All about the psychology of men.

18 facts about men that women should know

Surely you think that most men mostly think about three things: sports, beer and beautiful women. But in fact, it’s not like that at all! We walked around on the forums of the stronger sex and asked psychologists what different male and female psychology. And here’s what we learned!

1. If he does not call, it does not mean that he does not care.

Simply because some men do not always know what to say and how to say it. And they choose to play the game of silence instead of blabbing something unnecessary. But a frank conversation can fix everything. And it’s okay if it will be on the initiative of a woman.

Communication is the key to a happy relationship.

When you are very upset and the man asks you what’s wrong, you just need to answer. And not to kiss with pouty lips, “I’m fine. By hiding your true feelings, you will never get what you want. And it’s easy to get it if you just say it.

3. men like affection too.

And frank touch. So often give him a kiss when we meet and say goodbye, hug and hold hands. Especially since studies have shown that men who receive a kiss before leaving home feel happier and live longer.

Worldwide, there are 107 boys for every 100 newborn girls.

4. and adore sincere compliments

Remember how you feel when you receive a wonderful compliment? It feels really good and instantly improves your mood. Well, it’s just the same with men. One fleeting compliment can fill even the gloomiest day with light!

5. The first date is also stressful for him.

When beautiful women talk about their first date, they often remember how they spent hours picking out an outfit, doing makeup or styling. Men are about the same. And they, too, are nervous about getting ready for their first meeting.

6. If he’s brooding, it doesn’t mean he’s thinking of another

Often when men look into space and think about something, women conclude that they are thinking about another. But in fact, this is far from the truth! One Web user wrote that he could be thinking about anything: how to retrofit a pool pump, what to fertilize the lawn at the cottage, but nothing about another woman. Or he might not think about anything at all, but just enjoy his free time.

The brain volume of a grown man is about 10 percent larger than that of a woman. But that doesn’t make him smarter. It’s just physiology!

7. Sometimes men don’t care where to eat dinner

When a woman asks a man where he’d like to have dinner, he often replies that he doesn’t care. And this does not mean that he is not excited about going out somewhere with you, he just does not care what restaurant to eat. He even agrees to just order takeout and not go anywhere at all.

8. He really doesn’t know what’s wrong.

“If I’m asking you what’s wrong, then I really don’t know it. Let’s save time for the two of us and you just tell me what’s wrong and how to fix it!” a man wrote on a forum. And he really seems to have it in his head!

9. Men are really very tired

Women often give up on bed scenes if they have a headache. But men get tired, too, and sometimes just want to fall into the arms of Morpheus. You don’t have to think it up! If he does not want intimacy, it means that he really very tired. And there is no other mysterious reason.

The average man has 50% more muscle mass and 50% less fat mass than the average woman.

10. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be alone

When a man says he needs to be alone, it often doesn’t end well. And it doesn’t mean you’re on the verge of breaking up or you’re having relationship problems. Sometimes you just need to mind your own manly business and that no one interfered. But this is temporary!

11. many men want a massage before bedtime

On one forum, an anonymous user shared a story that his spouse asked him every night to give him a massage before going to bed. But never offered anything in return. And he kept thinking that he too would like to get his share of gentle touches. After all, everyone needs affection! By the way, almost all the men supported him!

12. Demonstration of female strength – it’s not funny

Even when a woman playfully pats her buttocks, it causes unpleasant emotions. And somewhat humiliating. “Unless a guy is threatening you and hurting you, you have no right or reason to hit him,” one internet user stated blithely.

Grown men lie 6 times a day, while grown women only tell untruths 3 times.

13. Natural beauty is more valued in a woman

“I would like women to know: that while we appreciate the effort they make to be beautiful, it is no longer necessary. Beautiful looks attract attention, but it’s natural beauty that holds,” said the 26-year-old Network user and many men supported him.

14. For a man, marriage is very serious.

Therefore, he needs time to weigh everything and make a decision. One survey conducted among married men showed that 90% of them would marry the same woman again.

15. Men learn from their fathers

If you want to know how a man will treat you in marriage, look at how his father treats his spouse. This is only irrelevant if the man has a bad relationship with his father.

16. He needs words of gratitude.

If you want to strengthen your relationship, say “Thank you!” to your man more often. Studies have shown that men are willing to take care of children if women appreciate their efforts and think they are doing a great job.

Members of the stronger sex spend about 43 minutes a day looking at women.

17. He really thinks a lot about intimacy.

Most men under the age of 60 think about intimacy at least once a day. By comparison, only a quarter of the women surveyed do so.

18. Men change course when they realize they need it

If a man doesn’t feel valued and loved in a relationship, he will seek approval elsewhere. For one man this means immersing himself in work, for another it’s motivation to play sports, a third will fixate on video games, and a fourth will seek out meetings with new women.

To avoid this, you should openly show your feelings, and then you will have a wonderful happy life!

What is the difference between the psychology of men and the psychology of women? Biologically, the evolution of the human psyche took place under such conditions, when men and women had different tasks. Men were busy getting food, hunting, and for this they developed physical endurance, concentration on one main goal, ability not to notice everything unimportant, not related to the main task, single-tasking. The difference in hormones serves the same purpose. Testosterone helps men to be more aggressive and determined, to make a leap to achieve the goal.

Women, on the contrary, had to watch children at the same time, control whether there are enemies nearby, look for edible herbs and roots, clean up in a cave. and this formed the opposite qualities: the ability to unfocus and do several things simultaneously without missing details, the ability to quickly switch between different spheres of activity, multitasking.

In modern society, in addition to biological predisposition, the psyche of men and women is also conditioned by the influence of society. When raising boys, society supports aggressiveness, brutality, the ability to achieve goals and suppresses the manifestation of emotionality. “You cry like a girl.” In women, on the contrary, society supports emotionality and suppresses healthy displays of aggression. This creates internal conflicts that lead to neuroses and psychosomatic manifestations.

Both men and women it is important to listen to the inner drives, rather than the requirements of the environment, men to give free rein to emotions, and women do not hesitate in their activity. At the same time you should not demand the impossible from your partner: for example, it is difficult to expect from a man to remember your requests when he is busy with an important project at work, or from a woman to quickly and clearly perform heavy physical work and not be distracted along the way.

Let’s imagine the psychology of a man and a woman on the example of a single sphere, in which there is an assembly point, a rod (axis), a shell and there is a filling of this sphere. Every beginning has its end. Every sphere has its filling.

A man is always on a search, to find his woman, his muse, to match his alchemy file, he is ready to try the whole world. We always associate a man with development, vector, logic, brevity, purposefulness, step-by-step, rationality. In a man everything must be quick and clear. And in his circle, he prefers to see like-minded people and true friends, with whom he can share his ideas without unnecessary talk and pouring from nothing into nothing.

A woman is fullness, fluidity, a pleasant vacuum in which you can rest and relax, she is irrational, illogical, sometimes uncollected and verbose. Not recognizing the masculine within themselves, many women do not feel their man, and can stop at an intermediate option. The reason for this: the lack of harmony between male and female within a woman. But if her masculine and feminine are balanced, then she easily fulfills all the qualities listed in male psychology, and is easily in a male society as her own, she has a set vector, which is exactly what a man is looking for. And in the same way, if a man has all the qualities listed in a woman, he can easily be among the female society as his own, picking up his size for the development of the inner world and the core of his personality.

The points of intersection are clear to us – this is the harmony of male and female.

Disharmony arises when there is a psychology of separation between the masculine in the man and the feminine in the woman. Then these two worlds find it difficult to connect and communicate, they find it difficult to agree in the family and always have to distribute responsibilities, instead of being with each other and enjoying life as true friends until old age. And the other functions: husband and wife, father and mother, passionate lovers, they fulfill as they apply and desire, because the most important thing is to be around.

Nature has created men and women different from each other, both physiologically and psychologically. Often you can hear that men, unlike women, have an analytical mind, they tend to think logically, they are more focused on achieving success. But all these qualities are not absolutely masculine and often a lot depends on the personal abilities of an individual, his upbringing and social environment. A lot of men do not think about their careers and are not particularly friendly with logic, while a lot of women can boast of having an analytical mind.

The difference between men and women in terms of psychology is that the fairer sex often relies on intuition and feelings. Men are more straightforward, and women are capable of empathy, empathy, and showing emotion. Women due to the maternal instinct inherent in their nature are more stress-resistant and mobile: they adapt more easily to circumstances and are better able to survive in a crisis. Men in stressful situations, react faster and more often show aggression, women can get lost, pay attention to details, to show indecision.

Physiologists have revealed that during the thinking process in men only one hemisphere is involved, while in women both hemispheres are involved. Perhaps that is why men need more time to switch from emotion to logic, women are able to combine both approaches. This phenomenon is well noticeable when there is a quarrel: a man may not control his emotions, to show aggression – at that moment he is not able to think logically. He needs to calm down and be alone in order to think, to make a decision, in general to weigh everything.

Women are more vindictive and resentful, while men are able to forgive and put an end to a problem and forget about it. In this case, men are known for the fact that they can not do two things at once, but for women multitasking mode is almost normal: combine work and family, household chores and at the same time perform professional duties – what could be easier, we got used to it long ago.

Not all people value friendship equally and have loyal and faithful friends. Some people are lucky – they can always rely on friendship, but others, on the contrary, are not lucky in the choice of friends. Take the test and find out which category of people you belong.

Psychology of men: how a woman to understand the other half.

Difficult to reach an understanding with your partner? The fact is that male psychology is different from female psychology. Therefore, the couple can have misunderstandings. It is possible to correct the situation. Psychologists Alexander Shakhov and Nikolai Kozlov explain what is going on in men’s heads.

Men are the opposite of women.

This basic truth is often difficult to accept. Women expect from men normal, from their point of view, understandable behavior. But our actions are largely dictated by hormonal background, which in men and women are fundamentally different.

Social psychologist Alexander Shakhov reminds us that:

  1. When women feel sympathy (under the influence of the hormone oxytocin), men do not feel it (they produce very little oxytocin).
  2. When a woman feels frightened (against the background of low testosterone levels adrenaline is produced), the man gets angry (high testosterone helps produce noradrenaline).

So it is important for a woman to understand that a man’s reaction will not be the same as hers. Observe, ask questions, and show consideration for your partner instead of resentment.

Men can’t read minds.

Girls want their desires to be carried out automatically. Most women are eager for a man to give flowers every day, on his birthday presented exactly what they have long wanted, met with dinner from work and not bother when they are tired.

The list goes on and on. When a man does not meet expectations, there is resentment.

What do men think about in such a case? The paradox is that they do not understand what women want. They seem to know the plain truth, but they always forget about them. So another tantrum of the lady because of the wrong gift makes a man perplexed.

Women should learn the truth: if you want something, say it directly. Hints men do not understand, as emphasized by Doctor of Psychology, Professor, Rector of the University of Practical Psychology N. I. Kozlov.

Men want to be in charge

How to understand a man: Freepick

It happens that a woman wants to take a leading role in the relationship. Because of this, a couple is sure to conflict. Rarely a representative of the stronger sex will allow a woman to decide for him.

Give the reins of power to a loved one, acting subtly and accurately. Remember the statement, proven over the centuries: a man – the head and a woman – the neck. Acknowledge male dominance and enjoy it.

Men like business and don’t like emotion

Men cut off emotions and feelings when discussing a problem. If a woman turns on her emotions at such a moment and talks about her relationship, her thoughts, what she feels and how she feels about it, then the man gets annoyed.

So that such misunderstandings happen less often:

  1. Ask the man to warn you that the conversation is about to be about business.
  2. If you want to dream out loud during a conversation with your lover, then warn him about it so that the man doesn’t feel guilty and doesn’t get angry.

Men will not admit their weakness and will not ask for help.

Since childhood, men are taught that he must be the head of the family, the breadwinner and a strong person. Boys are shamed when they cry and show emotion. As a result, the adult male gets used to keeping things to himself.

If a boy can’t cope with something, it’s hard for him to admit it. He will never ask for help, especially from a woman who is weaker than him. This is the male psychology and upbringing.

Psychologist N. I. Kozlov advises women:

  1. If a man asks for help, it means he needs it. Do as he asks. Act gently, tolerantly, in no case criticize or nag a man.
  2. If the man does not ask for help, do not impose.

Support your loved one in his decisions and accept his position. Let your man feel and know that you believe in him and will support him in any situation.

Men love compliments

It turns out that women are not the only ones who love with their ears. American writer Steve Harvey, in his book “You Know Nothing About Men,” writes that members of the stronger sex love compliments and rave reviews. They can relate to:

  • appearance;
  • clothing and accessories;
  • car;
  • achievements in work and hobbies.

The more you praise the man you love, the gentler he will be with you.

Men appreciate caring

The secrets of male psychology: Freepick

Men see their partner as the keeper of the home. It is important to them that the house was always clean, clothes were kept in order, and a delicious dinner was waiting for them in the evening.

Guys sometimes do not understand that a woman also gets tired and not always want to bother in the kitchen. There is a way out of this situation: you can order food at home. The main thing is to share a meal with your loved one and ask about how his day went.

Men need personal space

Women want to have a loved one by their side every second of their free time. This is especially true at the beginning of a relationship.

However, guys need personal space. What do men love? Going out to the garage, drinking beer with friends, playing computer games. They do it because they need a reboot and a break.

Don’t forbid a man to be alone with himself or his friends. Agree on a time that you will spend separately.

Men appreciate not only the appearance but also the inner world

If you think how to interest a man, then remember that deep cleavage and a short skirt will surprise no one. This is the case if you dream about a serious relationship.

Representatives of the stronger sex perceive the female image as a whole. Already on the first date, they analyze whether the woman can be a worthy companion. Defiance image is more likely to scare away a guy. Conquer a man’s charisma, sense of humor and intelligence.

Man – a hunter by nature.

How to make a man fall in love with you? Play the role of prey, and let him be the hunter. Do not impose, keep a certain mystery, but do not go overboard with impregnability.

Is it worth calling a man if he’s missing? There is no exact answer to this question, as you need to proceed from the specific situation. A man could have lost his phone, fallen ill or gone on a business trip.

There are also other options: the man discontented with you, he was afraid of responsibility, etc. The real reason you will not know until you get in touch with the object of interest. It is better to call than to suffer from uncertainty.

These are the tips for those who want to understand men. Do not forget the differences in psychology and perception of the world by the representatives of different sexes. A frank conversation will help clarify all the problems.

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