An easy relationship between a man and a woman – explained in a nutshell

Easy relationship between a man and a woman: the benefits, signs, how to do, tips from psychologists

Easy relations between a woman and a man – it is trust, comfort, understanding of the chosen one and the ability not to be too demanding or intrusive. People at a subconscious level value personal freedom. A man often attaches importance to it, a free life, while a woman is always trying to build a relationship. Consider how to build a relationship so as not to burden each other.

The benefits of an easy relationship

It is possible and necessary to be easy in a relationship with a man. The benefits are mainly received by the woman:

  • No restrictions on personal space. A delay at work or at a party is not met with a rebuke from the guy.
  • There is no tightness in the domestic sphere. Uncleaned room, unprepared dinner will not be a reason for discord.
  • Mutual distrust is excluded. Freedom of action is not burdened by vows of loyalty and eternal love. Jealousy eats away at you from the inside – there is no lightness in a relationship.
  • Eternal romance and infatuation are present. A simple formula for love. Meetings imply preparation for impressions, surprises. This keeps the lovers in tone.
  • A constant sexual partner. There is a widespread societal belief that an easy relationship between a man and a woman is free sex. It may be. But it is the ease of the relationship pushes people to each other. One wants to meet again and again. This pattern of behavior in the union is what leads to happy marriages.

On top of everything else, people who are not ready to start a family can easily, by mutual consent, end the relationship.

Seven signs of an easy relationship

An easy relationship between a man and a woman is something that partners value in each other. Here are a few things that define values:

  • Partners have a similar outlook on things.
  • Absence of conflict situations. Minor disagreements have a simple solution.
  • Support and care for each other.
  • The joy of mutual communication. It does not matter what kind of conversations, the main thing is the opportunity to spend time together.
  • A calm separation for a period of time. Catastrophe will not happen if they can not see each other for a while.
  • The ability to understand your partner. The most ridiculous actions are not met with scandals, insults or tears.
  • The skill of not imposing oneself. A man can be busy. He wants to be alone. The partner or partner is enough to say “no” because the next meeting will happen, you just have to wait.

In life together not everything is perfect, but there is always something to strive for.

How to make a relationship easy

The quote of the great poet William Shakespeare that an easy heart lives long, if you make it your motto, may well help to become an easy woman in a relationship:

  • It is important to understand that a man’s love of freedom is not just about fishing, soccer, and beer parties with friends. A man needs freedom in his actions, his decisions, his choices. The slightest encroachment on his freedom can cause negative emotions: irritation, resentment, frustration.
  • The meeting with your loved one should not start with the household chores, especially when he has not yet departed from his thoughts about work. It will be better if the person mentally rests for 30 minutes, comes to his/her senses and adjusts to a relaxed environment.
  • You have to learn not to stress your partner out with caprices and reproaches, especially in the bedroom. It is nice for a man to know that his beloved girl appreciates his brilliance in him, and not that he failed to do or solve something.
  • A big mistake is to openly voice your frustrations. You can try the tactic of superficiality. Listen with half an ear, say something without saying anything, gently, without pressure hint at what’s bothering you. Man will notice a change in behavior and will definitely start a conversation himself. The phrase “You haven’t called all day” can be said more softly – “I’ve been waiting all day for a call. Are you all right? I was worried.” The man will not hear the rebuke and will calmly talk about the reasons for his transgression.
  • It’s important to learn to appreciate a man as someone who can calmly, easily resolve any issues. Whether it’s a hammered nail in the house or a proposal for a joint trip on vacation. Be sure to tell him how great he did something or came up with something, praise him.
  • It is not recommended to “pry into the soul” of the person. The chosen one may be in a bad mood or he was upset about something. He wants to tell you himself. To pry, and even offended to think that your loved one has secrets, it is not nice and will not do any good.
  • Talk about your love for your partner more often. Gently, hugging, showing sensuality and all of the female charm. Man will feel his neediness and importance and reciprocate.
  • Surprise with unpredictability, intrigue – that’s what an easy relationship between a man and a woman means. A man should be drawn to his chosen one.

As you can see, women’s secrets of ease in a relationship with a man are very diverse. Of course, the above tips are only a model of behavior. For each individual couple in love it is different.

Tips from psychologists

Most often, couples disintegrate because of reluctance to give in, to surrender their positions. Therefore, psychologists say the main thing is not to try to dominate, not to make comments on any occasion, not to be boring or too intrusive. Become a “henchman” is certainly not part of the man’s plans. It is important to his status. He can not withstand the onslaught and does not see the point in continuing the novel.

Independence and attraction to each other at the same time, that is what an easy relationship between a man and a woman.

15 secrets of an easy relationship

What is meant by the phrase “easy relationship”? Some people understand it as a relationship without obligation. Is it so? Let’s look at the most pressing issues that particularly concern those who are in a complicated relationship.

Have you ever heard from men that they broke up with their girlfriend or wife because of the lack of ease in the relationship? Actually, these men are not lying. Ease is really important and this article will help you understand why.

How to Make Relationships Easy

Think back to the beginning of a relationship. Frequent meetings, texts with fond words, unexpected and pleasant gifts. Those casual conversations about favorite movies or the weather. Both partners enjoy each other and do not discuss current problems, the dollar exchange rate or the boss-ham.

Lightness in a relationship is when a woman looks at her man with adoration, when she notices his virtues, when she takes care of herself and tries to always look great. That’s what ease is for men. But where does it go with time? Why does the man begin to complain that the relationship has become difficult? Some women believe that this is the end of love. But this is a mistake!

In fact, the man loves the woman as much as ever, but he misses her attention. He no longer wants to discuss utility bills, hear another scandal about scattered socks and his alleged irresponsibility. He misses that lightness in a relationship. He wants to see a woman around him again who will inspire him.

How to fix a relationship

There are several effective ways, using which you will be able to establish a relationship with the man you love.

1. Less talk in the bedroom about the problems!

The bedroom is a place for relaxation, in this room it is better to talk to your man about how great he is and how much you want him.

2. Don’t rush your partner.

Meeting a man from work, do not start from the threshold to start a domestic conversation. Give your man time. Half an hour will be enough to your chosen one came to his senses and stopped playing the role of a tough businessman.

Be unpredictable.

No need to roll up a jealousy scene, especially without cause. Do not pester a man, asking why he did not call all day and why he did not write a soft text. Try to act a little “strange” and when he notices, then, believe me, will make every effort to get your attention back.

4. Believe in your man. Praise your partner on any occasion!

Screw in a light bulb – well done! Nailed the wall – a real master! Man is always waiting for approval of women, but it’s important not to overdo it, after all, you’re not a little kid, but an adult and fully established man. It is important for a man to hear from you how you appreciate him, how strong he is and how he is able to cope with any difficulties.

5. Learn to listen and hear.

If your partner tells you anything, listen to him or her and don’t interrupt. But don’t ask a man about anything when he’s clearly not in the mood to talk.

6. Let your partner know that you need him.

The best moments for him are when you gently press against his shoulder, hug him shyly, kiss him and genuinely enjoy having him around. Tell him more often how much you need him.

7. Focus on the merits of your partner.

Each man has something special, for which he should respect. And words of respect mean a lot to any man.

8. Don’t give advice.

You’re not your boyfriend’s mother, you’re his ally. Show feminine flexibility, do not command your partner and do not give him advice when he does not ask for it.

9. Give your partner freedom and be free yourself.

Restriction of freedom is the worst punishment for any man. The relationship should not be a prison cell. Treat each other with respect and understanding. If your man wants to be in a man’s company – give him the opportunity. Taking a break from each other is also useful, this will allow you and him to miss each other.

10. Surprise your man.

You can completely without any reason to invite a young man in a cafe and order his favorite dish. Be sure that he will appreciate such an act.

11. Create an intrigue.

Show imagination and tell your loved one how you imagine a joint future with him, where he is the main character. Just don’t demand a reciprocal reaction from your loved one.

12. Take care of yourself.

To interest a man, you need to be interesting yourself. Do what you like – draw, sing, dance, meet with friends. If a woman is fascinated by something, she is always interested in a man, it’s his kind of alluring space, which want to constantly unravel.

13. Smile more often.

When a woman smiles sincerely, a man has a sense of calm that he is home and all is well. If he has a happy woman around him, then he is a real hero!

14. Do not be stingy with compliments.

It is not trivial at all, it is important for men to hear that their achievements are noticed and approved. Pay attention to details. He’s wearing a new shirt, tell him that it suits him very well.

15. Think before you speak.

Remember that words can easily materialize. Your thoughts are the most powerful energy. If you constantly complain about the weather, the government, your neighbors, and your family, it won’t do any good. Think and talk about the good, and it will become your reality.

Try to put these tips into practice, and you’ll see how relationships start to change for the better.published by

P.S. And remember, just changing our consciousness – together we change the world! © econet

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