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Taurus man: Character, compatibility, common traits

Taurus man horoscope says that the representatives of this sign are mostly calm and reasonable men. They are monotonous and slow, cautious, prudent, never commit rash actions. This sign of the Zodiac, in fact, generates unique men, but the character it bestows is quite difficult to predict. The same goes for the compatibility of Taurus men and their status in society.

In men of Taurus are dominated by such traits: energy, hard work, commitment, care and attention, practicality and judgment, the economy and responsibility, responsiveness and openness, positivity and optimism, sociability and calculus, planning and diligence, reliability and calmness.

Male representatives born in months like April (end of the month) or May (up to the 21st) are very open and friendly. They can do a lot and have an incredible potential, but sometimes they are too weak-willed. But they are right most of the time and act according to conscience in most cases. They are also principled and always do the opposite of what is required of them. Such do not tolerate leadership and dominance over them, Taurus men do not recognize the command over them, although sometimes they need it.

The Character of the Taurus Man

The character of a little Taurus boy can be very complex. The horoscope, however, testifies to the extreme calmness and orderliness of such boys. Usually this sign of the Zodiac generates little leaders, constantly imposing their plans and wishes on their parents. Such do not like unpredictability (for example, sudden visits to guests), they do not like unfamiliar environments. Taurus boys are very calculated and do not like it when someone makes adjustments to their plans.

Character virtues

The main virtue of every Taurus man, without exception, is his ability to be constant in predilections, habits, behavior, tastes and actions. They try to act in everything strictly according to a previously planned scheme, they do not like to surprise, they hate unpredictability, and always live according to a schedule. This allows them to carefully consider each of their actions, patiently weigh the pros and cons, and never make mistakes.

Determination, tenacity, persistence and assertiveness – these traits also can be attributed to the merits of Taurus men. Their character does not allow them to give up at the sight of obstacles or throw the started things. Taurus always finish things before the end, never give up on goals, in ninety percent of cases, they achieve them. All this has a positive impact on the social status of Taurus men and their position in society and career development. Typically, Taurus men are successful in their careers, often becoming the boss. There are also leadership inclinations, but it is important to develop them in Taurus boys in childhood.

Communicability and friendliness – these traits are endowed with the character of not every modern guy. But a Taurus guy will definitely be friendly and sociable. At the same time to the merits can also be attributed cautious in terms of choice of friends and environment. They do not seek by any means to get people’s attention, they need only the attention of those whom they trust, whom they know well, and who they treat well. Relax, have fun, moderately entertain and relax from his own seriousness – a man Taurus will communicate only with those people in the company of whom he can get it all.

Character flaws

A significant flaw of all Taurus men without exception, especially those born in a month like May is uncompromising. Taurus men are too stubborn and uncompromising, even principled, it is impossible to make them accept another’s point of view if they do not agree with it. Yes, and admit their guilt Taurus also can not force. Because of this there may be problems with colleagues at work, for example, but this same factor generates in Taurus bosses, leaders.

Domestic laziness is another significant disadvantage of men who were born under the patronage of such a zodiac sign as Taurus. At work and around friends they look hardworking and restless, but at home they are lazy. Women never like this, but to change the Taurus in this case still will not work. On the contrary, in case of criticism, he will become even more lazy.

The earthiness and practicality – on the one hand it is a good trait, but on the other hand, it is a bad one. The disadvantage is that one can not be grafted to the spiritual or forced to be a romantic. Taurus men are too practical.

In a career.

Taurus men can make great strides in their careers, but we are not talking about the rapidity of career growth, but about the simplest diligence. They are calm and determined, meticulous and diligent, they complete any case to the end and try to do it as well as possible. In this case, they do not need praise and are rarely looking for material gain. The main thing for them is to do everything in such a way that no one could ever find fault with them. Responsible, sensible, systematic, diligent, industrious and hardworking.

Equally important, male Taurus men do not strive for great heights in their careers. The main thing for them is to feel that they are useful, that they are useful, that people need them. But they especially like teamwork, teamwork. Plus, they are friendly and always come to the rescue, do not refuse to help colleagues, try to involve themselves in the work as much as possible.

Taurus people are very slow, which often dissatisfies the bosses. But at the same time, the slowness is the key to a good result. They do not like to be rushed or criticized and respond sharply to criticism. In the work try to take into account all the details and calculate all their actions ahead.

Taurus bosses do not mark, do not want to take responsibility for the work of other people. Leadership traits can manifest themselves at any time, but if a man will become a leader, only unspoken. Easy to obey, do not quarrel with the bosses, no conflict and not principled in the work. With such easy to get along, work in a team, and just cooperate.

In dealing with people.

Immediately it is worth noting that the Taurus guys are very friendly and sociable by nature. But they try to surround themselves only with those people with whom they feel comfortable, with whom they can open up, you can show your true self, without concealment and secrets, without pretense. In such a society, a guy born under such a sign of the zodiac as Taurus will be able to reveal himself and show the present. With such people he has compatibility in terms of communication, to such he quickly gets used to. Build deep friendships for the Taurus man is not a problem, the trusted man he will also trust, and will open up to him, tell him everything.

At the same time, in communication and friendship Taurus men can be secretive. But this manifests itself only in the fact that he tries not to add new people to his environment. New people he does not trust, with new people he tries to contact as little as possible. Usually they have two or three friends, but real, such as you can trust, to which you can tell about the experiences, grievances and problems. That’s how to communicate Taurus man.

Taurus men are very fair and do not allow injustice in their presence. Unjustly offended, insulted without reason, the oppressed Taurus always tries to save, to help them. This is where a Taurus man excels – you can’t wait for a bad action or betrayal from him, and there are no traitors around him, he drives them away at the first opportunity.

And the Taurus guy is also very sensitive and loves to talk heart-to-heart. He is happy to listen, to sympathize, to help, if not in deed, then certainly with advice. A good friend and comrade.

In love.

The best in the Taurus guy is compatibility with the fair sex, meeting the standards of femininity and beauty. Such Taurus guys adore. Plus, the ideal compatibility in love such men have with intelligent women. And if a Taurus man has a love for such a lady, it’s already forever.

Taurus men are not in love, do not crave variety. Their love is the only one for life. But it is important that there is full compatibility with the companion. Any dissatisfaction of the Taurus woman can have a negative impact on the man’s attitude toward her. If, however, in the heart of the chosen companion is raging love and character compatibility, then he will do everything in his power.

But the lack of comfort in the home and harmony in the relationship, can only bring problems. Even if there is love, and there is compatibility in character, Taurus will not live with such a woman, if there is imbalance or negativity, distrust or unreasonable jealousy in their joint life. In this, Taurus men are principled.

And also a Taurus man will not tolerate humiliation from his lady or criticism. Do not be elected Taurus lady try to be better than him in anything, he will not tolerate. And in general, to achieve harmony in love, there should be compatibility not only in character, but also in everything else – in order, in bed, etc.

In bed.

The Taurus man is unique in bed. They are mostly ideal lovers, making love not for pleasure or relaxation, but for pure intimacy, for the sake of intimacy, for the sake of knowing that his companion still needs him. The pleasure of the other half of the Taurus guy in bed with him, plays the role of confirming his worthiness, his ability to be the best.

As for experiments and diversity, it is the Taurus woman who will have to take the initiative in her own hands. Taurus men do not like to take the initiative, and on the contrary, prefer to wait when it will be shown by his true mate, his beloved woman.

Practicality and simplicity of the Taurus is also manifested in bed. They are stingy with imagination and fantasy, they expect it all from the lady. That is why it is difficult for Taurus men to find a woman who is one hundred percent compatible in bed. And also many of the Taurus men are unsure of themselves, or rather, of their abilities in bed, and women have to constantly support these, to give them confidence.

In marriage

Taurus man in marriage is a responsive and very kind spouse. His compatibility with women of different types plays into the hands of the marriage. Plus, his generosity has a positive effect. He will never be stingy with a gift for the woman he loves, an extra bouquet of flowers or just an expensive purchase. And attention will not deprive. In other words, it may even seem that he is perfect in marriage.

Loyalty and devotion is another important plus of the Taurus man in marriage. He will never betray the family and specifically his life partner. But the same will require from her. The slightest reason for jealousy can put a cross on the relationship, destroy love, and destroy the marriage. A woman selected by a Mayan man should not take advantage of his credulity, because once the confidence is broken, it is possible to destroy the family. In this sense, Taurus is very principled.

And as for the matters of everyday life, responsibility and men’s responsibilities, so here everything is complicated. Taurus men in most cases believe that their material support should be enough. They are lazy in terms of household chores, rarely help their wives around the house and try to avoid everything related to this. Again, though, it all depends on the relationship, the level of marriage and compatibility.

Taurus man as a father, a parent

In fatherhood, the Taurus man can show himself from the most ideal side. Such men try to pay maximum attention to children. It is not uncommon for Taurus men to entrust all male responsibilities to women, and themselves take a position in the household. They turn out the ideal father, they do not spare no effort on the children and are able to sacrifice a lot for the sake of the child, as their own happiness, and careers and personal benefits.

There are times when Taurus abandon their children, but it only happens when the family is not in harmony and well-being. Taurus men are very dependent on the atmosphere in the family. They need comfort, warmth, positivity and love. If there is discord in the family, then you can expect anything from the Taurus, up to separation.

Especially warm relationships fathers Taurus are with their daughters. Daughters they love the most, trying to give them everything they can. With their sons, they are more reserved in feelings, at least in most cases. However, all this is only a theory – in fact, much depends on the upbringing and the relationship of the Taurus with his father in childhood.

How to please a male Taurus

Before you begin to seduce a Taurus. Learn one simple fact: men of this sign rarely flaunt their feelings. If there is no reaction to your actions, it does not mean that you are not good at something. Just Taurus is slow and deliberate for a long time. Otherwise, you should follow some simple rules:

  • Set yourself the task of becoming his friend in the first place;
  • Surprise him more often with surprises or unpredictable behavior;
  • Show yourself in everyday life – Taurus adores “homemakers”;
  • without pretense and falsity – they like naturalness;
  • Integrity and rules will also play into your hands;
  • Ask for advice and help – Taurus guys love that;
  • Saturate his life with romance.

These are the simple ways you can draw Taurus’ attention to yourself and eventually get him to like you.

What names are appropriate

As with other Zodiac signs, in the case of Taurus also applies one important rule – to call a boy born under the sign of Taurus, you need a name whose value and energy can create a balance between the promising sign flaws and character virtues. The horoscope states that the best options for names for Taurus boys are such as:

  • Anatoly – suitable for balanced and practical men;
  • Eugene – is able to endow artistic traits, a sense of humor;
  • Yakov – gives optimism and balance;
  • Arkhip – perfectly combines with the sign of Taurus and his discretion;
  • Bogdan – promises perseverance and ambition;
  • Viktor – promises Taurus impulsiveness and effectiveness.

Other zodiac signs by gender

Compatibility of zodiac signs

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Taurus male: description, character, what kind of woman he needs, love compatibility

For the Taurus man is characterized by calm, judicious nature. It is difficult to bring him to emotions. Representatives of the sign know how to make money, spend it wisely.

He needs a household, balanced soulmate who can create comfort. However, Taurus is not devoid of flaws. In order not to destroy happiness, it is important for him to control his emotions. The main character flaws are stubbornness and strong jealousy.

General characteristics of the sign

Men whose birthdays are from April 20 to May 21, were born under the patronage of the zodiac sign of Taurus. They have a calm and balanced temperament.

They are kind and goal-oriented men. They set goals and achieve them. Unexpected obstacles can not break the usual rhythm of life. These personalities are physically and spiritually developed, have a broad outlook. They like to acquire new knowledge.

Taurus element is Earth, due to which they are endowed with such qualities as firmness in decision-making, stability, practicality, endurance and diligence.

The zodiac is ruled by the planet Venus. Taurus loves comfort, reaches for the beautiful, loves luxury. Money plays a big role in the life of a man born under this zodiac sign.

Taurus man: what you need to know about his character

The Taurus man has a kind character, a high level of intellectual development. To make his dreams come true, he has strength, faith in success and opportunities. The representative of the sign has a great reserve of endurance, but if the patience of the Taurus is bursting, he resembles an enraged beast. He can strongly and sharply flare up, but he immediately withdraws.

A distinctive aspect of the character is stubbornness. A man Taurus has good taste. He prefers clothes of fashionable brands. He is well versed in the world of art, cinema.

Among the positive characteristics is the constancy of men of the sign. They firmly follow the principles in family relationships, friendships, and work. Taurus men are industrious, which, combined with a healthy ambition, helps them to reach the heights in life.

Representatives of the sign have creative abilities and try to develop them. Men really look at life and do not hesitate to tell the truth in their eyes. They are charming and sociable. Their charisma helps to win over anyone.

Among the negative features of the character should be noted extreme frugality, bordering on stinginess. Young people do not throw money to the wind. Before making an expensive purchase, they long and carefully weigh everything up and analyze.

What kind of women like a Taurus man

In most cases, representatives of the earthly sign are modest and shy. This prevents them from being the first to take the initiative. Therefore, a girl should discreetly take control of the developing relationship.

The Taurus will like a pretty woman who looks after herself, mysterious, with a special charm. She should be confident in herself, in her strength, not to give much importance to the taciturnity and equanimity of her partner.

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The lady should not suffer from sudden mood swings and outbursts of anger. A man will like a woman who sincerely shows interest in his work and hobbies.

A representative of the sign attaches great importance to the sexuality of the girl. He himself is a passionate lover, which combines roughness and tenderness. Taurus knows how to give a girl maximum pleasure

He needs a wife who knows a lot about housekeeping, knows how to cook deliciously, make the house cozy, dreams of a family and children. The most successful will be the most compliant chosen one who does not claim to be a leader in the family, which will be his life companion for many years.

Taurus likes it when the opposite sex shows signs of attention, but flippant and frivolous fans of nightclubs do not like men. Non-serious and infantile individuals may not qualify for the heart of a young man.

Do not inflame his feelings, specifically causing jealousy. This may result in the separation of the lovers. The slight fleeting flirtation of a beloved girl can cause a man to feel furious.

How to please a Taurus man

If the young man of the girl was born under the constellation Taurus, he will like an erudite, wise companion with serious intentions. To please a representative of the sign, the chosen one should be faithful, not to argue with him.

Before you start to win the heart of your chosen one, you should be sure that you want to create a family with this person.

Astrologers advise to follow simple recommendations to please a man of this sign:

  • Choose your closet carefully. An elegant, stylishly dressed person will be able to conquer Taurus. He cares what others think of his girlfriend.
  • Bad habits should be avoided when dating. Representatives of the sign have a negative attitude towards drinking alcohol and smoking.
  • Demonstrate their intellectual abilities. The girl should be able to maintain a conversation on any topic.
  • Do not rush. Taurus men need time to make serious decisions. You should not pressurize a man, call first. First, you need to sustain a pause, and then take the initiative in your own hands.

Compatibility of Taurus men with other zodiac signs

Compatibility of Taurus with his girlfriend depends on what zodiac sign the chosen one was born under.

Girl’s zodiac sign Compatibility with a Taurus man
Aries Aries supports the Taurus in everything. The girl keeps faithfulness, respects the man. In this couple, quarrels arise over small things that interfere with the normal construction of the relationship. Partners need to learn to be tolerant, to compromise, to respect the opinion of the other person
Taurus Quite a favorable union. Conflicts will arise very rarely. Both signs will be constantly busy making money. This can alienate the spouses. One should try to spend their free time together
Gemini Not a good combination of signs. Gemini is used to noisy companies, travel, and various activities. Taurus is a home sign, which during the absence of the beloved wears himself out with feelings of jealousy, suspicion
Cancer Excellent compatibility. The partners have a lot in common. They like home comfort, gardening activities. If they can overcome their stubbornness, this kind of union will be long and happy. Often the relationship begins with a simple friendship. Over time, feelings only get stronger.
Leo . There is a strong sexual attraction between partners. Marriage will not be able to be long-lasting due to the fact that no one in this couple is ready to obey. Conflicts arise over money, although both earn well. Taurus prefers to save what he has earned, while Leo often spoils himself with things he likes
Virgo Favorable combination. The partners will have a deep affection and respect for each other over the years. Both look at life realistically. They are both characterized by a healthy practicality.
Libra Unfavorable combination. A long union is impossible because of the different views on fundamentally important things
Scorpio A very passionate couple. They are similar in their temperament. Emotions in love will be off the scale every day. The reason for such behavior will be a strong jealousy on the part of both partners
Sagittarius . An unfortunate combination. The union does not have a firm ground beneath it. The partners have a strong sexual attraction. However, if there is the slightest problem in life, all the feelings will disappear at once.
Capricorn A stable marriage that could be quite long. The partners are similar in that they both adhere to the old-fashioned and classical life positions, and are faithful to each other. They will not risk family comfort for a fleeting affair
Aquarius One of the most unfortunate unions. The busy life of Aquarius will disturb the imagination of Taurus. The girl spends a lot of time with girlfriends, acquaintances, attending various events. The guy will not be able to put up with it for a long time
Pisces A good combination. Partners are faithful to each other, treat with respect, love home comfort, enjoy spending leisure time together. Both love the luxurious life. In order to maintain such a lifestyle, Taurus should always have a round sum in the bank account

Love and Family

Love in the heart of Taurus does not arise immediately, but gradually. He does not believe in true feelings at first sight. Time makes his feelings only stronger.

Representatives of the sign have conservative and old-fashioned ideas about family life.

The life partner will be elevated to an unattainable pedestal. A man will constantly show care, respect and attention to his wife. He is an excellent family man and father.

Family for Taurus is the most valuable thing in life. It is extremely rare for a Taurus to break up a marriage. Even if the other half cheats on him, he will be depressed for a long time, but will think a thousand times about whether to file for divorce.

Attitude towards children

The man of this sign is a caring father. During his wife’s pregnancy, he shields her from adverse factors and emotions as much as possible. Taurus supports his beloved during doctor visits, worries together during the ultrasound. He turns a blind eye to his wife’s caprices.

Taurus children feel the warmth and love of their father. He will do everything possible so that his beloved child will not be lacking in anything. The man not only provides the baby with all the material goods, but also provides moral and emotional support. A representative of the sign shows special patience and endurance to children.

For Taurus is characterized by a philosophical attitude to grades at school. Dad will not scold his child because of the received two. Trying and striving for self-development of a schoolboy is more important for him.

Sex in his life

This sign likes to enjoy earthly goods, including good sex. He knows exactly how to enjoy himself and make his partner feel good.

When it comes to sex, he takes his time. He likes long foreplay. He stirs the flame, enjoying the process. His strength and stamina contribute to long intercourse, which makes his lover incredibly happy. Such a partner does not meet often.


The Taurus man is stubborn and hates going to doctors . Only very serious health problems will make him go to the clinic. Often diseases develop into a chronic form due to late diagnosis.

The throat is considered the most vulnerable place. Taurus suffer from frequent colds, bronchitis, pneumonia.

It is necessary to take care of the legs and back. The probability of injuries and the development of pathologies on the background of excessive physical activity is not excluded.

Taurus people are not very fond of sports. This leads to vascular problems. Men are shown to work in the open air, running, swimming.

Work and business, suitable profession

Taurus men are not careerists. They need a job only to provide themselves and their family with everything they need. Earnings should be stable.

Otherwise, the man will quit without a doubt and look for another position. Representatives of the sign are pedantic, persistent, goal-oriented, so they often manage to accumulate a solid capital.

He likes working with his hands more than his head. Taurus will find himself in a profession associated with the work on the ground. Representatives of this sign make excellent cooks and veterinarians.

Success awaits in the restaurant business. One can choose the profession of architect or builder. Creative abilities allow Taurus to become teachers and writers.

How to raise a Taurus child (boy)

In most cases, babies born under the sign of Taurus are calm, balanced, so they do not create problems for parents.

It is important for the child to be in a comfortable environment. It is worth protecting the child from stress, family quarrels and other conflicts in every way possible.

Some parents are concerned about the stubbornness of the little Taurus. Do not fight desperately with this character trait. The child will grow up and become more compliant. Patience and sensitive attitude of mom and dad, increased self-development will help him in this.


Male Taurus has a calm, sensible nature. This is an excellent family man, who will sincerely love his wife, children.

Representatives of the sign like to work, earn and save money. The main drawback that is important to work on is the stubbornness of Taurus.

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