All about Taurus – tell us in detail

Characteristics of the Taurus zodiac sign: the firmness of the Earth and the inner strength of the bull

The main characteristic of Taurus on the zodiac sign is stability. These people are melancholic, which allows them to take a calm approach to any situation in life, they carefully consider each of their steps, only after that they undertake something serious. However, they are no stranger to the human desire to succumb to the momentary impulse and do something stupid. But this description is not characteristic of the well-adjusted and wise Taurus.

Taurus are friendly, have a lot of patience, can be silent for a long time about their true feelings and be condescending to others.

However, if the cup of patience overflows, these people are capable of the most vivid negative emotions. Their fury knows no limits, for them there are no limits in expressing their own negative impulses.

The facts show that the character of the Taurus is much more virtues than disadvantages. They never allow themselves to be told what to do, they always listen to good advice and opinion. It is easy for them to be with those who are compliant and gentle in nature, who do not try to lead and support their interests.

Taurus always carefully consider each of their steps.

When times are hard for Taurus, their appearance never really shows how deep their worries are. Despite all the devastation going on around them and the bad times in life, Taurus will never give the appearance of asking for help even in the most difficult moments. Their patience is boundless, they can wait endlessly by the sea of weather and the arrival of a better day.

People born under the sign of Taurus are very fond of nature.

It fills their heart with peace and gives them the opportunity to make the only right decision. Taurus people are decent and honest, which means that they have complete trust in others. They can succeed in every area of life, they are calm and easy. They will not betray or renege on their promises. And if the situation forces them to break their word, they will be strongly worried about it. By nature all Taurus are conservative, for whom everything new is unexplored and alien.

Stability, comfort and prosperity – the three basic “pillars” on which the existence of these people. If the inevitable changes are coming, Taurus tend to just wait out the storm and adjust to changing conditions of existence. They consider the material well-being to be the foundation of their lives. Contempt and condemnation are not typical for them. They will communicate with equal pleasure with the powerful and those who could not succeed in this life.

Taurus people always have comfort and order at home. They treat money rationally, know how to save and save to buy something they need later. In debt give reluctantly, but if the reason for asking them for help is important, they will never refuse. Taurus just love when their home becomes a reflection of the efforts made, if it is the reign of luxury.

Negative character traits in Taurus also exist. These include, for example, stubbornness.

If a person of this sign of the zodiac has its own point of view on a particular problem, then change his mind is simply impossible. He becomes blind and deaf to exhortations and entreaties, even losing the argument, always stick to his opinion.

Taurus are jealous and possessive, they will never allow themselves to be infringed upon and will not share. In a fit of anger these people lose control, they are like wild bulls sweeping away everything in their path. Among the people of this sign there are many household despots who hold in fear all their family members.

Birth Dates of Taurus: Sign Sign Sign Characteristics by Decades

According to the character of all Taurus people can be divided by the dates of birth:

  • The first decade – from April 21 to May 1 . They are optimists in life, fond of any business entrusted to them, which requires subtlety and a precise calculation. Men and women born in this decade are overweight. They love the work that brings them an income, get along well with the staff, never depend on anyone. In love and marriage, they are terribly jealous, from which attacks of possessiveness can be expected all the time.
  • The second decade is from May 2 to May 11 . The month begins with the emergence of people with outstanding organizational skills. They can lead not only a small team, but also the masses of people. Taurus men of this decade are seriously interested in magic and esotericism. They enjoy carnal pleasures, are despotic and polygamous. In any work, they are true hard workers, but it is difficult to ask them to do more than what they themselves think is necessary. There are many people born in this sign of the zodiac in political circles and among literary figures.
  • The third decade is from May 12 to May 20 . They are true egoists, with an instantly changing mood and exquisite taste in clothing, perfume, décor, etc. . They prefer to live in an atmosphere of complete comfort, they do not like noisy companies and large crowds of people around. By nature Taurus people of this decade are pessimistic.

There is no way Taurus will not allow to encroach on their own and will not share.

Taurus compatibility with other zodiac signs in love, marriage, friendship and work

Among those who are suitable for Taurus in love, special attention should be paid to Capricorn and Virgo. With people of these zodiac signs, many interesting surprises await.

And in the Taurus – Taurus combination, serious misunderstandings may arise

These two people will always find out the relationship and “fight” with each other . The most suitable relationship for marriage with Taurus is formed in the water signs of the zodiac. Scorpions, Crawfish and Pisces will be just delighted with a decent and strong partner, will be able to adjust to his formidable character quite easily.

Relationships with the air signs of the zodiac may not work out. However, if Taurus is well-mannered and has an idea of tact and delicate matters, it is worth trying. Aries and Leo are best avoided. In this tandem, except for raging passions and figuring out who’s in charge in the couple, nothing will work out. The best sexual compatibility in Taurus is possible with Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces.

Taurus compatibility table in love, marriage, friendship and work:

Taurus: Compatibility in love Marriage Compatibility Friendship and Work Compatibility
Aries Low Low Low
Taurus High High High
Gemini Medium Medium Medium
Cancer High High High
Leo Medium Medium Medium
Virgo High High High
Libra Medium Medium Medium
Scorpio High High High
Sagittarius Low Low Low
Capricorn High High High
Aquarius Low Low Low
Pisces High High Medium

Taurus element: all the power of the Earth

Taurus’ element is Earth. However, under the calm and peaceful surface of the planet volcanoes rage, layers move, rivers flow. So the representatives of this sign of the zodiac on the outside are always calm and balanced, but inside they have true passions raging. However, it is on the Taurus sign you can rely in any difficult situation and be sure that they will never let you down.

Representatives of the sign of Taurus are always outwardly calm and balanced

The zodiac sign Taurus is a bright representative of its elements. These are secretive people who know how and know how to manage those around them without entering the arena as a leader-dictator. They are the embodiment of strength and power, steadfastness and firmness. But all this, as long as their interests are not affected. Taurus businessmen, they are able to do several things at the same time, waiting for the best moment to close the deal.

They are realists and can only believe what they can touch or see with their own eyes. They are always sought for practical advice, because these are the people who are used to acting according to a clearly defined scheme, while others are just rushing around looking for the best solution.

Children Taurus: balanced calm or explosive temperament?

All Taurus children are calm, plodding and stubborn. They value their families, their home and always consider the family as the main support in life. However, young representatives of this zodiac sign very early to become independent.

They will not tolerate condescending or mocking attitude to themselves, will respond with resentment to the desire to rule and order them around.

However, for all the internal conflicts and contradictions Taurus child is balanced, calm and reasonable. He will never fight with his peers, proving their case, just step aside, avoiding conflict, but remaining in his opinion. His innate sense of justice will not allow him to offend the weak, and he will never give it to offend another. Even if the offender is much stronger and older.

Taurus child just loves to live in comfort and coziness. He loves to eat good food and prefers to enjoy all the delights of life, rather than sitting behind a book and textbooks. For children of this sign of the zodiac perfectly suited quiet games – building designers, puzzles. They love to live in an imaginary world, so watching cartoons is considered one of their favorite activities.

Taurus child prefers to enjoy all the pleasures of life

The Taurus child likes to try his hand at everything. He may be passionate about a particular sport, drawing or music, the main thing for him to find himself in creativity or a particular activity.

If we look at it from the family point of view, the only child Taurus can grow up a true egoist . It is different when there are several children. For example, the eldest Taurus child in the family replaces the youngest parents. His care is all-encompassing and absolutely fulfilling. You can always rely on him, because none of the younger ones in the absence of parents at home will not remain hungry or offended. There is no need to scold him or prove anything, it’s enough to show him once how much he is loved and how painful his disobedience and caprices are.

The Taurus child does not accept change. This little man values peace and stability more than anything else in life.

It is difficult for him to leave his home walls, even to go on vacation with his parents. It is a real stress for him. If the baby went to a summer camp, no matter how interesting he was there, he will miss his home walls and parents.

At school, a child of this sign of the zodiac shows more ability to the exact sciences, while practically denying the need for theoretical. He is strong in physics, mathematics, chemistry, but will never understand the subtle lyricism of Esenin or the majesty of Aivazovsky paintings.

A child of this sign of the zodiac can not rush and hurry. Trying to think and act faster, they are lost completely, and then no forces will not be able to make them do this or that task.

Taurus girl from an early age shows all the features of a real housewife. She will never stay out late, even if all her friends will walk until morning. For her, conflicts with parents are unacceptable, she will never argue with them, proving their point of view. A girl born under the sign of the Taurus, does not seek leadership in the classroom, she is kind and friendly, loves communication, but usually has only one real friend.

At school, the little Taurus shows more ability to the exact sciences

At first glance, a Taurus boy may seem like a real mama’s boy. However, this is a serious misconception. His parents are unconditional authority, but he used to think with his own head. He is slow, calm, but absolutely certain of the correctness of each of his actions. He does not give the impression of a brutal guy even in adolescence. However, he later becomes a great father and husband.

The best name for a Taurus child can be chosen from the following:

  • For a boy : Anatoly, Bogdan, Viktor, Eugene, Yakov.
  • For a girl : Zinaida, Lada, Lydia, Nina, Tatiana.

Profession for a Taurus: poet or mathematician?

Taurus are the people who are most attracted to the level of income in their choice of occupation.

They have a chance to be successful in any field of activity, because they seek to get to the heart of things, to understand the important points and make appropriate conclusions

Taurus men should choose a profession based on personal abilities: punctuality, the desire for order, meticulousness and attention to detail.

Man-Taurus will find himself in the following professions: artist, showman, teacher, psychologist, agronomist, farmer, engineer, mechanic, electrician. For a female Taurus can choose a profession as a singer, actress, florist, pharmacist, architect, designer, cook.

Taurus symbols: what do the bull, the elephant and the horse have in common?

The sign of Taurus symbolizes the winged bull, seeking to break the bonds . Its purpose is the ordering of the material. Clearly, the best talisman for Taurus would be a picture of a bull. No matter what it may be: a keychain, a statuette, a toy. It is better if this symbol represents a golden bull or is made of gold.

Another Taurus amulet is the elephant . He helps his master to achieve significant heights in his career, to solve important problems, gives peace in moments of anger.

Horse is also considered one of the amulets for Taurus. Especially it is recommended to keep a statue of a horse in the workplace. It has a positive effect on career growth, protects from envious words and glances, gives new strength.

What tree and flower is most suitable for Taurus

Taurus mascot trees can be listed several. These are the apple tree, walnut, aspen, oak, ash .

All these perennial plants have a large root system, have medicinal properties, protect representatives of the sign from the evil eye and the word

If there is a flower in their house, it is sure to be medicinal or something useful. For example, it can be a calanhoe, a cyclamen, a violet . Outdoor flowers attract Taurus much more. But he likes more natural, not cultivated by breeders representatives of the flora. He likes the fragrance and appearance of lilacs, lilies of the valley, chrysanthemums or daisies.

Taurus girls are attracted to wild flowers

Colors of Taurus: Pink to blue.

Since ancient times, astrologers were absolutely sure that each sign of the zodiac has certain colors that are suitable or not suitable only for it. People born under the constellation Taurus are patronized by Venus. Therefore, women of this sign of the zodiac prefer bright colors in clothing, and men are more relaxed.

Men should prefer the blue, brown, yellow and green colors in clothing. Women opt for blue, green, blue, beige, brown and pink colors.

Suitable Metal for Taurus

The base metal for Taurus is copper. It has the same qualities that Taurus himself has: external suppleness along with inner strength, a noble luster and gorgeous appearance. Taurus look to such metals like melchior, gold, pewter, bronze.

Gold jewelry with sapphires and diamonds: ring; earrings, all SL (link prices)

Gold cufflinks with enamel, EFREMOV (link price)

Taurus is undesirable to wear objects and jewelry made of zinc, titanium, silver

Sign of the zodiac Taurus

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac. Its symbol is the horned head of the bull. This sign sign stands for willpower, patience and diligence.

Element: Earth

Its planet is Venus.

Stone: Jadeite, agate

Mascot: Owl, Golden Taurus

Color: red and orange

Sign Signature

Taurus has a huge store of inner strength. It manifests itself in the high performance, patience and independence of this zodiac sign. Taurus looks solid, he has a strong constitution and excellent health.

Those around him like optimism and goodwill. Taurus hard to get angry, because he knows how to hold his temper. This helps him to keep spirits in unforeseen situations. But if the “cup is full,” and his patience came to an end, from a peaceful good-natured calf, he turns into an angry bull.

The main negative traits of the representatives of this zodiac sign – slowness, stubbornness and passivity.

Love and relationships

Taurus does not believe in love at first sight. He needs to look closely at the person, weigh all the “pros” and “cons”, and only after that – to conquer him decisively. Due to the rationality and consistency, they are rarely other zodiac signs are disappointed in love. For a partner become a source of tenderness and care that does not dry up over time. In return, demanding the same and hurt if his desires are neglected.

From a representative of this sign of the zodiac you can not wait for serenades under the window. He does not like romance, unpredictability, replacing them with concrete, useful actions.

Dilute your pragmatic temper with romantic actions. Arrange for a loved one pleasant surprises, give gifts without reason and invite her on a date, even if the length of your relationship is a few years. Romance will make your union feel new and carefree.

Behind the external calmness of Taurus hides temperamental nature that is not alien to the passion. To ignite it, just admire him and consider it your ideal. Excessive pressure does not like. Agrees to intimacy only if hot wants to do it himself. Cares about the feelings of the partner, but often does it awkwardly and with a certain amount of shyness.

Family and Marriage

Taurus is usually happy in marriage. Even if the mutual attraction with the chosen one weakens, he finds the strength to prevent divorce. Clearly understands that married life is not only rights, but also responsibilities. Therefore, with a special zeal to improve the home, finds new sources of income and maintains cleanliness and order around him. Too conservative to go for a move or renovation.

Don’t be afraid of change. Change your style or appearance more often, make new family traditions and change the familiar way of life. Inherent conservatism will make the life of your chosen one boring and monotonous.

What kind of parents

Children for Taurus are the flowers of life, to which he treats with special trepidation and care. He can’t stand children’s tears, so he is ready to do anything for the sake of his child’s smile. Confidence is won not only with generous gifts but also long heart-to-heart talks, the essence of which he keeps secret. With adult children can be strict and uncompromising, to protect them from mistakes.


Taurus takes friendship as an island of mental comfort and security. He saves from the hardships of life and gives a positive charge. As friends choose those people who share his views and do not try to teach him life. Otherwise, he will quickly lose interest in them. At first call runs to the rescue, stands up for friends in conflicts and does not spare money on them. Long remembers insults and is rarely the first to ask forgiveness.

Temper arrogance. Try to be the first to smooth out conflicts no matter what caused them. Pride has never done anyone any good.

Hobbies and hobbies

Taurus likes creative hobbies. He likes to draw, sing, recite poetry and dissolve in dance. Often his passions are related to home, everyday life and nature. He likes to do handicrafts, go fishing and hiking. As he ages, he finds solace in simple things like watching his favorite TV shows, reading books, or cooking. Cooks deliciously, often and masterfully, even without special education.


Taurus gets along well with the representative of his zodiac sign, Capricorn, Cancer, Virgo. Low compatibility with Leo, Sagittarius.

Career and profession

Taurus is an excellent worker. He works unhurriedly, but qualitatively. With its inherent consistency and great capacity for work can handle virtually any task. However, for a job well done he is waiting for the appropriate remuneration and recognition of his efforts.

Practicality and good thinking makes Taurus an excellent boss. He is fair with his subordinates and tries to create the most comfortable working conditions for them. Expects them to be disciplined and work “on the result”.

Representatives of this zodiac sign suits the meticulous work, which requires practicality. Taurus are excellent doctors, engineers and journalists. In business representatives of this sign of the zodiac tend to large-scale projects and easily outmaneuver the competition.

Think of money as a secondary attribute of professional success. Don’t forget that there is recognition in society, trust from your boss, credibility with your colleagues, and having like-minded people or followers. By making financial enrichment an end in itself, you will miss out on many more meaningful rewards.


Taurus has naturally good health. He rarely gets sick. Loves a good and hearty meal, so he is prone to fullness. For him the diet is a real torture. To maintain the form it is important to him sometimes to arrange a discharge day and “sit” on fruit and vegetables.

Taurus by virtue of his character has a slow reaction time, which increases the risk of injury. He is not recommended to engage in extreme sports – skiing, snowboarding, rollerblading.

His passivity can lead to a prolonged depression. Therefore, it is important for him to be able to distract and change the environment during prolonged depression.

Representatives of this sign of the zodiac are careless about visiting doctors, so they delay the disease to a neglected state. They need to remember that their health must be monitored constantly. At the first sign of ailments, it is necessary to contact a specialist. Weaknesses of Taurus are the throat, nose, ears, tonsils, thyroid gland.

Do not neglect the importance of sports and exercise for your health. Do morning exercises, go to the gym, ride a bicycle and more often abandon the urban transport in favor of hiking. Physical activity will help you cope with excess weight and keep yourself in shape.

Taurus woman

Characteristic features of a Taurus woman are perseverance, diligence, patience. She is calm and composed, she knows how to listen. It is pleasant to communicate with her. She does not like objections. Acts as a good hostess and a caring mother. She likes to create comfort in the house, to be engaged with children. Recognizes the superiority of the husband in the family. Economical and hospitable. In bed sensual and tender.

Taurus Men

Distinctive features of the character of the Taurus man – slowness, stubbornness and practicality. He knows what he wants and knows how to achieve his goals. It is a romantic and sentimental nature. In family life he serves as a model of an ideal husband and father – a devoted, caring and thrifty man, the head of the family. He loves comfort, coziness and order in everything. In bed he is gentle and passionate.

Element of Taurus

Earth is the element of the zodiac sign of Taurus. The Earth gives Taurus a number of distinctive properties such as specificity, reliability, efficiency, practicality, patience, endurance, mercantilism, the ability to forgive.

Taurus planet

The patron planet of the Taurus zodiac sign is Venus. Venus influences the fate of the Taurus and gives it several strengths and weaknesses, such as superior aesthetic taste, sensuality, fairness, loyalty, good-naturedness, caution, curiosity, non-conflict, adaptability, attractiveness, arrogance, sexuality, talent, optimism, thirst for comfort and security.

Celebrities born under the sign of Taurus

Alina Kabaeva, Al Pacino, Barbra Streisand, Victoria Daineko, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Vladimir Lenin, Vladimir Nabokov, Gosha Kutsenko, Danila Kozlovsky, David Beckham, James McAvoy, Jack Nicholson, George Clooney, Duane Johnson, Sigmund Freud, Iggy Pop, Immanuel Kant, Karl Marx, Lera Kudryavtseva, Mark Zuckerberg, Megan Fox, Mikhail Prokhorov, Audrey Hepburn, Penelope Cruz, Peter Tchaikovsky, Renée Zellweger, Salvador Dali, Stas Mikhailov, William Shakespeare, Uma Thurman, Fedor Bondarchuk, Philip Kirkorov, Cher.

Characteristics of the zodiac sign Taurus according to the animal years

Taurus the Rat

People who were born under the sign of Taurus in the year of the Rat have a subtle mental organization. They are distinguished by intelligence, aesthetic taste and unprecedented determination. With refined manners and sociability, they easily find common ground with others. Their vocation is in areas related to creativity.

Taurus the Bull

Taurus men who were born in the year of the Bull radiate courage and optimism. Due to the strong-willed character, they are not susceptible to stress and depression. The lack of turbulent activity depresses these people. Therefore, they willingly take up any work.The lack of selfishness and cunning makes them reliable companions and business partners.

Taurus the Tiger

A person who was born under the sign of Taurus in the year of the Tiger has a calm character. Thanks to a healthy sense of humor and inner charm, he often finds himself in the center of public attention. Taurus Tiger likes to surround himself with useful things and subconsciously seeks comfort. For the sake of friends is ready to go on feats.

Taurus Rabbit .

People who were born under the sign of Taurus in the year of the Rabbit are distinguished by rationalism. With many virtues they are devoid of ostentation and arrogance. They see their highest mission in the service of the ideals of justice and humanism. Their powers of observation and oratory make them outstanding scientists and politicians.

Taurus-Dragon .

These people are not accustomed to playing secondary roles. They love to be in the spotlight and surprise others. With a flamboyant appearance and shocking behavior they have many friends. For the sake of communication with them, they do not spare any time or effort. Taurus-Dragons do not imagine their life without comfort and luxury. Broad sweep is present in their hobbies and habits.

Taurus the Snake .

People who were born under the sign of Taurus in the year of the Snake look at the world seriously. They are accustomed to act according to a pre-drafted plan, subjecting each step to logic and common sense. They are noted for the conservatism of views and do not like when the fate presents surprises. Usually succeed in their careers and easily win the sympathy of the opposite sex.

Taurus the Horse

Taurus, who were born in the year of the Horse, are not used to go with the flow. Each of their actions are subordinated to the overall objective, to achieve which they spared no time and effort. They rarely doubt their rightness and progressiveness of his ideas. When they meet a strong personality, they strive to become its ally or start a competitive struggle.

Taurus the Sheep

These people have a well-developed intuition. With its help, they manage to avoid mistakes and find their purpose in life. Have a fear of change, but quickly adapt to new circumstances in life. Family is an important priority for them. They are ready to sacrifice their careers and fame for the sake of domestic warmth and comfort.

Taurus the Monkey .

These men and women radiate positivity. They carefully consider their actions and rarely pass up in the face of difficulties. Goals that cannot be accomplished by hard work are achieved by stealth. People around them find a loyal friend and a wise counselor. Thanks to the ability to smooth out conflicts they have few enemies.

Taurus the Rooster

Taurus, who were born in the year of the Rooster, can fall in love at first sight. Bright appearance, refined manners and neatness magnetically affect those around them. Due to a wide outlook, they find application in various fields of knowledge. Above all valued stability, in defense of which rarely change their principles.

Taurus Dog

These men and women have an innate sense of duty. They are strangers to frivolity, meanness and betrayal, so friends stay in their lives for a long time. Friendship as well as love, give their all, asking nothing in return. Observation allows them to understand the deeper essence of things and accurately respond to what is happening in the soul of their companion.

Taurus Pig .

Taurus, who were born in the year of the Pig, are characterized by conservatism and peculiar thinking. Hardly tolerate changes that knock them out of their usual rhythm of life. These people are talkative, open to new acquaintances and eloquent. Take the experiences of others close to their hearts and do not forgive those who hurt them.

Do not refuse to communicate, go on a visit or have a picnic in nature. However, if among the general merriment you will visit the desire for solitude, do not resist it. Trust your feelings; today it is better not to overexert yourself, the more so that your loved ones will be able to take a part of your concerns. Read more

On this day, the stars do not recommend you to rely only on yourself. Recall that you have someone who is always happy to help you, be by your side or just hold your hand to boost morale. Try not to abuse his attention, but still do not ignore him. Read more

Characteristics of Taurus by date of birth

Strengths: independence, creativity, eloquence, friendliness

Weaknesses: gossiping, tendency to put things off

Strengths: Self-confidence, practicality, wisdom, persuasiveness, romanticism

Weaknesses: ignorance of other people’s feelings, disregard of moral values

Strengths: erudition, creativity, sociability, friendliness, perspicacity

Weaknesses: overconfidence, obtrusiveness, sensitivity, calculating

Strengths: determination, industriousness, creativity, sociability, good-naturedness

Weaknesses: intemperance, impulsiveness, irritability, mood swings

Strengths: honesty, intuition, activity, practicality, persistence

Weaknesses: preference of material values over spiritual ones, mood swings, intemperance

Strengths: Persistence, willpower, honesty, friendliness, compassion

Weaknesses: Stubbornness, inability to listen to the opinions of others

Strengths: Stamina, assertiveness, fairness, intelligence, compassion

Weaknesses: reticence, a tendency to anxiety and worry

Strengths: Artistry, ambition, determination, courage, endurance

Weaknesses: stubbornness, inability to accept others’ opinions, arrogance, unreliability

Strengths: Courage, initiative, drive, friendliness, peacefulness

Weaknesses: Fear of change, tendency to fall into boredom

Strengths: charisma, drive for self-improvement, willpower, friendliness, sociability

Weaknesses: abruptness, aggressiveness, stubbornness

Strengths: Determination, industriousness, quick-wittedness, sociability, sincerity

Weaknesses: slowness, straightforwardness, inconsideration

Strengths: Realism, perspicacity, intelligence, friendliness

Weaknesses: straightforwardness, tactlessness, imperiousness, neediness, emotional instability

Strengths: resourcefulness, activity, perspicacity, foresight

Weaknesses: straightforward, emotional, critical

Strengths: Practicality, Perseverance, Determination, Reliability, Compassion

Weaknesses: intransigence, straightforwardness, adherence to principles, stubbornness

Strengths: determination, activity, self-confidence, developed intellect

Weaknesses: straightforwardness, intransigence, stubbornness, lack of diplomacy

Strengths: responsibility, organization, reliability, sociability, compassion

Weaknesses: selflessness, trustworthiness

Strengths: Wisdom, education, sociability, friendliness, thoroughness

Weaknesses: over-categorical, over-emotional, gullible

Strengths: ambitiousness, responsibility, diligence, determination

Weaknesses: impulsiveness, stubbornness, straightforwardness, insularity

Strengths: responsibility, persistence, self-confidence, charisma, judgment

Weaknesses: hot temper, intemperance, abruptness, mood swings

Strengths: Alertness, freedom-loving, determined, persistent, compassionate

Weaknesses: hot-tempered, boastful, aggressive

Strengths: assertiveness, practicality, talent, original thinking

Weaknesses: intransigence, demonstrativeness, restlessness, resentfulness

Strengths: energetic, productive, resilient, charismatic, good sense of humor

Weaknesses: caustic, aggressive, ruthless

Strengths: Determination, self-sufficiency, perspicacity, resourcefulness, determination

Weaknesses: Selfishness, susceptibility to nervous breakdowns and depression

Strengths: foresight, self-confidence, determination, developed intelligence

Weaknesses: irritability, quick-tempered, pushy

Strengths: purposefulness, resourcefulness, initiative, activity, reliability

Weaknesses: emotional vulnerability, unbalanced, despotic

Strengths: intelligence, stability, responsibility, curiosity

Weaknesses: quick temperedness, tactlessness, egoism

Strengths: vigor, responsibility, determination, intelligence, sociability

Weaknesses: reticence, assertiveness, directness

Strengths: Determination, determination, resourcefulness, spirituality, compassion

Weaknesses: belligerence, heightened sense of justice, despotism

Strengths: energetic, charismatic, open and well-rounded

Weaknesses: Stubbornness, impertinence, assertiveness

Strengths: Activity, responsibility, sociability, friendliness, reliability

Weaknesses: carelessness, superficial attitude to life, anxiety, tactlessness

Strengths: Inquisitiveness, ambitiousness, determination, self-confidence, responsibility.

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