All about the zodiac sign Pisces men

Male Pisces: modest guy or passionate seducer?

The patronage of the zodiac sign Pisces begins February 21 and ends March 20. This is the last 12 sign of the zodiac, so it is considered to have absorbed a little bit from each of the previous ones. Pisces is ruled by Neptune – emotional, with a great deal of romanticism, often detached from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Characteristics of the male Pisces

The Pisces man is not demanding in life, but in love he expects full commitment from the person he loves. To make his dreams come true, he needs such a person who will help unleash the potential of abilities and talents of this zodiac sign.

They are always ready to help. And they put their own interests on the back burner. First they will help a friend (relative), and then proceed to their own affairs and tasks. These are emotional people who can flare up and get nervous because of any trifle. Therefore, in the first place they should protect the heart and nervous system – these are the weaknesses of Pisces.

They are dualistic personalities, and the two fish swimming in different directions symbolize this. All their lives they suffer from conflicting desires

Strengths and Weaknesses

Men born under the sign of Pisces cannot be called decisive. They like to shift the responsibility on someone else’s shoulders, appearing as if “out of it” – this is their main drawback. But their strength is the ability to love truly and truly, giving entirely to his soul mate.

Temperament and character

The characteristic of Pisces by zodiac sign says that they are born as if they are tired. In them there is not enough energy to overcome, to resolve many issues, cases, obstacles. Everything affects them negatively: heat, wind, rain, snow, quarrels at work. They become even more lethargic and tired, preferring to lie on the couch and rest.

There are other Pisces that are less common. They are overly active and are capable of starting a bunch of things, ending up not finishing any of them. They can stay up for days and nights, exhausting themselves to the point of exhaustion.

On the way in front of a great danger, they can remain unperturbed, when as the small troubles, the shortcomings of life bring them out

When choosing clothing, these people are often somewhat sloppy, formal suits are not for them. Often they rely on their own imagination and mysticism.

Pisces: Water

Water and the sign Pisces give this man “fluidity. He literally drifts with the flow, not wanting to overcome the obstacles that arise on the way. He would rather wait until they will resolve themselves than to take any action to resolve them. The water element awarded these people high sensitivity, frequent changes of mood. Even because of minor mishaps people can fall into despondency for several days.

Water and the sign of Pisces give this man “fluidity. He literally drifts with the current.

Water is not compatible with Fire. A relationship with Air is possible, if only Water is not afraid of clouds and fog. An ideal partner will be a person of the elements of the Earth and Water.

Positive character traits of Pisces can include:

  • attractiveness,
  • sociability,
  • benevolent attitude,
  • compassion.

Negative traits :

  • fickleness of character,
  • temper tantrums,
  • excessive emotionality,
  • pessimism,
  • laziness.

Man Pisces under the patronage of the water element is such a “fish” that tries to bypass all the sharp corners, deftly maneuvering between them. For a comfortable existence the place for the life is better to choose not far from bodies of water. As a last resort, get an aquarium at home. Home for them – a place to relax and contemplate the beautiful.

Love and marriage of Pisces men

Relationships between Pisces men and women never develop rapidly. They are not of the breed that throw themselves into a maelstrom. A female partner can wait years to propose marriage from him. It is likely that the responsible step of marriage, he still commits to 35 years, and even older.

The relationship between the male Pisces and the women never develop rapidly

He does not seek wealth and is content with little. Therefore, if you have chosen yourself such a candidate for a couple, be prepared to earn good money. No, the Pisces will not sit on his neck, but try to follow a career ladder or change the field of activity for the sake of increasing wealth they will not. It often happens that the wife earns more than the husband, but he absolutely does not care. At the same time, on the emotional side, the relationship between the Pisces man and his chosen one will be fine. He is not stingy in showing care and attention. He likes to receive in return the same attitude and to himself.

The appearance of the girl’s choice is important to him. He is a connoisseur of beauty, a lover of contemplation. And even if there is a beauty, he will still look around, looking for no less charming women. With this the other half of Pisces will have to put up with. For the union to be really strong, it is better for the couple to have common interests in addition to the family life.

What kind of women will the Pisces man definitely like?

This man needs a strong and understanding woman. She should not make claims over nothing, cause jealousy. A guy of this sign can not be called a particularly jealous man, he will trust his beloved. But if you openly do everything to cause this feeling, he will not remain indifferent. Stability and security is what he values most in a relationship.

The Pisces man is a connoisseur of calmness and well-being in family life

So, what kind of women do Pisces like?

  • Beautiful and well-groomed,
  • wise,
  • calm,
  • caring.

These are the main traits that an ideal girl for a male Pisces should have. Their peculiarity is that they do not fully believe that they are really needed and loved. Therefore, a girl will have to try to prove it and confess her love to her partner more often.

How to understand that the male Pisces is in love: the main signs

You have met your “prince”-Fish on a white horse, but you can not understand that the guy-Pisces is in love? In the behavior of a man in love there are certain signs.

The first thing that appears new in this man is openness. He tells a lot about himself, without hiding anything. At the beginning of the relationship, he presents his chosen one not only with attention and care, but also with gifts, without asking anything in return. He understands exactly how to woo a woman in order to win her favor. He approaches this with the utmost responsibility. The first signs of love Pisces appear almost immediately, they are not confused with anything else.

Loving a man Pisces is on the phone with a woman. The main thing is that she did not start to use it for selfish purposes, which could eventually lead to the rupture of the relationship

It often happens that this person falls in love with unworthy people (alcoholics, slackers, drug addicts, etc.). He tries to change them, to help them, but ends up disappointed and leaves.

What are some ways to win over Pisces men?

You like a guy of this aquatic element, but you do not know how to win Pisces and fall in love with this man? To attract the attention of any man, and Pisces in particular, is quite real, the main thing is to know how to do it correctly.

Pisces often hover in the clouds, dream a lot, not distinguished by practicality. If you like this man, then, first of all, it is worth to show him the similarity of your views on life and the same interests. The psychology of these people is simple: they believe in mysticism, so you can convince them that your meeting is not accidental and destined.

His attention will certainly be attracted by the crying girl. He simply will not be able to pass by.

To find an approach to him, it is important to know how to behave with Pisces. When talking, allow him to tell what he wants himself, and at the same time, ask questions that will let him know that you are interested in him as an interlocutor. According to feedback, such communication will eventually lead to friendship, and it will smoothly flow into something more. So, to like a guy-fish, you need:

  • Share a passion for mysticism and everything unexplained,
  • surround him with care and tenderness,
  • Take care of everyday matters (already in a relationship),
  • Do not rush a man to make decisions,
  • Periodically leave him alone so he can philosophize about the meaning of life.

Pisces often have their heads in the clouds, they dream a lot, they are not practical

With whom are Pisces compatible in love and marriage?

Love for Pisces is practically the purpose of life, so to attract them for a serious relationship is not so difficult. The most important thing for them is sincere feelings, understanding, spiritual connection and peace of mind. He shows his love openly, purely, exposes himself to his other half. Therefore, if he does not feel a reciprocal response, he is offended and closes in himself.

Good compatibility of Pisces men in love with representatives of the water element: Cancer and Scorpio

This is absolutely harmonious unions . Calm and mutual understanding reigns in them. Also not bad combined Pisces and earthly representatives: Capricorns, Taurus and Virgo. Element of fire does not suit the Pisces, with the Air union is possible, but only if both will yield to each other and make compromises. Pisces compatibility table with other signs

Maximum compatibility Average compatibility Minimum compatibility
Pisces Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Aquarius, Gemini Sagittarius, Leo, Aries

Sex with Pisces: what is he like in bed?

Sex for the zodiac sign Pisces remains not in last place, rather, it is the second place (after sincere feelings in a relationship with your beloved). Pisces likes variety in bed, they have a very developed imagination, so the couple is unlikely to be bored. But if the temperaments will be radically different, the Pisces will begin to suffer, and eventually their interest will disappear. They try to satisfy their partner first and foremost, not themselves.

The Pisces man always knows how to surprise his partner in bed. He is a crazy inventor. More often prefers sex at home in a comfortable environment than elsewhere. He is a great lover, and adrenaline is not their thing.

If there are no real feelings in the couple, great sex alone won’t help keep Pisces. Sex with a man born under the sign of Pisces is a fun adventure that should be fueled every day with novelty.

Male Pisces.

February 20 – March 20 Pisces planet: ♆ Neptune, ♃ Jupiter.

The Pisces man has a rare talent in this world: he knows how to be happy. And he is capable of it not only in the palace of a sultan, but also in the proverbial shack. His serenity, talent, compassion, kindness can attract you like a magnet, but know that the Pisces man by nature is not leading, but rather driven. Before you were his life was fate, parents, friends, but now it’s your turn.

It so happens that the success of life Pisces is largely dependent on how circumstances develop. Or on how determined to act those who are around him. It is just that he himself often confuses his inner world with the outer world. By and large, he is happy with everything, but you do not give in to his relaxation. Remember that Pisces has a huge potential, which he can successfully implement with your help.

If you manage to inspire a male Pisces to act decisively, there is every chance that your home will be a full bowl. Talent and unconventional thinking Pisces is able to lift him to the heights. If he does not have the necessary incentives in time, he will also serenely enjoy life, but, most likely, already without you. And not because he will part with you, but you are unlikely to be able to live on his salary school librarian.

How to win a male Pisces

If you want to attract the attention of a man-Robes, and even more – to push him to make more serious steps, you have to take the initiative! Blushing shyly in his presence and timidly shoot your eyes all you want – most likely, he would simply by sincerity take it for your usual manner of communication, and not at all on his account. So, wasting all the ammunition for ineffective shooting eyes, pull yourself together and remember the actions that you usually expect from men when they are courting you. Do you remember? Know that in a relationship with a Pisces man, this is (at least at first) entirely your role.

Relationship with a Pisces man.

If you choose to live in paradise in a shack next to a Pisces man, you’ll be surprised that in many ways the saying turns out to be true. Unlike many other men, Pisces has plenty of virtues more valuable than a fat wallet.

Who better than him to not just listen to you, but literally look at the world through your eyes? His empathy will be so full that he will take some of your problems on himself. In this case, the Pisces man is delicate, verbose, knows how to keep secrets. He is so capable of penetrating into other people’s feelings that he is simply unable to judge anyone. After all, he sees right through a person, and therefore understands all the motives behind his actions!

Take Pisces with you when you’re going to an exhibition or concert. When he is with you, you will notice with surprise that your perception of beauty has become deeper and brighter. And the thing is that by sharing with him the impression of a painting or music, you are immersed in a world where Pisces has no equal.

However, the ability of Pisces sensitivity has its own downside. Prepare for the fact that people around him will be in turn to cry on his shoulder, confide their secrets, or just devote all the twists and turns of his life. Man-Robes takes this state of affairs for granted, although it’s not just taking away his time, but also cause emotional devastation. So you will sometimes have to take on the role of Cerberus, chasing away his pesky friends.

In everyday life, the Pisces man (however, like many representatives of the stronger sex) is far from ideal. He is rather absent-minded and considers it normal to leave his shoes right there in the middle of the corridor when he takes off his shoes. However, if you sharply or even just grumpy make a remark to him, he may be offended and remain silent for a long time. Do not forget that Pisces is very fragile and easily offended.

The Pisces man is a talented dreamer. The delicate strings of his soul, like a Stradivarius violin, are capable of extracting the most beautiful and gentle sounds. To hear them, arm yourself with love, gentleness and patience. And most importantly, never play with his feelings or dreams – he will not forgive you.

Pisces father

A male Pisces – a wonderful father who has no equal! With children he communicates no less interesting than with adults, and he will gladly spend all his free time on them to teach them what he knows himself.

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