A normal relationship between a guy and a girl: laying out all the details

All about the relationship between a guy and a girl. Where do they start and what are the main stages?

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All about the relationship between a guy and a girl. Where do they start and what are the main stages?

It is impossible to give a precise definition of the relationship between a guy and a girl. In terms of psychology, it’s a unity of souls. In terms of biology it’s a chemical reaction.

Some people fall in love in their youth and live together all their lives, while others find their love at a mature age.

There are as many relationship plots as there are people on the planet. But they all follow a few general principles. It helps to understand from a young age what mistakes not to make and how to strengthen the union and make it happy.

What is a relationship between a guy and a girl?

Each of us is born surrounded by loving relatives. We grow up observing the pattern of behavior in the relationship between our parents and take it as a role model. As we become adults, we begin to look for our mates.

Depending on the worldview developed during our past lives, relationships will take shape. One partner may dominate the other or the relationship between a guy and a girl may be equal.

If the views on life of both lovers coincide, it can grow into a strong union. In this regard, there are several types of relationships between young people :

  • Passionate . Based on the bodily attraction to each other, and the partners may not coincide completely on the psychotype. Therefore, the union can end as quickly as it began.
  • Sensual. They usually begin with the fact that the guy or girl has feelings for a representative of the opposite sex. This is followed by a declaration of love and, with mutual sympathy, the beginning of a relationship. The strength of this union is 50/50.
  • Common interests. A couple always has something to discuss during a walk or a date. Events may develop slowly, but eventually grow into strong love.
  • Mutual support . Feelings are based on teenage maximalism, the desire to resist laws and patterns. As a rule, such relationships are bright and memorable, but doomed to break up.

Important: In love teenagers think that the feelings between them will last a lifetime and will be as passionate as the first day. But statistically, first love ends in separation.

What is their basis?

Lovers expect respect from their partners. This is the main basis of the relationship between the couple. It means, first and foremost, the ability to accept the other half as she is . Each person has weaknesses and strengths of character, as well as habits and outlook on life.

If young people want to keep their feelings for a long time and not break up soon, they need to learn to respect each other.

To do this, you need to stop pointing out your partner’s shortcomings, teaching him how to live his life properly, and give him freedom of action and support.

The second important component of a successful relationship is trust. This quality helps to avoid conflict and maintain warm feelings. Distrust and jealousy will not be tolerated by any person.

In young couples jealousy is the main reason for breakups. A casual glance or a carelessly said phrase may lead to this. Some guys and girls can be so suspicious that they do not give peace to live their loved ones, constantly terrorizing her separation.

Attention! Jealousy does not appear from nothing. Very often a man equates his partner with himself and would allow himself to cheat.

How do they begin?

At the heart of the beginning of a relationship between a guy and a girl can be several reasons :

  • Falling in love;
  • a logical choice;
  • An accidental kiss or sex.

The beginning is always full of dreams and hopes. Young people try to please each other, show their best sides. During this period you should not think about whether this feeling will become serious, but just enjoy each other’s company.

During this period it is important to pay attention to what you feel for your partner . Are you comfortable in his society, what feelings you have for him.

It is worth noting! If the relationship is boring for you, then they should interrupt, so that then it will not become even harder.

If you like a young man or woman, it is important to think about how not to spoil the relationship from the very beginning. The first thing you need to remember that you are different people and not to limit each other’s freedom. Do not every free minute to call or write. Leave time for your affairs and hobbies.

The second mistake made by many people during the start of the relationship is the complete dissolution of the partner. Do not indulge all the desires of his partner, even if you are in love. You should have your own point of view on the situation. Otherwise, you will quickly bore your partner, and feelings will end.

Stages .

All relationships, before becoming a strong union, go through several stages.

If partners will withstand each stage with dignity, they will be rewarded – true love.

First – attraction and idealization

The first 2-3 months the guy and the girl are attracted to hormones. They are what cause the physical attraction between partners. After this time, hormones subside and other feelings take the place of passion.

This period is filled with flirting, courtship, dating, and first kisses. Because of the high level of hormones in the blood young people are overwhelmed by happiness and they see the world “with rose-colored glasses. From this it seems that the relationship will remain so for life.

This period is marked by the fact that partners idealize each other, do not notice the flaws, consider their chosen one the best of all.

Important: If you want a long relationship, you should remember the moment when you appreciated each other’s merits and remember, while fighting or if there is a desire to leave.

The second – oversaturation and disgust.

After 2-3 months of dating comes the first period of testing feelings. Hormones are no longer raging and you begin to think about the relationship from a practical side. During this period there is a habit, partners relax and show their real character.

Because of this, all flaws are revealed and the first disagreements arise. During this period, it seems that the best way out would be to break up, but it’s not that simple.

Even if you find another partner, this stage you will not be able to avoid.

Third – patience and respect

If you decide to stay in the relationship, you will move on to the next stage. Along with this you will gain wisdom and experience. Quarrels with your loved one will become rare, there will be long conversations and discussions about problems.

It will encourage the emergence of such a feeling as respect, which will be the first sign of true love.

From this moment you will not want to demand reciprocal feelings from your partner, but on the contrary, there will be a desire to give him your warmth and tenderness. You will become really close people who can trust each other with any feelings.

Useful video

Learn more about the stages of the relationship from this video:

It takes a long time to get to true love by going through difficult situations together and making the right decisions. True feelings are not something that is suddenly given to you from the sky, as almost everyone thinks. For true love, a person matures by giving up selfishness and prejudice.

The psychology of the relationship between a guy and a girl

The psychology of the relationship between a guy and a girl is a very interesting and challenging area to study. The relationship between loving people is a delicate topic. It is very difficult to build a good and lasting relationship if you are not interested in the psychology of the opposite sex. Only by studying this area, you can learn the subtleties of the behavior of the other half. And on the basis of this build a harmonious and fulfilling relationship.

Girls in a couple must be more far-sighted and at one glance of the guy to determine his mood and desires. And only with an intelligent woman who loves her man, you can build a relationship filled with love. But not only a woman with her natural intuition should read men’s desires, but the man must go towards his beloved. Because a relationship is the work of the two parties in a couple.

The three foundations of a great relationship in a couple are understanding between partners, trust and the ability to forgive.

Psychology for both partners

In order to build a harmonious relationship between a man and a woman, you need to learn more about these three fundamental sections.

Understanding between partners. This is one of the main “bricks” for building any relationship between a man and a woman. In order to achieve mutual understanding in a couple, to begin with, you need to take your mate for what he or she is. That is to understand it with all his predilections and flaws, and, most importantly, do not try to remake and adjust in any way under yourself. Because true love is not for something, but in spite of everything.

Trust. If a couple wants to have harmony and peace between them without scandals and stress, then it means that it is necessary to trust your loved one. Do not make him or her a jealousy scene, do not torture suspicions, but just trust. And then the relationship will be peace and quiet.

Often, such jealous in a relationship are the girls. Because women perceive a man as a male who can easily be attracted to another female. But here girls need to remember one thing: a truly loving man will never go for treason. And here a woman should work, because she has to give her tenderness, tenderness and love, so that her other half did not think that with someone else he could be better than with this woman.

Men who are big possessors and tormented by suspicions of infidelity of their beloved, also need advice – just love your woman and make her happy, and she will not look for happiness on the side. Besides the female sex will never cheat just for the sake of intimacy, only for love. And if a woman began to look for other loves, it means that in this relationship she can not be tolerated for any reason.

So advice to both partners: to be trusted in a couple, you need, first of all, to monitor your relationship with the object of love.

And one more factor to build a trusting relationship is the absence of lying. Because if they catch you in a lie once, they will never believe you again, there will always be doubt about sincerity.

The ability to forgive each other. To truly forgive does not mean to say the phrase “I forgive you”, and continue to hold a grudge in your heart. This option is not right for a relationship. In order to ensure that this remaining resentment will not show up in any future disagreement, you must truly forgive and forget the incident once and for all. Clearly, such forgiveness is not an easy task. This is where understanding should come to the rescue. Because only through it you can truly forgive the person you love.

If a quarrel took place, in this case it is necessary to forget about his pride and go to the reconciliation. And it’s not always the one who asks for forgiveness, but the one who treasures the relationship and the person.

How to behave in a relationship girls

To build harmony in a couple, the psychology of girls in a relationship should be as follows.

Men should always appear witty and with a good sense of humor. Even if not, a loving girl should support her other half, so you need to smile at his jokes, but never laugh directly at him. Express sincere gratitude for any gift or surprise presented by the guy. You should never reject a gift, regardless of the girl’s mood at the time. Because the man may postpone the negative memory associated with gifts, and he may no longer perform such acts.

The girl should admire her man, praise him and even compliment him. These, of course, should not be compliments like those made to a woman, but words like “That shirt looks really good on you.” You can be sure that after this, the young man will very often wear this particular shirt. And all thanks to the words of his beloved.

A woman needs to give the leading role to the man. It was founded by nature from time immemorial. Man – an earner, and a woman – the keeper of the home. But this does not mean that the girl should only do housework. A woman should also necessarily do something other than household chores. It could be a favorite job or some hobby. But she should not work to feed the family, and for self-realization. The role of the breadwinner should be given to the man. From this arrangement of roles in the family and the man himself will feel more confident and calm. This also applies to the relationship with the girl. The girl should listen to the opinion of her boyfriend and at least pretend that the decision belongs to the guy, even if it has long been made by the girl.

How guys should behave towards girls

In fact, the psychology of guys in relationships will not be too different from the way ladies are recommended to behave.

Accept your girlfriend and her actions as they are, without trying to logically understand the basis for this action. Because women are not always logical in their actions, and actions are more often done on an intuitive level.

Do not look stingy in the eyes of girls. To do this, you do not have to make gifts at exorbitant prices, but just to make some little surprises. For a girl in love it does not matter – plucked a rose in a flower bed or bought in a flower store, the main thing – not the gift, but the attention. It is natural to compliment girls, because, as you know, women love with their ears.

You should never forbid anything to the beautiful sex, otherwise a spirit of conflict wakes up in them, and they will try to do everything contrary. From all of the above it is clear that building a relationship – it is hard work, work on yourself. And, of course, the work must take place on both sides. That is when a long-lasting and harmonious relationship is ensured.

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