Apologizing to a guy: revealing the issue

How to apologize in correspondence: 70+ phrases that work

Saying “I’m sorry” or “I’m sorry” in the eye is a difficult task for many people. Some are afraid of not being forgiven, for others it’s humiliating or stepping over their own principles. As a result, families fall apart, couples break up, friends stop communicating. And a simple “sorry” could save so many people from loneliness.

What to write to ask for forgiveness?

If you do not have the strength, ability or confidence to ask for forgiveness in person, write to the person who was offended. Sometimes a sincere phrase and remorse can make a difference. Of course, it is better to feed the words in correspondence with good and beautiful actions, but you should start at least with an SMS where the words “sorry” will sound…

Compiled for you examples of phrases that can be used in correspondence in VK, Odnoklassniki, Instagram or Facebook to ask for forgiveness from a boyfriend / girlfriend / girlfriend, friend / relative / mom or dad. Choose the right one and try to mend the relationship. Sometimes it’s easier than it looks.

From a girlfriend.

If you don’t know how to apologize to a girl, choose an appropriate phrase from the ones we made up for you. The main thing is to add something personal – an address, a nickname, a smiley face, a ellipsis. It’s important to personalize your message, make it special.

  • I understand that I hurt you, but it was unknowingly. Believe me, I feel even worse than you right now, because I’m the one who hurt the brightest person on earth.
  • I’m not perfect, and you know it. But I’m getting better with you. Honestly…
  • Forgive me for everything, I was wrong…
  • Maybe I’m not worthy of you, if I hurt you, but I really want to improve … Give me a hand and I’ll be better, you’ll see.
  • Every man deserves a second chance. Don’t take it away from me.
  • I’m sorry for the behavior and moods that have ruled me lately. I know you deserve more and better. I’m going to try really hard.
  • We need to learn to hear each other, or we risk breaking up completely. And I wouldn’t want that, because it’s very hard to find a soul mate these days.
  • Forgive me for being a fool for being inappropriate. I will listen to your advice and opinion.
  • You are the dearest person to me. Please forgive me. Everything I said was emotional, I don’t really think so.
  • When you’re not around, it’s like half of me is hibernating. Please forgive me, and help me wake up and enjoy the sun and the light again.
  • I’m a stale guy, and you’re gentle and sunny. I’m sorry if I hurt you, I didn’t mean it. I’m ready to change.
  • If you give me another chance, I won’t miss it.
  • We’ve been through too much together to break up over a little thing like this. Forgive me and come home. I miss you so much.
  • When we fight, I can’t find my place. Forgive my rudeness and unpleasant words, I promise to control myself from now on.
  • I believe that love is patient and you can find the strength to listen to me and understand.
  • I am very ashamed of my actions, I ask you to forgive me.
  • Sometimes I am not in control of my words. I understand that this is not an excuse, but still…
  • I believe in us and our love. Don’t ruin it, give it a chance to rehabilitate itself in your eyes.
  • You are the first girl I will forgive…You are very important and dear to me, I will not forgive myself if I lose you because of my own stupidity.
  • I understand that I hurt your feelings and made you doubt yourself. I’m willing to make it up to you, but don’t avoid me.
  • If you give me a chance to explain everything to you, I am sure you will change your mind and not want to break up, because it is a trivial misunderstanding.
  • I understand that you need to ask for forgiveness in person, but you don’t want to see me, so I’ll write to you here first. Forgive me…
  • Everything seems to be in a fog, I have no idea why I behaved this way. I apologize and hope that you will want to meet and listen to me.
  • Tolerance is one of the qualities that human beings are endowed with. Everyone can make a mistake, don’t cut it short, give you a chance to explain and make amends.
  • You are beautiful, intelligent, attractive. I don’t understand why I deserve your love. I will try very hard so that you don’t have to doubt and be disappointed in me anymore.
  • I understand that it is hard to forgive adultery, but I am ready to atone.
  • It is up to each person to forgive cheating or not. I can’t make you accept that fact, but I want to tell you that I hate and blame myself for it far more than you do.
  • I was rude, I admit it. I’m going to change. I’m willing to go to a therapist if you think it would help us.
  • I’ve thought long and hard about our relationship. I’m sorry for not hearing you, for doing weird things and being rude and yelling. I will work on my behavior.
  • I realize I was wrong today, I shouldn’t listen to my friends. I should get information from you first, not believe gossip.
  • I’m sorry I snapped at your friends. I just think they’re a bad influence on you. I won’t pry into your personal space anymore.
  • It really hurts me that I hurt you. You are the brightest thing in my life. Don’t go away…
  • I hope that one wrong move won’t undo all the good things that have been between us.
  • You are the light in my grey and dull life. Don’t leave her.
  • I realize I was wrong. I won’t have it out in front of my friends anymore. Private things must stay between us.
  • I am very bored without you. I admit all my mistakes and agree to any terms.
  • I won’t make decisions for both of us anymore. We are a couple, which means we have to make decisions together. I’m sorry for being selfish.
  • I’m sorry for being unfaithful. I made a mistake. I was wrong. You can hate me, but just be there for me. I’ll do my best to earn back your trust and respect.
  • I know what a terrible thing I’ve done. I cheated on the most beautiful girl in the world. Honestly, I don’t know if I deserve forgiveness…
  • I repent… I’m asking you to give me a chance to prove that I don’t need anyone but you. I deleted the numbers of all the girls from my phone, I do not talk to anyone and do not plan to. I will always be with you.

A guy’s got…

Girls also have to apologize to a guy. Yes, less often, but still … Be sincere in your message, remember. that long messages and texts – not the best solution. It’s better to put your thoughts briefly, but to the point, and in a meeting explain what happened.

How to apologize to a guy, if you are guilty and you’ve offended him a lot

It can be difficult to apologize to the fairer sex, but agree to be even harder to put up with an offended man. Especially when you have no idea how to apologize to a guy if you are guilty, so he will forgive you? And it’s not about who should apologize first, but how you can do it right, especially when the guy thinks that you’ve done a lot of wrong.

After all, most men are very stubborn, and sometimes even hearing a woman’s “sorry” and acknowledgement of guilt, they continue to get angry and act out of spite to their beloved. So, if you are in the mood to wave the white flag of truce, but are not quite sure how to do it, consider some ways to apologize.

You’ll also benefit from tips to help you apologize properly and some sample apologies that you can send in a text message, for example. This will lighten the mood and reset any relationship, disarming the guy and encouraging him to forgive you.

How to apologize to a guy if you’re guilty: basic rules

Let’s look at the three sequential steps of apologizing to a man. What steps you need to take at each stage, so that they bring results.

The first stage

You need to find the right time to apologize. Do not expect that your boyfriend will meet you with open arms and immediately forgive you. In addition, you need to understand that perhaps for him to just say “I’m sorry” will not be enough and have to ask for an apology several times.

Men need time and space to be willing to apologize to a girl, without which they may not even be willing to listen or talk to anyone. It’s best to leave them alone for a while, especially if they ask for it themselves. So if your boyfriend doesn’t want to talk to you while you want to apologize, then it’s best to leave him alone.

After the atmosphere is much calmer, choose a time when the guy is in a good mood and the right frame of mind. So that it will be easier for him to perceive what you are about to say. It is in this atmosphere that it is best to apologize.

If he’s still not in the mood to discuss the disagreement and accept the apology, then try to choose a time and place where you can’t stop anyone from apologizing to him more thoroughly. After he forgives you, be careful not to repeat the mistake.

Second step.

Try to be really honest, sincere with your apology, considering your options on how to apologize to your boyfriend. Even if they turn out to be inappropriate, there is nothing worse than being insincere, which can only make things worse.

In order to apologize honestly, you need to recognize your mistake. It is always preferable to apologize face-to-face. Because the words said over the phone, or sent by e-mail or text will not have the same effect as a personal apology.

Tears can melt any pain + it’s a good effective female weapon against a man. For most of them a weakness is a woman’s tears, seeing that they can forgive almost anything. So if you really feel bad about hurting your lover, do not be shy to show it with your tears. Let your emotions be expressed freely.

Honesty should also manifest itself in the form of body language. In other words, your posture, manner of speaking, and manner of presenting yourself should show your sincere regret. The tone of your voice should let him know how bad you feel about hurting him. Otherwise, it will be difficult for him to believe the sincerity of your words.

When apologizing, make sure that your explanations are brief, but take your time and try not to stutter too much in a hurry. Be patient, speak softly and, in fact, clearly complete what you wanted to say. Long excuses for your actions can actually confuse and become difficult for your boyfriend to understand.

Just tell him that it was unintentional on your part and that you are very bitter because you hurt him so much. You don’t have to convince him to believe you are sincere. After all, if he has feelings for you, then eventually he will understand and accept your sincerity.

Physical contact is a great way not only to convey emotion, but also how to apologize to your boyfriend if you have messed up badly. So be sure to hug him soon after you state your apology. In many cases, a hug will be followed by a kiss. If he didn’t push away your attempt to hug him, he will definitely respond to your hug.

A further step to consolidate the apology will be the desire to do from the heart to do something nice or special for his man, taking into account his preferences. There are many options for doing this, from cooking his favorite meal to buying a gift.

Use your imagination and expertise to cheer him up. The goal of all this is to do something special for your loved one to show your affection and true regret for the incident. Your efforts to get him to at least smile will encourage him to accept the apology.

The third step or final steps

Do not be excessive in inventing beautiful or original apologies. A simple method and sincere words will suffice. Otherwise, the guy will perceive the apology as hypocrisy or a feigned artistry. Also, avoid being too pushy, as this may provoke his anger.

Be prepared for a negative response. After all, your boyfriend is only human. If you think you’ve done enough in apologizing and he still continues to “sulk,” then it’s best to leave him alone for a while until he comes to his senses. Stop apologizing or texting him, as it doesn’t do any good, just back off. When the guy is ready to accept your apology, he knows where to find you.

If the fight was serious and the insults are mutual try to take responsibility for your mistakes. If you really do not know how to apologize to a man, while wanting a reconciliation be prepared to shoulder most of the blame. Saying, for example, that you should have listened to his words, be more patient, but you did not, so you admit your guilt and apologize.

Forget about your ego at this stage. In a disagreement, your sincerity, patience, and efforts to resolve the problem will not go away. Most emotional wounds take some time to be forgotten, so do not be disappointed or give up if the man still has not forgiven you.

Finally, you need to mentally prepare yourself for the worst. If all of a sudden all attempts to apologize do not find a response, then you will be comforted by the fact that you at least tried to fix the situation. That’s really the only true solution available to you at this point. If all else fails, and you’ve done your best, walk away, giving him the opportunity to start running after you.

7 ways you can apologize to your boyfriend

There are times in a relationship when you will do something than hurt your boyfriend badly. So consider some ways you can apologize to him for the things you’ve done.

Present yourself to him in all your feminine charms

Will he be able to resist your charms? Remember it is always better to apologize by being a sad and sorrowful beauty than a grief-stricken girl who doesn’t look after herself. Not all men will admit it, but they like the feeling of some power over a charming girl the moment she asks for an apology. So take some knowledge of this for yourself.

Try to cheer him up.

Think of a funny or hilarious joke or episode from your relationship to make him laugh. After all, the reason he loves you is your ability to make him feel better when he is with you. If you see something funny that you know will make him laugh, send it to him in a message. Laughter is not only the best medicine, but also one of the best ways to apologize to your boyfriend.

Romantic evening and dinner.

It is not believed for nothing that the way to any man’s heart really is through his stomach. So if you really have a lot of guilt in front of your boyfriend and don’t know the best way to apologize for it, then it’s time to get down to setting up a romantic evening. Enjoying your amazing dinner, he will realize that the only thing he is missing at this moment is his beloved woman. Trust me, his resentment will soon fade.

Send him lunch to the office or work

Did he expect something like that? So surprise him by ordering or preparing him his favorite dishes. And then, deliver them with a courier and a note “Honey, I’m sorry, I was wrong. Love you and miss you, looking forward to seeing you again.” This will not only allow him to enjoy the meal, but also show that you really think about him and want to make it up to him. After that, he will be more willing to accept the apology.

Clean his apartment.

Although cleaning may take all day, but it is something that he really appreciates. Do the laundry, cook the food, fill the fridge. When he comes back, he is unlikely to have the urge to be angry with you. Making his home more comfortable is one of the best ways of how to apologize to your boyfriend in an original way.

This is a very thoughtful method that is a little more than just words of regret. Just make sure you don’t touch or consider things he wouldn’t want you to see. (We suggest learning some practical tips on how to get your house in order quickly and properly ).

Give him a gift.

For example, buy him tickets to a game of his favorite sports team that he would like to see with his friends. As a rule, for the sake of politeness he will offer you to go with him, but act psychologically subtle – plead some urgent matters and offer to go to the game with his friends. Your generosity, accompanied by the absence of possessiveness, ensures that the guy just can not stay angry for long and will positively accept your apologies.

Plan an unexpected weekend getaway.

Take into account his preferences on how he likes to vacation the most. As options, this could be fishing, ATV riding (if available in your area), sea cruise, or a trip to a nearby town. Sometimes a man is prevented from accepting the apology by everyday stresses.

Therefore, he needs a change of scenery. Pack him and your bags and go on vacation. Is this a bad way to apologize to the man you love, husband by arranging a weekend getaway just for the two of you?

How to apologize to a guy in a text message

If you feel the need to apologize immediately, but you can’t meet with the guy, then send him an apology in text messages written in your own words. Below you can consider 10 examples of such text messages.

  1. I’m really sorry for all the things I said and did. Never realizing what you really needed. I’m so sorry, please.
  2. I’m so sorry that I hurt you. I know that just saying that won’t make it right. I really want you to know how much I regret what I did. I love you with all my heart and I will do everything in my power to prove it to you.
  3. I dare not expect you to apologize to me for what I did (for example, for cheating). I just want to say that you didn’t deserve the pain I caused you. I am truly sorry.
  4. I am deeply sorry that I could not live up to your trust. Despite how patient you were with me. My greatest wish is to earn back your trust again, no matter how difficult it may be for me. Please excuse me, please.
  5. I am so sorry that you and I had a fight. Please believe my words that I was not thinking of the hurtful things I said to you. I can’t understand what came over me and why I was so stupid to you. After all, your love and respect mean so much to me. I hope you’ll forgive me.
  6. I want to tell you how sad and lonely I feel without you. Unfortunately, I realized too late how wrong and unfair I had been treating you. Please accept my sincere apologies for the pain I caused you.
  7. I am very sorry for the pain and embarrassment I have caused you. You are the only person I love, and you do not deserve my thoughtless [words/actions]. I hope you will ever forgive me by giving me a chance to mend my ways?
  8. When I think back on your eyes, I can see that I hurt you deeply. I so wish there was some way I could take back all the hurtful things I said. Please accept my deepest apologies for the way I acted. I am so sorry for what I did.
  9. Beloved, I realize that I have hurt you very much. I keep going back to our last meeting and how wrong I was in front of you. I don’t know if you can forgive me. I’m sorry, if you can! I’m so lonely without you.
  10. My life, forgive me for making you angry and hurting you with my words, but I don’t want to lose you. Please give me a chance to make things right. I feel disgusted with the way I treated you, all because of my pride. I don’t know how to apologize, but I’ll just say that I can’t do it without you. You are the whole world to me! Only with you am I truly happy. My eyes admire only your beauty and courage. Forgive me!


There is nothing worse than a broken heart, especially if you are responsible for it. However, there is nothing healthier than a sincere, heartfelt apology for your mistakes. Admitting your guilt is already a gigantic task in itself.

After you’ve apologized, don’t try to reopen old wounds and memories. Turn the page of your relationship with your boyfriend to a new chapter in which you try to avoid making similar mistakes. After all, it’s this knowledge of how to apologize to a guy so he’ll forgive you and the ability to apologize that makes a relationship healthier and stronger.

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