A Libra man after a breakup

Man Libra after breaking up with his beloved: behavior after a breakup, how to break up and the right way to break up

Libra men believe that love should be equal and partner all the time, so being in a romantic relationship, they try to make sure that there is a compromise between them and their partner.

The moment when a Libra man breaks up with a woman is unpredictable because this guy can either be very calm or vindictive and will even try to turn friends against you.

Top 5 things to know

There are a few things you should definitely understand about breaking up with a Libra man:

  1. It’s best not to worry about this zodiac sign, or else he might make a mess of things.
  2. He will accept that he could have been better at something.
  3. This type of guy may start making plans to make his ex suffer.
  4. Most likely, he will have all of his mutual friends on his side.
  5. When Libra men break up, they often start mentioning all the compromises they made to strengthen the relationship.

They are very disappointed when they are rejected, but not for long, because from the looks of it, they seem to handle breakups easily. When a Libra man breaks up with a woman, he is calm and full of dignity, so many of their ex-girlfriends may be very happy that the goodbye went so easily afterwards.

Being excellent communicators, Libra will not hesitate to tell their partner that something is going wrong and they need to end the relationship.

Tips on how to break up with a Libra man

It’s not hard to break up with this type of guy, especially if things aren’t going as smoothly as you’d like between partners. Here are a few tips on how to arrange the breakup as properly as possible:

  1. It is better to break up somewhere in a public place, because the representatives of this sign don’t like to make a scene in public.
  2. It would be a good idea to start with an abstract conversation in which you could talk about what you want to do independently in the future.
  3. When the man notices that he doesn’t figure in the plans, you can move on to a conversation about why both should seek happiness with other people.
  4. If you want to leave a Libra man and he offers to go to a psychologist, you should refuse to even talk about it, as well as not discuss what you can do to avoid breaking up.
  5. You shouldn’t blame your partner for what’s going on, as this will make him get defensive in his unique passive-aggressive way. In addition, blaming something will inevitably start a long conversation from which you probably won’t emerge victorious.
  6. To break up with a Libra man correctly, a girl should definitely say that she will never treat him badly and that she wants to continue being friends because they really need to hear it.

A Libra man won’t argue that he’s made a lot of mistakes.

If asked to end the relationship, the Libra man will try his best to convince the girl to change her mind. He is so diplomatic that he can convince anyone to change her mind. However, if a girl really wants to break up with a guy, she should be firm in her position.

How to get a girl to break up

Those who want to break up with this sign of the Zodiac can do so if they simply will not do anything to improve the relationship and will sometimes be rude. Here are some more tips from astrologers on how to behave so that the Libra man himself decides to break up:

  1. Libras hate being alone, so a good way to force a guy to leave is to just leave him alone for a long time. They are looking for a partner who is willing to put a lot into the relationship, someone who will put them first.
  2. If you want to do something more subtle, it’s worth disrupting his daily routine and balance. For example, you can treat him to pizza instead of a romantic dinner at a restaurant and make a mess in his closet, not forgetting to leave his favorite sweater on the floor.
  3. A Libra guy will be upset if he suddenly stops appreciating his romantic side and the way he shows his love. Feeling neglected in this area by his other half, he will start looking for another person who can appreciate these qualities.

Libras are ordinarily the least likely to take the first step toward breaking up because they hate communicating with other people.

They are also known as big procrastinators and very indecisive people, which means it may take them a long time to make the decision to break up. All this time will be hiding negative emotions under a smile.

Libra is their symbol, so they will always try to balance positions, calm arguments, and bring peace around them.

How does one cope with the breakup of a relationship

A Libra man can go through a breakup with a girl very emotionally. When they get dumped, these guys will sometimes take all the friends they had in common with them. They will do this on purpose to make the ex feel lonely. This is their revenge.

However, deep down, they are not cruel or even frightened because they may have done something wrong. Although they will never show how they feel and will say that everything is fine.

When a Libra man goes through a relationship breakup, it takes him a long time to fully recover, but not because he was too attached or hurt, but because the breakup forces him to show his negative traits and not be the way they would like to be in front of others.


Libra men’s behavior after a breakup can become slightly paranoid, especially if he is constantly seeing his ex. He will spend hours thinking about what the girl is doing, whether she is talking about him, and if so, in a positive or negative way.

The ex will surely miss the way he looked her in the eye and said romantic things, but she won’t want to remember what a hesitant and passive manipulator he sometimes became, which is why quite often they want a Libra male ex back.

How to get a man-Libras: little tricks and big steps

You can return a Libra man only if he was not going to leave. Representative of the air element prefers to bypass acute angles and avoid arguments, but if you get him involved in a scandal, payback can be harsh and unfair. Libra outwardly calm, but inside is a constant struggle with himself and with everyone around him. When the balance is disturbed, Libras set in motion everything to “get” the opponent as much as possible. And even if it was their idea to break the relationship, put everything in a different light and make suffer former lover.

Libra in a relationship and in a quarrel

In love, Libra men are the most romantic partners. They shower their beloved with gifts, signs of attention, compliments, and do everything to make the girl feel like a queen and not need anything. They are compliant, caring, calm, reliable and gentle. All controversial situations try to solve peacefully, do not like scandals, loud clarifications, accusations and everything else. To quarrel with a Libra, you need to try hard. They seem to be unwavering, but there is a limit to everything.

If there was a small spat, Libra will find a reason to make up and do it very beautifully: a bouquet of flowers, a serenade under the window, a gift, a souvenir, an invitation to a cafe. Often it seems to women that it is impossible to quarrel with Libra, even if they really want to. In fact, they admit their guilt very rarely, they try not to say what they think. Find the phrases that the partner wants to hear, and can save the situation. It is easier to pretend that nothing happened, and to continue dating.

When the situation is at an impasse, they apply the familiar trick: “The best defense – the offense. You hurt the girl, and then you add some more. And after a day or two behave as if nothing happened.

Why a man leaves

The patroness of Libra is Venus. This sign is attuned to love relationships from birth. At the same time, the main for him always remain harmony and tranquility. In the relationship, the guy does everything to avoid quarrels, rifts and scandals. The situation when the couple disintegrates, not only leads to imbalance, but also causes mental trauma.

Libra holds on to the former relationship to the last. When all attempts to reconcile are exhausted and did not bring the desired result, the man makes a 180-degree turn, from a gentle, loving and caring partner turning into a bloodthirsty and cold despot. Even several years after parting, he remembers past offenses and is not devoid of thirst for revenge.

Man Libra leaves if life with his beloved lost its meaning and turned into a living hell, or he found a replacement. Interestingly, in this case, the guy does not consider himself guilty. In his opinion, he was impelled to betrayal by his beloved, who stopped paying attention or became cold in bed. Leaving a man is difficult. First prepares the ground, makes sure that the “beloved” will suffer in the separation. Coming up with a cunning plan, looking for a reason for the rift.

Libra is harder to leave if the chosen one demonstrates a warm relationship. Much faster than a man to decide to run away when the house explode scandals, recriminations will fly. He will not feel guilty, but make the appropriate conclusions.

Steps to reconciliation

Libra has a complex character. A woman who is near such a man will have to constantly adjust and find an approach. They are skillful manipulators, who know how to press on the weak points. After a quarrel, the partner often begins to take revenge for the negativity and violation of the balance. He invents himself, which did not happen at all, making plans Barbarossa. To prevent the situation from worsening and the relationship from turning into an open war, you need to take the initiative in your own hands. Ground rules:

  1. Take the first step. He himself rarely dares to take the responsible step. But not from the fact that he is proud or too touchy, but because of insecurity and inner turmoil. When he is rejected, he leaves the ground from under his feet. This man is sure that he is loved wholly with all his faults. When a quarrel occurs and recriminations fly, he perceives it as the end of love and betrayal. He cannot dare to clarify the relationship, because the situation can cause even more trauma. When the guy sees that the girl is looking for a reason to make up, willingly agrees to it.
  2. Talk openly and frankly. Libras are so complicated inside that they don’t understand themselves. They give many answers to one question and can never find the right one. After a quarrel inside the partner boils volcano. He does not know what to think about, how to act, what to do next. Frankly talk to stop the moaning, will lead a man to balance. For the sake of inner peace he is ready to make many compromises.
  3. Do not procrastinate with the reconciliation. When the quarrel drags on, Libra locks in itself, stops trusting, begins to quietly and insidiously avenge the offense. The sooner the girl wants to make up with a man, the greater the chance of saving the relationship.

Men live by the laws of logic. They do not understand the emotions of women, their claims often seem unfounded. If you initially indicate the essence of the problem, the solution will follow very quickly. When a girl creates a problem on the spot, hinting, but does not say openly, there is a misunderstanding. If the relationship with the Libra is expensive, you need to avoid loud scandals, communicate openly, make claims directly and do not delay reconciliation.

Return of trust

When a man is withdrawn, it is difficult to get anything out of him. He stops trusting, becomes silent and behaves coldly. Return confidence is difficult, but we must try. There is no specific advice here, because it all depends on the situation that prevailed between the partners. Libras clearly do not forgive treason, even if you pretend that you have put up with infidelity. Here treason is meant not only sexually, but also in friendship, partnership.

Secret tricks.

With Libra fight hard and easy to make up, but only if there are mutual feelings between the partners. If the girl “misfired”, speed up the process of reconciliation can be as follows:

  1. Wear a seductive dress and sexy lingerie. Libras adore femininity, sexuality and romance.
  2. Create an intimate atmosphere.
  3. Cook delicious meals, serve them beautifully and serve them politely.
  4. Be gentle, affectionate and a little persistent.

These men love affection, sex, and love, so you need to push on these aspects.

What not to do

According to psychologists, you can not put pressure on the guy, pin him down, try to force him to live by his own laws. All the air signs are freedom-loving. When they feel constrained, they try to escape and escape. There is no need to play on feelings, because for this guy, love is more important than anything else. There is no need to shout, scandalize, beat the dishes. It is better to clarify the relationship in a calm atmosphere. Libra is alien to gusts of emotion, they are hard to bear a rift.

Tips of a psychologist

Specialists do not recommend the following:

  • Bring the situation to an extreme;
  • Allow insults;
  • Try to humiliate and reduce the ego of Libra;
  • encroach on freedom;
  • interfere with love;
  • to play on feelings;
  • to use psychological methods of pressure.

Quarrels happen in many couples in love. With Libra, it is necessary to clarify relations in a civilized manner.

How to strengthen relationships

To keep the relationship with Libra, you need to avoid conflicts, not to encroach on their freedom and not to hurt their feelings. The in love representative of this zodiac sign is ready to make a real princess out of the beloved and turn her life into a fairy tale. No need to interfere with him in this, then everyone will be happy.

Libra is the most difficult sign, despite its apparent simplicity and outward calmness. Not only a sloppy word, but also a wrongly thrown look can upset his inner balance. These are people who can make a big deal out of a fly, but they always try to avoid conflicts and clarification of relations.

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