About love in your own words – considering the main thing

A declaration of love in your own words

Today I want to tell you how I feel. When you’re near me, when I hear your voice, when I feel the touch of your hands, I’m the happiest man in the universe. I love you very much, you mean so much to me. Your happiness is my happiness, the smile on your face and sincere laughter inspire and encourage me!

I love you as children love gum, enjoy its sweet taste and alluring aroma, without being able to tear myself away! I would spend the rest of my life looking into your beautiful, ethereal eyes and drown in them as in the abyss! No words or poems have been invented to express my feelings for you. I don’t need any gadgets or islands, I just want to hold you and not let you go!

My darling, tender, incomparable, you are like a rare jewel, carefully preserved by me. You are like the finest delicate sprig of a cherry tree, touching and beautiful. Are there any words I can use to express my endless love for you, my only one? There are so many, but the most important and correct ones are: I love you, I’ll say it a thousand times – I love you with all my soul!

It’s impossible not to fall in love with a woman like you: everything about you is beautiful and appealing. You are a ray of sunshine, which warms me in any weather. I remember every gesture, every look, every word you say. You are the best woman in the world. I want to hold you tightly and protect you from all the bad weather and troubles in this world. I love you and want to be with you.

Maybe someone will say that it’s unseemly for a man to declare his love, I’ll argue. My love for you is so strong I want to shout it at the top of my voice. My feelings for you overwhelm me. All my thoughts are occupied with only one object, and that is you. It’s important to me to be with you every minute, to touch you, to catch your tender gaze. I love you. Be mine forever.

My other half, you are the greatest joy and happiness in my life, for your sake I am ready for any feats, for the sake of our happiness I can do fantastic things. I promise that you will receive from me only immense love, unconditional support, constant affection, all-consuming warmth, incredible kindness, and constant care. I’ll be your reliable support and always help you in everything.

You know, I’ve wanted to tell you for a long time… This has been tormenting me for a long time… A long time… Ever since we started dating… Many things have happened during these months… during these days… I thank you for every pleasant minute you gave me… Anyway, enough stalling. It’s time to dot all the i’s… I want to say that… LOVE YOU!

I love you madly, wholeheartedly, absolutely. I can feel your mood even from a distance. I dream of living with you until my old age and, in my old age, walking with you by the hand on deserted beaches, enjoying our silence.

My darling, my love! How lucky I am to have met you! You are the best, the strongest, the most talented! The most beautiful, the cleverest, the most extraordinary! I’m proud of you! I know you’re going to cringe a little at all these compliments, but it’s hard to find words to express the feeling! It’s just love! I just love you!

My dearest and dearest, closest person! The more years we have been together, the stronger is my feeling of happiness. Once a choice was made and time shows that my heart was not deceived: you are a man with whom it is interesting even to keep silent, with whom it is not scary to add years to life, with whom I can share my dream and am not ashamed to tell my secret thoughts. I love you infinitely! God bless our union, and we’ll keep trying to warm our feelings.

Your unexpected appearance in my measured life is like a breath of fresh air, you inspire me to do unexpected and pleasant things, your faith encourages me and allows me to get out of difficult situations with minimal losses. My love, stay with me constantly and together we can overcome all the obstacles prepared for us, supporting each other makes us stronger, full mutual understanding will be a matter of pride.

I love you sunshine, I love you my little flower. You are the light in the window. Having met you, I became an incredibly happy man. For me there is no more beautiful and native than you. My beloved bright star, illuminating my way in the deepest night. Sweet and unique I adore you.

I want to touch your skin with my fingertips, to freeze in the feeling of you! I want every cell frozen in a moment of curved body! I want a heart-burning kiss. I want the fire that burns everything in its path, but with you it turns into heat that spills over the whole body… Life in a couple of moments… I LOVE YOU.

The time has come for me to confess my trembling light feelings to you. It has become clear to me that I love you very much. After getting to know you more and more intimately, my life has been filled with a whole new meaning. I constantly think about us and our future fate together. With you it is always easy, fun, good and life becomes beautiful and happy. Meetings with you become more and more joyful, and partings are absolutely unbearable. I think that our feelings are mutual and I hope we will be inseparable.

You are my inspiration, my happiness, I love you more than life! You gave me moments of bliss. Your gaze, your beauty and amazing femininity drive me crazy. Let fate, my love, be favorable to you and give you many surprises, and I will guard you and protect you. May my love for you give me strength to fulfill all my plans and hidden desires.

When I first saw you, my heart fluttered and I felt something truly unimaginable. Every moment with you is a drop of immense happiness! I love you so much, and I will never stop admiring the beauty of your smile and the depth of your pure gaze. I would give anything for us to be together, and nothing could keep us apart.

Sweetheart, I love you. I wish you, my darling, happiness, mental equilibrium, happiness, joy and great mutual love for you and me! You mean a lot to me, I appreciate every moment spent with you. I’m glad we’re together! May everything you have planned come true and I will be there for you!

I thank God for giving me the gift of you. You, my queen, are the gentlest, most beautiful and sweetest person in the world. May life give you new dreams, new achievements and surprises. I will do my best to brighten your life. You are an amazing woman who knows how to understand, sincerely love and charm. Always be on the crest of happiness and waves of success.

Beloved, there is a fire burning in my heart, a fire of love for you. But this flame doesn’t burn me out, but gives me strength, ignites my thirst to live, to create, inspires me to create, to realize my dreams, to go forward – with you, for our sake, for the sake of our future! It’s so sweet to love you, to be near you – so easy, safe, calm that I don’t want to leave you even for a moment!

Author: Natalia Kuldoshina

My girl, I feel for you an incredibly great and truly beautiful feeling, without which a person doesn’t live, but simply exists … This is love. You are everything to me and even more, you are what I live and breathe for. I love you and will love you forever!

My joy, my soul! I have the feeling that in you I have met my other half. When you’re near – I live a full life, I want to sing and laugh. When you’re not with me it’s like I’m not halfway there. I love you, I live you, I breathe you.

You’re amazing! My darling! If it weren’t for the hustle and bustle of daily life, I’d stare at you all day long! I would look at you, because you’re the most beautiful in the world! My most beautiful flower! You’re in my heart, it can’t beat without you! I love you, I live this love and I will do everything for your happiness!

I love you, my little bird, more than life; I love your eyes, your lips – all of you. I love every word you say, every look you look. Your face sits deep in my heart, filling my whole body with warmth, tenderness and happiness. Unbridled passion fills me and overwhelms me. I want to be with you every minute. I breathe you, you give me life-giving oxygen and fill me with sensual emotions.

I love you, my queen, more than life. Thank you for meeting me on my way. Your silky hair discourages me, you are my salvation from cruel reality. I want to come to you right now, to plunge into your arms and feel your soft lips. I dream and see you every day, I want to be near you, feel your body, your gentle hands. I wish to possess you completely.

My little one, my most beloved, I do not live without you, I exist! I do not need expensive gifts, soft toys, chocolate, I need only you … Sometimes, when I understand that we can not be together, I want to die! But waking up every morning I understand: I live for you … When you stand next to me I feel warm when you talk to me, no matter what about, I feel hot when you kiss me on the cheek, I feel hot, but you do not leave a burn on my body, it forms in my heart! And it doesn’t hurt at all … I want to live for you, breathe for you, I want to be with you always. I love you more than life.

Darling, I love you madly, passionately and very much. Every day I thank the heavens for your unexpected, but so pleasant appearance in my life. Stay with me longer, and if everything works out – forever.

Every word of my confession is filled with tenderness, unbridled passion, and desire. I love you! I dream of hearing a positive response from you, I shiver with desire to hear your voice, to see your smile. It’s like a dream…beautiful, pure and heartbreaking! A fleeting infatuation has grown into a deep feeling that permeates me from head to toe. I only want to be with you!

33 beautiful declarations of love to a man in his own words

Love confessions are not always trivial. In this material we will tell you how to beautifully and originally tell about your overflowing feelings.

Sometimes girls who want to please their significant other turn out to be very inventive. Some write poetry, some are fond of prose. Talents manifest themselves in different ways: from oratory to creativity on paper and other materials.

The future of your relationship depends on how you will say a declaration of love to a man. Of course, you can just say: “I love you. But it is very boring, and it may not be enough for a romantic moment to count on reciprocity and a lot of positive emotions from being with each other.

Non-trivial short declarations of love to a man

Not everyone wants to be eloquent and long speeches are not always appropriate. Therefore, it is enough for the man you love to say:

  1. If I were driving a car, I would like you to be a red traffic light. Then I would stop and stare at you for a long time.
  2. Every person has their own motivation, and you motivate me.
  3. When we are together, butterflies dance in my stomach, and then the whole zoo wakes up.
  4. I don’t know what I like more: falling asleep with you or waking up.
  5. When I go to sleep, come into my sleep, so that even for that moment we are not parted.
  6. When you’re around, my air conditioner doesn’t do its job. You’re too hot. Apparently, my electric bill is getting too high.
  7. I want to go to sleep sooner and wake up sooner so I can hold you again.
  8. I understand that you will probably be very busy today and have a lot of work to do, but please add seeing me to your to-do list.

In fact, every confession is individual. Even if the same words are said. It all depends on how the phrase will be said by a particular person, and what emotional message it carries.

When the declaration of love to the man in his own words is the most relevant

Most often, girls and women want to choose the right words for the marriage ceremony. Now it is fashionable to exchange vows in front of witnesses. Therefore, in preparation for the wedding, every bride makes notes for herself, thinking about what to say to the beloved . The phrase should evoke awe. There is hardly anything unique to say, but that is also not the point of the idea of exchanging vows.

There are a number of the most simple and understandable phrases for lovers:

  1. If I had to choose my soulmate again, I would once again choose you without a doubt.
  2. I am very lucky, because on my life path I met you. Every day I love you even more.
  3. Loving you is a daily full-time job, and I am ready to build my career.
  4. I am strong, but you are my weakness.
  5. I have met many people in my life, but our meeting with you is the most important and memorable.
  6. All romantic stories are different, but ours is the most interesting.
  7. Thanks to you, I understood what love is.
  8. I am happy to have my closest loved one with me.
  9. I think about you all the time. You just settled in my head.
  10. Such a man I could only dream of, and now I know that my dream is reality.
  11. You are a magician. I can’t get you out of my head. I love you.
  12. I want to do everything with you, and we have our whole lives to do it all.
  13. You know how I can be, and still we’re together. I love you for that.
  14. Keep me warm with your warmth, because I like to snuggle up to you with my body so much.
  15. There are billions of people on Earth, but I love you.
  16. Love has no boundaries, so let’s get even closer to each other.

Perhaps the best thing a bride can say at her own wedding is “I love you and will always be there for you, no matter what the weather is like in the house. But a beautiful declaration of love to a guy can also be expressed in another form, not necessarily verbal and over the top.

It’s enough to talk about feelings in private or whisper in your ear everything you want. At the same time, none of the guests at the wedding will hear this confession, and this moment will be only for two people.

A touching declaration of love to a guy

If the words “I love you” are not enough for a guy and he seems to be waiting for a continuation, then you should dedicate him to the depth of your feelings.

Confession #1

When I hold your hand I feel like I’m being pierced by lightning, and at the same moment the butterflies in my stomach go dancing. But I can’t let you go either, because we are one. I want to always be close to you. You showed me what “love” is and what it can be, taught me to believe and trust, give in to weaknesses, rejoice in trifles, look only forward without turning back.

Your love gives me courage. Now I want to breathe and snuggle as close to you as possible, to feel your affection. I want to live with you forever, because you and I are never bored. And even one day apart is agony. Your feelings give me strength.

Confession No. 2

I love you, and this feeling is beautiful. I’ve never felt so happy before and I think it’s mutual. I’m glad you came into my life. It’s like a rainbow now. It makes me want to dream and make plans when I think of you. You motivate me to achieve.

I want to never part with you. And for our future to be boring and filled with only bright colors and positive emotions, I am ready to surprise you. I suggest every day falling asleep and waking up together, and on weekends lying in bed for a long time and not rushing anywhere, enjoying each other’s company.

Confession #3.

Only you know what I really am, because only you I am ready to open the way to my heart. I feel good with you. I feel completely safe. You make me feel so warm and peaceful. You are important to me. The day we met, I will always remember. You won me over with your smile.

I love it. I want you to be always near me and your eyes to burn as they did when we first met. With you I’m ready for any feat, because together we are power. Now I know what happiness is and am ready to share its secret with you.

Confession No. 4

How I love you is indescribable. Words cannot express how I feel. It is enough to take my hand and look into my eyes. I feel hot and cold when I’m around you. And this chill is not a cold. It’s just exciting to be near you, but it’s so important to me.

You are my most desired gift of fate. I want to spend more time together with you. For example, come to me in my dreams even more often, and we’ll jump on clouds and roll down rainbows together. And when we wake up, we’ll admire each other. Let’s not part for a moment.

Confession #5.

You are my dearest and dearest one. I am happy to have such a support. You always support me and let me be a little girl. Thank you for that. I want to tell you that I love you and I need you not only in the morning or evening.

It wouldn’t take me twenty-four hours to get enough of you. I think of you all the time. Add meeting me to your list of things to do, and we’ll see each other even more often, for example, I’ll settle in your thoughts and not let myself be forgotten for a minute. You are my joy. You always know what I need. And for that I’m ready to do anything with you, even crazy things. I love you more and more.

Confession No. 6

You kindled a flame in my chest that soon became a bright bonfire. I am falling more and more in love with you. It’s an amazing and incomprehensible feeling. There must have been wizards in your family, or what else to call the fact that it’s as if I’m bewitched by you.

I can’t live a minute without you. I am very comfortable in such a state. I wouldn’t let you out of my arms, it’s so nice, warm and easy with you. You are an important man in my life and the best friend. Darling, I want to live a long life with you, but in the meantime, let’s spend at least a few minutes together.

Confession #7

I appreciate you for your kindness, attention, and care. You are the only one who understands me and accepts me the way I would like to. It gives me joy to share all joys and sorrows with you. This brings us even closer together. You cannot be replaced by anyone else.

You have a place in my heart. You make me smile more often. I have learned to be happy, loved and yet free. With you it’s so easy that friends are simply not needed. You are my best friend, my cosmos. I want to walk with you through life and look only forward, holding hands and rejoicing at the path I’ve traveled.

Confession #8.

I have learned to believe in a fairy tale because you are a true magician. You filled my life with colors, and it became as bright as a rainbow. Sometimes I wish I could go back to my childhood. But at that moment you come and show me why adult life is so interesting.

I want to hug you so tightly that we both get hot from this embrace. And when you’re not around, I feel very sad. That’s why I suggest that we don’t break up. Otherwise I won’t be able to think about anything else but your kisses.

Having told a declaration of love to a guy in her own words, every girl expects reciprocity. If the magic did not happen, then you need to wait for the right moment, well, or another young man who will appreciate sincerity. In this case, even a beautiful declaration of love to a man is better to say in private, without dedicating the idyll of the witnesses, who can disturb the romance of the moment. So it is worth to arm yourself with patience and find time to be alone with your loved one.

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