Apologizing to your wife: revealing the essence

How to apologize to his wife: effective ways

Properly organized apologies will help to smooth out the conflict that took place in a matter of minutes and make the injured party forget about their insults. When the husband is guilty in front of his wife, asking for forgiveness is simply necessary, because the tension in the relationship negatively affects all aspects of family life. Psychologists give a number of universal recommendations on how to properly apologize. There are also original ways that will not leave any girl indifferent.

Properly organized apologies will help to smooth out the conflict that took place in a matter of minutes and make the injured party forget about their insults. When the husband is guilty in front of his wife, asking for forgiveness is simply necessary, because the tension in the relationship negatively affects all aspects of family life. Psychologists give a number of universal recommendations on how to properly apologize. There are also original ways that will not leave any girl indifferent.

General tips

Apologize to your wife so that she will surely forgive you, you need to sincerely and from the bottom of your heart. Helpful are some common pieces of advice from psychologists.

Do not clarify relationships.

Men tend to think rationally, women are dominated by emotions. When trying to ask for forgiveness, there is no fundamental difference:

  • who started it first;
  • What is the real reason for the man’s behavior;
  • how the woman herself provoked the situation;
  • Who hurt whom more.

If the spouse is very offended, and the husband wants reconciliation, then logical arguments and evidence will only make her even angrier and lead to new tensions in the relationship.

Do not demand, but ask for forgiveness.

The speed with which a girl will be willing to let go of negative emotions depends on:

  • her temperament;
  • character;
  • The action taken by the guy;
  • The way she apologizes.

Pressing, demanding a quick answer is not worth it – a guilty man is not in this position.

To make you feel good before the meeting.

You can do this with:

  • touching SMS;
  • A letter with pleasant words;
  • a postcard;
  • a gift sent by the courier: a box of sweets, flowers, something from cosmetics.

Try to apologize in person when you meet her.

If the girl does not go into contact, you can try to ask for forgiveness remotely, but it’s better to get a meeting. Being physically close to her will help look her in the eye at the right moment, take her hand, hug her if it is appropriate. With tactile contact and looks, it is much easier to express your emotions. Sometimes there is a need to apologize publicly – this should be done after you have received forgiveness in private.

Don’t go overboard with the drama.

It is enough to sincerely ask for forgiveness, to inform about his regrets, plans for the future, to avoid such situations and confess love. Excessive self-recrimination, entreaties to stay in the relationship, tearful confessions at a time when the girl is still hot, she will only irritate, because they demonstrate the selfishness of the guy and his fixation on his own suffering.

An example of a speech that would be appropriate: “I want to apologize for my behavior. I was very wrong, I’m sorry for what happened, and most of all for giving you negative emotions. I realized during our fight how bad I feel without you, and I will try not to hurt you in the future. If you forgive me, let’s try never to create such provocative situations. But if they arise, I, remembering this incident, will hold myself together. I love you very much and I want us to be together forever.”

Admit guilt

The guy needs to take responsibility for the act he did, not to tell that someone else is to blame. The guilt and responsibility for the emotional state of his beloved is on him, he admitted it and is ready to fix it.

Support his words with something tangible

No matter how beautiful the words spoken, the effect of them will be brighter if they are accompanied by:

  • flowers;
  • candies;
  • favorite perfume or other cosmetics;
  • certificate to a beauty salon;
  • tickets to a concert of your favorite band, movie or theater.

Draw conclusions

The girl needs to convey that there is a serious lesson learned from the whole situation, about how to behave with her, what to avoid and what to add to the relationship and how bad it is to be in a quarrel with her.

When apologizing, it’s important not to ask, “What do I have to do to get you to forgive me?” The girl may demand something that will infringe on the guy’s personality or prove impossible for him to do at this point. As a consequence, new misunderstandings and conflicts and tension may arise.

When a man is very guilty.

The most common situations when a man has badly screwed up: adultery, drunkenness, violence.

Psychologists give such advice to men who have offended their loved ones in these ways.


What to do:

  1. Start apologizing immediately after the fact of exposure, do not wait until the woman complains to friends and relatives and they start giving her their “good” advice.
  2. Be patient and gain her trust slowly, with attention and beautiful actions.
  3. Let your loved one speak out as many times as she needs to. Listen to everything and apologize for every thing she’s offended or angry about.
  4. Completely stop communicating with your mistress: block her cell phone number and all social media pages.
  5. Start courting your spouse from the very beginning: invite her to romantic dates, give her gifts, say compliments and try to win her over in every way possible.
  6. Telling about your high feelings, you should not forget about the real common problems: finish or start the long-awaited repair, buy her boots to replace the worn-out ones, make an appointment with her to the doctor, a visit to whom she constantly postpones because she is busy or lacks funds.


In order for the apology to be heard and accepted, the husband needs to stay sober at all times, avoid drinking in every possible way. The following tips will help in this:

  1. After the apology to let him know that he has firmly decided to fight the addiction.
  2. If it is difficult to cope with cravings for alcohol, ask his wife for help – moral support and jointly refer to a qualified specialist.
  3. Apologize and thank her for her patience as often as possible.
  4. Do all the things that were impossible to do because of the constant state of intoxication: establish a life, ask your wife out, try to have a heart-to-heart talk, pay attention to your children.


When apologizing for the abuse, the main thing the man must convince the woman is that it will not happen again, now she will be completely safe. When children are witnesses of abuse or humiliation, it is necessary to ask for forgiveness from them as well.

If the wife forgives, the spouse has no right to make a mistake and must fulfill his promise.

Original Ways

You can approach apologies creatively and with a sense of humor. This is appropriate when the girl has a light temperament, the reason for the offense is not very serious and the partners know each other well.

Try on the image of her favorite actor.

  1. Find a photo on the Internet with a portrait of her favorite actor. Cut out the face, glue it to cardboard and put a rubber band through the sides of the face.
  2. Buy a beautiful bouquet.
  3. Prepare a touching text with an apology.
  4. Wake up a girl in a mask with a bouquet, morning coffee and affectionate words asking for forgiveness.

This is a great way for girls with a good sense of humor, with the right organization the couple is guaranteed reconciliation and good sex.

Write words of forgiveness under the window

You can use ordinary paint as the material:

Candles, lanterns or garlands look spectacular:

You can write “sorry” with the cars of the neighbors, asking them for such a favor in advance. If everyone turns on their lights at the right moment, you get an unusual spectacle:

In addition to cars, you can ask the neighbors themselves or mutual friends for help:

In the winter season, it is very budget-friendly and spectacular to write an appeal simply on the snow:

A romantic option is to inscribe with rose petals or flowers:

To prevent weather conditions, such as wind, from carrying away rose petals, they can be glued to the asphalt with honey – an excellent natural fixative that will not affect the structure and appearance of the petals .

Apologies in a Kinder Surprise

To do this, you need to carefully disassemble the egg, put a note with a beautiful apology in the toy capsule. If the financial situation allows, you can also put a piece of jewelry there:

Unusual breakfast

You can lay out the word “sorry” with fruit or write something funny on the fruit that will lift your wife’s spirits and make her smile:

Very creative and practical is to order sweets with the text of an apology, if the wife is a sweet tooth:

“Accidentally” drop off a message

Put in a prominent place a personal notebook, where you can write about your worries and sufferings, draw illustrations depicting the sadness of the guy, compliments to your beloved and at the end – a text with an apology.

If a girl does not go into contact

A common situation where a woman, offended by her chosen one, avoids all communication with him, thus not giving him a chance to apologize in person. But to ask for forgiveness can still be done in other ways.


The advantage of the letter is that it can be written for an unlimited amount of time, to gather his thoughts and put on paper all that has accumulated in the soul. It is not necessary to use a complex structure, the text, written in your own words in a recognizable style, will be much more sincere. If creativity allows, it can be executed in verse, but if not – do not get upset, to touch to tears will work and prose.

A sample script for a letter:

  1. Apology and requests for forgiveness.
  2. Confession that the guy regrets what he has done.
  3. Memories of jointly experienced moments as the best in life.
  4. Expressing a desire to be together and admitting a willingness to make amends for mistakes.
  5. Warm declaration of love and an unobtrusive request to meet.

A variant of apology in verse:

I’m sorry, sweetheart!

I’m sorry, I know that!

Please forgive me,

And let the offence go!

You can deliver the letter:

  • by courier with a parcel or a bouquet of beautiful flowers;
  • by mail;
  • to ask a common acquaintance to pass it on.

Messages can be written on a mobile number or in social networks, the principle is the same as the letter. Memories of pleasant moments can be supported by joint photos. In addition to the text, in some social networks you can send a favorite shared movie or music.

SMS from strangers

The original method to ask forgiveness from a girl who refuses to communicate with her spouse is to ask a large number of people to write her something like “forgive him, he loves you madly” or “he is certainly a jerk, but, honestly, he loves you and suffers a lot for what he has done, forgive him”.

Musical number

Ordering musicians to the girl’s balcony and having them perform her favorite song or a romantic serenade is just what it takes to get her to the balcony. And then it’s just a matter of little else – her delinquent chosen one appears and asks for a meeting.

The help of common friends and relatives of the wife who are loyal to the man

If people from the family environment will “unobtrusively” tell the woman how her stupid husband suffers from his actions, how he loves her, how he wants to reconcile and what lessons he learned from this quarrel – sooner or later she will start to listen. To justify the efforts of her loved ones and really be the possessor of the qualities they will attribute to him is a matter of honor in this situation.

“Eloquent” road to work

If you try hard enough, you can touch any woman. One way is to make her road to work one solid apology by applying:

  • The help of bystanders who will come up and apologize or hand her notes of apology and flowers;
  • Posting notices on all the trees and poles;
  • Paint the pavement.

At the same time, you can send hints in a text message to your cell phone, reminding you of yourself.

Apologizing to Your Wife

Don’t be offended, my dear, at me! And if offended – quickly forgive, because we promised once and for all to each other, entering into marriage, to be united. I repent, I am guilty, and I promise to make up for my little guilt a hundredfold.

My apology will not bring you the long-awaited comfort, but still I feel a maddening torment of conscience. I am ashamed of what I have done, of the pain I have caused you, of the consequences of my prank. I want to believe that in the future, you will forgive me and learn to trust me again.

I want to be happy again and to enjoy my meetings with you… But for this I need a thing that only you can generously give me. It is your precious and long-awaited forgiveness. I promise not to disappoint you in the future. I’m sorry.

Sweetheart, I know how much I have hurt you, and I am very, very ashamed of it. I wanted to be a support and protection for you, and suddenly I was the one I wanted to protect you from. Forgive me, my darling, and I promise that I will never hurt you again!

Darling, do not be offended! Come on, already, look at me with your shining eyes, smile your incredibly beautiful smile! Because when you’re frowning, the whole world is something different! And the sun doesn’t even shine as brightly! Come on, start to rejoice, forgive me, silly!

Darling, when I hurt you, I didn’t think about the consequences… I didn’t think about the fact that without you I would feel so bad, as if my heart was about to stop beating… I didn’t think it would be so sad and lonely… please, forgive me, and let’s start over!

I had enough time for reflection to realize my mistake and guilt. I sincerely apologize, and I hope that your heart will be able to melt the ice of stupid resentment. I promise that it will not happen again, because it is very important to me that we are well again.

Forgive me, my wife, I repent in full For the sadness in your dear eyes, For the lack of your dreamy smile on my lips. Forgive me if I’ve insulted you with my rudeness… I can’t be in quarrel no more!

I’ve offended you, I’ve been foolish and dumb I married the best woman in the world. I’m sorry, my beloved wife I’ll make amends, Let’s embrace each other.

It was a misunderstanding, I didn’t know what I was doing. I’m sorry now, and I’m telling you plainly, I’m a fool, a jackass, and all that. But to be with you always, I’m ready to be the best of men.

♪ Please forgive me for everything, I don’t know what happened. How could it happen, There’s a grudge in my soul.

I promise I won’t hurt you No more, I promise I won’t hurt you. I’ll Forget the bad words, And we’ll be happy Again.

I don’t know If I can forgive The things I’ve done and the words I’ve spoken But I can’t let go Of all my thoughts of you, Understand I’m so sad Without you, Everything’s gone sane You forgive me, forgive me … You’re my sunbeam … my life.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it just happened. The words just came out of my mouth. I know, I know it hurts, I’ve been monstrous and rude.

I know it hurts, I know it hurts, I’ve been monstrous and rude… I’m so tired, I can’t find my excuses, the light is fading… I beg your forgiveness, I can’t live without you!

I sit alone, in an empty apartment, And I listen to the silence. You’re the closest thing I’ve got to family, How could I hurt you? I don’t know. ♪ Work, bustle, cares, and nerves clenched in a fist ♪ For a moment I forgot who you are… What a fool you are! I shouted and reproved and scandalized, I didn’t notice your tears. I have wasted my time, Now I realize All your warmth, love and affection, You gave only to me. Forgive me, and I’ll take us back to the fairy tale, Lost through my fault.

Sweetheart, don’t take what I’ve done to heart, I love you very much, and I don’t want you to be sad for me. Let us make up soon, and let nothing be able to prevent us from being happy! For my happiness is only where you are, I love you, my dear!

You’re my soul, my swallow, my spring! You give me warmth, radiating sunshine. Without you I am nothing, but with you – the whole universe. Don’t resent me, please. Without your smile the light will fade, all the flowers will wither! I love you, my beautiful wife.

I know I’m very much to blame, I can’t hope for anything anymore. I need you, please forgive me, darling. Life’s too short to waste it on grudges. Forgive me, please! Let’s make up for lost time soon!

My darling. You know it’s very hard for me to contain my emotions, but you change me every day. With you I am learning to be different, to be restrained and calm! I am very sorry that I offended you yesterday, but I promise to work on myself to make our relationship better.

From the bottom of my heart and soul I want to apologize for my temper! Let my deeds and words are not always positive, and my promises do not match the deeds, I apologize and please forgive me! I promise to rethink everything, to make conclusions and not to make these mistakes in the future.

Honey, we all learn from our mistakes. So let’s quickly forget about this ridiculous situation and start living again. Excuse me, my love, give me a chance to be better for you, and you’ll see that you definitely were not wrong!

Oh, light of my eyes, I can’t forgive myself for the foolishness I said to you in anger. You are not worthy to hear such utterances, and I assure you that I said those nasty things in the heat of the moment. Forgive the fool!

My joy, my sunshine, my darling, please forgive me for having offended you, for not apologizing right away, and now you are angry with me, not even looking in my direction. I love you more than life.

I beg your forgiveness, my beautiful wife! I am very guilty before you! I promise to redeem myself at any cost!

For the words I have spoken, For my offensive actions, For showing my temper, my beloved, forgive me! For what I’ve said, for what I’ve done, for what I’ve done wrong. And let the star show me the point. I know I’m just a fool.

I was wrong, I know it, and I confess all my mistakes. Forgive me, my darling, I love you most of all. I’ll show you I’m the best, I’ll show you I’m worthy to be with you.

Forgive me for everything, I promise, It won’t happen again! I’m very sorry, I know it, But I’m ready to change for the better!

Forgive me from the bottom of my heart, I’m trembling with excitement! I love you to bits, I’m madly in love with you!

I’m so sad we’re fighting, I blame myself for everything. Believe me, it hurts so much That I’ve hurt you.

I’m so ashamed, I suffer, And guilt gnaws at me. Forgive me, my darling! I’m sorry… I’m sorry!

Forgive me, I meant no offence. I don’t know how I did it! I’ve been foolish, I’ve made a mess of things. I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry! I know what I’ve done! I’ll make it up to you! I promise I’ll make it up to you! I’m standing on the precipice! I repent. Can you forgive me?

Forgive me, my darling, I am guilty of course! But I’m glad to beg Your wife’s forgiveness! I’ll never insult and grieve, I’ll greet her with roses every day at work!

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