All female Capricorn: tell us in detail

Capricorn Woman Description

The Capricorn woman is a stubborn careerist who can put the boss down and chop the heads off all her colleagues. Only this black gut is hidden deep inside, behind the mask of a good-natured and sympathetic lady, so it is risky to believe her.

Purposeful, patient and practical, she could snap her fingers to “score” the most promising suitor and live happily ever after, but on this earth there are more interesting things, such as work and career. Moreover, this woman is very realistic and in family happiness for her exists only in romantic comedies.

In fact, she is a kind and sympathetic person, but such qualities of the Capricorn woman’s character are manifested exclusively outside the office. By the way, it is worth listening to her advice, because they are wise and effective absolutely always – this is a Capricorn superpower.

Despite all the determination of these women, they rarely find themselves in the spotlight, and this has an explanation – they simply do not need such attention. In general, the figure of the Capricorn almost for all remains a mystery, as she does not like to disseminate about herself and even the most innocent little things leave in secret. Most often, this secrecy is due to fear for their psychological health.

Capricorn woman in love

Love and Capricorn – things completely incompatible. These women in general do not want to devote their free time to other people, after all, you can spend the day off for a book, a favorite movie or a walk.

But there are also amorous crises in Capricorn’s life. At this point, she falls head over heels in love, can’t find a place for such strong emotions, and is pondering on how to get it all out from inside.

Surprisingly, even in a strong romantic relationship, she will always weigh the pros and cons and think long and hard about how useful the relationship is to her. To most adequate people, her love will look like complete indifference, but this is how the Capricorn woman shows her feelings, and you have to put up with it.

She will never say those cherished three words that a man expects from her, but she will show affection to him in every possible way, making breakfast in the morning, not denying sex and at least sometimes agreeing to a joint day off – all this is really difficult for a Capricorn woman, she will cheat on her job.

The bonus that a man will get from communicating with such a woman is inspiration and support for even the most delusional endeavors. And this is much more expensive than vanilla words.

Capricorn woman in a relationship

Capricorn woman treats friendship skeptically, not understanding why such connections exist between people at all. Despite this, she has so-called friends. These are the people who have ever helped Capricorn and now she cannot “forgive” them. Capricorn will gladly give advice, but don’t expect a heart-to-heart talk or emotional support from her – it’s too difficult for her.

The only thing she is capable of in friendship is a short call once a month, a couple of messages and a short meeting.

What kind of men do Capricorn women prefer

Responsibility in everything and at all times is a peculiarity of Capricorn woman’s behavior. Romantic relationships are not an exception, that is why she approaches the choice of a partner as a thesis, studying them from all sides, dissecting them along and across.

– Aries man will be able to do the impossible – to persuade the Capricorn woman to give up her work in favor of a family nest. Fortunately, the woman will be able to help her husband in business and at least sometimes remember her active youth in the office and business suits.

– The Capricorn man will be comfortable for the woman in all spheres: at home, in the bedroom and in the dialogue. This is exactly the case where minus for minus gives a plus. And this plus is so fat that it can very quickly bring the two lovers under the altar.

– The Virgo man will be a solid shoulder for the Capricorn woman. The same characters, values in life, and hard work will help these two create a strong union and a happy future.

– The Scorpio man is the perfect lover for such a woman. Ambition, shared interests and a love of work will create harmony outside the bedroom as well. Passion, romance, jealousy – this union has all the conditions for a good romance that will grow into the love of a lifetime.

Capricorn woman in sex

The Capricorn woman’s sexuality is completely unrelated to her modest behavior in public. Behind the closed doors of the bedroom, she can do such things that you absolutely do not expect from her. Naturally, she needs a lover as ardent and experienced, otherwise she will change it for a young and sultry handsome man faster than her ex has time to justify himself.

In an unexpected twist, sex is a very important thing for her. She can refuse a man who loves with all her soul, just because in bed he does not surprise and satisfy her.

The Capricorn woman’s attitude towards family and children

A Capricorn woman believes that all members of her family should be successful and talented, so she will never allow her children or husband to lie on the couch in front of the TV or play computer games. Even if they are sick, even if they are dying. Needless to say, her neighbors and loved ones try to get away from home for a quiet and fun time?

By the way, her energy will also be enough to maintain the house after working long hours in the office. The house sparkles with cleanliness, dinner looks like it was prepared by a professional chef, and the cat walks around in his specially bound booties – that is how the Capricorn woman’s house looks like.

Capricorn woman in work and career

For the Capricorn woman, work is an individual mission; it is one love for life. She is ready to devote to it all her strength, her health, the well-being of her family – anything that will help her advance her career. If you think that financial well-being is to blame for everything, then you are absolutely right. Capricorn does not daydream and looks at this world realistically, where you will be happy only if you will be fed and clothed.

But in the heads she so stubbornly rushes for a completely different reason – she loves power, though skillfully hides it from those around her.

Capricorn Woman – Zodiac Sign Characteristics

The sun enters the tenth constellation of the Zodiac in winter. Depending on whether it is a leap year or a regular year, it stays in it from December 20-21 to January 19-20 . The harsh winter brings life to a standstill in nature. The sun does not come out for a long time, and does not warm it up. Only those strong in spirit and healthy in body can survive in such conditions. Capricorn women are abundantly endowed with these qualities.

The element of Capricorn is Earth. Women who are born under the sign of this mythical creature never leave the ground beneath their feet. They are prudent, thorough and reliable. At first glance, these qualities are good for men, but only at first. Capricorn women are the backbone of the family, its heart and brain. They are so wise that the man will never guess that he is the “wingman” and not the “leader.”

Saturn is the planet that rules Capricorn women. It dictates to them the unwritten rules of life under the motto “I must.” Hence the iron discipline and willpower.

Consistent with the character of Capricorn ladies are their likes and affections. They prefer shades of brown, from beige to dark chocolate and a palette of purple tones. Of stones Capricorns intuitively choose warm amber and onyx, which energizes them. The lucky numbers are 3, 5, 7, 8 and 14, and the lucky day of the week is Saturday. Fortune favors them on the numbers 7, 12, and 17. On these days of the month they are especially lucky.

The character of .

Astrologers at argue that women born under the sign of Capricorn will never put up with conventional stereotypes. Their main weapon – it’s their inner strength and, of course, common sense, well, let the tears, hysterics and lamentations remain for others. These young ladies are not prone to reflection, they do not make fantastic plans, do not hover in the clouds and do not suffer from other “female” features. And yes, they will never take the time to look even better than they are – they are perfect.

The thing is that even in childhood, the young representatives of this sign begin to realize that the natural blush and glow of young healthy skin is much more attractive than tons of makeup. Therefore, they always stand out favorably against their friends with a “battle paint”, giving preference to natural beauty. Over the years, the Capricorn ladies are only getting prettier and literally blooming, which is even more different from their peers. Sometimes in the 40 year old lady is difficult to recognize the simple ruddy little girl that she was at age 18. And what 40 years? She looks barely 25!

Capricorn woman inherent reticence and politeness. She is tactful and always aristocratically reserved, regardless of her status or upbringing. Whether she grew up in a large, working-class family or was the only adored child of intelligent parents, always behaves as a “princess of blood.

Famous women with the sign of Capricorn


The disposition of the character dictates the eternal desire for success. On the way to him, the woman is able to show incredible persistence, bordering on stubbornness. At school she will be an excellent student, sessions at the university will pass in time with maximum scores, and at work will be the “right hand” of the head and will tag on his place.

She needs a career growth not so much for vanity, but to satisfy the inexhaustible ideas and plans. They are clearly thought out, calculated and felt. Sharp intuition allows her to subconsciously weigh all the risks and profits that promise a new project. Her decisions often seem rash and ill-considered to others, but as time passes, it turns out that they were the most balanced and far-sighted.

Capricorn knows how to surprise and knows when it is appropriate to do it. They are well aware that by showing their bright sides every day, you can lose their value – their perception will be erased and become ordinary. Therefore, they present themselves in dosage: for example, can go months in sneakers and jeans, but when they put on a dress and high heels, all stand around frozen with delight, losing the power of speech.


Steel character is able to overcome the blows of fate, but still they can if not break the Capricorn woman, then undermine her strength. Then she will begin to feel sad, falling into black melancholy. There will be pessimistic notes in the assessment of the prospects and own opportunities.

Close people definitely need to support her in such moments. The surest way – to convince the ladies in their exclusivity. True, we must do it very carefully, because the Capricorn will feel the false involvement immediately. Criticism of his address is painfully perceived as a reproach to the imperfect nature.

Presenting comments, if they are really on the merits, should be reasoned and in a recommendatory form. Then the Capricorn woman will calmly analyze them and make the right conclusions. They will benefit the common cause, strengthen her confidence in her own abilities. Raised, derogatory tones she perceives as a personal insult. Until the scandal will not sink, bicker and shout at her opponent too, but cool to him, up to complete breakdown of relations.

What you need to work on

Capricorn woman lacks one quality – the ability to let the situation go. She too persistently, without sparing herself, goes to the intended goal. She has a lot of strength, but still you should save yourself so that you don’t burn out on solving the problem today. The stubbornness of Capricorn girls is worthy of respect, but it is detrimental to her health. She needs to learn to spare herself, to distribute the load evenly on her subordinates and family members.

Capricorns are control freaks. [control freak – a person who needs to hold the reins of management in any situation, approx.]. This quality, coupled with remarkable workaholism can cause psychological problems. Capricorn will have to accept the fact that keep everyone and everything under control is simply impossible – you need to be able to relax and enjoy life.

How to win a Capricorn woman

To do this is simple and difficult at the same time. Sometimes she herself can be extremely favorable to the challenger, who at first glance is a completely mediocre person, not distinguished by either appearance or material wealth. In this case, such ladies are aided by their innate foresight – it helps to look into the future and see there instead of a ludicrous youngster as a grown man who has achieved unbelievable heights. If she has noticed the young man, he is the envy of her – he has a rosy future.

An attempt to win Capricorn’s heart with beautiful courtship (gifts, compliments, grand gestures) will fail. She will graciously accept signs of attention and be around for a while. The only thing that will keep her for a long time is the certainty that behind all the candy and bouquet tinsel there is a true feeling of a worthy man.

If in some incredible way a man manages to convince her of his own value, it is too early to rest on your laurels. remember that Capricorns do not like ears – they definitely need a confirmation of words by actions. The Capricorn woman will not tolerate the “object of the interior” in the form of infantile narcissistic men, whose main occupation is lying on the couch, trying to “find herself”. She will very soon understand the futility of the relationship and will break it up instantly, leaving the cavalier no chance for rehabilitation.

Her ability to separate the main thing from the secondary will play into a man’s hands. If the Capricorn woman will appreciate his virtues, then you don’t have to worry about minor flaws. After all, everyone has them! True, it is necessary to clearly distinguish them from the bad habits. Here she will show her character and give an ultimatum. Do not make a mistake with the choice. It is easy to lose her, but it is almost impossible to get her back.

How do you know if a Capricorn woman is in love?

A Capricorn woman in love is a contradictory cocktail of modesty and an unquenchable desire to experiment, reticence and unintentional revelations. She simultaneously repels and beckons to look into her soul.

Understand a Capricorn woman is difficult, the representative of this sign can meet with a man for several months, a year, and still do not understand – and this is real feelings or warming up for something big? Capricorn delays with the declaration of love, because this word for her is not an empty sound. But if it comes out of her mouth, it means that everything is more than serious.

Love and Marriage

A Capricorn woman will turn out to be the wife that men dream of: calm, reasonable, practical, able to make love beautifully and tastefully. Sex and love are inseparable concepts for her, so she will never become an easy prey of the ladies’ man. The faithful wife will wise counsel in the affairs, firmly endure the hardships of the unsettled life, will be an excellent housewife and sophisticated mistress.

Domestic chores she does not perceive as thankless labor, and is engaged in them with pleasure and pedantry. Home holidays in the family Capricorn always cheerful, and the table abounds with pickles, delicacies. She is able to love strongly and selflessly, without complaining about the hard lot. It brings her joy that the house is a full bowl and a safe haven for relatives.

You can always ask her for advice. The answer will not be duty, but constructive and thoughtful. She is not afraid to admit her mistakes. “How could you do that?” is a question you don’t expect. More likely, she will say, “We need to think about how to solve this problem.”

However, with all Capricorn’s patience and wisdom, you shouldn’t test them for too long. She will not throw tantrums and beat the dishes, pouring out the accumulated negativity. The Capricorn woman will express her discontent delicately, but it is necessary to listen to her words, otherwise she will pass from words to deeds. Then the happy life of her chosen one can suddenly turn into loneliness.

A suitable profession

Under the sign of Capricorn are born women who are able to make a dizzying career. They are consistent in achieving the goal, strive for excellence, hardworking, full of healthy ambition. An experienced manager can safely throw them into the toughest areas.

They will not fail, but will expect a fair assessment of the efforts made – promotion, salary increase. Do not demand, but with an inherent sense of fairness expect that they will be rewarded on merit. This is usually what happens.

Capricorn women make excellent bankers, government officials, doctors, scientists, and investigators.

Where natural talent is lacking, they will take over with a thorough study of the subject – it’s never too late for them to learn. Actresses and musicians born under the sign of Capricorn achieve popularity because they are initially sober about their talent. There are rarely “unrecognized geniuses” among them.


Capricorn girls do not differ from their peers. Sick like everyone else, standard childhood diseases. However, they are prone to food allergies and, as a consequence, dermatitis, skin rashes, and easily catch rotavirus infections. The gastrointestinal tract is generally their weak point, so parents need to be careful in choosing products for the daily diet.

Despite their natural poise, girls are often injured in childhood. The immune system they strengthen quickly. Already in school it may be that out of the whole class, fell from the flu, only Capricorn. Becoming adults, they surprise excellent health.

The only thing that can compromise their immune system is hard work without sleep and rest or a streak of bad luck. Then Capricorns start looking for a way out with their inherent stubbornness. They are overcome by heavy thoughts that cause insomnia and fatigue. They will cope, but their responsibility and diligence should not be abused.

How to raise a Capricorn baby girl

In infancy, the girl will surprise relatives with a rarely calm temper. Yes, and the period of adulthood will be painless – rash actions and innocent pranks are not inherent in the little Capricorns. They explore the world very carefully, with adult thoughtfulness. Children, noisy games like to contemplate more than to participate in them. She is attracted to quiet, creative activities, so the parents of the Capricorn baby open up huge opportunities for early development – you can keep your child occupied with puzzles, embroidery or drawing lessons.

She does not need to be persuaded or forced to sit down to draw, sculpt, learn to read. She will gladly do anything her mother suggests. But when interest in the educational process is lost, it is useless to insist on its continuation. You can bring hundreds of arguments and try to reason with the Capricorn girl, but she will remain adamant. Do not wait for the tantrums and tears, but the remorse will not keep you waiting, especially when the child with an unflappable look and absolutely unchildish severity will protest against the abuse of personality. Parents should be ready to communicate with Capricorns as equals – they simply will not tolerate other scenarios.

It is necessary to respect the little person really, rather than play the role of a democratic dad and mom, otherwise perceptive Capricorn intuitively feel insincerity.

Then the child is not very talkative can finally withdraw. Soft confidence and gentle care – that’s what the girl needs all the time. All will return a hundredfold in a few years. Capricorn daughters know how to be grateful.

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