Aquarius man jealousy: consider in detail

Is the Aquarius man jealous? (7 complicated signs).

So, you’ve started dating an Aquarius guy and you’re asking yourself: “Are Aquarius men jealous?”. Well, the short answer is yes. An Aquarius guy may be jealous, but he avoids expressing it or talking about it.

In fact, the Aquarius man is often seen as an aloof, detached person with his emotions. He does not know how to show it when he is angry, sad, cornered, and especially when he is jealous. He maintains a reserved nature and expresses only his happy emotions.

Although it seems impossible, such a man can be jealous, but he knows how to hide it . If you want to know when your Aquarius man is jealous, keep reading to find out.

7 ways to tell if an Aquarius man is jealous

1. he will be distant.

It would be hard to make an Aquarius man jealous, so many women ask, “Are Aquarius men jealous?” Men with the sign of Aquarius are distant in their emotions, especially in romantic relationships. These men like to keep a low-key character. Anything beyond their aloof emotional state can easily make such a man uncomfortable. He would rather be away from a situation that makes him feel these things.

The real reason why Aquarius men tend to run away from their emotions is because it makes them vulnerable. It doesn’t happen regularly, so they don’t know how their partner will react to the situation. His jealousy and other spontaneous emotions make him insecure.

The more insecure he feels, the more he will run away from his emotions. He always wants to present you with the image of a mature man, which means he will be aloof when he feels jealous. He will do everything he can to keep you from seeing him in his weak state, and may apologize to see you.

He will also not spend quality time with you and will refuse to do regular chores. This is a way to make him jealous. However, this phase does not last long. Once he gets over it, he will return to normal.

2. he won’t talk about it.

A guy who tries his best to hide his emotions won’t want to talk about it. The best way to avoid anything is to ignore the feeling and not dwell on it. Because feeling jealous makes him vulnerable, he won’t want to talk about it, especially with you.

This characteristic is quite common in Aquarius men. These men are very friendly and can talk about any topic they want. However, if the topic becomes delicate or immediately uncomfortable, such a guy refrains from extra words. He would rather not dwell on anything that is different from the man he wants to be – lively and extroverted.

In this case, if a woman confronts an Aquarius guy over his jealousy, he will elude the subject at all costs. He may even get angry, which is another way to catch the Aquarius man’s jealousy.

3. he can become possessive

It takes a lot to make a Aquarius man jealous, but it happens. When it happens, some signs can easily be interpreted, especially because people with these zodiac signs have long exhibited this behavior.

One such sign is possessiveness. Such a man likes his freedom, and he will not impose anything on another person. His free character does not allow him to possess possess possessive qualities, especially in a romantic situation. This means that he would not make the association work; and he would not force a woman to stay.

Nevertheless, like all men, they become possessive when they feel they may lose a woman. If you ever see an Aquarius man overbearing your relationship with him, it is a sign that he is immensely jealous of something.

However, it is never advisable to intentionally make him jealous of that side, because he might get tired and not even want to fight for you.

4. he would be disharmonious.

The reserved nature of Aquarius men makes them look weird and quirky most of the time. These men don’t hide their emotions, but somehow can simultaneously be sociable in communication.

When dating these guys, a woman may get tired of trying to understand all of the behaviors and emotions that a Aquarius man displays, especially when he shows nothing at one point and prefers to show some of them at other times.

In any case, when dating such a guy, one thing you will notice when he is jealous is that he will behave disharmoniously. He will also behave rather oddly and strangely, unlike his usual behavior. You will need to watch him carefully to understand this; otherwise, you will think it is one of his normal behaviors.

In general, a jealous man would act differently. If such a man feels threatened by the other guy in his relationship, his behavior will change. It’s the same with the jealous guy in this zodiac sign. The only downside is that he tries his best not to make it obvious.

5. He has flirted with others.

Although it’s unlikely that Aquarius men will play the jealousy game in this way, it does happen among them. Their inability to express their feelings and let the other party know that something is affecting them causes them to resort to this type of activity. These men want their other half to be jealous, and usually to realize that they are jealous too.

In such a situation, such a guy will obviously flirt to get his partner’s attention. He wants as much of your attention as possible so you know how he feels. While not all jealous Aquarius men will go so far as to prove a point, they can do it.

This act is more or less like a cry for help because he feels helpless in front of his feelings of jealousy. If you notice him acting this way, you should talk to him and see how he reacts. Although he may shy away from the subject of jealousy, let him know that you understand his feelings.

6. He is trying to control everything.

The Aquarius man likes to be in the center of his relationship. Such a guy likes to flaunt his lady and will do his best to make her happy. Moreover, Aquarius men are focused on their relationship. Their main focus is on their lady and how to make them smile. This is one of the reasons why they are considered the best lovers a woman can find.

The Aquarius man is also good at throwing tantrums. This kind of guy can be childish because of his carefree nature. If he sees that the woman he is interested in is not putting the same energy or paying attention to someone else, he can easily get jealous or offended. To bring the situation back to stability, he may act in a controlling manner.

Aquarius men don’t necessarily want to control things or people, especially since it goes against their personality. On the contrary, they show this side when they take care of their lady.

7. He doesn’t want to play games.

Aquarius men are not in a hurry to get into serious associations with their lady. They don’t give mixed signals when going after a lady. These men ensure that the woman knows they want something serious. They don’t fall easily either, but make sure they pay attention to the object that attracts them.

These men also don’t have trust issues. They want their partners’ full attention. When they feel their partner is playing games or trying to make them jealous, they get annoyed. The Aquarius man does not like to play games and does not like to be jealous.

Thus, it is easy for the Aquarius man to stop if he feels that his partner is not serious about communicating. It’s the same with all men – they don’t like to be played. If an Aquarius man wants to put an end to your actions, he’s probably jealous.

Aquarius guys are pretty serious about the relationships they enter into. This kind of guy doesn’t play games and ensures that the person he’s pursuing knows about it. When he likes you, he will do anything to please you.

Are Aquarians jealous of lovers?

Aquarius guys are free-loving and do not take emotions too seriously. Such a guy is far from his emotions and would probably run away from an unpleasant feeling. The only thing that can make a Aquarius man jealous is rare, but when they do, they guarantee that no one will know.

What makes an Aquarius man insecure?

Aquarius guys put a lot of effort into building a relationship. These men don’t hide the fact that they are all about their partners in the world. Therefore, when they feel that their partner does not reciprocate their love and attention, they can easily feel insecure.

Why is my Aquarius man jealous?

Aquarius guys like to be the center of attention in their relationship. They fight for what they want because they also limit their emotions because of their withdrawn nature. When a guy like this gets jealous, it’s because he’s afraid of losing you.

How do you know if an Aquarius man is no longer interested?

Aquarius guys declare their intentions in a relationship. These men also don’t have trust issues because they expect their partner to reciprocate. However, when their partner starts acting suspicious, they can’t hide their disinterest and will want to end things.


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Aquarius Man Jealousy

Aquarius men seem mysterious and mysterious, and at the same time cold, as if all feelings, including jealousy, bypass them. But in fact it’s just a mask under which hidden feelings, covered by restraint, calmness, pretense and secrecy, fear of opening up to people and fear of learning about the fact of betrayal …

How does it manifest itself?

And immediately I would like to say that the jealousy of Aquarius men is manifested very badly, unnoticed. It is almost unreal to find out about the jealous sentiments of a representative of this sign of the Zodiac. These men are able to keep secrets, and jealousy is precisely one of the most important secrets of this sign. Never a Aquarius man will not be jealous, so that the other half will know about it, he will hide to the last of all their suspicions, resentments and discontents. He will not show his jealousy! He will be jealous, and you will not find out about it, and on the contrary, you will think that he is too cold and frigid to love, be jealous, or even afraid to lose you.

But in fact Aquarius men themselves suffer from their own jealousy, as perhaps no one else suffers. Jealousy can devour the inside born under the auspices of the sign of a man, forcing him to commit rash acts, to think about bad things, torture himself speculation. But no matter how hard it was for him, no matter how much he suffered from it, a woman could not get a confession from him anyway. Although the symptoms of jealousy still occur even in the case of these restrained and seemingly calm men. The main sign is the gradual cooling of feelings, secretive behavior, silence and coldness.

By the way, Aquarius jealousy is destructive and can once and for all destroy the relationship, if time does not come to grips with it and not start to “exterminate” it in all possible ways. He may suffer for a long time from a sense of jealousy and invent excuses for himself why he should not be jealous, but eventually explode and simply leave, without a scandal, without a tantrum, silently, but forever. And then you can not get it back – he will not give you a second chance.

Watch his behavior, try to give as little reason for jealousy as possible, and most importantly, talk to him a lot to gain his trust, and in case he starts to get jealous. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing his loyal, loyal, reliable and caring gentleman.

How to lead

  • Give as few reasons as possible for jealousy;
  • Do not stop doing things and actions to prove to him his loyalty;
  • Talk to him more intimate topics – seek his trust;
  • Never deceive him – by the way, for Aquarius, not to say is to deceive;
  • And most importantly, make him think that he is the best in the world for you.

How to get rid of jealousy

In fact, getting rid of a Aquarius man’s jealousy is easy enough, but only the first time – arisen repeatedly jealousy can easily escalate into a relationship-destroying distrust. What to do so that he stopped being jealous? It’s simple…

First, give more time to intimate conversations with him, tell him about everything that is happening in your life, even about what he is not interested in, and in general, get closer to him morally, mentally and psychologically in all possible ways.

Secondly, be as sincere as possible with respect to him, do not hide anything, do not give even a reason to think that you can deceive him about something. As soon as he learns about one, even the most minor deception, everything, you can put an end to the relationship. Be honest, straightforward, tell him everything, without exception, even his dissatisfaction. Take even criticism – by criticizing him, you can irritate and offend, but he will see that you are always telling the truth.

And thirdly, do not limit his freedom and independence, do not encroach on his personal space. Begin to do so, and he will begin to think about the reasons for your behavior, will find reason for jealousy, suspicion and mistrust…

How to achieve

But to achieve his jealousy is necessary with great care. Do not try to make him jealous of you to another man by flirting or flirting – this will be perceived very negatively, and the consequences could be devastating for the relationship itself. In the case of Aquarius, such a plan will have a losing scenario for you personally…

You have a chance to make him jealous only if you know how to charm people by their behavior and themselves, without resorting to any special actions. Make him jealous Aquarius can be an ordinary friendship with another man, and even an ordinary laugh over another man’s jokes. But then again, it is one thing to make him jealous, and quite another thing to notice this very jealousy in due time.

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