All about the Taurus woman: explaining in general terms

Taurus woman: Character, compatibility, common traits

Taurus women, for the most part, have a difficult character. The horoscope of this zodiac sign says that they are unique representatives of the weaker sex, endowed with cunning and natural intuition, allowing them to achieve a lot in their lives. This sign of the zodiac woman bestows a truly attractive nature and excellent character, but with not only advantages, but also disadvantages. At the same time, predict what will be the character of the female Taurus, it is difficult. Although there are traits that are inherent in all of them, without exception.

In female Taurus is dominated by traits such as determination, cunning, arrogance, insistence, perseverance, acting, authority, reliability, determination, courage, sensuality and sensitivity, naturalness, femininity, serenity, poise, duty, loyalty, true to their principles, care, fairness and friendliness.

At their core, Taurus women are very unpredictable and secretive. They rarely tell anyone about their experiences, although they try to look open. They are strong in spirit and intellect, always one step ahead of their opponents. A little vain, but kind. And yet difficult, and to find an approach to such women is very difficult. Make friends with such a lady is very difficult, but it is possible, and even necessary. Communicating with such a woman will surely be useful.

The Character of Taurus Women

Taurus girls in childhood depend too much on the environment and the atmosphere in it. Horoscope says about the strong sensitivity and susceptibility. These often overreact to everything that happens around them. Taurus girls are fast, determined, but hurtful and vulnerable in childhood. Parents of such girls have a hard time. Simplicity and naturalness, unwillingness to imitate others, resentfulness and thirst for attention will always dominate in such, at least until the transition to adolescence. Already in adolescence will begin to show all the inherent traits of Taurus, both positive and negative…

Character traits

The most important virtue of the character of the Taurus woman is her determination. Such ladies, as the horoscope of this zodiac sign states, never retreat from the goal and the way to it. They always achieve the desired result, whatever the case may be. In doing so, they can resort to a variety of methods to achieve the goal. Tears, tantrums, trickery, deception and even threats are all just tools in the hands of a woman of the sign of Taurus in achieving their goals.

Intuition and self-confidence – these character traits can also be attributed to virtues. Thanks to the natural excellent intuition, the Taurus woman can achieve a lot in life. And thanks to their determination and self-confidence, such will be appreciated as a worker, as a friend, as an apprentice – in general, everywhere. Such people are never shy about their decisions, they are not afraid to make mistakes, do not feel fear in making responsible decisions, and this helps them to achieve the desired results.

The desire to learn and improve. Yes, all women born under the sign of the zodiac Taurus are ready to improve themselves and do not hesitate to admit that they are far from perfect. In doing so, by the way, they adore men from whom there is something to learn. Although this is a completely different topic …

Stubbornness, persistence, responsibility – these features can also be classified as a plus. It is true. Sometimes stubbornness and persistence can play into the hands of a woman born under this sign. Being unable to accept rejections, they exhibit the kind of insistence that, in the end, only harm the situation.

Character flaws

The biggest disadvantage of the Taurus woman, if you believe the horoscope, is jealousy. And in general, such ladies are usually possessive by nature. They do not share anything and with anyone, and especially this applies to men. Although on the other hand, they are not greedy, they just do not like it when someone envies their success or happiness.

Dependence on material goods, luxury and money, can also be attributed to the main disadvantages of the Taurus woman. In this case, too strong a craving for money sometimes can force such a girl to go even to the worst thing. For their own enrichment and material gain, she can betray a man. Deceive, play on his weakness, but only if he is not close to her. With people close to her would never do bad things.

Susceptibility and trustworthiness. Despite her own ability to deceive, other people Taurus woman believes for the most part in everything without exception. It is easy to cajole, to deceive, to get a secret out of her. Although, take advantage of her weakness is not worth it, because she can take revenge, especially since most ladies born under the sign of Taurus are vindictive, and this is another one of their shortcomings.

In her career

Taurus woman in her career can achieve a lot. She is responsible and judicious, responsibly refers to all tasks and assignments, and at the same time knows how to find solutions where others find them unreal. Picking up on details, carefully studying all the details, analyzing everything that is happening around, thinking through their actions and doing everything only in accordance with a personally drawn up plan, it dooms itself to success in any case.

Assertiveness, calmness, serenity and determination can also play into their hands. Taurus women easily risk everything they have, and most often this risk is justified, because they have excellent intuition. Taurus women take their decisions leisurely and weigh each of their actions carefully. Plus, they rarely make mistakes.

There is another plus – a girl born in the month of May or April, under the patronage of such a sign as Taurus, is able to work in a team and gladly takes the lead. Can have organizational skills and excellent leadership inclinations – however, if it will be a leader, it is more of a tacit. But in general it is rare that such people reach the top of the career ladder – Taurus does not like to be in full view, like to command, but do not like to answer for others.

The main disadvantage is persistence and assertiveness. As a stubborn and principled person, she may clash with the boss, which itself leads to problems in the work. However, this is only a theory – it is not uncommon for Taurus to be on good terms with the bosses.

In dealing with people

In conversation a girl Taurus can manifest itself as a great conversationalist, friend and comrade, a man who always listens and tries to help with advice, if not deeds. Talking to a Taurus is a pleasure – she will not allow herself bright and harsh criticism of the speaker, will not try to close her mouth, not interrupt without a valid reason. But most importantly, the Taurus woman can be trusted with any secret, knowing that she will never, ever tell anyone else about it.

At the same time, you should not expect from her the same openness. The Taurus woman will never tell her worries and problems in her personal life to her friend or friend. She trusts only her parents, and that’s more likely to open up to her father than to her mother. Usually, Taurus girls have the most trusting and close relationships with their fathers. And even if you should interrogate something personal with such a not worth it, because she certainly suspect you of bad intentions, and then she will break off communication once and for all.

Women of the sign of Taurus react very violently and sharply to any criticism. They should not interfere, they should not criticize, and the remarks should be kept to themselves. With a person criticizing Taurus, such a lady can stop communicating, this is at best. In the worst case, in response to criticism or even teachings they can be rude or offensive in their too direct criticism.

But they are all committed to their principles and never violate them. And the main principle is loyalty and devotion, responsibility for the trusted man. The Taurus ladies are loyal girlfriends, wives and sisters, they never betray their loved ones, and in fact, easily sacrifice themselves for their benefit.

Vindictiveness and inability to forgive – this is a big disadvantage faced by most people who choose to be friends with women of this zodiac sign. Even the weakest insult such will never forget. Offended? Expect revenge and payback, blame yourself!

In love

For a girl of the sign of Taurus, especially for those born in the month of May, love is not an empty sound or a simple word. For her, love is first of all sincerity, feelings, warmth and care that her partner should show. She herself is ready to give the same, and even more, but only in return. She loves affection, warmth, tenderness and attention, loves to feel like a queen, and appreciates those guys who can sacrifice something for her.

Many zodiac signs have a good compatibility and the relationship with the Taurus woman is good. But it is worth remembering about one big disadvantage of her. That flaw is jealousy. Being a proprietress, she will be jealous of her man on any even the smallest of occasions. And believe me, it is better to give her no such reason. And if she is not jealous of you, then you can be sure that her love is also extinguished.

Never a Taurus woman will not allow a man to manipulate himself. Neither will she allow you to demand that she change. If she feels that something does not satisfy her man, it is unlikely to continue to build a relationship with him. But she easily requires the impossible from a man. And in general, everything is very complicated in love with Taurus – a man should be ready for anything, and to revenge for the offense, and to jealousy, and restrictions on freedom.

But for the one who gives her all his tenderness and love, she will sacrifice everything. For such a man she will be perfect. As a spouse, wife, lover, she is ideal. The main thing in a relationship is honesty, harmony, balance and equilibrium. And also, in no case should not restrict her freedom. She will not tolerate that someone attacked her independence.

In bed

In bed, the Taurus woman prefers to dominate her partner. For her lovemaking is of equal importance with the need for food and air. She is a seductress, a romantic and passionate woman who prefers to dominate, to rule, to give and do not demand anything in return.

But do not think that personal satisfaction is worth nothing to her – it is not, and without it the relationship will simply collapse. In bed there should be a hundred percent compatibility.

The Taurus girl is an experimenter, a person with an incredible imagination and vivid imagination, ready to surprise her partner every new night. A man should be prepared for unpredictability, experimentation and passion in bed with Taurus. Moreover, no matter how hard you try, you personally are unlikely to surprise her or take her by surprise – it is more likely to do it she, rather than her man.

In marriage

For a woman born under the sign of Taurus, the family represents the main treasure and achievement in life. She tries to protect her family and friends from everything bad that can happen. But it also happens that excessive love leads to abuse of custody.

Of course, call it cloudless and quiet family life with a Taurus wife is impossible. Now jealousy, the scandals for nothing, the mood is fickle, or even dissatisfaction with everything at once – expect it all. However, after the storm always comes down, but you still have to live up to it. Pacify raging Taurus woman is very difficult.

Never sacrifice her career and material wealth for the sake of life and becoming a housewife. Rather, she will ask her husband to give up his job, but she will not give it up. This is a mostly independent women, strong, craving recognition and respect. It is important to them personal growth, their own status. The Taurus lady will not allow herself to become a freeloader.

Taurus woman as a mother, a parent

It should be noted at once that the Taurus woman in motherhood is ideal in almost everything. The only exception may be only one – excessive demanding, something resembling a “loving tyrant”. But this is only on the one hand a drawback, on the other hand, the demanding nature of motherhood also plays an important role.

She will give her children all of herself and every minute of her free time. She will not abandon her children, she will give them her last. As a mother, she is perfect. And in general, a Taurus mother is a person for whom motherly love is not just words. Such people are usually set as an example.

The closeness with her children Taurus mother will try to maintain even the older period of the children’s life. Advice, moral or physical help, support – her children can count on everything without exception. And she will never give offense to her children. And do not get in her way – it will blow them away and do not notice.

How to please a Taurus woman

In general, it is very difficult to like a Taurus girl. The whole problem is in her character. If she did not pay attention to you immediately, then you know, you have no chance to get it in the future. Well, if the attention was, then all that remains is to consolidate its effect. To do that:

  • become a person she will trust;
  • Show maximum attention to her person (courting, giving gifts, etc.);
  • Do not play the seducer or the “experienced womanizer;
  • Show maximum romanticism;
  • To be honest and to warn her honestly even about her shortcomings;
  • to be simple and consistent;
  • be neat – clean, in other words;
  • never make her jealous.

Can you do that? Then you have a good chance that she will like you, that you have good compatibility, and that eventually the Taurus girl will stay with you for a very, very long time.

What names are suitable

There is a huge number of female names that are suitable for Taurus. However, not all are perfectly compatible with this sign of the Zodiac. Among Russian names for Taurus girls, first of all, I would like to highlight such names as:

  • Tatiana – endows with practicality, activity and impulsiveness;
  • Lydia – able to make a Taurus girl more sociable;
  • Lada – promises vigor and self-confidence;
  • Lucia – strengthens justice and a sense of responsibility;
  • Irma – can turn a Taurus girl into an independent and decisive (just what is needed);
  • Zinaida – can strengthen strong-willed qualities;
  • Nina (Ninel) – in such dominates femininity and practicality;
  • Wanda – excellent for balanced and calm girls.

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The most honest horoscope: the whole truth about Taurus women

Our Magic Ball decided that the world’s most honest Friday horoscope wasn’t enough, so it will tell the whole truth about you on other days. Alarm! There really will be ALL the truth. Today we’re taking the Taurus woman apart into molecules.

What is she?

Don’t self-medicate! In our articles, we gather the latest scientific data and opinions from respected health experts. But remember: only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatment.

The embodiment of all the best female qualities for the youngest viewers: good-looking, kind, friendly, calm and feminine in the most aboriginal sense. At first glance, of course. A strong woman who really wants to seem like a girl-girl, for which she carefully dresses up and beads, but something still treacherous jingles when walking (not beads, no). Her totem animal is the SS Führer (an acronym for “sybaritism and hoarding”). Life motto: “All will die, but I am an emerald.”

Positive qualities

Absolutely veiny: you can plow through Taurus from the fence to the dinner, and if dinner is luxurious enough and served on time, she won’t lead with her horn. Because of the inner nobility is not capable of true treachery, and for petty treachery is not capable of, on the grounds of squeamishness. A loyal friend: you can call Taurus at three in the morning with the request: “Houston, we have a problem! But you have to keep in mind that Taurus will immediately generate a PLAN. And refusing to act on it is more expensive.

A model of family life in all senses of the word: she never leaves her own, regardless of the wishes of these very own. An excellent hostess: her home is her fortress, the only place where the Taurus feels safe and at home, that is why she arranges it so that everyone coming here immediately wants to sell themselves as a serf for a bowl of soup. She likes to have fun, especially to eat, especially to treat someone who will cheer her up while she is eating. She is no stranger to the high life, but only according to Maslow’s pyramid: first you have to drink beer, and on the warmed-up one somehow these Gumilevs and Jarmushas, by the way, will not choke.

Negative qualities

Selfish and possessive. “I”, “me” and “mine” are the three most important words, and “mine” is used without any significant semantic differences, both in relation to material values and to living human beings. That is, if Taurus has fallen in love with someone or wants to be friends, it is easier to kill herself than to explain to her why not. In spite of the 80-level vitality generously offered by the Dear Universe, she regularly falls into hypochondria: a trivial hangover is interpreted as symptoms of a terminal illness, which causes her moping. Which, of course, he interprets as yet another fatal illness in a terminal stage, this time almost unknown to medical science.

G – greed. And when the inner greed meets the family greed, the latter wins, and Taurus bursts into the first ranks of rescuers, in the process ripping off his last shirt in favor of the needy. Then she starts whining about how miserable she is, how everybody is so comfortable around her neck, how she denies herself everything for the sake of these ungrateful pussies, and how she is tired of bearing everything, well, everything and everybody. In this situation, the needy usually roll up that very last shirt in a ball and give it back to the Taurus (mentally – by shoving it in her mouth), which she nobly refuses.


Falling in love is ruthless. If the object of her passion tries to mumble something timidly that he is not ready for a serious relationship, Taurus goes mad. But she does not show it, but proudly withdraws, muttering through her teeth: “I’ll teach you, snotty boy, to love your motherland!” This is followed by yet another plan to transform the Man of Steel into a Man of Reason, which, of course, will not let this happiness pass him by. He prefers to receive his declarations of love in monetary terms: the more he has invested, the more he loves. He prefers to express his love by letting them into the innermost. In his home, not what everyone now thinks.

The best way to spoil sex Taurus – start to show youthful playfulness, allegedly unbridled passion, or acrobatic sketches to offer her a choice. Undoubtedly, she will pass all this stoically, but there will not be a second time. Taurus does not like to complicate things. They like everything to be simple and without tricks. With feeling, with reason, with arrangement and with orgasm, of course. Pretends Taurus in exceptional cases and never – with a new lover: to feign unearthly pleasure, when the head hurts, Taurus is ready exclusively with a man with whom she lived for 10 years and acquired a house, a car, a summer cottage, a couple of kids and a Labrador, that is, he tried and deserved.

Marriage of a Taurus is forever or at least for a long time. Exist outside the family is not able and does not want to, and therefore leave the Taurus to “think and sort yourself out”, categorically not recommended: while you will sort yourself out, she will have time to get herself a new potential husband, a drummer and a bulldog puppy. Motivator wife: as a rule, marries a cheerful slob, whom she immediately begins to nag and brings this ridiculous dummy to the model “Man successful, 1 thing”, and so that neither fun, nor a bit of cute slobber he does not lose in the process (if he survives, of course). An excellent mother: prefers to be friends with children, which they usually take advantage of, but keep themselves in line: no fools to quarrel with your mother, who understands you and, moreover, regularly makes up for his feelings of maternal guilt with valuable gifts.


Taurus + Aries

“Why are you killing yourselves? You’re not going to get killed like that!” – Taurus sort of declares, watching the senseless and merciless attempts of Aries to bash her metaphorical fortress gate with her forehead. One worry from him!

Taurus + Taurus.

From the outside, it’s very boring. Inside – perfectly harmonious: domestic comfort, the indispensable prosperity, understanding at a glance, great sex. He is well aware of how dreary it can be, and therefore meekly tolerates the plates flying into his head. She is well aware that there is not the slightest reason to throw plates, but it is nice that you can.

Taurus + Gemini

The typical story of a tender relationship between a toad and a viper: Taurus hoofs and demands his white dress, house, garden, caratnichek and “may you finally get a normal job!”, and the Twins sneak out, bullshit and mock at the bourgeoisness of Taurus. They part ways with a vow to themselves that “never again!”

Taurus + Cancer

These two are made for each other. A perfect match in everything but the most important thing (for Taurus): perfect sex, absolute domestic comfort, similar views on life. But a real man will ever show up in this house, no! (Spoiler alert: no.)

Taurus + Leo.

It won’t work out: “Less words, more action!” – it’s like Leo says to Taurus, and he leaves, sunburned, in search of someone not so practical.

Taurus + Virgo.

The best thing these two can do is to be together immediately, quickly, before it starts! Because they coincide perfectly in all areas, but both are unable to believe their happiness: why, could they?!

Taurus + Libra

The key word is “harmoniously”: both strive for harmony and at the same time complement each other. In the sense that Taurus decides, and Libra is a beautiful kitty.

Taurus + Scorpio.

Watch out for a dangerous moment! Too good a sexual compatibility. In the sense that while Taurus is “squinting complacently” and mooching: “Was that allowed?!” – Scorpio manages to slyly nibble on her hard-to-reach heart. To which the Taurus is predictably offended and long, long furious hoof banging. The problem is that Scorpio’s chitin is bulletproof and Taurus does not go over the hooves. And this, unlike a bitten heart, she certainly won’t forgive.

Taurus + Sagittarius.

Nothing in common except “spruce,” so it’s better not to even try. However, you can have a short but stormy affair, so that life, you know, it did not seem like honey: Taurus will look into the infernal abyss called “Partner – lout, mothe and razlobaby”, Sagittarius will fall into a catharsis, realizing that there is a Christmas tree, on which you can not climb and Afedron not scratch. Surprise!

Taurus + Capricorn

A beautiful strong alliance: Capricorn is intellectual enough to keep Taurus from getting bored, and carries so much in her beak that even if Taurus gets bored, her personal breast toad will first strangle her mistress and then also spit on her grave. Three times. This Taurus, as you understand, can not allow, so they will live happily ever after. All four of them. Capricorn, Taurus and their toads.

Taurus + Aquarius.

A great option for Aquarius, who will get a cozy home, delicious borscht, and a timely inspirational kick in the bony ass. Not a good option for Taurus, because there is nothing to take from Aquarius, except for tests. But they can serve as a pretty good fertilizer for feeling, “Oh, look what an animal I’ve tamed!”

Taurus + Pisces

Parasitizing Taurus is Pisces’ favorite thing to do, because Taurus is able to take everything out on itself, but is completely incapable of catching Pisces, who at the first sign of a storm scuttles off into inner Mongolia. The heartwarming drama of “talk, no matter how much it cracks.” So it all depends on the Taurus: if in the end she is satisfied with the role not so much of a wife, but a mistress of a big and beautiful bald cat – anything can happen.

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