All about relationships: consider in detail

How to build a serious relationship – 7 simple rules

Do you know how to build a serious relationship? If you don’t – that’s no reason to get upset. Because this article will help you to understand all the subtleties of relationships. It is necessary to build a healthy, strong, long-term relationship. We have prepared for you 7 simple rules, with the help of which you will not stay alone for sure.

In this article, you’ll find information about why you need a relationship and what kinds of relationships come in. And we also looked at the signs of a healthy relationship. Thanks to them, you’ll be able to understand whether you and your partner are behaving properly in a relationship.

What is a serious relationship

Why you need a relationship

How to build a serious relationship – 7 simple rules

5 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Why can’t I get serious in a relationship?

How to build a serious relationship: a real example

How to get over a breakup

How to improve the uniqueness of the text

What is a serious relationship

Everyone has their own way of understanding what a serious relationship is. Because there is no single standard. Educational institutions do not tell about the essence of relationships, their signs, etc. in any subject. That is why most people’s knowledge of this kind is limited to the school course of social studies. At most, a definition from a textbook pops up in people’s heads: “The family is a unit of society which…”. That’s the end of knowledge about relationships.

For some, the seriousness of a relationship is measured by the amount of time spent together. For another – the number of gifts. Another believes that without marriage we should not talk about seriousness. And so on to infinity. All people have very different perceptions and opinions in this regard.

Because of this, it often happens that people communicate, begin dating, but do not understand when their relationship has moved into the category of serious. To avoid getting into this situation, let’s find out what the signs of a serious relationship are:

  • You know each other’s friends and close relatives. If the person is not serious about you, why would they introduce you to family members?
  • You share your plans with each other. This means a desire for a future together.
  • If you’ve decided to move in together. Living together is definitely serious.
  • During conversations always use the “we. This often irritates others, but it certainly indicates that you are in a relationship.
  • You practically do not pay attention to the opposite sex. It would be more correct to say – do not consider. Meaning for the relationship. You are only interested in your partner, because you have decided to build a life together. You have no reason to look for someone else.
  • You know the advantages and disadvantages, silly habits and various little things about each other. You will no longer be surprised if your partner, for example, starts dancing when tasting a delicious dish.

So, we figured out what a serious relationship is. Now you won’t be confused if this question arises.

Why you need a relationship

Remarkably, not all people understand what a relationship is for. If you are wondering this, the question, we will help you find the answer.

If we set aside the emotional side of the problem and look more globally, we can come to an interesting conclusion. The need for relationships is imposed on people by society. With the onset of adolescence, children already hear the questions “do you have a fiancé/fiancée?”, “who do you like in your class?”, etc. Clearly, puberty is happening, and hormones are playing up. Teenagers are starting to experience their first feelings. But that’s not the point. Recall the stereotype of single women with forty cats. Surely you’ve heard it too. You have to understand that it offends not only girls who love cats, but all women in general. You might think that all people are the same, and that everyone has to be in a serious relationship at all times. It’s like a person isn’t a person without a partner.

And anyway, who cares if you’re single or not?

The government, for example. And also your parents. Let’s explain why this is the case. Recall the words about the family and the unit of society from your high school social studies textbook. The country needs to have these units at all times. The institution of marriage must function well, because otherwise there will be a decline in the birth rate, decay of society, etc. What does a serious relationship have to do with it, you may ask. The point is that a new stage in the life of a couple follows – marriage.

If you are planning a wedding while studying at university, the article ” Inexpensive student wedding – how to organize? “

You can understand why the older generation worries about being single. First, it has to do with tradition, which many people would very much like to keep. Second, it is inherent in parents to worry about their children. After all, if you are in a serious relationship, then there is someone to take care of you. And of course, we can not forget about the norms of the past time. Statistics on marriage and divorce in modern society is incomparable with indicators of the Soviet years.

If we look at the question not so scale, there are many more reasons to start a relationship. Mainly they are related to emotions – strong feelings, a feeling of coziness and comfort next to the partner, the desire to spend all their time next to the person and grow old together, etc. There are also other reasons, such as fear of loneliness, the desire to have children and the fact that living together is easier in terms of rent.

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Now it is clear why we need a relationship. And so it’s time to consider what types they come in.

Types of relationships

It is important to know what types of relationships there are, so as not to get into an awkward situation. In fact, there are many types of relationships between a man and a woman. This is due to the fact that they can be classified on various grounds. For example, from a psychological point of view, the relationship is divided into healthy and unhealthy. In turn, unhealthy relationships can be such for different reasons. There is also a division within the species. For example, unhealthy relationships can be toxic, abusive, tyrannical, etc. It is not necessary to know the differences between all of these types; it is enough to understand that they are terrible. And it is almost impossible to solve the problem of such relationships without psychological help.

Let’s look at the big types of relationships. Relationships can be:

  • Monogamous and polygamous. In the latter case, each partner may also have other partners.
  • Hedonistic – a relationship that is based only on pleasure. You are together only when you are doing well. More often than not, this kind of relationship has no long term perspective.
  • Co-dependent – an unhealthy relationship. They are built on the control and obligations. Respect is out of the question in this case. In such a relationship, neither partner has any individual development
  • Mercantile – in this case, love is “bought”. And sometimes one or even both partners pretend that they are not aware of such a relationship, or indeed enter into it without thinking
  • Long Distance Relationship. The name says it all. Not everyone will agree to this kind of relationship.
  • Partnership is the most common type of relationship in modern society. It is based on respect for each other and openness. All issues are discussed and solved together.

It is important to determine which types of relationships are acceptable to you and which are not. If this is not done, you can face serious misunderstanding on the part of your partner.

How to build a serious relationship – 7 simple rules

Let’s look at ways to build a serious relationship. If you follow the simple rules, your relationship will always be harmonious. This will allow you and your partner to be happy.

So, the 7 rules of a happy relationship:

  • Both partners must take responsibility for their words and actions. This avoids conflicts
  • You must trust each other. You need to understand that a person cannot be someone else’s property. And also the fact that if you are chosen as a couple, possessiveness must be excluded. Otherwise, you’ll be constantly complaining to your friends that the guy or girl is jealous.
  • Respect is an important part of building a relationship. There’s no need to break someone else’s boundaries or be afraid not to meet other people’s expectations. Remember, all people are individuals, and you are not responsible for the thoughts, feelings and actions of others.
  • Everyone should have their own personal space. You do not have to be together everywhere and everywhere. If you have your own hobbies and interests and they are different, it is even better.
  • It is useful to communicate with different people. If you each have a different social circle, that’s not a bad thing. The main thing is not to run to friends with every small quarrel. Because there will always be third parties involved in the situation. No one likes that.
  • You accept the shortcomings of your partner and do not try to remake him. An adult already has his own temperament and has a certain set of qualities. Trying to remake a person is stupid and disrespectful.
  • You have a perspective together. You both see your future with each other. If there is no such confidence, you should think about continuing the relationship.

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The question of how to build a serious relationship is solved. And if you feel uncomfortable around your partner, it is worth making sure whether you are in a healthy relationship.

5 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

To build a serious relationship, you need to have an idea about it. There are five signs of a healthy relationship. Based on them, you can conclude whether to continue or end a relationship with a person. It is recommended to pay attention to some criteria from time to time. This is to make sure that you have connected with the right person for you.

Signs of a healthy relationship:

  • Your freedom is not restricted and your will is not suppressed.
  • You are not being tried to change you. There is no constant talk about your shortcomings.
  • You are not compared to other people.
  • No one manipulates anyone
  • Partners help and support each other

Why can’t I get serious in a relationship?

Sometimes people do not understand why they can not build a serious relationship. In this case it is worth to carry out a deep analysis of his personality and his actions. And even better – contact a psychologist.

A specialist will help you to understand yourself, and to find a solution to the problem. Serious and long work is needed when a person has had traumatic experiences, for example, abusive relationships (violation of personal boundaries, all kinds of violence). And also when the person himself acts as an abuser. Only a professional can help with this.

And remember, before you start a serious relationship, you need to understand whether you and your partner are ready for it. If you have already found the right person for you, but you are afraid that your feelings can not be reciprocal – we advise you to read the article “How not to get in the Friendzone – 20 tips for the guy.

How to build a serious relationship: a real example

To understand how to build a serious relationship, a real-life example will help.

Anna is 23 years old, she is a graduate student. This summer she will be getting married. And she never thought she would marry the very person. Namely, her first boyfriend. They met back in high school – they helped each other with exams, danced a waltz at the last call. After graduation, they decided to live together.

When her friends told her what kind of boyfriends they had met, it seemed to Anna that she had missed out on something important in her life. This seemed to be it – the college years, meeting guys, partying. This is what every student needs.

Six months passed with these thoughts. And then her young man gets into a serious accident, undergoes many complicated surgeries. The girl was always there to help him recover. She did not even think about any other thoughts. Anya was terribly frightened and worried, and she should be – so much has fallen on the student’s shoulders. Along with the repeated surgeries, the rehabilitation of her boyfriend lasted almost two years, there was a serious problem – the nerve in his leading arm was damaged. He could not move it.

In all that time the girl had never even had the thought of breaking up. Despite the crisis they were going through at the time. Now she can hardly remember that period of her life. The main thing is that we survived.

The strangest thing is that before Anya thought that the most important thing in a relationship is strong feelings, a storm of emotions and common interests. From her own experience, she was convinced that this is not the case. She now knows that if you love someone, you are always there for them. No matter what the circumstances. The most important thing is support. There is a reason they say about “for better or for worse”.

So, thanks to the example of the student Anna, now you know how to build a serious relationship.

How to get over a breakup

It happens that the relationship was not built, then you need to know how to survive the breakup. Therefore, we have prepared for you effective tips:

  • Do not keep your emotions. This is not good for your nervous system, and also threatens to cause more outbursts in the future.
  • Do not try to distract yourself with addictions like alcohol. This will not help you in any way, it will only make the situation worse.
  • Have new experiences. Try to do things you have never done before. For example, go snowboarding or go to a trampoline center.
  • Change your image. It’s not for nothing to joke about the karee after a breakup, a new image can really raise your mood and self-esteem.
  • And most importantly, if the final decision to break up is made, delete/block your former partner.

It is helpful to know how to get over a breakup. It is also very important to always be in control of other areas of your life. Especially your career, your relationship with your family, and your academic success. Read more about the latter area below.

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  2. Rewriting – retelling the text in your own words. Ready-made text you yourself modify. In this case, different techniques are used. For example, inserting introductory constructions or adding epithets.
  3. A unique content will help to reduce the percentage of plagiarism. The more text you write yourself, the higher the percentage will be.

If you are curious about each method in more detail, read the article “How to increase anti-plagiarism: all working methods 2021”.

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So, we found out how to build a serious relationship. We came to the conclusion that this requires: mutual respect, understanding of personal boundaries, trust, a similar view of the world, a shared perspective and acceptance of the partner with all his shortcomings.

We looked at different types of relationships and found out what they are for. One of the students shared her experience. Her story made it clear that the most important thing in a strong relationship is support in any situation.

Also were analyzed situations when it is not possible to start a relationship. It turns out that most often it is due to traumatic experiences or abusive tendencies.

The ideal relationship between a man and a woman: a healthy relationship

“Ah, the longing for love” … Isn’t that right? Have you ever seen an example, whether in a movie or a book, of what an ideal relationship between a man and a woman looks like? Have you ever thought about how to organize one in real life? What do both in a couple need to do to make it happen, how to work on the relationship, who to look up to among acquaintances or strangers, and what ideal to strive for?

Healthy communication – the ideal relationship between a man and a woman

This interaction involves honesty and open communication, all of which requires effort and compromise from both people. There is no power imbalance here. Partners respect each other’s independence, can make their own decisions without fear of retribution and share their decisions. And this is very important: If/when the relationship ends, there is no harassment or refusal to let go of the other partner.

A good and trusting relationship is only possible if all of these points are met:

Always be extremely careful. Women can be treacherous. But men, of course, are not sweet sheep either. If you feel that a woman is trying to manipulate you, and you really suffer from it, because you are used to taking everything to heart, do not tolerate it and ask for support from friends or a psychologist. Yes, it may seem strange that a man is being controlled and tormented by a woman. Rather, it is you doing it, but I urge you not to do that. Never. Don’t think that she will forget all the bad stuff in an instant once you ask for forgiveness and you have everything perfect.

Let’s look at all these points in more detail:

To explain to a woman how you can and can’t be with you, you have to figure it out for yourself first. Ask yourself what’s acceptable to you and what’s not.

Questions in a relationship

Think about this well and reflect on the other categories that are present in the relationship. Ask yourself questions that will help you figure out how to draw your boundaries in communicating with your loved one.

Online Communication

Are you posting your relationship status on VK? Is it okay for you if your woman uses your phone? Are you willing/ready to give her your password (or even more than one)?

Money Matters.

Is it acceptable for you to let her wear your stuff? Are you willing to pay for your lady or what do you think if it’s the other way around?


Are you religious? If so, do you need your date to be of the same religion as you or would you be fine if she just respected your views?

Let the woman know what your boundaries are. It’s imperative that you do this. You might ask how to do it. Well certainly don’t sit down in front of her with a list on an A4 sheet called “My boundaries.” Just both of you discuss things openly and as honestly as possible.

You might not even be aware of some things at first, like if your woman wants to share passwords after you’ve met her, or when it’s acceptable for both of you. If your needs are different than your woman’s, talk. And understand, then you don’t need to report back to her, nor does she need to report back to you. Yes, it can be awkward, but talking, arguing, even conflicting at times is okay. That’s how relationships grow. When a woman listens to you and respects you, it builds trust.

Know when a line has been crossed.

If the line was crossed again, even if you have already clearly defined this very line, it’s already impudence and disrespect. And it’s understandable when a person physically resorts to violence, for example, to force you to do something you don’t want to do. But it can also be more subtle, like when a woman accuses you of something, pleads with you until you give in, or threatens to break up with you if you don’t do what they want.

Important things for a perfect relationship

The perfect relationship between a man and a woman is only possible when many important things are combined. And the second important thing we have is the ability to communicate and do it respectfully, with attention. Because you can’t go anywhere without communication, it’s the only way you can tell her what you like, what you don’t like, what’s acceptable for you or not. When you do not understand each other, it can be called a norm, but it often gives rise to resentment. So how do you talk to each other honestly?

When talking.

Try to be as open as possible and express yourself more clearly. If something doesn’t make sense to you, say it, she’s not psychic. You don’t have to insult her and speak for yourself. The more honest you are, the fucking better for both of you. Apologize when you are wrong or hurt. It seems so simple, but the reality is that very few couples behave this way and so a perfect relationship between a man and a woman becomes almost impossible.

When you listen.

Pay attention, don’t be distracted by your smartphone, even if some hottie posts a storis. Look up to your woman and finally listen to what she’s saying to you. Take your conditioned earplugs out of your ears at last. Listen and think carefully about what to say in response. Don’t interrupt her under any circumstances. If you don’t understand something, just ask, don’t make it up. If you don’t know what to answer right now, say so, but don’t marinate her so she’ll think about what to expect from you.

Pay attention to your body language.

Make eye contact, look at her carefully.

Digital communication.

You don’t need to talk about something very important through a chat on Telegram or anywhere else. If there is no other option, it is better to choose a video call, so you will at least see the emotions of the person, while focusing on the conversation, not distracted by other things.

When you talk about something important, do it when you feel calm, or take some time to cool down if you have an argument. Don’t make it worse and talk about the problem in time if it comes up.

Here are some more smart tips to bring your relationship closer to perfect:

1. your world shouldn’t revolve around your woman. Even if you’re madly in love, that’s no reason for you to ignore the rest of the world and the people in it. And you certainly don’t have to cut off contact with your friends for the woman you love. You don’t have to depend on her and try to keep her world from coming down on you. If you both fail to meet this condition, you will soon become very bored with each other.

2. There is no need to suffer for her, what is meant here is that even if you want all day and night to see her and communicate with her, you should not show it to her as if you cannot live without her. It just stifles your partner and even repulses her.

3. Your relationship should not just be platonic. It is better if you are integrated into each other’s lives as much as possible. That is, if you only make love, but otherwise do not communicate, then you will not work out well. If you’re just her secret boyfriend and haven’t even touched her hand, then there’s nothing to say here either, because nothing will work out. Connections should be strong and touch everything – both soul and body.

4. You can’t stalkerize. What does that mean, elementary, from real stalking, to 1,000 calls if she doesn’t want to talk. Not only does this tell you that your self-esteem is at rock bottom, it’s also scary.

5. Treat yourself with love. If you love yourself, she’ll know you’re worth it. After all, we attract to ourselves what we feel about ourselves.

6. Take care of yourself. If you feel love for yourself, most likely you will also take care of yourself. Caring is everything that has to do with your health, sleep, and more.

7. Learn in some way to infuse your spiritual content beyond your relationship, because otherwise you will become boring, because you will have nothing to share, nothing to give, and we’re not talking about money right now.

8. You don’t have to try to fit in with a woman. You have to find that delicate balance on your own between your healthy selfishness and your desire to be of service in a good way.

9. When you’re pleasing your woman, make sure it’s mutual. That’s because if it’s only on one side, that structure will eventually collapse. Both have to contribute and nothing else.

10. It is forbidden to ignore problems. Yes, it really is forbidden. The fact is that problems tend to pile up, and people tend to ignore difficulties. As a result, don’t be surprised that your relationship is far from perfect.

11. Let you always have time for your woman. Undoubtedly, you should spend most of your time on yourself, but if you do only that, or hang out with your friends forever, the relationship will be fueled by nothing and it will come to naught.

12- If you don’t pay attention to your woman, someone else will soon do it. And so if you want your relationship to stay afloat, do something about it.

13. You have to show that you are worthy of respect. You don’t have to strike a pose and yell that you should be respected. That’s not how it’s done. You just have to show with calm confidence how you treat yourself, avoid tantrums and other unflattering expressions of emotion. Of course, in turn, you have to respect your woman, too.

14. Your contribution to the relationship should be equal. Some people talk about 50-50, but in fact each of you should give a hundred percent. If you see that only you or vice versa are putting in, then you’re going to have to talk and somehow fix the situation.

15. Even before you get married, then you will have to agree on who will provide for the family and who will take care of the household. But you have to talk about it with children in mind. And before they come, you have to do everything equally.

16. Learn empathy, empathy. You don’t have to treat your beloved as the enemy. If you don’t understand each other, you can always talk, but please don’t think she’s a stranger to you. Learn to deal with problems together.

17. Understand that you are different, and there is no changing that. Learn patience. There are no ideals and if you think she will change from your wishes, you’re wrong. Your differences just have to be accepted. But if you see that we are too different and don’t want to put up with it, you have to break up.

18. You don’t have to be patient. The point here is that many people are so afraid of being alone that they will agree to anything just to be there. More often than not, this is due to a lack of self-love. You shouldn’t do that, because if you go against yourself and your desire, you will end up unhappy. Is that really how you want to live your life?

19. Once again, don’t even try to change a person. It never works. Also, don’t let her change you if you don’t want her to. Just understand that if you’re not happy with something in her now, it’s better to break up, because everything will be the same, or even worse.

20. You have to teach her how to treat you, how to treat you permissibly and how not. Try asking her to do the same. The thing is that if you let her do something unacceptable, for example, give you a light slap, it will go on, and maybe it will get worse, because that’s how people are, they’re always looking for boundaries. Is that what you want? If you don’t stop this behavior right away, you will regret it in the future.

21. Become a person you respect and love. Because everything is interconnected, if you don’t respect yourself, your woman won’t either. It all depends very much on how you treat yourself. If you’re constantly criticizing yourself and you think a girl is going to treat you like a crown prince, you’re wrong. People read that on a subconscious level.

22. You can’t be afraid to let your partner know that you want to be alone. It’s not bad, it’s absolutely normal. Besides, it helps to relax and reserve strength. You don’t have to answer to anyone. If you need to be alone, just say it as a fact, and rest easy. If you get hysterical, well, then it’s time to break up with that woman.

23. Appreciate your loved one. Everyone wants to be appreciated, don’t they? What makes your woman different from others? In fact, even if she just hung the linens out on the dryer, thank her for it. And do it all the time. Chances are she’ll feel good about it, and she’ll want to do even more good things for you. Check it out right now. It really works. Don’t forget that she should appreciate you, too.

24. Never let insults pass you by, much less tolerate them. If you think abuse can only be physical, you’re wrong. If you’re being brain-dried and constantly told off with foul language and yelling, that’s a serious reason to end your relationship.

A little bit about the importance of trusting each other.

Building trust takes time, of course. And while it may be hard for you to trust, especially if your trust has been betrayed in the past, you can’t blame your current woman for what the previous woman did. How to build trust so that the relationship becomes close to perfect:

  • Be trustworthy. If you need help, a woman should understand that she will get it from you.
  • Respect boundaries. This was written about in detail above.
  • Be honest. Do you talk about your feelings and make an effort to talk things through?
  • Back up your words with actions, not just talk.

According to a lot of people, relationships are an impenetrable forest. And a perfect relationship between a man and a woman is something out of fantasy. But that’s not true. It’s not in the relationship, but in people who are used to complicate things.

In fact, if you both will thoroughly work on themselves and expect the same from his partner, then you have a real chance to bring your relationship to the ideal. The thing is, no one wants to make an effort on themselves; people think that relationships just have to work like the greased gears in a clock. But in reality it doesn’t work that way, because a relationship is something that’s about everyone in the couple, not someone individually.

A relationship is something that requires a lot of patience and daily work. And you have every chance of making them happy and maybe even perfect for you. Just learn how to behave properly toward each other. With these tips, you can change your life and your relationships. Go for it.

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