and alarms Taurus, prompting her to doubt the sincerity of his feelings. And yet Taurus girl, involving her intuition, will be able to understand the motivations of Aquarius. He may be tired of the pragmatism and rigidity of Taurus. He wants the girl to learn freedom of thought, at least a little. Gently hinting to him at the boundaries that she would like to adhere to, she herself should also try to get in tune with Aquarius. And his reaction will not be too long, he himself will adjust to the understanding of Taurus, to try to give in order to find harmony in the relationship. After all, Taurus has those qualities that he lacks, but which are so necessary in life.

Taurus woman is not in a hurry to express their feelings

Are they compatible in love?

Love relationships of this pair are ambiguous and can develop by leaps and bounds, with the alternation of separation and reconciliation. Taurus women are in no hurry to express their feelings. She may be confused by Aquarius attitude to love as a game. Sensual pleasures Aquarius is not as important as spiritual closeness and friendly relationships. And Taurus is not satisfied with such an approach. The difference in life positions will reflect on the course of their love affair not for the better. The situation can be solved by the common goal that they will set for themselves. Then Aquarius will be able to find the right way to achieve it, and Taurus will direct his practicality and dedication to the realization of his ideas.

Aquarius guy and Taurus girl in sex

In intimate life, this couple can undergo many disappointments, especially on the part of the Taurus girl

After all, physical signs of attention are very important for her, and Aquarius and in everyday life, and in bed does not show itself with an emotional and sensual side. In addition, Aquarius is not capable of ardor and passion at any time, he needs a certain mood, romance, an unusual situation. At a deeper level, he is closed and not just for Taurus. If she can accept the peculiarities of his love, show erotic fantasies that turn him on, their relationship will be quite harmonious.

Are they suitable for each other in marriage?

Such couples decide to get married only if they feel true love for each other, because their dissimilarity rarely leads to a long-term relationship. Taurus is too down-to-earth for him, and the man does not consider her as an equal intellectual companion. Taurus is more in tune with family and stability, and for Aquarius it’s the breadth of surroundings, novelty, communication that’s important. He is an idealist and she is a practitioner.

And yet, their marriage can become long-lasting if the Taurus wife will be able to narrow down the sphere of her possessions, giving her husband more freedom, not tormenting him with jealousy of friends, and he, in his turn, will not reproach her for possessiveness and conservatism. The man can earn and will be able to provide for the family, and his impracticality could well compensate Taurus, which will be able to properly establish everyday life and create comfort.

Taurus wife should give her Aquarius husband more freedom

Is there a friendship if he is an Aquarius and she is a Taurus

Friendship in this combination, if it occurs, is only at the level of common interests or working moments. Although, here, too, the right distribution of roles is important. Usually, they look at the same situations from completely different points of view. Aquarius is an innovator, while Taurus acts in the old tried-and-true ways. Aquarius is inherent in the abstract thinking, but Taurus practical. If each takes their place, they will achieve the result.

They usually have few common topics of conversation. Taurus for Aquarius is very pragmatic, she does not support, but criticizes his flight of thought

After all, Taurus girl wants to get the most out of what is, rather than seeking some new sources and conduct in her opinion unnecessary reforms.

How to win a male Aquarius?

It will be difficult for a Taurus girl to win the serious attention of Aquarius. She may be attracted to him by his softness, tolerance, practicality and industriousness, traits that he lacks. Aquarius is a sociable nature, and although Taurus is not called an introvert, she is still the soul of the company. However, do not try to play too relaxed, knowing that Aquarius like sociable and easygoing girls. He will instantly catch a lie, so there will never be a relationship. You just need to stay true to yourself. A calm and sensible Taurus lady, who respects the limits of freedom of Aquarius, may well interest him, especially since she is naturally charming and charming. And surprise your favorite Taurus can delicious dishes, the ability to tastefully organize everyday life and look every time charming.

Aquarians like sociable and easygoing girls

How to get the attention of a Taurus woman?

The Taurus girl is very demanding to the future chosen one. She needs a man not only with a spectacular appearance, but also a high social status and financial status. She loves beautiful and long courtship, compliments, admiration of his personality, and to a much greater extent relating to its successes and achievements than appearance.

Aquarius initially is not considered by her as a reliable partner, too much he was moving in thought and extensive communication. She may think he is frivolous, frivolous, his ideas are too far from practicality, and she does not really understand how his idealism can be useful in life.

Here Aquarius will have to try harder. First of all, you should not show your friendship with the whole world in front of her, causing her jealousy. This can immediately ruin the barely begun relationship or even eliminate the chances to win her heart.

But the gallantry and intelligence of Aquarius will definitely interest her. Taurus on the breath does not tolerate immoral and rude guys. And Aquarius just need a little to hide his short temper.

Aquarius female and Taurus male compatibility horoscope

Taurus man attracts an original and extraordinary Aquarius nature, and in addition, she is charming and easy to communicate, vividly interested in his plans and views. But very soon Aquarius understands that Taurus is too rational, thinks differently and does not understand her.

In any situation where she applies a subtle spiritual approach, he looks from a practical point of view, her ideas are incomprehensible to him. He believes that the lady is hovering in the clouds , paying attention to some ghostly abstract concepts, instead of focusing on real existing matter.

But such idealism is good for Taurus. After all, he understands that this woman will not be mercenary, will not seek material gain and will not demand to satisfy all her material whims.

Aquarius-Taurus couple need to preserve the personal space of the other for a long relationship

Taurus is very jealous, and Aquarius girl is unusually sociable, her friendship arsenal is a whole company of various friends and girlfriends. This option Taurus is not very happy, he will try to criticize this trustworthiness, explaining that dubious acquaintances will not lead to good things and she should focus not on the surface, but more soulful friendship. But Aquarius sees this only as envy of Taurus for her sociability, because he himself is reserved and conservative. And the more insistent will be Taurus in his teachings, the more Aquarius will be alienated from him.

Only knowing how to maintain personal space of each and showing tolerance, a pair of this combination can qualify for a long relationship

Love relationships

In a love relationship with Aquarius Taurus should take into account that her temperament is primarily determined by spiritual intimacy, and only after the carnal. For her, love is an extension of friendship. Such a position Taurus can be incomprehensible. After all, he expresses his feelings in physical caresses and embraces, so Aquarius may seem to him cold or not feeling real love for him.

The second problem may be the desire of Taurus for coziness and comfort, measured life, and Aquarius is far from the ideal of a homemaker and keeper of the hearth. He will be annoyed that the girl went to a meeting with friends, neglecting household chores, or easily changes the plans that were agreed upon in advance.

And despite the freedom-loving and stubbornness Aquarius should listen to the opinion of Taurus. After all, in life it is a reliable and practical man who will be able to take care of her and take care of all household problems, which the Aquarius lady is incapable of.

For the Aquarius lady, love is an extension of friendship.

Sexual attraction of the couple

Taurus men are passionate lovers in bed, but in return they desire the same response. For the Aquarius woman, the erotic pressure of her partner is not always clear, and she may not be ready to show ardor. In sex, Aquarius sees more of a physiological necessity than a sensual-emotional side. But the romantic setting and fantasies of her partner can liberate her and create an erotic mood. Then intimacy will be unforgettable.

Marital union

In comparison with the combination “He-Vodole, she-Taurus” this combination is more stable. After all, in worldly matters, the man plays an important role in the family.

Taurus-husband will not only provide, but will find ways to realize their material achievements, forgiving the weak Aquarius-wife of her unreasonable lofty fantasies and impracticality

She is so attractive, kind, spontaneous – for that you can forgive everything.

How are friends with the Aquarius girl and the Taurus guy

In their friendship can only be one beginning – Aquarius female involvement and the desire of the Taurus guy to give practical male advice. Usually they are friends until they are free, after their interest in each other is limited.

How to win a man Taurus and build a relationship with him?

Taurus man will not be able to catch in a network of female tricks and stratagems. He chooses a woman intelligent, elegant, well-mannered. Do not attract the attention of Taurus and the nature of too sexually aggressive – piercings and tattoos can immediately repel it.

A male Taurus will not be caught in a net by feminine wiles and tricks

Aquarius, charming and endowed with a creative lively mind, will not ignore his attention. But here we should take into account that Taurus values in his companion constancy, housewifery and the ability to convene the comfort of home. Here Aquarius may have difficulties. Compensate his impracticality she can be amicable, admiration of its merits, and not external, but it is true of life achievements, as well as respect for his opinion.

Is it possible to fall in love with a female Aquarius?

Taurus will not be difficult. He has all the practical qualities that an impractical Aquarius woman can appreciate. After all, she understands that she needs a reliable and faithful companion in life, and Taurus is perfect. His life experience will certainly find a response in her soul, because she is very distant from the worldly materiality, but you have to live in the real world.

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