A man says he wants me: that’s what you need to know

A man I know suddenly says, “I want you.”

Inspired by a discussion in another thread. Have you girls ever had this phrase said to you by a man with whom there was nothing but light flirting. What would you say if you also like him sexually? If you do not like it, but dear as a friend and do not want to offend? It was a revelation to me that my answer, “Take it if you want,” was offensive to the man. And the surprised silence is also not better, up to the complete disappearance of him from my life. Why does a man even begin with such a strange move, if it’s easier to make it clear with a kiss or a look or something? Men’s opinions are also interesting, what do they expect to hear in response from a girl who’s stunned.

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What do they expect to hear in response from the girl. ))

If he gives it to me, fine. If he doesn’t give it to me, well, at least I tried…

What would you say if you also like him sexually?

If you do not like it, but dear as a friend and do not want to offend?

I would answer with humor in both cases.

Take me here. We’re wasting our time.

That’s right. If I don’t catch up, at least I’ll warm up.)

gus namgnassgtn amgneat86a8t6at – answer this

was a lot of times, in jest translate and all and frost if I do not like it, the main thing to smile and quietly disappear))

6. And I agree!

Pasha, fear God, my son is your age.

8 Here comes the weirdo))))

I’ve never said that to anyone.

oooh, that’s how I did it! I was a little shocked – we were driving from a New Year’s corporate party! then we went for a walk the same night – just chatting, we ended up dating – and it was my greatest love.

Do I want a lot from men?

I don’t want to meet men.

A man hints that I’m fat, I’m sweating.

Man says I’m hiding him in the bushes

Why do people talk about themselves all the time, it makes me tired and feel like free ears. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

3 “I’m frigid” ahaha great)))) That’s how I’ll excuse myself next time)) Whom I want, said almost as well, and he ran off into the woods))). Probably banged his head against a tree and thought he had done!

12-And it turns on if you’re honest, though stupid! Then about this man and the possible sex with him thought all day long. But if you say A, then say B, and they shamefully run away.

That’s the kind of thing you can count your teeth for.

That’s the kind of thing you can count your teeth for.

That’s the kind of thing you can count your teeth for.

I don’t want you! NO.

More often than not, they want an embarrassed flirtation in return, just not the “let’s go fuck immediately” style. Basically, they want consent, but for later. And then, they choose an opportune moment and hit on them seriously. If at this stage will be bummed, there will be resentment.

Answer: I already understood it.

Answer: Who doesn’t want to?

Answer: Me? Can you hold me back?

Answer: I want a goldfish and a magic wand.

Answer: I want to go to the sea. Warmth, seagulls, waves.

Bygone, they don’t want embarrassed flirting. When they voice it directly, they’re hoping for a response. Embarrassment will show that his question has embarrassed you, and he will be uncomfortable. You can just look him in the eye in silence instead of answering. Silence is a sign of agreement.

A man I know says: I want you!

I answer the man I know: I also want. new shoes and a chocolate cake.

That’s the talk. About your desires.

That’s right. Talk about your desires.

Another way to put it. “It’s not harmful to want, it’s harmful not to want.

It happened to me recently), a man I’m friends with online and who is dear to me as a friend and brother, told me that he could not be friends with me, that he wanted me, and I was shocked ))

“Good for you! After getting to know me and immediately want me? No way! Fuck off and get out of my life! Goodbye!” That’s how I would have responded)))

I’m looking for a girl with a penis, she’ll make me a baba in my life, it’s pamagiti pajolusto spasiba

My acquaintance with whom I communicate, but I do not feel sympathy, wrote: “I want you,” I certainly pleased, but not reciprocated. I replied, “And I want to Spain, new underwear and new perfume. how different, but equally strong desire)”.

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A man says he wants me: that’s what you need to know

Women want to know what young men are thinking when they look at them, what they want, what their desires are. Sometimes young ladies tell their girlfriends or a psychologist: “A guy says he already wants me, but I don’t know how to behave in this situation. Physical desire in gentlemen develops very quickly, it is not necessary to feel love or other feelings. Every man’s inherent physiological desires and psychology are to blame.

Male psychology

Ladies often do not know what to do if a guy says that right now he wants me. Men have an increased attraction to pretty girls, so they can voice their desires. To understand that the desire for intimacy occurs in the presence of feelings, it is worthwhile to understand the male psychology in detail.

Young men rarely show their feelings, even if they like a woman. They may show a desire for sex while being silent about the fact that they are actually experiencing deep sympathy. To understand under what circumstances a suitor tells a lady about his desires, it is important to observe his behavior.

A young man who has a desire for a girl will always try to spend more time with her, look for meetings, asking her out on a date. If after a short conversation on a social network the guy openly says: “I want you,” then he feels only sexual attraction to you.

When there are feelings or sympathy, men do not talk openly about their desires, they achieve the girl, creating a romantic atmosphere around their advances.

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What are the benefits of adultery? There are benefits to adultery.

In fact, there are as many situations as there are right answers, although every woman should act in such cases, primarily guided by her own feelings and desires (meaning exactly what she wants to get out of this relationship).

For example, if a man says he wants you at the beginning of dating, and the woman herself does not mind satisfying his physiological needs, not counting on the continuation of the relationship, you can easily indulge in carnal pleasures, as long as they do not hurt their own reputation. However, the opposite is not uncommon, and when a man says that he wants you, and a woman goes to him, immediately cutting off all ties with him, she must be prepared for the fact that he will inflame the male ego and he begins to insist on continuing the relationship, which, incidentally, may well escalate into something more serious. This pattern often occurs in the male half of mankind when a woman begins to behave in a male-like way, using the opposite sex exclusively for one-time sexual pleasures.

Not only that, some cunning women purposely act this way, but not because they are “Casanova in a skirt,” but with a different purpose, which is to really surprise and interest a man, provoking him to further develop a relationship. Not only that they readily enter into an intimate relationship, behaving with lustful and licentious, but then they even stopped answering the phone and pretend that they do not have time to date, making men nervous and look for any excuse to meet. However, this model of behavior is not universal and it is dangerous in the first place, because it can both attract a man, and on the contrary, once and for all scare him away from himself, which often happens with guys decent and “right” focused on family values.

It is important to understand that each situation is so individual that it is very difficult to pick a conventional set of rules of conduct for each of them, and often we have to act solely on the basis of their own intuition. For example, to go on about a sophisticated seducer, giving him the first night, most likely will end up that the next day lover, who even the day before was ardent and full of passion, will not even remember the name of his next “victim” and seek to take the top of this kind – a foolish and ungrateful, unless, of course, it is a purely sporting interest, which will not bring women serious suffering and disappointment.

In principle, it is easy enough to check the intentions of a man – just take a short pause, immediately warning him that sex is a taboo topic at the beginning of dating.

After all, if he does not withstand even two days without sex, not to mention the traditional two-week abstinence, which at the beginning of the relationship is usually followed by most women, then it is quite obvious that apart from intimacy he was not interested in anything else. Such situations are quite common and it is not necessary to get upset because of them, believing that there was a mistake, because it is very difficult to remake these people, and in general, not very necessary, if we are not talking about a secret passion and lust for this man. If we are not talking about the ladies’ man, then it all depends on how a woman can get him interested in the initial period of relations, when the moment of first intimacy has not yet arrived.

This, by the way, is also one of the most effective ways to keep a man hooked for a long time, deliberately not letting him completely close to you and only from time to time giving him languid hints of hot affection, although here it is extremely important not to overdo it and do not make the waiting appear to be better than the goal itself. Nothing wrong with the fact that a man lusts after a woman – no, and even the opposite situation, when he patiently waits for intimacy with her can be regarded as a very good sign and set the stage for a future serious relationship, unless of course, it again is purely a matter of selfish interest, which, alas, is also not uncommon.

So, if sex finally happened and the woman suddenly notices that even recently passionately desired her man begins to her almost instantly cool and even avoid meetings, then in no case should not impose. It is important to remember that the intrusive calls, harassment, and, worse, accusations of “took and left me” only finally turn away a man and forced him to resort to drastic measures. Everyone probably remember the movie “Office romance”, in which the deputy director Samokhvalov appealed to the union with love letters from his former mistress, who began to bother him by writing them, and although no one justifies such a despicable act on his part, the fate of Oly in the team after the disclosure of these details certainly would not be envied. Result is one – the inevitable parting, so it is best to pull yourself together, no matter how offensive, and try to get out of this situation with dignity, because, after all, we must remember the old wisdom of life, which states that “he who was not young was not mistaken.

In this case it is extremely important not to be embittered and not to try on the negative experience of past years in each subsequent situation, because every man is different and not necessarily that he will do the same as the previous lover.

And in conclusion it is worth pointing out how important it is to listen to your own mind and only then give free rein to your heart, because only by letting the situation “through the head” is it possible to create something strong in the end.

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The secret of thinking men

The fact is that sex, that is, a man’s bodily love always precedes spiritual love, so in any case, a man will need sex from you. The only thing that may differ is his future plans for you. You should not be in a hurry also because his plans may change. He may decide to stay with you later. That is why you need to remember to evaluate the feasibility of action and intentions of the man, because there is a chance that under his passionate desire to put you in bed is hidden and the desire to develop the relationship further.

We will talk only about those situations where it is absolutely obvious that the man is only interested in your body. If you’re looking for something more, our tips will help you avoid the fiasco.

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What a man feels when he wants a woman

When a man wants a girl, he experiences a lot of positive emotions that raise his spirits, make him communicate with her more often, arrange for meetings. A guy’s behavior when he sees a beautiful girl also changes.

Men can easily hide their feelings, not to mention falling in love. But they find it difficult to conceal their sexual attraction to the young lady. Well-mannered guys will never tell an unfamiliar girl that they want to be in bed with her, but it is also not easy to hide such a desire. It can be seen by a man’s behavior.

If a young man is sexually attracted to a young lady, he begins to change. Changes occur not only in communication via messages, but also in life.

Manifestations of sexual attraction consist of such moments:

  • shyness in encounters;
  • a passionate look;
  • the desire to touch the body;
  • compliments;
  • sweet talk, courtship.

Sometimes this behavior is common to men who just want a woman without any feelings. If you’re not ready to give yourself to a guy you may never see again, learn to understand his intentions. If the attitude doesn’t give away his true goals, ask him directly.

An adequate gentleman will acknowledge his feelings and show that he cares not only about a sexual connection, but also about a long-term relationship.

Signs of explicit attention

In fact, to understand whether a man wants you is not difficult. He won’t hide it much.

It is important for women not to show their sympathy and be modest, mysterious, intrigue and make men suffer in ignorance. But the stronger sex is different – its representatives are usually very direct, open and persistent.

Most likely, a man will show signs of attention, because he does not just want a woman – he certainly thinks how to get her. And to achieve this, you need to look after her hard, to give nice gifts and flowers, to say nice compliments and so on.

Having a sexual lust will make him choose special gifts and say special words. This will be different from the romantic adolescent impulses, and certainly have a subtle sexual connotation. This way you can reliably and accurately understand what’s on your beau’s mind.

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If he gave you a sexy lingerie, negligee or gown – this is an open proposal, and not even a hint. But this is rarely, more often a man who wants a woman, give her a very nice trinkets – soft bears, pretty bijouterie, flowers and sweets.

Suddenly he is so handsome…

Every man is well aware that in order for you to fall into his strong embrace, he must be attractive.

So he suddenly transforms himself – he puts on fresh shirts, he always starts to smell nice, and you can no longer remember when he was unshaven.

Appearance will give you a straight answer – if he started to look always neat and fresh, going to meet you, it is likely that he feels attraction and hopes to get you.

Hands are drawn like a magnet…

For every man, a woman’s body is an object of admiration. And if a man wants you, he will first of all have an irresistible desire to touch you. Distinguish between simple, friendly touching from those that have sexual overtones, it is very simple.

If his touches are gentle, very light, often as if accidental – it is a clear sign of sexual desire.

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It’s also worth knowing the places that men’s hands reach for. This place is slightly below the waist (a well-mannered man is unlikely to grab your buttocks, although he will certainly have such a desire), hair and neck, face, wrists, thighs, knees, legs.

Also men are always very aroused by a woman’s smell. So you can notice that a man wants to smell you – to say something in your ear, breathing in the smell of your hair, to kiss you, to breathe in the scent of perfume.

He’s better than the rest of us!

If you are with your chosen man in the company, and there are members of his other sex, he will obviously try to be better than the others.

Men by nature are leaders, conquerors, it is very important for them to be the first. So he will try as hard as he can to be much better than others in order to win your approval.

In general, for a woman it is not difficult to determine that she really wants a man. In it all betrays this desire: the eyes become like a haze, his eyes wander and can not stop on your eyes, he was a little nervous, paying attention and seems to be watching you like a beast of prey.

Even the humblest and most intemperate guy can’t hide his desire. It is too strong, and one way or another will be manifested anyway.

Another thing is how to take advantage of this knowledge. A woman is born to be admired, to be the object of lust and reverie.

But it is worth to be a woman – to behave decently and not vulgar, do not forget about modesty and manners. Then the man will not only feel a strong sexual desire, but also want something much more … Author: Vasilina Serova

If you like to give advice and help other women, take a free coaching course by Irina Udilova, master the most in-demand profession and start getting from 70-150 thousand:

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What to do if the guy says he wants me

The sexual need to possess a girl is a normal male condition that is common to many members of the stronger sex. If a girl is cute and sexy, a guy will always look for a reason to get close to her. At such times, girls need to learn to distinguish between the usual sexual attraction and the desire to build a relationship.

Let’s break down when a suitor just wants a woman and has no plans:

  • most of the communication is based solely on talking about sex;
  • There is no courting, flowers, beautiful gestures;
  • The suitor does not offer to see each other every day, does not take her to restaurants and other places;
  • After getting physically close, the guy disappears.

If a young man says he wants you, first make sure he’s serious. If he doesn’t talk about the future, it means he’s only interested in you as a sexual object. You should stay away from such men, especially if you want a serious relationship.

When a man gives flowers, cares, worries, shows attention – he really likes you. After a sexual relationship, such guys do not disappear, they continue to be around and dream of a future together. Learn to feel the intentions of men, look at their behavior, actions, emotions when they see you. This is the only way to avoid unpleasant situations where you are just used.

Useful tips from psychologists

To avoid communication with a man who is only interested in intimacy, psychologists recommend girls to heed the following advice:

  1. Talk to a man about his feelings.
  2. Observe his behavior.
  3. Do not get intimate right after getting acquainted.
  4. Pay close attention to a young man’s eyes.

These psychological tips will allow girls to avoid silly situations and help build a stable relationship with a man.

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