Aphorisms about relationships: describe in detail

The best sayings about relationships between people

In any relationship, at least two people should interact. A relationship between a man and a woman is the most complex type of interaction.

A serious relationship is a relationship based on mutual understanding, common values and interests, a sense of stability and reliability.

Interesting relationship quotes for status for any occasion:

There are men we live with… There are men we live for… And then there are those men, once we’re around them, we realize… we start living for real…

Bad guys lie to get into bed with you, good guys lie to get into your soul. And the really good ones don’t lie, but you don’t believe it because the others have lied…

The worst way to miss a man is to be with him and know that he will never be yours. Gabriel Garcia Marquez

You know what scares the most, besides the fear of being alone? Spending your whole life with the wrong person.

The strong don’t look for a replacement for the person who was dear to them, but stare into the emptiness that was created after he or she left. And the weak try to shove anyone into this emptiness, just to create the illusion that there are no empty spaces in their life.

Relationship is a compromise, the ability to listen to the other person, to understand him, to explain yourself, your desires, your relationship to the world, the reasons for your actions. To remain silent and sulk, deciding that everything is clear and “he must realize how wrong…” – Well, just some kind of kindergarten – no one owes anyone anything. Explain, ask me to explain, forgive, ask me to forgive, talk, just don’t go into a dead end of silence and resentment and ridiculous and idiotic self-love.

I will make a thousand steps to meet you, but not one – after you… Elchin Safarli

No need to waste yourself on anyone. Better save your love, care and tenderness, so that at the right time to give it to the right person.

When you are dear to the person, he will answer you even to the message to which in fact there is nothing to say.

On the personal front, I’m like a banquet. What is offered, I do not take, and what I want, I am embarrassed to ask. I have to pretend I’m not hungry.

If a man does not have time for you, feel free to turn around and run, run from him, otherwise your whole life and stand around waiting for your turn.

Everyone can make a mistake. Admit a mistake with dignity. Ask forgiveness brave. Restart the relationship strong.

Real men are never offended by women. They just wait for them to calm down and continue to love them further.

The most important thing in a relationship is to feel not passion and desire, but care and confidence. That you are valued, that you won’t be let go, that they become responsible for you, that they will protect you from any trouble and just want to be there for you. Nothing can replace the value of such moments when you are just cared for and hugged tightly.

A smart woman next to a strong man is such a scary couple that you can’t get through her with dynamite. Chingiz Abdullayev, “The Soul of a Pimp”

I would give all my genius and all my books for the fact that somewhere there was a woman who would be worried about whether or not I was late for dinner. Ivan Turgenev

Remember, only on you depends what kind of person will be near you.

It sometimes happens that life separates two people just to show them both how important they are to each other. Paulo Coelho

A man must find the right purpose in life, and a woman must find a man with the right purpose

All people in the world fall into two categories. With the former it is easy, just as it is easy without them. With the latter it is very difficult, but impossible to live without them at all. Ernest Hemingway

Many women care about the question, “How do you keep a man?” If you want to be really happy in your life – do not live with a man you need to “hold on”. Alice Romanova

Every relationship has its ups and downs, and sometimes there comes an end. James Bowen, “The World Through Bob the Cat’s Eyes.”

Only strong love can make up for the little misunderstandings that arise in life together. Honoré de Balzac

If you had said one word to me, one word only, I would have stayed. You didn’t say it. Ivan Turgenev, “Asya.

I became convinced that in a relationship with a man the hardest thing is to end the relationship when he doesn’t want to. Robert Heinlein, “Sail off into the sunset.”

With whom you can listen to music together, with whom you can have an intimate relationship. Alex Vedov . Catching up on the rainbow.

To be together is to feel as at ease as one is alone, and as much fun as one is in community. Jane Eyre read the summary

When a man and a woman are drawn to each other, no one can stop them. Mario Vargas Llosa “The Green House.”

With a new man you have to start life all over again. There is no past. Dimitri Greenberg

We reach for each other even by the skin, like magnets who haven’t met an opposite charge in a long time. Gail Foreman, “Where She’s Gone.”

It’s a dangerous business to get attached to someone. It’s crazy how much it hurts. It hurts from the mere fear of losing. Mark Levy.

Frozen in the night, I got up and covered her with a second blanket. Romain Gary.

Two weeks later he switched to “you.” And a month later, I could no longer remember my life “before him.” Janusz Leon Wisniewski, “The Bed.”

Sometimes you just need a break, after which a person who is bored will still be interesting, sex will seem like a flight to Mars, pasta is exquisite pasta, and even the first cigarette, something intoxicating. So take a break, it’s healthy.

In general, a man with a good woman is the happiest of God’s creatures, and without her – the most miserable. And the only thing that saves them: they do not know what they are deprived of. Stephen King

If you can’t get close together, people drift apart. Franz Kafka . “Letters to Felicia.”

One person outgrows another. People’s views change – hence the change in relationships. Theodore Dreiser, The Financier.

Sometimes the closest person isn’t the one you pray to as an idol, but the one who just knows how many spoonfuls of sugar to put in your cup.

You don’t live to meet my expectations, I don’t live to meet your expectations. You are you, I am me, and if we meet, that’s fine. If we don’t, it can’t be helped. Frederick Perls.

When someone cares about you, life is always colored more vividly. Oleg Roy

It’s a myth that true love needs to “get to know it better,” look closely at it, look for pitfalls. You can become a relative after the first “Hello!”, it happens. At the same time, it also happens that a “stranger” can live with you for many years in the same apartment and not know your eye color. Alex Novak, “The book that doesn’t exist.”

An intimate relationship cannot be the meaning of life, but for life to have any meaning at all, there must be an intimate relationship. All about Steve.

She’s so goddamn indifferent to me, she feels like I’m her husband. Oscar Wilde

A relationship is a couple’s dance. Both partners have to catch the rhythm.

When you meet someone you can imagine sitting across from you at the kitchen table for the rest of your life, then it’s worth thinking about.

People who love each other deeply and seriously have little concern for the opinions of outsiders. They love-and that’s enough! Theodore Dreiser . “American Tragedy.”

They didn’t live… They snuck up behind each other, afraid of losing each other or of getting too close.

We always have to choose who we let into our little world. You, too, are imperfect. This girl you met, she’s imperfect, too. The important thing is whether or not you are perfect for each other.

To be together is to feel as at ease as you do alone, and as much fun as you have in society. Charlotte Bronte’s “Jane Eyre.”

I think close relationships last only between those who can finish each other’s sentences. To hell with drama, hot sex, and the struggle of opposites! Give me someone I can always talk to. Douglas Copeland.

When people are good together, does it really matter what their relationship is called?

Relationships fail when one is partly with another and partly with someone else imaginary.

The stupid woman tries to re-educate the man. The smart one seeks to teach him. And only the wise one does the almost impossible – she leaves him alone.

A relationship is something as fragile as crystal. When a man loves, he desires with all his heart to keep that love. Ani Lorak

A man dreams of the perfect wife. A woman dreams of a perfect husband. But they don’t realize that God created them to complement each other.

A man takes care of a woman for about a year, and a woman takes care of a man for the rest of her life.

Sometimes the happiest couples are made up of completely different people.

The loneliness of the two is a voluntary hell. Michel Houellebecq

If figuring things out with someone ruined them, it means they weren’t good before figuring them out. Figuring it out just puts everything in its place. Aaron Vigushin.

Even the most faithful and loving woman will get tired of waiting if she constantly feels cold and indifferent toward her.

A sensible woman adds sugar to everything she says to a man and takes the salt out of everything a man says to her. Eastern wisdom.

Every couple quarrels from time to time, subconsciously wishing to prove to themselves that their relationship can withstand anything… Nicholas Sparks

There are two sins in relationships: tearing up living relationships and holding on to dead ones.

Love is not about finding the “right” person, it’s about creating the “right” relationship.

The secret to happiness is paying attention to each other. The happiness of life consists of individual minutes, of the little pleasures of a kiss, a smile, a kind look, a heartfelt compliment, kind thoughts and sincere feelings…

Oh my God,” she sighed, “it’s always the same! If you want a man to treat you well, treat him like the last trash; and if you treat him humanly, he’ll beat the life out of you. W.S. Maugham’s The Burden of the Passion of Man.

Choose, value, and respect not the one who came along when you became strong and successful, but the one who was with you while you were a nobody.

The best thing about relationships is not figuring them out. The best thing about love is doing it.

Freedom is good, of course, but having someone who cares about you and whom you care about is much cooler…

No relationship can reach a level where there are no problems. If you see a relationship that doesn’t have problems, it means that the relationship is gone. Osho

To live in friendship with those with whom you live all the time, you have to behave with them as if you see them only once every three months.

Soul mates talk in silence. Strangers, even when uttering words, are silent. Thien Zuen.

It’s not the one who’s been with you from the beginning that matters, it’s the one who will be with you to the end.

It’s not me who doesn’t have a girl. It’s not any girl who doesn’t have me!

I only know one reason for a broken relationship, and it has nothing to do with a stamp in your passport. It’s the lack of clarity. It all starts with her. Elchin Safarli

More than anything, I wanted to be with you, and with you I was the worst of all. Edward Radzinsky “Our Decameron.

A woman with a man should be good. It is possible to live badly alone.

Don’t be afraid not to find, be afraid to lose. Fate has no reason to bring strangers together without reason.

Human relationships are built brick by brick, and crumbling wall by wall.

I don’t want to hurt you, and the more I get to you, the more you get hurt. And I don’t want you to hurt me, and the more you push me away, the more it hurts me. John Fowles.

It’s hard when you put a point on a relationship and someone very close to you finishes two more.

Balance of mind is when you have the same person in your head, at home, and in bed.

Relationships, especially love relationships, are like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than to hurt yourself over and over again, trying to pick up the pieces…

You know the supreme law of any relationship-exactly half the duration of a relationship is a breakup. “Disappearance.”

No matter how much time we spend together, it will never be enough for me.

I can not indifferently watch as people’s lives cross and diverge, because of stupidity, because of cowardice, because of an inability to open up, to explain. Catherine Pancol, “A Man at a Distance”.

It’s always amazed me in general that someone starts hooking up with someone just because they like their looks. It’s like picking your breakfast cereal by the color of the package instead of the taste. John Green

You have to realize that people have a right to think differently than you do and not do what you expect them to do. They probably love you, but their love may not manifest itself the way you want it to.

Verses and quotes with meaning about relationships

Relationships are constant and painstaking work. And if you don’t work at them, you can lose everything. This is proved by quotes about relationships, a selection of which we have prepared for you. Wise statements with meaning will help you understand yourself and your partner, teach you to prioritize relationships and understand their essence.

Quotes about relationships with meaning

Chilling relationships between people arise as a result of friction between them. And what do you say to that, physics? Stanislaw Jerzy Letz

In any stable relationship, someone owes something to someone. It’s just that when a person is in love, he performs all these “shoulds” voluntarily and with pleasure. Natalia Krasnova

Stroke each other against the “hair” and you’ll understand the true meaning of your relationship. Peter Kvyatkovsky.

In a confined space, human relationships tend to deteriorate. Robert Sheckley

Perfect relationships have no taste or smell, like rainwater. Gennady Malkin

A normal person does not continue a relationship in which he is not respected. In fact, he won’t even begin them. Mikhail Labkovsky

If you want to ruin a relationship, start figuring it out. Nadezhda Kuzmina

If you live for yourself, everyone else will be happy. If you work for someone else, expecting gratitude, you’ll be unhappy and won’t get a “thank you”. Mikhail Litvak

The worst thing that can be after a quarrel – is silence. Nathaniel O’Farrell

There has to be some pepper in a relationship. Irvin Welch.

The relationship between a man and a woman is one of the most mysterious and yet beautiful phenomena. And no matter how many people try to express in one phrase all the diversity of love manifestations, it turns out to cover them only partially. Stats, sayings and quotations about relationships are an attempt to find your attitude and your role in this phenomenon. Therefore, the experience of generations, accumulated and presented in these phrases with meaning, will not be superfluous.

And then there is the experience of scientists, they are also interested in the relationship of the sexes. For example, they found out what words make a social network profile attractive to the opposite sex.

Wise sayings about relationships

A real relationship does not prevent communication with your family. Nver Simonian.

Relationships help build trust. And with trust comes loyalty. Simon Sinek.

It is better to bear the cross of unrequited love than to waste yourself on someone whose heart is unfree. Adriana Trigiani

At some point in every partnership there will be a need to dot our I’s and cross our T’s. Ekaterina Makarova

The most bitter thing that could happen to them happened: they were just bored with each other. Vladislav Khodasevich.

People tend to abuse kindness; they willingly insult their loved ones, especially when they are sure that they will receive forgiveness and that they don’t even have to ask for it. Georges Sand

Even if you love someone, it doesn’t mean getting along with that person is easy. Amelie Nothomb.

The most joyless kind of relationship is figuring it out. Eugene Kapitanov

The path to creating a truly loving relationship is not always smooth. It’s never without problems. John Gray

Feelings are a bonfire of emotions. It burns – nice, burns out – blow away the ashes and move on with your life. Guzel Yakhina

Many people say: in order to have inspiration for life and the ability to implement new plans and intentions, it is worth to fall in love. But here we should consider the fact that the relationship – and the ability to sacrifice for the sake of another. Selfishness in this matter is harmful. This is proved by the statuses and quotes presented here about relationships.

Quotes about the meaning of a relationship

Relationships, whatever they may be, are always built on feeling, on love, on need, not on fear. Only slavery is built on fear. Roman Khoroshev

Relationships are such a complicated thing that outsiders should not interfere and hand out all sorts of clever advice. Sophie Kinsella

The more things you can’t tell a person directly, the less sense your relationship makes. Kristina Kashkan.

Poisonous relationships take an enormous amount of energy. Tensions and conflicts drain energy, kindness and being given the opportunity to be yourself inspire and fill with energy. Susan Forward

Love relationships are rarely easy. Nicole deBuron

The most important thing in a happy relationship is the ability to give in. If someone isn’t willing to tame their ego, that union won’t last long. Byne Bash.

All relationships are difficult. It’s like music: sometimes you get harmony and sometimes you get cacophony. Gail Foreman.

Human relationships are not infinite, but that in no way devalues the fact that they have existed in the past. Irvin Yalom

What’s better? Proven reliable partner-friend, even if not too interesting and not desired, than the loneliness and the search for unknown new relationships? Eugenia Monastyrskaya

A relationship is always the work of two people doing their work together. Kristen Stewart

By the way, these sayings and quotes about relationships can also be seen as wise advice that can help you change the relationship with the person you love for the better. The main thing is to try to understand their meaning to have the desire to change for the better and work on yourself.

Verses about the relationship with meaning.

Expectations are the killer of relationships.

Sincerity in human relationships is basic.

Nothing ruins a relationship like unfulfilled expectations.

There is no good relationship without trust.

When you meet someone special, you know it right away. A real relationship can’t be pushed, it goes right away without strain.

You can’t judge someone else’s relationship if it’s different from what you think it is.

You can’t build a relationship on deception.

Relationships require constant care, persistence, and attention. But if neither party is willing to bother with that, why shouldn’t the relationship stagnate?

Before you start a new relationship, you have to end the old one, or life will get so tangled up that it will never unravel.

We are all broken. The most important thing is to find a person whose shards match yours.

Almost all of the statements here teach that both people need to work on their relationship and treat each other with love and respect. Communication should be genuine. Short quotes about relationships make it clear that everything of value in life comes from hard work. Long-term unions that seem perfect from the outside are the result of both partners’ hard work.

Good Relationships – Short Quotes

How foolishly human relationships are, how much work and effort you have to put in to get the most modest return. And how easy it is to ruin everything.

In a harmonious relationship, there is always a third too many.

Human relationships are more complicated than any maze.

It is impossible to establish a good relationship with others until you have established peace with yourself.

Relationships are not fifty-fifty, they are a hundred-fifty.

Not working out? Fix it. Break it down. It doesn’t matter. We don’t leave the ones we love. Stay. Fix it.

I don’t think I have a relationship problem, I just don’t like people.

In a relationship with a man, it’s all about trust. And knowing his phone password.

A dot in a relationship is a fat cross.

What’s the point of discussing a relationship that’s long gone?

And the statements about the relationship can teach us that no person in our life path we meet us uselessly. From every relationship we take something important out of it. Someone tests us, someone uses us and teaches us a lesson, someone helps us learn new skills, and someone makes us better and that is the most valuable thing.

Sayings about love and relationships

A bearable relationship is more likely to go under demolition than it is to be overhauled.

A happy relationship depends not on how compatible you are, but on how well you handle your differences.

A man you can’t understand is more interesting than a man you can read like an open book.

You are a neat person, but people are not things. And you can’t arrange them according to your convenience alone.

Relationships are like a mechanism with gears. Over time, they lose their original luster and wear out, maybe even break. But if you take care of the mechanism, the gears will run down and work even smoother.

In a relationship, dialogue is always better than monologue.

A relationship without responsibility and awareness is just an infatuation, or worse, a habit.

Relationships are not rubber, they do not need to be stretched.

Relationships can be modeled, the main thing is to maneuver properly in this direction with your mind.

Not every relationship has to end in marriage.

It is also worth remembering that in a relationship you get what you give. And the beautiful relationship statuses with meaning confirm it. Do not expect that in response to caprices, accusations and insults, you will get smiles, hugs and declarations of love. If you want understanding, try to understand for yourself. Everything comes back – it’s a simple formula that works at all times.

We hope that you liked the short quotes about relationships with meaning, and you were able to learn something interesting and useful for yourself in these sayings. After all, we are all often looking for proof of whether we are loved, and whether the feeling is real. We would like to believe that the statements about relationships have helped you at least a little bit to understand this issue.

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