A woman for a Taurus man – parsing the question

How to understand if a Taurus man needs you, which sign woman suits him: love in the life of a Taurus man, compatibility. What a woman like a man Taurus: how to make a man fall in love with a Taurus woman, how to get a man to like her

Taurus man is a real treasure in real life and a mystery in the horoscope. Such men are very attentive to themselves, their loved ones and those around them. This is one of the strengths that attracts ladies in Taurus. But, that said, Taurus men have difficult moments in their own character. In our article, we will break down the positives and negatives of this beautiful zodiac sign and give maximum tips to help bring you closer to Taurus.

Male Taurus character

Taurus men tend to have a rather complicated character. But, if you study this zodiac sign, you will be a real benchmark for him. For you, he will cut the waves with his stubbornness to be the #1 man.

Taurus strengths.

  • Pushiness;
  • Bright intellect;
  • Confidence in his actions;
  • Practicality;
  • Realism.

Taurus weaknesses.

  • Stubbornness;
  • Highlighting only one’s opinion;
  • Jealousy;
  • Lack of compromise.

Family for the Taurus man

Taurus is one of the most family-oriented zodiac signs. For his family, he is capable of anything. “Only the best” is his motto for relatives. And Taurus simultaneously tries to give and get the best things. At the same time he does not remain a consumer.

Taurus always tries to take care of the household with their attention. And he demands the same of himself. It is important for him to have family members always faithful to him, talking to him, spending the evening in a family circle. Because of this communication, he is even able to forget about his friends. Friendly gatherings are not as important to him as family gatherings.

In domestic matters Taurus is rather lazy. They need to be asked more than once to take out the trash, and only when the man has a personal desire, then he will reach the container. Stubbornness manifests itself throughout life. She can play both good and bad roles with Taurus at the same time. Perhaps this is one of the main flaws that is better left alone.

A wife for the Taurus man.

Taurus men are by nature very respectful. They approach the choice of their companion with special trepidation. No castings, no serious grueling questions, Taurus men are used to choosing their man once and for all. They feel a soul attraction that simply can’t be explained in words. Taurus is very homely, if they feel comfort and your responsiveness, his heart will be conquered.

A wife is a guiding star for a Taurus. It is important for him to have her presence in all affairs. Although all the decisions a Taurus man makes on their own, a woman should be somewhere nearby. Men of this sign love to receive compliments from the beloved woman. Do not forget to praise his achievements. Beautiful words push such men to new achievements.

Children for the Taurus man

Taurus men are the real parents of their children. Be prepared for the fact that a male Taurus will move mountains to fulfill a whim of his child. In doing so, he will make every effort to ensure that the child deservedly received his gift. As the children grow up, Taurus will try to impose their youthful skills, and take them to all the sections that he did not have time to visit at a young age.

Taurus can be entrusted with at least 5 children. They will find an activity for each of them. But if the children will be long rambling and noise, it will quickly tire the father-Taurus. These men like life to go by their rules. So get ready for clearly set priorities.

Love in the life of a Taurus man.

Confidence, constancy, tenderness are the three components of a Taurus man. This zodiac sign does not like to share his woman with anyone. He is jealous of his girlfriends, and especially his friends. If love happened in the life of a Taurus, it is forever.

A woman in the life of a Taurus means a lot. At the same time, he does not require anything from her in return, except love. But, if you will be able to bake pies at least a little bit, it will be a definite plus, for which you can be loved even more.

Compliments to the Taurus man

Taurus listens carefully to the words spoken and can understand the understatement in a completely different context. Saying some eulogy to him should be clear, with an indication of his merits. Otherwise, he may realize that besides him in this universe there is someone unique.

To deserve a compliment from someone you love means a lot. The same can be said about the activities of a Taurus. It takes a long time to get him to do something. To make it happen more often, praise him. Say nice words about how your man is the only one who does it best. Let him know that he was born into this world to make it better.

In love, especially in bed, it is important to praise the Taurus man. Let him know he has no equal. But not on a daily basis. Otherwise your partner will doubt his abilities. Be honest with him and show your sympathy reasonably.

Male Taurus, attitudes towards women and sexual predilections

Do you prefer men with a firm character, but at the same time not alien to romantic impulses? You like to be conquered slowly but inevitably? And in bed you want a man to fulfill your desires and care about your pleasure as much as your own? Then the Taurus man is the one for you.

The Taurus man in love

A man with a complex character and a delicate mental organization. Endowed with a strong will, a habit of slowly but steadily go to your goal. Able to put himself right in the company, has an opinion about everything, which is very difficult to sway. Jealous, possessive feeling strongly developed. Does not tolerate what he considers a betrayal, very hard to reconcile, and forgive someone who has committed an unacceptable, in his opinion, act.

Attitude towards women.

A Taurus man is, above all, a romantic. In a woman he is looking for the perfect embodiment of his dreams and is ready to win her attention long and painstakingly. If you like a gentleman who does not pounce on the girl at the first opportunity, and seeks to win her to himself compliments, moonlight walks and dinner by candlelight – you’ve come to the right place. To attract the attention of a male Taurus, your best bet is to give him the opportunity to pursue you after the beginning of the courtship, and at the same time try to adjust the thread of spiritual communication. It is the spiritualized, and not immediately available girls that arouse the most sensual interest in Taurus men.

Sexual predilections of the Taurus man

In bed, a male Taurus tries to give his partner the greatest pleasure that he can create at this point. He is inexhaustible in imagination and daring experiments. Likes to stretch out the pleasure of foreplay, so quick transition to sex Taurus is more embarrassing than happy. Constantly improving the art of love, because he believes that through sensual ways can achieve spiritual perfection. Not a stranger to experiments, so you can safely dedicate it to your innermost desires, it will only strengthen his interest in you as a partner.

Taurus sexual compatibility

For a long union, Taurus will suit Scorpios, both signs will converge in sexual preferences, their sensuality will pour over the edge. The main thing in this pairing is that Scorpio does not seek adventure on the side. Jealous Taurus will not accept it. The alliance of Taurus with Capricorn will not be bad, as here will be united by a common desire for material and financial independence. The main thing for this pair is to find common interests apart from everyday life and to get together in the bedding matter. Taurus will have to try harder in his interactions with Aries. If he is happy with some self-centeredness of his girlfriend, a long-lasting relationship is possible. With Pisces it is better not to have a relationship in terms of family, because after some time, disagreements in bed will be transferred to the domestic and spiritual life, which will lead to conflicts and, most likely, to a breakup. Taurus should be more careful when making plans for the future with Cancer, because at first they will be attracted to deep sexual harmony. But, after a while Taurus will notice that he is used and subjugated. Which will be extremely unpleasant for him. With Sagittarius is best to have a friendly or loving relationship. Too different positions on other issues make a successful marriage extremely doubtful.

Recommendations for Taurus partners

If you like a Taurus man, you can try to keep him. To do this, remember one rule: sex for Taurus – is the litmus test of the relationship. By the interest he shows in you as a lover, it will be clear how he feels about you. And if, instead of talking to you, he prefers to watch TV and responds sluggishly to caresses – it’s time to sound the alarm and deal with the situation. The most important criterion for the occurrence of desire in Taurus – it is a deep spiritual connection with your partner. So try to ensure that this thread was always at an appropriate level. Try to develop, learn new things and improve your spiritual level – your beloved Taurus will appreciate it, showing his outstanding talents to reward you in bed.

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