A man likes a woman: explaining in detail

How to understand that a man likes you, and what to do with it

Feature of our mentality is that we do not like to talk about emotions. Expose them in public seems indecent and inappropriate. So we hide them, which is very often a lot of inconvenience. Isn’t it easier to behave the way we want to?

Of course, many people dream about it. But sometimes it is very awkward to admit their feelings and desires. First of all, this concerns men who want to keep everything under control. For them to tell about their love means to sign their own weakness. And women really want to know if she is desirable or not. How do you know that a man likes you? About this we will talk further.

The psychology of men

We used to think of men as the strong sex, confident in themselves and their actions. But this does not always work when it comes to the situation with the girl he likes. Here they seem to find stupor, and sometimes even the most determined man can not for weeks to decide to confess. And at this time, his girlfriend puzzles, thinking about how to understand if a man likes her. It is often not easy for men and women to determine what feelings lurk in each other’s souls.

As a rule, the man from whose mouths flow beautiful declarations of love, not in love with you. He has some other motive guiding them. Sincerely in love man is not easy to find the words to express his feelings, and doubts about their reciprocity and even deprive the words.

In love with a man can be recognized by his manner, gestures and certain phrases. These give away his feelings, no matter how hard he tries to hide it, and an attentive woman will easily recognize that she likes a man.

It is usually easier for a man to tell if a woman is in love with him or not. It is difficult for her to cope with her emotions, they take over her and give her away with her head. And the woman begins to worry that she is in love unrequited, because the young man is in no hurry to show his sympathy. But there is no need to rush to conclusions. It is enough to simply observe to unravel his sympathy. After all, you can expose yourself without saying a word: eyes, gestures, actions.

Look closer to the man you are interested. Surely after our recommendations you will not be difficult to understand his feelings. Men are always in no hurry to confess, in fact, once they realize they are in love, they may begin to carefully conceal their sympathy, until it becomes clear how it is mutual. If you have fallen in love, but you can not clearly answer whether a man likes you, we advise you to observe his behavior.

Why men hide their feelings?

Some men hide their emotions so that a woman cannot understand how he really feels about her. It looks even stranger that a young man does not mind meeting, but does not make any confessions.

Let’s figure out what reasons stop them from expressing their feelings.

Fear of being rejected. Lack of confidence in reciprocity can cause a man to refrain from confessions. No matter how high up he is in life, sometimes inside he is terribly afraid of rejection. In addition, it can damage his reputation, so a man will prefer to hide his true feelings.

A lover of singleness. It is not easy for hardened bachelors to change their way of life, and that is what can happen if you let the lady you like into your heart. After all, changes will affect many areas of life, and it will not be easy to come to terms with it.

Sad experience. Trust the new relationship is not easy for those men who have experienced difficult communication in the past, especially if the breakup was not at his initiative.

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If a man likes a woman than he gives himself away

It is believed that it is almost impossible to guess what a woman is thinking. But men also know how to intrigue, stubbornly hiding their feelings for the lady they like. So you do not have to guess and save your time and nerves, I wrote this article. It will help you understand – if a man likes a woman, how does he give himself away?

What a man feels when he wants a woman.

First of all, attraction. Physical. It so happens that sex for a man – the basis of the basics. So he will immediately react as soon as you hint that it is possible.

So feel free to bring in the heavy artillery if you want to lure this predator into their nets. But first it’s a good idea to figure out what you can do to knock him out.

In this case, I have a few tips


What a man looks at when he wants a woman? It is unlikely it will be her diplomas of three “high school” and graduate school. For men the first and main factor – was and will be a woman’s appearance.

He literally scans the smooth curves, plump lips, mind-blowing forms. So if you have something to show – feel free to put it in the forefront. And while he will, licking, circling around, you will have time to impress him and your other advantages.


You have already realized that there is a lot about men from predators. And predators always track their prey by smell.

By the way, your natural scent can do a lot of things. Pheromones are the thing that will let a man know that you are interested in him without any words. And here the natural smell of the man is a clue for you: suitable for you this specimen or it is better to stay away from him.

Get the idea? If you like the smell, go for it. If not, no matter how cute you think the man is, he’s not for you.

And if you do not trust nature and want to spur your love luck, then catch a man on the smell of clean skin and clothing, with a slight, subtle echo of sage, vanilla, sandalwood, citrus, and ylang-ylang scents.


If you want to know what a man feels when he wants a woman, touch him. And let him see you touch yourself.

“What right in public is that very thing?” No, of course not. I’m not talking about intimate foreplay. It’s the same idea, though.

Let’s remember again the fact that a man falls for a woman when he feels a hint of sex. But what kind of touching can trigger the thoughts you want in him?

Lightly stroke his hand with your fingertips Touch your cheek to his mighty neck Put your palm on his broad chest

Just don’t do it with a stone face. It won’t work.

A man is quick to read nonverbal signs that indicate the reality or unreality of his hopes.

So when you touch him, look into his eyes, or at least “shoot your eyes” from under the lowered lashes. If at the same time your other hand will touch your chest or belly – he will immediately understand everything.

The woman’s initiative

I know a lot of people can barely get to this part now, because.

“And my mother said that a woman shouldn’t go up to a man first. It’s embarrassing and shameful and generally indecent.”

Sound familiar? I’m sure that even if it’s not about you, it’s definitely about one of your girlfriends or female relatives.

With these negative beliefs we can easily cope at the psychotherapy webinar “Female Sexuality”. And now let’s forget about mom’s instructions for a while and remember that men are not telepathic and can’t read minds. I do not urge you to openly tell him: “I want you, let’s go to bed.

But it is necessary to hint to him that you are interested in him. After all, a man may have long been secretly dreaming of you, but not seeing response interest, does not take action.

Hint easy, feminine. And look closely at his response. After all, you too should understand – he is going to conquer you, or you should look somewhere else.

Speaking of reactions.

Signs of a man’s attraction to a woman

There are several things that will help you understand that a man has affectionate and not only feelings for you.

A special attitude. He is constantly around, tries to listen to you attentively, always ready to come to your aid.

Gestures. About his physical attraction you will be told by the fact that his hands rarely leave the pelvic area. Gentler feelings may be judged by the fact that his palms are often turned to you on the inside. Plus, he constantly tries to touch you, as if casually.

Voice. When a man really cares about a woman, his voice changes. It becomes more husky, gentle. By the way, it is interesting how his volume changes. It’s like a whisper, or like a steamer trumpet. It entices.

The look. Remember how a man looks at a woman he likes in the movies. Greedy, not looking away, literally devouring her eyes. Especially a lot of attention gets her lips, neck, legs. And if he, like a spellbound, looks into the neckline – take it with your bare hands, he can’t think of anything else.

And the last in the list, but not the last sign – is below the waist. Even visually you can tell that the man is ready, like a primitive man, to throw you on his shoulder and drag you into a dark cave, to selflessly indulge in debauchery.

But what to do next, when all the signs are “on the face”? Give vent to hormones or “pickle” to stoke the fire of desire to possess you even more – only you decide.

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