A young lover of a married woman – explaining all the nuances

Why a married woman needs a young lover

If a woman is truly happy in her marriage, the likelihood that she will cheat on her spouse is extremely small. Ladies who are not satisfied with their personal life in some way or who have simply lost interest in their partner are more often seen for this action. If men tend to cheat in the pursuit of new emotions, the female psychology is many times more complicated.

There are many reasons that influence a girl’s desire to cheat, some of them: lack of regular sex, lack of attention and love from her husband, revenge, or just a desire to make sure of her own importance. In most cases, women of mature age choose young guys. Such a lover increases the self-esteem of the lady and gives her the desired attention.

If a woman is truly happy in her marriage, the likelihood that she will cheat on her spouse is extremely small. Ladies who are not satisfied with their personal life in some way or who have simply lost interest in their partner are more often seen for this action. If men tend to cheat in the pursuit of new emotions, the female psychology is many times more complicated.

There are many reasons that influence a girl’s desire to cheat, some of them: lack of regular sex, lack of attention and love from her husband, revenge, or just a desire to make sure of her own importance. In most cases, women of mature age choose young guys. Such a lover increases the self-esteem of the lady and gives her the desired attention.

Reasons for choosing a young guy

In today’s world, men after marriage spend less and less time with their chosen women, do not improve relationships and do not want to keep the idyll in the family. Because of this, girls do not feel wanted and loved. There are a number of specific factors that can prompt a married woman to cheat:

  1. Often girls say that after several years together with their spouse, romance disappears from the relationship. The husband is at work all the time and does not give his wife the attention and care she deserves. Instead of going somewhere together, he chooses to watch soccer in front of the TV. This kind of relationship between people gradually alienates them from each other. A woman often thinks about dating on the side to get rid of eternal loneliness.
  2. The older a woman gets, the more she wants variety in sex life. And a young lover in this regard is very ambitious and ready for experimentation, he has a lot of strength, desire and energy.
  3. Husbands rarely think about how much work their wives do on a daily basis. Cooked meals, cleaned apartment, washed clothes – they take it all for granted. In fact, this routine of the same household chores exhausts women greatly. If the spouse does not try to help in any way, to take on some responsibilities, then over time, the girl becomes apathetic. To cope with this condition, she tries to find ways to change her life. In such cases, the lady turns her attention to young men who understand everything and are attentive to her.
  4. A woman, like no one else, is in great need of care and affection. Her man should be a support and encouragement in all situations. And if her husband is not the one with whom she can talk about everything and share her problems, she is looking for a man who will listen to her and will give her a strong male shoulder.
  5. If the husband was the first to cheat, the woman feels a great desire to take revenge on him in the same way, to show all the pain and disappointment that she experienced in this situation. The woman finds a young lover, thereby showing her husband that there are people ready to love, appreciate and cherish her under any circumstances.
  6. Sincerity is the key to a happy and long-lasting relationship. And if this feeling is absent, there is a gradual, slow estrangement of the spouses, they communicate less and do not trust each other. Such “unhealthy” relationships also provoke the emergence of new relationships on the side.

Positive qualities of the union

Recently, the topic of married women and young lovers is very popular. Psychologists often hear questions about whether it is necessary to communicate with guys who are 10 or more years younger, whether they will find common interests and what will come of it. And experts in the field almost unanimously agree that such an age difference will perfectly affect the relationship between partners.

Popular psychologists say that the date of birth in the passport really does not mean anything, the relationship depends on entirely other factors. You can highlight some of the positive qualities of such a union :

  • Young lover – more sex. The biological clock of the guys coincides with the age of the chosen one, which will help both of them to get maximum pleasure and to preserve harmony in intimate life.
  • It is a noticeable and well-known fact that next to a young guy a grown-up woman turns into a girl – she blooms, gets younger, prettier, becomes more interesting and attractive.
  • In such a relationship, there is no tension associated with plans for the future. Neither the adult, often married woman nor the young guy wants to bind themselves with the bonds of marriage and have common children. A woman should not be afraid of being forced into a divorce and a host of new problems will not descend upon her.
  • Youth is an addiction. Such relationships are most often built according to the lady’s script. She knows how to achieve what she wants, and the young man unknowingly fulfills all her requirements due to his age. The woman gets passion, sex, support and tender feelings.

Feelings of women and lovers

Ladies choose such young lovers without even thinking about what it is that makes a woman spend time with a guy who is younger and more naive than herself. There is no particular secret that reveals all the cards.

On a psychological level, a girl after 30 feels more comfortable with a young guy, because he gives her freedom, is not as demanding, interesting, easier to adjust “to herself. And not quite mature men yearn for a new experience, including sexual, to feel the full range of emotions associated with relationships in the presence of a husband. Real love rarely develops in such a couple.

A married woman and a young man meet and socialize, spend time together comfortably, do not obligate each other to anything, feel ease and carefree. It is for the sake of this that the lady finds a lover. The guy by his actions and deeds in every way increases the self-esteem of the woman, she feels needed.

Most women of this age have already established themselves morally, psychologically, and financially. They will not “nag” her lover for the fact that he does not earn enough or not help around the house, it makes no sense to get on his nerves. Relationships on the side begin to make sure of their sexuality, attractiveness, to feel desirable and the only one. This is very important for a girl of any age, and husbands often forget about this, which leads to cheating.

The subtleties of female psychology

Women are structured a little differently than the male sex. A delicious dinner and regular sex is not enough for them to be happy. Girls perceive every situation very emotionally – both good and not so good.

Often their emotions go beyond, they are tired of putting up with, asking or persuading their husbands to do this or that to strengthen the relationship. The girl needs endless affection, care, love and support. She needs to be protected and protected so that she feels safe.

A girl will not have much trouble getting a lover or seducing a married man. She can behave in such a way that everyone will want to be at her feet. Women have the ability to flirt, mesmerize and dominate the stronger sex, only if they really want to. A man should never forget that.

What should I do if I am the lover of a married woman?

A man is usually more at ease with a situation where he becomes a lover rather than a lover to a woman. If he does not intend to have a serious relationship with her, then he can afford to be a “second partner” for a while. Often, however, the duration of the relationship leads to the emergence of feelings for his partner. And then the lover begins to think about how to destroy the family of a married woman with whom he is dating. What to do if you are a lover, in more detail will tell the men’s website masculino.ru.

Enjoy your relationship

If you suddenly realized that you are a lover, the second after your husband, not the only one in a woman’s life, then psychologists suggest that you relax. You initially knew that the woman is not free. Which means you were okay with being “lover,” “second,” “not the only one.” Enjoy the relationship while it lasts.

Enjoy everything that happens to you in life. Stop “sweating” over the little things, even when it comes to love relationships. Modern man is increasingly imbued with the idea that you should rejoice and be happy only in certain moments of life. If you are uncomfortable, you shouldn’t be happy. If you feel bad, you should cry about it. If you are not happy about something, you should complain. As long as people react in this way to certain aspects of their lives, no one will ever be happy. And happiness is not only about positive events, but also about difficult and unpleasant ones.

Happy are the people who enjoy the home they live in, the things they have, the family members they have chosen and birthed, the jobs they are able to earn money from, etc. The world is not going to change, the situation in the country is not going to get significantly better. And people keep putting off their happiness for later: “when I die,” “when the situation in the country changes,” “when I go to the sea,” etc. In such ways you can get a little piece of happiness. But to become a happy person in its entirety, you need to see the benefit, something interesting and meaningful in any situation, thing, person or even problem.

That’s why people dream of vacations, because they can’t enjoy life while they work, build up their capital, and solve problems. But what happens if you don’t make a tragedy out of any negative situation? You can dislike a job, but you can get money out of it and just find interest in the tasks you do in it. Not all billionaires love what they do, but they find interest in what they do and the tasks they accomplish as they grow their business.

The same approach applies to any area of life. Instead of grieving over a disagreement in your family, set out to solve the issue and keep the family together. Instead of grieving over an illness, challenge yourself to get well. And get the same pleasure from it, as you get, doing what you love.

Secret! It should be noted that your favorite activities are those in which you are successful. If a person can’t achieve professionalism in any activity, then he doesn’t have anything to love at all. And when you succeed at something, you immediately have interest and enthusiasm. So whether you enjoy something or not depends on you personally – whether you learn, develop, excel and do everything you can to make it work, from which your interest will grow more and more.

Thus, enjoy everything that happens to you in life. Learn to find interest and meaning in everything that surrounds you now, in where and how you make money, with the people with whom you communicate. And the secret of how to enjoy even the problems you face in life is to see the situation not as a problem, but as a challenge. Something happened to you: what goal do you set for yourself, what result do you want to achieve as a result of solving your problem, and what do you have to do to do this?

And so that you have more and more love, interest and enthusiasm for the things that you are willingly or forced to do (for example, to cook or go to work), try to achieve professionalism, excellence or to create something new in this activity. Try to be skillful and capable in what you do. After all, when you are good at it, you are happy to keep doing this or that job. Try to do your job perfectly, then you will enjoy it, you will find it interesting and you will have fun.

If you are the lover of a married woman, then rejoice at least that you are not alone. If you want a serious relationship, then offer it to your partner. And if she does not want to part with her husband, then start looking for another beloved woman.

Are you a lover? Do you need a lover?

Cheating is something people are talking about more and more. This topic is becoming more topical, especially when the problem is solved by the one who has been cheated on. The partner who cheats does not think much about the consequences and does not want to solve the problem, because it is good for him to live on two fronts: at home there is stability and comfort, and on the side there is a storm of emotions and sexuality. As for lovers and lovers, they mostly do not think about what they are doing. And this article is addressed specifically to them, not in an admonitory tone, but in a question: are they sure they want the people they love who are lovers?

Are you a lover? What reasons did you decide to take on this role? Consider the most common reason for this behavior. You fell in love with your partner and are now waiting for him to break away from his family life and join you. Naturally, you want to continue to live happily ever after without making mistakes that will divorce you.

But how do you know your happiness will last? Consider this: your partner has encountered some problems in his family life, which has prompted him to seek you out – a lover. By finding you, he makes up for the lack of feeling and warmth that he lacks in the family relationship. And yet your partner has only escaped from solving family problems into your relationship. How do you know that faced with the problems, being with you, he will not do the same – find himself another lover?

Remember, it’s always scary to do a bad thing only the first time. A man does not know what the result will be as a consequence of his action. But if everything goes well, he does not suffer serious damage or punishment, then the subsequent times of committing a bad deed happen without fear. In other words, if you are the first lover in your partner’s life, the next time your significant other will be less afraid and think before having another “new love” to replace you.

If you expect your loved one to leave the family and then create a long and happy future with you, how can you be sure that you won’t be treated exactly the same way as your ex-husband? Your partner didn’t find you out of idle curiosity or happiness, but because the reality in which he lives is bad. But instead of dealing with the problems he’s facing, your partner found you just to make up for all the things he’s missing right now. The woman doesn’t think she brought her own problems into her life because she blames her husband, life, evil bosses, and other people. Everyone is to blame for her misfortunes, but not her. And if the person is not to blame, he will not change. And creating a relationship with you, he will resort to the old way of solving problems – adultery, but already you.

Understand that your partner can do to you exactly the same way as with the former spouse. You can’t change your life by trying to change only the trappings – your partner, the lack of a legal marriage, not having children (or what reasons your partner believes caused the destruction of his family). Life changes only when a person sees what their actions are causing these very problems that are destroying their family, and changes them. You need to change yourself, your character and behavior, not your family, partner, etc. Only then can you hope that by creating a new family or just a relationship, it won’t collapse again for the same reasons as the previous ones.

What to do if you are a lover?

In a situation where you are a lover, you can do different things. Much depends on your status:

  1. You are married or single.
  2. Your woman is married or single.

Also a lot depends on your feelings: do you love the woman or just feel passion for her? There are quite a lot of options, which is influenced by many factors. To understand what to do in a situation where you are a lover, it is recommended to be alone with your thoughts for a while.

What are the options?

  • You can not change anything, and just enjoy your relationship with your lover. Maybe it will become a temporary retreat until you find a beloved lady.
  • You can learn something from a married woman if she is older than you. You can ask how to behave with your wife if you are married and want to build a relationship with your spouse. You can learn about family life and all the problems men face in marriage with women.
  • You can break up a secret relationship so you don’t cheat on anyone. This advice will be especially useful if you start to be jealous of your mistress of her husband, which you absolutely do not need.
  • You can offer your mistress a serious relationship that involves divorcing her from her husband. This suits those men who love their partners and are serious about making them their wives.
  • One can become friends with occasional intimacy between them. This suits those men who understand the usefulness of a connection with their mistresses, such as being their bosses or knowing useful people. Here you can even get to know her husband, but not for the purpose of exposing the woman, but just to show that he doesn’t have to worry (his wife is in good hands).

What should the lover do in the end?

Sometimes you are not the only one who decides what to do in a situation of having a secret affair. The lover can also make a decision that puts everything in its place. But if you are tormented by your situation only because of the moral attitude, it is better to relax. You’re not hurting anyone, or the woman didn’t start dating you. If she dates you, then you make her happy. And if she is happy, then to some extent her husband is relieved.

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