A text message to a married man about a breakup – conveying the essence

A text message to a married man about a breakup – conveying the essence

If a man lacks something in his marriage, he looks for it on the side. So give your lover a complete set so that he will experience the full flavor of such a situation. These texts to a married man will certainly warm up the blood and deprive you of sleep!

Text message to a married man from his mistress

  • (This is not a caprice at all, run into me today for an hour, please)!
  • I’d sooner end such debts minutes of today to see your burning passionate gaze again tomorrow.
  • Love, tomorrow it’s my turn to kiss your lips and not only)
  • Without you I have a northern cold on my soul((( And maybe suggest to your wife for a while we exchange roles?))
  • My peach, I can’t sleep, because you’re somewhere out there and not with me. And I’m here and stripped down to my bedroom slippers)
  • I now want to increase something in you) Are you on your way to me?
  • I’m wearing my most erotic lingerie right now, and you might be too late to see it) Don’t risk it and blow on me!
  • Are you cheeky? You have such a temperamental mistress and you’re all business!
  • Did your wife already appreciate my gift to you? Or don’t you undress in front of her?)
  • Honey, it’s time to cheat on your wife.)
  • Baby, I was so happy with you yesterday. Why don’t they call you in for unscheduled duty today?)

Why break up?

So, you are still just at the stage of breaking up a relationship with a married man. On the one hand you can’t stand the thought of what you want to do. On the other hand you realize that you need to break up. What are your reasons for wanting to do this?

  1. Age. If you are under 25 years old, then you can spend your time with a married lover. But if you’re about to hit 30 and you’re still single (meaning you don’t have a family), then it’s time to think about your situation. Lover as long as you can cheat your head and have a relationship with you, as he has in parallel with you developing a family, raising children. And what will you have in the end after your relationship with your lover? Years go by, and you are still a free and childless woman.
  2. Karma. It’s not uncommon for women who have tried to break up a family themselves to find themselves in the same situation when their husbands cheat on them. People call it karma. Psychologists, on the other hand, call it a characteristic of a person when he first gets used to the psychology of a cheater for a long time, and then he can only build relationships with potential cheaters.
  3. Lack of stability and support. A woman still wants to see a man as a “wall of stone”, “support”, “backing”. It is unlikely that a mistress can feel that her married lover is able to give her all this.
  4. Reputation. When acquaintances find out what a woman has gone to, some may misunderstand her. Everyone has different ideas about how a decent woman should behave. Some acquaintances, though they will feel sorry for a married man’s mistress, will not support her.
  5. Psyche. In time a woman will get used to being a mistress. This is the worst thing she can come to. If a woman is a mistress for a long time, she already forgets what it is like to be the only one, how to build a relationship with a man so that he becomes her husband, does not feel worthy of love. Let’s not forget about the fact that a woman always has to put up with the presence of another lady in the relationship, and this causes stress and inner turmoil, which affects health and beauty.
  6. Statistics. And she says that about 75% of all married lovers never leave their families. A man can promise you and swear. But if he hasn’t yet done anything of what he promised, then he’s just cheating on you. Don’t think that your case is unique and that you can steal a man away from his family.

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Whom you love.

“Sweet, good, beloved! I pulled myself together and decided to write you a letter all that I can not express in words when I meet you. Our love has turned into some kind of one-sided ugly entity. I can see that my efforts to make things work are going nowhere.

You seldom call me, you see our meetings as a heavy duty. I am not made of stone, and I feel it. I hurt, I will not pretend to be strong. I will cry and miss you and worry about you.

But, so be it, I’m letting you sail free. Fly toward your happiness. Unfortunately, I was not able to make you happy. May things work out for you with another girl. Maybe you already have someone, but you’re afraid to tell me. Fly, my good man, fly!

I’m letting you go. Forever. Goodbye!”

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SMS married lover of the mistress

If your man was not free, then let him stock up on the fantasy of Pushkin or Krylov, so that there was something to say in justification for a hot text message from his mistress to his lawful spouse. You can write a married lover and coded message, but passionate and frank – it’s like walking on a knife edge!

  • I have already missed your smile. Give it to me again, but only in person!
  • I want to devote to you all day tomorrow! Come up with an excuse for your wife, you’re so clever)
  • Sweetheart, I’m already burning with anticipation of our secret meeting!
  • Please, my hero, have mercy! And for a date with me!)
  • Come on, tomorrow you’ll be sent on a business trip and preferably to the far North!)
  • Your love slave is already very bored and madly desires you to warm her body tonight)
  • I love you very much, my mighty Hercules! Do you love me? Come and whisper it in my ear!
  • I’m already naked and I’m burning with desire for debauchery! So, hurry up and give it away!)
  • I love being in the status of a mistress, because I do not have to wash socks, iron shirts, tie ties in the morning) For this there is a wife!
  • I still can’t get enough of happiness! When we are together, even if occasionally, I enjoy every minute with you!

What’s stopping you from breaking up?

So you want to break up, but something inside of you is holding you back. What could it be? One reason could be the fear of loneliness. You are used to be with someone than to imagine a life when you are alone at all. It is not uncommon for women to continue to agonize in a relationship simply for fear of being alone for a while.

However, if you don’t end an old relationship, it will be impossible to start a new one. You have to decide to be alone for a while to be open and available to another man.

There are women who just don’t dare. They want to, but they don’t take the decisive step. Here you should realize that your lover will be taking advantage of you for a long time to come. He will leave you sooner or later. Only you have already by this time may finally become uninteresting and unattractive to other men. You need to accept the inevitable and hurry to implement it, to attract another suitor.

Some mistresses simply still hope that their men will leave their wives after all. There is still hope in them for a brighter future. If this is your reason for not being able to break up, then it’s time to realize the truth: If a man wanted to be with you, then he would have already left his wife. And if you have been dating for more than six months, and still are where they were originally, you are simply being fooled.

A separate category of women do not break up with men because of pride. They gave so much time to the lovers they wanted to take away from their families, that they can not accept defeat. They can’t break up until they reach their goal.

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A farewell letter to the man who hurt

“Hi, baby. I am writing you a farewell letter in prose. I lack the strength of mind for poems and rhymes. My strength is gone, along with the tears that I stopped with great difficulty to put a period to our story.

We began to quarrel often, saying hurtful words to each other. We became strangers and incomprehensible to each other. Our hands are no longer affectionate, there is no old hug and … nothing at all.

Let’s admit to each other that our love has turned into nothing, we tried our best to destroy it. My resentment is too great to continue the relationship.

We are breaking up. Forgive and farewell!”

How to write a farewell letter?

A farewell letter can be written in your own hand. However, here we should not hope that the lover will appreciate it and change his decision. Moreover, the letter may fall into the hands of the lover’s wife, and you will also have to hand it over yourself, at a meeting at which you may change your mind about parting.

How to write a letter to a lover with whom you are breaking up?

  1. Do not write a large text. Be short and concise.
  2. Start by stating the dates you met, your hopes you had then, and the promises the man made to you then.
  3. Next, make a summary of what you have to date. What are your hopes that have come true and what promises has the lover made?
  4. Conclude what feelings you have for your lover and what actions he has taken to show his lack of love for you.
  5. Clearly write your intention to break up with him.

Do not hold grudges, anger, or tears against your lover. Put yourself in a position of readiness to leave, so that the lover was not able to use the information received from the letter in order to win you back.

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SMS married man from his mistress, in his words

Isn’t it time to remind your married lover about yourself? These passionate texts in their own words will be about only two people. You need to copy the text and send it to the man as a fiery greeting from your lover, and then the situation will work out in the best way.

  • I am so easy and pleasant with you that these sublime emotions do not upset your status as a married man in the slightest.
  • I want to be your strawberry dessert tonight! I think you’re getting tired of your wife’s cutlets)
  • Your wife should be proud of you for having a mistress like me)
  • My passionate volcano! Will you spew your love on me tonight?)
  • Your beloved woman misses when you’re not around( I want to be in your arms and give all of myself without the rest!
  • Let’s hide away from the whole world and do a very useful thing) Of course, sex!)
  • I’m looking at you as a bright star in the night sky and kissing my beloved before going to sleep!
  • I feel like a pilot of an airplane when I lose my head and fly up in the air from my feelings for you, my kitty!

My heart beats frantically in my chest and eats my melancholy, and all because I love you so much and am very much waiting for our next meeting!

About my love for you I want to shout to the whole world! But that’s okay, I will not break my voice, and what if your wife hears)

How to break up with a lover?

There are three ways to break up with a lover:

  1. Talk.
  2. Write a letter.
  3. To leave in English.

The first option is considered the best and most acceptable. You make an appointment and calmly tell your lover of your desire.

However, it often becomes very difficult to break up at the meeting. A woman may not have the courage, may be shy to talk about everything directly, worry about the reaction of her lover to her words, encounter aggressive behavior or, conversely, his willingness to fall to his knees and promise again anything she wants. Still a woman may simply not feel the strength to break up directly, so a letter in which you can lay out all your thoughts and feelings will help here.

The third option is good when you are angry at your lover, you are totally bored with him, or you have a big quarrel.

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SMS married lover, in prose

The prose of life is such that you need to remind your married lover more often. These exciting sms will call the man to a more decisive action, and the lawful spouse will not be a barrier to it.

  • Let the night of love with you and stolen, because I’m not your wife, but I do not want to sleep alone tonight!
  • I don’t reproach you for sleeping with your wife, but I want to share my bed with you more often.)
  • I don’t want to live by the laws of morality, because my heart I don’t want to command against it!
  • There are three actors in our love story, but I hope my image is the one in your heart!
  • Think up some false story for your beloved, so that at least for an hour to fly to me, my desired moth!
  • You have broken every cipher in my heart, but I have no claim to an engagement ring. After all, “wife” doesn’t sound as romantic as “lover.”)
  • Even if I am the thief of a ringed man, it doesn’t weigh on me one bit. I like to keep our relationship a secret)
  • My heart is filled to the brim with love for you, my eagle! Fly to your swallow, and tell the hen later another tale)
  • With you my heart has known unearthly love and I don’t care if people like me are called divorcees!

New to your question:

And you can’t watch this:

A breakup is always painful, bad, and unpleasant. When a person gets into a period in which the habits, desires, and aspirations worked out during the days, months, and years spent together with a loved one have suddenly become useless, unnecessary, and irrelevant, there is a desire to regain what is gone. The person strives to resume past relationships, constantly turning to his former partner: he follows him, learns everything about his present life, becomes jealous if a new partner appears, and cries when he realizes again that the past is in the past. This masochistic attitude leads to disappointment, unwillingness to live and lack of interest in anything.

Leave past relationships in the past. Stop stabbing yourself in the fresh wound, as you do with your soul, which wants to live the present life, not the past. It is as if, having received a wound, you are stabbing at it over and over again every day, not letting it heal and heal. It hurts you physically, as well as mentally and psychologically, from not letting go of your relationship. Why are you doing this? Does the pain feel good to you?

While you’re trying to reclaim a past relationship, you’re missing out on your present and your future. You’re missing out on the opportunity to be happy because you’re overlooking what’s around you. And what matters is what’s around you now, not what’s in the past. What was – is what was, and let it remain so. Breathe into your life on these days, even if you’re lonely, even if you’re sad. But let yourself go through it all, allowing yourself to enjoy and love again in the future.

Put past relationships in the past. And the following beautiful sayings will help you do just that:

  • “Only a strong man can forget the one his heart has chosen.”
  • “People come and go. The main thing is to look at those who stay. And the few who remain are the ones who truly love you and cherish you.”
  • “Know that your revenge will be to make you perfect, but no longer available to former partners.”
  • “If a person is not attracted to you, leave them alone.”
  • “Don’t soil your life with people who don’t appreciate you.”
  • “If you leave and you are not called back – then you are going in the right direction.”
  • “Don’t bring up someone who’s forgotten about you or only brings you up when they’re just bored.”

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Farewell texts to the man you love, in his own words to tears

The reasons for breakups can be different: misunderstanding, resentment, accumulated gradually, infidelity, just a feeling that love is gone. Many stories have a good start, not everyone is able to leave love, to put a point. It’s hard to take your thoughts in your fist and say, “Sorry, we have to break up.”

At this point, your voice may tremble a little, and tears may flow. If you still have to break up, then you should try to write a farewell letter to your loved one. Girls are fragile creatures, however, at times they have to pull themselves together and say goodbye. In this form it is easier to do it, although it is, in fact, hard.

Don’t forget to write the letter well.

Because writing it isn’t everything. If you write it in a sloppy, crooked hand, even if you wanted to, he won’t understand your letters.

So you have to write correctly – without mistakes – and neatly. And if you perfume the sheet on which you wrote – it can even add to your pluses. Many girls go further – leave a kiss – a kiss mark with lipstick.It’s still important to guess with the color of lipstick.

You can put some kind of paper flower in an envelope. And discreetly pass it on. Better yet, if he finds it by chance – it must be addressed to him. Otherwise he will think that it does not concern him.

A farewell letter to a beloved man

Forgive me, dear, that I can not tell you everything to your eyes. I am worried that I can’t manage to find the right words. I thought of writing a farewell letter. You know very well that I have always loved you. Every day I think of those moments we spent together, your frequent calls. At that time I felt the happiest man in the world. I would give anything now to recreate that time.

I would miss your mighty and gentle hands a lot, be sad for your gaze, and want to find myself in your arms again. I think daily of the time we spent together. Our first meeting is on my mind. I’m sorry, but we will have to part. There will be warm memories of us in my mind.

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It’s over!

Spread the word – send a farewell text to your loved one.

  1. By the time this text message reaches you, you’ll be out of my life … I’ll survive the pain! I’ll be able to open up my future, and you go away…
  2. Not so long ago I was burning with your touch, and now I can’t even think about it… Dreams will remain dreams, my boy. It’s over!
  3. I’ll get over it. I’ll get bogged down in my work, as usual. I’ll get over it and forget it. Thank you for the time when we were happy. But there won’t be a second chance, goodbye…
  4. This text is my last link to you. And it has already been cut. Goodbye and be happy… without me.
  5. I don’t know why we have a relationship anymore… I guess it’s time to end it.
  6. I’ve been blessed with a lucky ticket to realize there’s no future with you! Goodbye.
  7. Let the other fool suffer with you. I’m getting too tired of it. Good luck finding another soul mate…
  8. You ripped my wings off and stomped them into the dirt … I don’t know what I was counting on when I gave you a second chance.
  9. When the desire for loneliness defeats the desire to be with you, that’s the end!
  10. Our air castles have broken… goodbye, kitten.
  11. I remember the fire burning inside me when it all started… Damn your fire extinguishers.
  12. Any past is just past. Now you are my past…

One last letter to the man I love

I never thought about the fact that you don’t seek to treasure our feelings and relationship. We used to understand each other with half a word. I wonder if we have even a little bit of love left, or if we need to start life over from scratch.

After all, you feel that my love belongs to you. Your constant calls, our first date I will remember for a long time. To be indifferent to our relationship I am not going to be. I have told you so little about my love. I was always worried about the fairy tale ending. I will remember you always. You are forever in my heart.

What to write in a message to a man

Ideally, a letter to a beloved man about love should not contain vague arguments and talk in detail about your suffering. Still, we should not forget that guys and men are more rational than girls and women.

If you don’t talk about anything in particular, but just write how bad you feel without him, he’s unlikely to like and understand your feelings. So if you want to get a certain reaction and action from your loved one by writing a letter, try not just to express your feelings, but try to make your message at least somewhat meaningful and understandable.

How to write a farewell letter to tears

Beloved, I’ve wanted to tell you my thoughts for a long time and I decided it’s time to share them with you. I don’t want to hold it back anymore, I need to know what you think about our relationship, how you feel. I live every day with deep thoughts about our future. You know yourself that you are in my heart and that parting with you is simply unbearable.

In my head there are always thoughts of our meeting, of your stories and calls. The most important thing for me is that you are my favorite man, but I am not the one you want. If everything is as I say, at least say something, because the separation is getting harder and harder. Whatever decision you make, I’ll take it all.

It’s time.

Not everything that’s broken can be repaired. Take a hint from your boyfriend – a goodbye text to your lover who doesn’t want to admit the obvious.

  1. Do you remember how we swore each other eternal feelings? What idiots we were.
  2. I’m tired. I’m leaving. Forgive me…
  3. Our love is not sick, it’s already metastasized in the last stage… Goodbye.
  4. I will remember you all my life… remember you as a pleasant memory that made my life a living hell!
  5. The pain will pass in time, don’t worry. Things will get better, we’ll be happy… but not with each other.
  6. Your indifference has ruined us… I thought you should know that. And now goodbye…
  7. I know you really loved me… but that’s enough.
  8. Wanting to climb the wall in pain… What an asshole you are! You ruined the best part of our lives…
  9. I’ll live. I’ll laugh… And you’ll be sad and smile through the pain.
  10. I told you I’d never run after you… Well, I didn’t. Good luck, darling…
  11. Stop calling me… It’s over, be a man and go away.
  12. You know it was coming. Goodbye, kitten.
  13. Leave the past in this text message. We were, we loved, we forgot…
  14. Things don’t always work out the way you want them to… Sometimes you have to make sacrifices. This time it was you.
  15. I don’t want another to taste you, but what can I do about it? Farewell…

A beautiful farewell letter from my wife

“My dear husband! I was finally able to pull myself together and dare to write you a letter in which I wanted to express my feelings. Our love has turned into something else. The fact that I am trying to turn our life into a fairy tale is not helping. You stopped calling, our meetings have become rare. You have to understand that I am a girl and I feel everything.

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It has become hard for me to pretend. Let me cry and worry, but I’ll try to get over it. I want to let you go, be free. I’m sorry I couldn’t make you the happiest person. May you do well with another. I’m sorry, goodbye!”

Letter to a guy in the army

My darling! My darling! I can’t wait to hold you in my arms again. At this time you have probably already left to serve. Well, separation is meant to strengthen our feelings.

I promise I’ll try to be optimistic and keep myself busy with useful things to tell you about. And you hang in there. Be a strong and brave defender of the Fatherland.

I will write to you again tomorrow. Correspondence will help me to brighten up the cruel lonelty. I love you and I am waiting for you very much. I hope to hear back soon.

In this article you can find tips for knowing what to talk to a guy about on a first date.

It is possible to achieve higher self-esteem in a woman if you stick to these tips.

A farewell letter to an ex-male

With you I became able to love. You taught me to enjoy every moment. For all the time of our relationship, you became a part of my soul. Every day near you, I will remember. I realize that tomorrow I won’t see you, touch you, smell you. It pains me that you won’t be there.

I realized that you were mine. You didn’t want to change for me. And I, in turn, am not going to wait long. I don’t want to suffer and worry anymore, I hope you get this letter and read it.

Poem to my ex-husband

To the hop of freedom, sweetheart, danke schoen! To my ex-wife’s club membership card, I’ll tell you what, in the morning, I’ll be up to my trilly-ally.

In a bitter drink that smells of bedbugs (I don’t like cognac, but it’s a good cause) I drowned my love, like Mumu, – My tears drenched the curtains in the kitchen.

“Like ships at sea. ” – to my right, You – to your left is still more usual, Hare. But what to do about the hole in my heart? I don’t know. I don’t know.

I don’t need to ask for a reprieve, I can’t hope to get it back. Let’s leave the past alone

I loved you too much, I thought it would be a long road of love and affection. But it all fell apart

I don’t know who is more sinned against And I have no remorse for the past. Love that once warmed us Is gone without grief, without return.

We parted like ships at sea. But I don’t regret a bit, not one bit! At first I thought we had grown apart. And without you I’m just numb.

But as time went on. I got used to it, I got used to it. Now I’m in awe of another. I’ve refreshed, I’ve blossomed. He makes me feel better every day!

My ex-husband! I thank you! For betraying me and not appreciating me Now I sleep very soundly And I know The stars won’t bring us together twice

We’ve played our parts And there’s no turning back now There’s so much pain In my soul, you’ve shown me Heaven and hell.

I still love, but I know, I’m learning to live alone! From the bottom of my heart I wish you Nothing but light and goodness!

I’m not afraid of pain anymore! I’ll be gone by sunset beautifully And I’ll dissolve at dawn!

We never forgot our life together, We never crossed out the memories, We knew how to love sincerely, We were together a long way.

Let it live in our memories, We’ll never be strangers, Though we’re not together now, We’ve been together for years.

I ask you, when we meet, don’t look away, I wish you no harm, believe me! When you knock, I’ll open the door To whatever lies ahead.

These rings could bind us, As they once did. What happened back then, I don’t know which of us was to blame?

For another I buy flowers from work and make supper for another, But in my ears there are only the ringing shards of dreams and what used to be called love.

We became “exes” A long time ago, And our paths parted. Life flashed by, like in a movie, And you forgive me.

I still bear in my heart the warmth That has passed, all has passed, But I am drawn to the fire.

To the fire of long-forgotten phrases, To the fire of old love, Though it’s not blazing now, But it’s still burning in my blood!

Dear spouse with the prefix “ex,” How are you. Enjoying your freedom? Cognac, girls. ♪ And glamour and glamour? ♪ Eating fast food and sandwiches, I suppose.

What do I care, though? I try, my ex, not to think Who marks your back with his nails With a mark of insane fervor

Whose body, in love’s tempest, you’ve been living under the cover of half-light. I am no longer jealous, I can’t even weep for resentment.

I can’t bear to weep No more, but my memory is a faithful executioner, I can’t sleep: You come in and open the door with your key, You kiss me again until I moan.

A farewell letter from a mistress to a married man

“Beloved, but not my man. It’s hard for me to write these lines. I was not allowed to love you, but I could not restrain myself. Surprisingly and you did not resist me. Our relationship was like a sweet dream.

But as bitter as it was, we are going to have to part ways with you. You’re a married man, I’m not going to break up your family. It will be hard and difficult at first, but it must be done for our own good. Be happy with the one you call your wife. You loved her before, you can love her again. I don’t want to bring any more misery. I’m sorry, I’m leaving.”

Farewell to coworkers when quitting in verse

Leaving the staff, I want to say to you: “Thank you For your support, for your participation – A lot of happiness was with you, A lot of disputes and serious conversations. I’ll remember with sadness our team and … miss it!”

I’m leaving the staff, I’ll say, colleagues, thank you For your help, for your support, for the correction of errors.

I’ll miss you so much, I’ll remember your kindness, What a team you are, In the new place I will not forget.

What can I say to you, colleagues? What can I wish before I go? To demand more privileges And a higher salary. Not to burn like candles at work, To enjoy life, Not to wait until evening to crawl into bed!

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Last day at work today, And I’m a little sad cause. Thank you, colleagues, for your kindness, I wish you all the best. I will remember you fondly. You were like family to me. I’m leaving, but I’m taking the best of you with me. Goodbye, friends!

A letter to the man who left

“My darling! Forgive me, I cannot call you otherwise, for I love you. Now I feel resentment to the depths of my soul. Previously your hands warmed me, now bitter tears of resentment, of disappointment. Earlier my heart was glad.

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Now it feels like it was ripped from my chest. You left without explaining anything. You just disappeared. I’m sorry, I’m not ready to forgive you, even if you want to come back. Be happy.”

Farewell words to colleagues when they quit their jobs in prose

Dear colleagues! Many productive years and wonderful days we walked together on the great road of our common cause! There was everything: defects and misunderstandings, victories and defeats, offenses and joys. But the most important thing was your tactfulness, respect for my mistakes, which we corrected by joining together as a friendly team of allies. Your lessons will not go to waste! I promise you this for sure!

Dear colleagues, the time has come to part. I am happy and sad. Ahead there is new work, impressions and experience. Here I leave a part of my soul. Thank you for everything, for being with me in difficult moments, helping me, supporting me in word and deed. I wish you to remain the same friendly staff, a close-knit team and good friends. I will always remember our work together with warmth.

Colleagues, we had spent a lot of time together, and our relationship had become almost family-like. And although it is so natural to change jobs, somehow there is a bitter sense of loss in my soul. Of course, we will continue to communicate, but things will be different. Thank you for cozy and cheerful atmosphere that brightened up everyday life, helped to cope with problems and melancholy, inspired to work and grow!

Dear colleagues, today is an exciting day for me, I’m leaving you. And I’m a little sad about parting with you. Your friendly team gave me a lot. Your patience and partner support helped me to stand firmly on my feet. I express my deep gratitude to all of you and take with me my fondest memories. I wish your team continued prosperity and well-being to each of you!

A thank you to colleagues from a retiring employee – humorous prose

Good representatives of my now former team! I’m quitting my job tomorrow! Do you think: worried? Not at all… Happy as a new nickel! Can you imagine – freedom awaits your colleague! And also laziness, sleep and TV! Hooray!

Today I say goodbye to you, my dear colleagues. I want to thank you for the good jokes, hundreds of cups of coffee drunk together, the funny “smoke breaks”, useful advice, and “dirt” in the form of pictures and videos of our joint holidays. I wish you a happy stay, remember me only with a smile, do not hold grudges and resentment. I love, respect and will miss you all very much.

Colleagues, it was easy and pleasant to work with you – I am one hundred percent satisfied! But, as you know, a fish where there is food, and a man – where there is more money, and in human terms you can understand my leaving. It is not easy for me to part with you, but what prevents us from communicating in Vyber, correspond in social networks, put likes to each other? In general, the effect of full presence, so that global changes are not planned.

I see dear colleagues, with what impatience you are waiting for my departure. Be patient for a while. Yes, I was a thorn in the side of the team, which gave no peace to anyone. But I think you will miss me. Who will tell you jokes now, borrow rubles till payday, shoot cigarettes and play pranks on the first of April? In the meantime, goodbye, colleagues, miss me, call me. Thanks for everything, don’t mention it.

Words of gratitude to colleagues on dismissal – funny poems

I’ve lived long in the collective – I’m leaving on a positive note! If I’ve got hands and feet It means I’ll have something to eat! And I’ve saved all the money in the world, I’ve spent every penny, I’m so tired I can’t stop, I’m quitting! I say hello to you all!

I’m leaving you guys, Good-bye, my beloved staff, We’ve been through more than one test And more than one corporate meeting.

I have always been rescued deftly From the claims of “on the carpet”. Thank you for everything, colleagues, you have become dear to me.

I’m always ready, to work hard, to pant and groan all day long, Without noticing anything around me. And now I’m off to the winds with an arrow in my bosom, Ready to make my own adventures a hero!

It’s my last day on the job, and everyone’s in a good mood. I’m in a good mood, – It’s my last day on the job. But I am saddened by the joy of it all. I hope they will see I was still a good warden When another will come to take my place.

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