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Man wants a woman – signs. How to Behave When a Man Wants You

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Signs that a man wants a woman

A man wants a woman – what signs can determine it? A woman can tell that a man wants her, in his eyes. Determined men with the makings of a leader look intently, not ashamed of it. Self-doubting, shy guys avoid direct eye contact. Young people in love are characterized by ingratiating looks. The most important sign is tactile contact.

Tactile contact is a form of communication that conveys direct physical contact with another person. For example, a handshake, a pat on the shoulder or back.

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A man in love tries to take a woman’s hand, put his arm around her shoulders, and snuggle up to her. While talking to her, the timbre of his voice changes; it becomes lower and velvety.

A man in love is always available to his beloved. He will immediately answer her call and drop everything he has to do to help her solve her problems. He is interested in her life, knows her preferences and habits, is attentive to little things.

Takes care of her appearance. Visits the hairdresser more often, uses perfume, buys new clothes. Strives to show himself only from the good side, is always in an elevated mood.

Signs of excitement

It is not at all difficult to understand that the man is excited:

  • His heart rate increases, his pulse rate increases;
  • His palms become sweaty;
  • Tense muscles;
  • Goose bumps may appear;
  • His pupils will dilate;
  • Eyes become cloudy.

But the main sign of excitement is an erection. Just a glance is enough to notice it.

An erection is an increase in volume and hardening of the male penis as a result of sexual arousal.

How to behave if a man wants you

If the sympathy is mutual, it is worth maintaining communication, demonstrating your disposition, accepting gifts and help. Light flirting is necessary to build further relationships.

But do not move too quickly into a closer contact. Give a man time to show his best qualities, to win you.

If you do not want to continue the relationship, refuse to date and nip all attempts to flirt. With active harassment frankly and gently explain that you are not interested in the man and you do not want to continue the relationship.

Of course, the rejection will be unpleasant to a man. At this point he will show his true face. Someone will try to make an effort to win his beloved. Some will persistently pursue, and some will say nasty things. But, more often than not, men will try to make attempts to get closer.

Why a man wants a woman he likes

If a man likes a woman, in relation to her he feels tenderness and warmth. He wants to touch her, kiss her, stroke her skin and hair. Sex becomes the culmination of falling in love. At these moments the couple becomes really close, feeling and understanding each other. It’s a natural process, driven by instincts.

But for sex to be fun, many women don’t just like each other, they need a steady and serious relationship.

It’s a little different for men. If they want sex, they can find a temporary partner. But still many of them prefer to have a permanent woman by their side, whom they love and want to see as a companion for life.

Gestures of a man in love

Not many men can express their feelings in words. Much easier to express their feelings and emotions they can with the help of gestures and actions.

How do you know a man loves you? Very often men in love express their love through gestures.

One form of manifestation of love is kissing. Women need to kiss more than men. For them, a kiss is a sign of tenderness, sympathy, gratitude and other feelings. If a man kisses you often, it shows that he loves you.

Men get tired of long conversations. Listening intently, he can only if the subject is interesting to him and if the dialogue is beloved woman.

Every man in love is so full of feelings that he can not contain them, even among his friends and acquaintances. He tries unobtrusively touch his beloved, to hug her, to correct a curl, to take her hand.

He can give gifts and make surprises without reason. And this shows his love and affection, the fact that he thinks about you and wants to make you feel good.

The fact that a man loves you can be understood without words by his attitude towards you, how he surrounds you with care, attention and tenderness.

What a man does only for the woman he loves

Love and respect are two things that cannot be separated from each other.

Five things a man does only for the woman he loves:

  1. Will only listen to the woman he loves. While talking to your man, you will have his full attention. He will listen to you, listen to your advice, give his opinion
  2. Will be open to discussion with you. And that’s a good sign. It means that he sees something in the relationship that does not suit him and is willing to find a solution to the problem
  3. A man who loves and respects his partner will try to find a compromise. Everyone is different and their opinions are not always the same. Usually in a strong relationship where there is love, there is a desire to compromise
  4. He will only fight for the woman he loves. He will protect her from the attacks of friends and relatives, because it is important for him to be near his beloved
  5. A man who has experienced true love knows how valuable it is and will consider his beloved to be the most important person in his life. If he has to choose between what he loves and the woman he loves, he will choose his beloved. In order to make her happy, he is able to change his life.

The qualities of a man that women value in a relationship

A real man, from a woman’s point of view, must have these qualities:

  • Be confident in himself and his powers, but not self-confident. With such a man a woman feels safe;
  • Kind, not expressing aggression with or without cause. Many people know the expression “The strong must be kind. Any woman is delighted if such a man is near her;
  • Reliable. A woman must be sure that, if there is a difficult situation, he will be able to protect her;
  • Faithful. In a relationship there should be trust. And if a man cheats on his partner, how can you trust him?
  • Generous. Who will like a greedy man? One thing – a reasonable economy and another – pettiness and stinginess;
  • Tidy. You can dress simply and tastefully, even if things are inexpensive;
  • With a good sense of humor. You will never be bored with such a man.

A woman, being married to a man, should be confident in the future. There should be financial stability and emotional closeness in the family. The husband should not only provide financially for the family, but also pay attention to the children.

Reviews from real people

How do you know if a man wants you? Who feels it? What do real people say about it?

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The truth is that all men are different, and their opinions may be different.

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A guy says he wants me: how to behave

Almost every girl at least once in her life has thought about how to act if a guy says he wants me insanely. Give unambiguous advice is very difficult. A woman needs to rely on her desires, as well as on a particular man. It is necessary to understand the motives of the young man’s behavior and expectations from the relationship, and then make a final decision.

The psychological component of male desire

Many signs of attention from the guy are signs of sexual attraction. This is the essence of male psychology: bodily and spiritual interest are two components of the same whole. In addition, you should not rely on visual observation. It is necessary to listen to your partner carefully, because every case is strictly individual. The behavior of a particular man after intimacy is difficult to predict.

If a man always says that he wants only you, but makes dates only when he needs to, and then suddenly disappears afterwards, this is a sure sign of a sophisticated seducer. Such a guy, most likely, will not even remember the name of the companion after he gets her. In other cases, the development of events depends on how interested he is in the woman. The easiest way to check who is in front of the lady is to refuse intimacy at the beginning of the relationship, to put a time limit.

A serious-minded man will treat this condition with due understanding. If the guy became irritated, offended or started insulting, it means that he does not need anything but sex.

How does a horny man behave?

Signs of desire are different for each guy. Some show it openly, not hiding their feelings. Others are shy or afraid of rejection, so they carefully mask the sexual attraction to the girl. Many ladies believe that partners are insensitive and cold. Often you can hear women complain that a man does not pay attention to them. At the same time girls themselves do not want to notice the signs of male attraction. But if a guy says that he wants you uncontrollably, his psychology is that he means sexual desire, not love. This should not be forgotten.

Hypersexual behavior.

A man rarely openly says that he wants a woman. More often he manifests his desire through gestures, facial expressions, behavior. The most common signs of male arousal are:

  1. Hands in pockets, thumbs out.
  2. Open palms that are in the hip area and the body turned around.
  3. Putting a thumb behind a belt or trouser belt.
  4. Subconsciously touching hair, tie, or accessories.
  5. The guy hooks his fingers into the pocket, strap, or belt of his pants, and points his palms toward the inside of his thighs.
  6. The toes of the shoes turned toward the girl.
  7. The pose with the legs wide apart, especially if the young man is sitting across from the girl at this moment.

The look

The eyes are the mirror of the soul, in which you can easily read all the hidden desires of a person. Any normal guy visually evaluates the young lady standing in front of him, her figure in general and separately, her outfit, makeup. The male gaze is capable of almost anything: flirting, undressing, caressing, embarrassing.

Guys, who are accustomed to think through all the moves ahead, are afraid to show interest in this way. But many men literally devour the object of passion with their eyes. It’s enough to remember the look of a guy who wants intimacy, and look around carefully. Girls simply do not pay attention to such little things.

The young man’s gaze will be passionate, almost aggressive. Sometimes the guy will carefully inspect the lady from head to toe. Psychologists call such a look floating. If a woman has doubts about sexual interest on the part of a man, it is enough for her to look carefully into his eyes, because during eye contact a mutual intimate interest is established.

Read the lips

The lips are a sensual area that attracts men sexually, as well as seduces and hints at oral caresses. When a guy licks his lips in the presence of a lady, it is as if he is saying, “I want you.”

If he touches his mouth – this symbolizes a hidden desire for intimacy. Also should be alert the focused gaze on the lips of the interlocutor and the simultaneous touching of his own.

These signs can unmistakably determine the guy’s desire for sex. They appear on a subconscious level and are almost impossible to control.

One of the techniques of flirting is when a guy deliberately provokes a plausible and natural reason to touch the lips of the interlocutor. A small crumb or drop of drink, which he carefully removes, indicates a desire to feel more tightly the chosen one. Touching the ear, cheek, chin, or hair of the young lady has a similar meaning.


When a woman causes a guy a rush of sexual desire, he may whisper some trifle in her ear or, conversely, say something serious. The main role here is played not by the meaning of the words, but by the feeling of a man’s breath on her skin. In addition, one of the main female erogenous zones is located in the neck area, which is well known to young men.

When a man blows on the face of the interlocutor, trying to remove an eyelash that fell out, the lady should also think about it. Such behavior indicates the guy’s interest in her as a possible sexual partner.

Direct Proposal

When a man asks a woman out on a date, it means he wants intimacy with her. This is the best way to hint at the lady’s sexual desire and let her know that she is not just a friend, but a potential partner. If a man does not consider a girl as a sexual object, he simply will not invite her to a meeting. A guy’s first priority is his desire for intimacy with a particular woman.

Throughout the date, the young man subconsciously assesses his chances of successfully completing the meeting. The conversation can go in a variety of directions, from politics to movie novelties. But the question of sex will bother the guy the most.

How to react if a man wants you

Not every girl knows how to react if a guy openly says he wants me badly. On what date intimacy is acceptable, the woman decides. This decision is made by internal feelings and impressions of the behavior of the potential partner. You should not follow other people’s advice, because everyone evaluates the situation in his own way and makes his own decision.

If a woman decides to ask for advice in such an intimate matter, she should remember a simple algorithm of actions, which should be followed:

  1. Get advice or guidance.
  2. Skip it through his picture of the world.
  3. After this, the vision of the situation may change.
  4. Assessing the situation in a new light, you need to make your own decision about future behavior with the man.
  5. Apply it in practice.

In the case of reciprocal feelings.

This option is the most pleasant. You can relax and immerse yourself in a beautiful feeling of love, anticipating flirting, frank signs of attention and pleasant evenings, flowing smoothly into nights. When a guy says that he wants a girl, and she reciprocates him, it is enough to simply accept the advances or answer him in the same way.

There are several ways to properly respond when a guy says he wants a girl and she’s ready to reciprocate:

  1. Tactile sensations. Touch him “inadvertently” at every opportunity.
  2. Dance. Embrace the young man with your whole body pressed against him. To move smoothly and seductively, stroking his back, shoulders.
  3. Hands. Play with his hair, accessories in the cleavage area. Try to touch and stroke his palm.
  4. Eye contact. To meet with a man by sight, to smile softly and coquettishly.
  5. Invite him to visit.

If you have to roughly blow him off.

When a man says he wants a woman, but she clearly does not want to reciprocate, she has the right to ignore courting. But the problem is the stubbornness of the potential suitor, who, despite the refusal, with enviable persistence continues to pursue a woman with his attention.

In addition, do not rule out that a former suitor decides to take revenge on the lady for her unrequited feelings, even if it seems absurd. In some situations, people can behave inadequately, so the refusal should be soft, but firm. The man must understand that no matter what action he takes, there will be no positive response.

To do this, it is necessary to:

  1. Do not show that the girl is pleased with the courtship. Gifts are better not to accept. But if the young lady did, say nothing but a dry “thank you.”
  2. Absolutely refuse all offers to spend time together. Even when the guy says that he’ll give two tickets to an event, it’s better to go with another person.
  3. Do not give reassuring hints. The admirer should see that his efforts don’t work.
  4. Do not stoop to swearing and insulting in any way. This will heat the situation.

How to respond gently

Not every girl knows how to express the rejection in a delicate form. Many believe that they would hurt or hurt the feelings of the guy, denying him. Perhaps this is true, but you must learn to say “no”, otherwise you can get into an unpleasant situation. The main thing is to do it delicately and tactfully.

To do this it is important to observe:

  • tactfulness;
  • Benevolence;
  • firmness;
  • honesty.

It is necessary to explain to the young man the reason for refusal. This will be a manifestation of respect for him, and will also make the man’s situation understandable and acceptable.

Advice from psychologists

Sex is not an indicator of love. When a young man says, “I want you,” after intimacy he may not even remember his partner’s name. Men often lose interest in the ladies who gave themselves away on the first date. Even if it will be painful and difficult, they prefer unapproachable women.

In addition, for a relationship, guys are always looking for a girl who will be distinguished by modesty and dignity, so it pays to be prudent and cunning in order to build a truly strong and reliable relationship.

When a man says he wants me, you need to understand what it really means. In any relationship is very important to hear the arguments of your own mind and only after a thorough analysis of the situation to make a final decision. The intimate side of life is no exception to this rule.

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Not every girl knows how to make a man feel good, to please him and to diversify the joint

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