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Capricorn man

The Capricorn man is a reserved and calm person. He does not like to stand out from the crowd. An important place in his life is occupied by work and career. He shows himself as a hardworking, independent and responsible employee. Relates to the family reverently, chooses a life partner long and carefully. For him, harmony in relationships is important.

Love and relationships

The Capricorn man does not change feelings. He is looking hard for a single, which is ready to give his heart. To stay in his life, it should be kind, reliable and understanding. When such a lady appears on the horizon, timid and self-doubt. Only if she shows sympathy, tries to win her appreciation.

The woman of dreams is ready to carry in his arms. Because of insecurity, he wins his chosen one during his life. In a relationship he demonstrates constancy and fidelity. At the same time controls every step of the partner and arranges her jealousy scenes.

Respect the freedom of the other half. Allow her to communicate with friends, give time to her favorite hobby, travel without you, grow professionally and participate in the life of relatives. Attempting to forcibly bind her to you can put a stop to your relationship.

In bed, this man is passionate and insatiable. He perceives sex as a fun game whose rules he prescribes himself. If the partner is too bold and initiative, leaving her to find a new source of pleasure. Importance in sex considers not only the quality but also the quantity. In youth lead a promiscuous sexual life.

Family and Marriage

Capricorn man to create a family approach in a balanced and wise manner. In a potential life partner looking for not only a passionate lover and a loyal friend, but also an excellent hostess and mother to future children. Finding a reliable rear, he becomes the head of the family. Believes that he must have the last word. If his opinion is neglected, he takes offense and withdraws into himself. Demanding comfort and order, he does not like to work at home.

Do not shift to his girlfriend all household chores. Participate in them equally with her, even if you have a busy schedule or have things to do on the weekend. Spouse quickly get tired of being your housekeeper.

What kind of father

The representative of this sign becomes a strict father. He requires full obedience from the children, which often seeks harsh methods. For shenanigans can yell at them or put them in a corner. Keeps track of the progress of the child at school, creative and sports achievements. Their absence or unsatisfactory results can disappoint him.


Friends play an important role in the Capricorn man’s life. They help him get to know himself and find common ground with the world around him. Many companions he acquires in early childhood and does everything to keep them near him. He does not like idle talk and false promises. Does everything he says and gives wise advice. Does not tolerate lies, trickery and duplicity and painfully perceives situations in which friends show these qualities.

Don’t idealize your friends. Accept that they may have weaknesses that you may not know exist, and don’t take their emotional actions personally. Change your attitude toward your friends and you will avoid many disappointments.

Hobbies and hobbies.

This man loves everything where you need to work with your head. The list of his hobbies can include checkers, computer games, robotics, scandals and playing the guitar. Since childhood loves to read and by his old age boasts an enviable library. He loves sports, gambling and taking risks, which is why he often goes to the swimming pool, plays lotteries or enjoys extreme entertainment. Believes in the fate, the afterlife and the existence of subtle matters.


Capricorn man has a good compatibility with representatives of such zodiac signs: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces. Difficult relationships are formed with Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

Capricorn man and Aries woman: low compatibility because of the different pace of life of the partners. To strengthen the relationship helps the right distribution of roles in the family and the acceptance of the Aries woman of the slowness of her chosen one.

Man Capricorn and Taurus woman: strong and happy union due to the practical outlook on things and similar life goals of the partners. In order to keep the family idyll, they need to direct their energy in a creative direction and clear up all misunderstandings that arise.

Male Capricorn and female Gemini: low compatibility because of the inconsistency of characters and lack of mutual understanding. For a happy relationship, partners need to pay attention to the mutual benefit of the union.

Male Capricorn and female Cancer: a difficult alliance because of the dissimilarity of characters. To strengthen the relationship helps a clear division of roles in the family and the openness of the partners to each other.

Man Capricorn and Leo woman: unpredictable union because of different views on life and the difficulties in mutual understanding. Relationships become happy when partners focus on each other’s strengths and ignore weaknesses.

Male Capricorn and female Virgo: a promising couple due to similar qualities and outlook. So that the occasional dissatisfaction with each other does not interfere with family happiness, they just need to endure.

Capricorn Man and Libra Woman: Ambiguous union because of the differences in the outlook and lifestyle of the partners. The union becomes happy if they manage to find a common language. Strengthen the relationship helps to find a compromise.

Capricorn Man and Scorpio Woman: A good union. Both partners are strong, strong-willed and purposeful personalities. Relationships become strong and happy with equality in the family.

Male Capricorn and female Sagittarius: a difficult union. Family happiness is possible with the active interaction of partners and respect for each other’s ambitions. Joint business helps to strengthen the relationship.

Male Capricorn and female Capricorn: a good union due to similar qualities and life priorities, excellent mutual understanding of the partners. It is important for them not to put work in the forefront, otherwise you can lose sincere feelings for each other.

Male Capricorn and female Aquarius: not an easy union because of the dissimilarity of characters and different views of the world. To preserve the relationship, partners need to learn how to find compromise and make mutual concessions.

Capricorn man and Pisces woman: a promising union. Partners have a positive influence on each other. The main thing – do not keep your emotions inside, otherwise accumulated mutual resentment can lead to a cooling of feelings.

Career and profession

Work occupies an important place in the life of a Capricorn man. He sets ambitious goals and confidently achieves them. The representative of this zodiac sign is an ambitious, persistent and patient man. He is able to perform any task. He is irreplaceable as a subordinate and strict as a superior. Capricorn the leader expects enormous dedication from his subjects and does not tolerate lazy people. He is able to competently organize the work of both commercial and industrial enterprises. Such a man can realize himself in banking, real estate or in the medical field. He can turn out a good athlete.

Set realistic goals and systematically achieve them. Shape them only after convincing yourself of your strength and realize that you really need them. Chasing unattainable ideals is a waste of valuable time that could benefit you.


The Capricorn man has tremendous vitality. The older he gets, the more he feels it. In childhood, the representative of this zodiac sign gets sick often, but with age, illnesses overtake him less and less often. He is prone to allergies and skin diseases. Periodically ill with a cold. His vulnerable areas include the stomach and intestines. Prevent possible problems with these organs helps to balance the diet. An overly industrious worker sometimes becomes a victim of depression and nervous fatigue. It is recommended to rest more.

Reconsider your diet. Exclude from it fried foods, sweets, fat, processed foods and alcohol, and saturate it with fresh fruits and vegetables. A balanced diet will save you from digestive problems such as bowel disorders, flatulence and heartburn.

Capricorn Men Characteristics by Date of Birth

Men born on January 1 are endowed with these character traits: leadership, thriftiness, caution, freedom-loving

Men born on January 2 are blessed with these character traits: purposefulness, restraint, wisdom, impulsiveness

Men born on January 3 are characterized by ambition, self-improvement, determination, and stubbornness.

Men born on January 4 are characterised by determination, leadership, restraint, reliability

Men born on January 5th have these character traits: purposefulness, rationality, self-restraint, and a good sense of humor.

Men born on January 6th are characterized by ambition, self-improvement, self-confidence, and peaceful nature.

Men born on January 7th are characterised by leadership, willpower, diligence, restraint

Men born on January 8 are characterised by willpower, obstinacy, commitment to leadership, impulsiveness

Men born on January 9 are characterised by determination, stubbornness, strong willpower, energeticness

Men born on January 10 are characterised by purpose, responsibility, self-improvement, caution.

Men born on January 11 are characterized by ambition, self-improvement, determination, thriftiness.

Men born on January 12, are endowed with these character traits: leadership, desire for financial independence, willpower, prudence

Men born on January 13 are endowed with these character traits: ambition, leadership, wisdom, honesty.

Men born on January 14 are endowed with these character traits: fortitude, wisdom, self-restraint, vision.

Men born on January 15 are blessed with these character traits: practicality, industriousness, leadership, wisdom.

Men born on January 16 are characterised by determination, tenacity, honesty, rudeness.

Men born on January 17 are characterised by tenacity, wisdom, restraint, discipline

Men born on January 18 are endowed with these character traits: ambitiousness, persistence, organizational skills, reliability

Men born on January 19 are characterised by leadership, reliability, restraint, loyalty

Men born on January 20 are characterised by willpower, responsibility, leadership, loyalty

Men born on December 23 are characterised by tenacity, responsibility, honesty, loyalty

Men born on December 24 are known for activity, commitment, responsibility, leadership

Men born on December 25 have the following character traits: conservatism, reliability, loyalty, risk-taking

Men born on December 26 have the following character traits: self-confidence, courage, independence, demandingness

Men born December 27 are endowed with these character traits: courage, resourcefulness, seriousness, reliability

Men born on December 28 have the following character traits: self-confidence, discipline, reliability, few words

Men born on December 29 are endowed with these character traits: education, self-improvement, performance, caution

Men born on December 30 have these character traits: hard work, leadership, wisdom, foresight

Men born on December 31 have these character traits: responsibility, wisdom, leadership, equanimity

Capricorn man – the last romantic on earth

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The Capricorn male is born in winter, between December 23 and January 20. They are restrained and calm people by character, and show responsibility and diligence in their work.

In terms of love relationships, Capricorn is important stability. His only one he can look for quite a long time, because she must be a kind, reliable and understanding woman. Having met one, the Capricorn man is indecisive, but if the lady responds with sympathy, he will be able to make the first step. Read more about the other features of this personality.

General characteristics of the Capricorn man

Capricorns include people who were born between December 22 and January 20. They are under the influence of Saturn and the element Earth. Capricorn man is a confident and self-confident person. He is sensible and calm and is always guided by logic.

The sign’s metal is lead. It is as uncommon as the sign of the zodiac itself. Representatives of Saturn should pay attention to green plants with a smooth stem (these are, for example, fir, apple, elm).

Capricorn has rather conservative views on life, so he hardly accepts innovations. The character of this person is strong and hardened. He perceives responsibility as a heavy burden, especially at a young age. But closer to 50 years, when Capricorn is already firmly on his feet and achieved career success, he feels more relaxed and confident.

Attentiveness, restraint and organizational skills are qualities of the individual that are especially appreciated in entrepreneurship. He can easily become a businessman or a sportsman, where he will definitely benefit from self-control and determination.

In the characteristic of the Capricorn man should be noted and disadvantages, including:

Secrecy, manifested in the expression of emotions and feelings;

Ignoring spiritual values;

Evaluation of people according to their status;

The health of Capricorn men

Despite the fact that Capricorns are the owners of not the weakest immunity, they are quite easily exposed to diseases. Even a little rain and a light breeze can put them out of action. You should not treat a cold superficially, because without timely treatment it can cause complications.

Men with the zodiac sign Capricorn underestimate the role of a healthy lifestyle.

He can immerse himself in work and forget about proper nutrition, sports, his chronic illnesses. He visits the doctor when symptoms begin to be uncomfortable. This is categorically the wrong approach, because it is especially important for this sign to monitor their health. Capricorn men need to take care of their diet, clean skin and active rest.

Maintaining an appropriate lifestyle is important because it is the teeth, skin, gastrointestinal tract and bones that are the weak points of the individual. Enlarged pores, acne, tooth decay and tartar are not uncommon problems. But especially serious consequences can be caused by regularly holding back emotions. Capricorns are not characteristic of venting their negativity, which eventually turns out to be fatigue, digestive disorders, migraines and allergies.

These men could use a little carefree and playfulness. Only drugs alone will not help them relax, but there are other effective methods. Active recreation in the fresh air and enough sleep are what Capricorn men need to maintain their health.

Career of a Capricorn man

A purposeful man directs all of his resources to one area of life – his career.

A purposeful man directs all of his resources to one area of life – his career. He wants to achieve recognition and a good financial base that will provide him with a comfortable livelihood. The Capricorn man does not rely on the help of other people, because he is sure that he can only trust himself. This greatly slows down the process of moving towards the goal. Any manager will want to have such a person in the team. His diligence, high level of responsibility and ambition do not go unnoticed. The boss will reward the employee with a generous salary, bonuses and a good position.

A young Capricorn should try his hand at sports, construction or law. He or she can also try his or her hand at a particular profession. It is often said about such people: “jack of all trades” – it shows not only in career but also in everyday life.

Capricorn is a financially literate person. He will not spend money left and right. Expenses will be planned, and a certain amount from the salary will be put aside for a last resort. If Capricorn will make an expensive purchase, it will definitely come in handy. Even in marriage, the Capricorn man will not spoil his wife.

Capricorn men’s hobbies

Despite his predilection for the main type of activity, Capricorn has a positive attitude towards hobbies. He will gladly immerse himself in hobbies in his spare time. According to the horoscope, the Capricorn man likes to relax in nature, so he chooses yachting, sailing, hiking and water skiing. These sports are quite consistent with his reserved, but strong character. On weekends the man checks the serviceability of his transport, whether it is a motorcycle or a car.

Capricorn Man in a relationship

This man quickly learns the cruelty of the world. He takes his first job earlier than others and is given more responsibility.

Despite a fully formed mind, Capricorn can be stingy about showing feelings. It is not difficult to guess how the individual will show himself in a relationship.

He may have a fortune, but be somewhat greedy. Capricorn presents gifts to those who will be useful to him in the future.

The Capricorn man shows himself in love in different ways. Sometimes he is a sensitive, affectionate and sympathetic man, and sometimes he is a sarcastic and cold critic.

Due to a strong sense of duty Capricorn will not forget the help rendered. He will certainly thank the savior not to be indebted to anyone. The individual is also distinguished by his leisurely pace. He goes to the goal slowly, but confidently, which can be understood by the ruler-Saturn.

He is always ready to wait, if it is really worth it. He will calculate all the risks and see if he can win in the end. The rule works both in his career and in love. Capricorn will woo his beloved for a long time, but will eventually melt her heart.

Like a good wine, this sign reveals itself with age. The older he is, the richer his inner world. The individual becomes more warm and affectionate to others.

In order to manifest himself to the fullest extent, Capricorn needs support. He can find it in an attentive and understanding wife. While the man will be the head, his woman will be the neck. She will always cheer up after a bad day at work, confirm the reality of any ambitions, become a good housewife. A loving wife will forgive her husband for his cold-bloodedness. She understands that his career is more of a priority for him than the emotional needs of the family.

Capricorn needs a companion who has enough strength and energy not only for herself, but also for her husband. The beloved woman will notice the slightest changes in the character and will encourage them in every possible way. Over time, her partner will become softer and less fixated on work.

Capricorn man in love can be jealous and strict towards his partner. He does not forget resentments that have arisen because of disrespect and refusal to help.

Vindictiveness is a serious problem for the Capricorn man. Even after a long time, the thought of taking revenge on the offender for his misdeeds sits in his head. He will not forgive anyone – not even the woman he loves.

The man grows up in a most unusual way. First it is a boy with a cold mind, and then a grown man with a young soul and bright thoughts. It is at a mature age that Capricorn becomes the most active and generous.

The owner of this sign is usually a long-lived person. Only the health problems mentioned earlier can break the lifeline. Maintaining physical fitness and timely rest from work is what a man needs for a happy and long life.

No matter what people say about Capricorns behind their backs, their partners say one thing: “He’s beautiful when he acts slow!”

Capricorn man in sex

The Capricorn man is not deprived of female attention, but he is not interested in a fleeting romance.

This man is set up for a long-term and strong relationship. In sex he is not particularly temperamental, but can prove to be a good lover. For men, sex, above all, a kind of ritual that helps to relieve emotional stress. That is why he is not indifferent to the sex drive.

Capricorns most often do not suffer from impotence, but they control their libido. To encourage a man to be active, a partner can encourage it.

One of the main disadvantages of Capricorn in bed is his selfishness. He is focused only on satisfying his own sexual fantasies, and the opinion of the lady is not a priority for him. Many representatives of the sign love BDSM pleasures. That is why a girl should be careful in manifesting her feelings. Even the slightest hint of cheeky flirting can lead to gags and handcuffs. Of course, Capricorn will repent later, but in the end, the behavior will not change.

Compatibility of zodiac signs with the Capricorn man

Next, it is important to consider the compatibility of signs with the Capricorn man. This is a closed person, and despite his outward resilience, inside he is weak and feels a lot of fears. They affect both romantic and sexual relationships.

Capricorn will never open up to the first stranger in the club, but he will gladly open up to the woman he loves. For her, he will become the most passionate and devoted partner. It is not easy to convince this man to marry, because he is afraid to lose his own independence.

With whom the Capricorn man is most compatible.

A good option for a union is a Capricorn man and a Taurus woman. The girl is attracted to her partner’s diligence and passion for work, while the man admires her perseverance. Despite Capricorn’s not the best attitude towards marriage, he is ready to conclude it with such a lady.

Not a bad combination arises between Capricorn and Pisces. The Pisces woman often has her head in the clouds, but her husband will help her to settle down and come down from heaven to earth. At the same time, he will not be able to resist the charm and mystery of the lady. Mutual interest will eventually develop into something more, whether it is just a strong relationship or marriage.

Capricorn will also get along well with Virgo. Here, compatibility is considered one of the highest. Spiritual and emotional contact will quickly arise between the partners, and common hobbies and views on life will only strengthen the alliance. The calculating and logicality of each of the signs will not allow the family idyll to be broken.

Compatibility in love of a Capricorn man and a Cancer woman will leave no doubt about the happy life.

Surrounders will not be able to feel all the charm of this relationship, so for them it will be another mediocre couple. Only the partners know how many bright moments are happening in their family. They just don’t want to share all the emotions with friends. “Happiness loves silence” is an expression that perfectly describes their pattern of behavior.

A man will be able to prove himself in a relationship with a Libra as well. Stability and reliability is what Capricorn really needs. A fair Libra like no other will be able to satisfy his desires. In addition to romance, friendship will be present in the relationship. Like devoted comrades, the partners will not leave each other in trouble and will share all the joys and sorrows between them.

Capricorn man and Scorpio woman will create a passionate and energetic union. There will be no place for boredom and calmness in their relationship, because every day will be a new adventure. At the same time, the partners will be able to maintain mutual trust and respect for each other.

With whom the Capricorn man is the least compatible.

Not the most successful alliance will form between Capricorn and Aries. This couple will not avoid constant conflicts, with almost no energy left for love. The impulsive girl will constantly strive for a bright and busy life, and the partner will try to discipline the lady. Finding a compromise with such different characters is almost impossible, so the relationship will soon end.

Also Capricorn should think before starting to date a Sagittarius woman. At first it will seem to him that it is a flawless union, but sooner or later the euphoria will pass. Without it, it will become clear that the girl is windy and has no goals in life. Such an arrangement will not suit the ambitious Capricorn at all. Even if infatuation will bring the partners together, they will not conclude marriage.

The Capricorn man and the Leo woman are an ambiguous couple. However, if fate brings them together, it is not an accident. It is not for nothing they say that opposites attract. The sensual and ardent Leo contrasts with the measured and calm Capricorn. And yet, if the partners will not be able to tame their emotions and compromise, they will soon be divorced.

The Capricorn man and the Blizzard woman are the couple with the lowest compatibility. It is unlikely that they will be able to get along in character. Capricorn’s stability will constantly be disrupted by Gemini’s inconstancy. The man will not feel like a support for the family.

The union with Aquarius is quite unusual. And yet, sooner or later the girl will not be able to withstand the slowness of her partner, so the couple will break up.

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