A year of relationship with a girl: sorting it out point by point

How to celebrate the anniversary of the relationship?

If after a year, the harmony in the relationship between a man and a woman has remained, you can say with confidence: this couple has been stocked with patience and love for many years. Psychologists say: “Anniversary of the relationship at 1 year is a kind of crisis, a boundary, when the lovers have learned about each other not only positive character traits, but also experienced negative aspects of life.

One year of a relationship is the first holiday together, symbolizing love, understanding, and respect. For strong feelings, psychologists advise to celebrate “personal” holidays together. An originally spent evening, romantic gifts will leave impressions for a lifetime. How to celebrate the anniversary of the relationship, what to present as a gift – the eternal question of almost all lovers.

How to celebrate: ideas for the anniversary of the relationship

On the eve of the holiday, it is recommended to think about the “plan of action”, which consists of three main points:

  1. What time will the celebration take place: if it is a weekday, it is reasonable to celebrate the anniversary in the evening. If the holiday fell on a Saturday or Sunday you can devote time to each other from the morning.
  2. Who will be present at the anniversary: the question of the presence of relatives, friends and acquaintances. If the couple in love thinks about inviting company, it is recommended to prepare a scenario for the celebration.
  3. Financial issue: available money to buy gifts, hold the celebration with the help of a presenter.

Doing the photo shoot yourself by asking passersby to press the shutter button of the camera.

The evening for lovers should be special. To do this, it is recommended to buy wax candles, scented incense, red roses on the eve of the celebration. Add foam and rose petals to the bath. It is recommended to take a bath for two in a romantic setting. Complement will serve as a pleasant tranquil music.

If the holiday is attended by guests

Friends, acquaintances, close people will rush to congratulate the lovers with the anniversary of the relationship. If the arrival of guests is planned, it is recommended to think about the scenario of the holiday the day before. This can be a joint trip to the countryside with a guitar and barbeque, a trip to the theater, cinema, historical museum, a trip to another city.

You can arrange an evening for lovers on the roof of the house (in the summer). To avoid confusion it is recommended to have the keys to the attic (access to the roof) in advance; bring a small table and chairs. Disposable tableware can be used. Decorate the place of the celebration with inflatable hearts, balloons and ribbons.

1. Practical gift

  • A leather belt for pants.
  • A purse.
  • Book – a case for a cell phone.
  • If the strong half is a businessman, office sets, accessories for a laptop will do as a gift.

2. Gifts – hobbies

Over the year, a woman learns all the hobbies of her man. This can be used to choose a present.

  • For a fisherman: a spinning gun; a set of plaits.
  • For the motorist: a navigator of the latest model, alloy wheels with lighting.
  • For an athlete: dumbbells; a skateboard, rollerblades.

For the homebody as a gift it is recommended to buy “neutral” gifts: terry robe, coffee maker, coffee maker, thermos.

will include imagination, classic gifts can be varied by a list of more expensive gifts.

  • Necklace encrusted with precious stones; (ring, earrings) of noble metals;
  • Guipure lingerie for sleep;
  • Certificate for the purchase of expensive cosmetics from leading manufacturers;
  • A visit to a cosmetology salon;
  • Accessories to clothing (clutch, scarf on the neck).

Hobbies of your other half. As a gift will be suitable, closely related to the hobbies of the girl:

  1. Canvas and a set of paints;
  2. Bicycle, skateboard;
  3. Aquarium with fish;
  4. A kitten, a puppy;

If the girl drives a car, you can please her by buying car disks, seat covers, make an airbrush drawing on the hood of the car in the cabin.

A gift – a surprise

A girl will never forget the anniversary of the relationship, if you give her a pleasant surprise.

Classic relationship stages between a guy and a girl

Love and relationships are great when you’re happy and everything is going well. But the thing about relationships is that it’s always like this, when yesterday you were still happy and today you’re already split up and single. Relationships can fall apart because you haven’t noticed that the other half is already on another level of your communication, and you make mistake after mistake, ignoring it.

All people have different personalities, personalities, temperaments and levels of compatibility with each other. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that relationships need to be worked on, and at some times with triple the strength.

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1. The candy and bouquet period in a relationship.

Once love begins, then comes the most enjoyable and exciting period of the relationship. This is the time of falling in love, romantic dates, crazy acts, interesting pastimes, hot kisses and first intimacy. It’s like you’re flying on the wings of love and everything is just great! During this period, lovers usually live apart and meet periodically to spend time together.

How long does the candy and bouquet period last? About a year, but it can be a little longer or shorter, depending on the age of the lovers. Younger people have a longer candy and bouquet period, while older couples shorten it, because they’ve had enough of it and want something more real.

Falling in love awakens chemistry between you, giving you good chemistry, affection, and passion. But there is a downside. In the first period of a relationship, we are so much in love that we willingly put on rose-colored glasses. We think the other half is the best option in the world, trying not to notice flaws or red warning flags. It’s very easy and nice to ignore common sense when in love, but it can lead to the wrong choice.

At this stage of meetings it is important to pay attention to the warning factors of behavior, as well as the opinions of others. Sometimes you can see from the outside that the relationship is doomed and has no future. Falling in love only because of appearance, ignoring the character and personality type of the other half is madness and a mistake that will backfire.

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At one point you arrange a wedding or just move in together, pushing the next stage of your love story. Once you’ve been dating for a while and the crush has faded a bit, your relationship will begin to change. Real life gives us a juicy slap that makes the rose-colored glasses come off.

We begin to see that the other half is far from ideal, as well as yourself. We see flaws, oddities and weaknesses that we previously did not notice because of infatuation. This is especially true in everyday life, because we can see everything unvarnished and in person.

At this point in the relationship, the lovers may begin to eliminate themselves a bit. They no longer spend all of their time together or call every five minutes. The lovers begin to do more of the things they did before they met. Everyone starts seeing friends, girlfriends, relatives, and loved ones. Lovers begin to devote more time to hobbies, hobbies, studies, or work. Gradually the lovers begin to drift apart, but sometimes they don’t notice it themselves, the whole relationship seems to sink into the usual routine and routine of everyday life. But this is how the first crack in love appears, which usually begins after marriage or cohabitation. Is the fairy tale over?

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At one point, a relationship begins to disappoint when the other half doesn’t act at all the way you’d like it to. The negative and negative sides show up in all their glory. Gradually all the good that was in the candy-boquetal period is forgotten, when in its place comes resentment, frustration and irritation. Infatuation is replaced by confrontation and rivalry. Who will bend over who?

How to recognize this stage of your interaction? You begin to bicker often, quarrel, quarrel, conflict. The first rudeness, tactlessness, anger, disgust appear. The person from a nice and beloved creature turns into a monster with whom we are not very pleasant to be with. It’s as if you wake up and see that you didn’t make a particularly good choice in love. Where were your eyes when you were choosing who to date?

Relationship discord leads to conflict, that we’re more likely to think about breaking up or finding someone better. At times like this, there is a very high risk of breaking up in another fight, getting a divorce, or being caught up in a long tangle of contradictions.

Many couples manage to get stuck in this period for years with one or new relationship partners when they are not ready to untangle this Gordian knot of accumulated problems.

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4. The stage of relationship work.

When two people in love are pretty sensible and don’t want to lose each other, because you already have a lot going on, then relationship work begins. No one likes this, because working on a relationship isn’t very satisfying, like kissing on first dates, but it’s vital to the relationship going forward. This is probably the most difficult, long and hardest phase of the relationship, when both in the couple need to roll up their sleeves and start cleaning up their Augean Stables.

But only mature and accomplished individuals can work on a relationship. Many young guys and girls usually break up at this point, because it’s easier to find someone new to start the stages of love all over again. But it can come out that a person will dance half their life on the familiar rake, when they make the same mistakes constantly with different people. So every year or another to break up with a new person, for the reason that you can’t find common ground, and there is a lot of gaiety.

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5. The stage of acceptance and lapping in a relationship

Lovers begin to learn to accept each other so that the relationship can move on, rather than being stuck at the stage of quarrels and conflicts. The man and woman figure out each other’s boundaries and how to get along with each other despite their differences. Some couples start seeing a marriage counselor to help them find common ground and keep the family together.

Lovers begin to respect each other and take the other’s side in order to better understand their other half. After working on the relationship, all quarrels seem a little silly, because it is always possible to reach an agreement to keep both happy. All of this lays a solid foundation for a real lasting relationship based on honesty and respect.

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6. The friendship and partnership stage of the relationship.

All lovers, if they do not break up in the earlier stages of communication, move into friendship interaction. The man and woman become best buddies who are not only in a relationship, but also friends. You can always expect support from your other half, when a girl can hide behind a man’s shoulder and cry on his vest, and a man can get a little sad in a woman’s cleavage.

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7. The stage of true love.

In a long-term relationship, a man and a woman grow closer mentally. They are unselfishly willing to come to each other’s aid or give something without asking for anything in return. All the tenderness, care and affection give a depth of love, like a huge bottomless lake of feelings. All of this takes more time and a lot of work on the relationship, but the result will please both of them for the rest of their lives.

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